Author's Note: The idea for this story actually came from a manga I had read and, most unfortunately, never finished. I don't remember the name of it, and I'm not exactly following their plot, which is why this isn't a cross-over. But, I do hope you enjoy, and I hope that I can do plenty of regular updates! Also, the rating is for possible things in later chapters, not for this chapter at all.

Title: Maiden in Men's Clothing

Characters: Pretty much everyone will be in this, though Canada is the only female. Everyone else are males.

"Madeline Williams, this is the last, the absolute last time we are having this discussion!" her father nearly shouted. "You are not going into that artsy fartsy college. You're going to business school and getting your degree so that you can take over the family business."

"But—" she began, only to be cut off.

"No buts about it. This decision is final."

Madeline hung her head. She had wanted to become an actress for all her life, and in all the time that she had wanted to be an actress, she had been put down by her father, who told her that she was going to become a business major in college.

"Off you go," he insisted, looking back down at his paperwork, sure that she would meekly walk out of the room like she had done at the end of all of their past arguments.

"Wait." Madeline lifted her head, determination in her eyes. "Before this discussion is closed for good, how about we make a deal?" Her father was a gamboling man, and he was always more interested when there was something more than just 'this is what's going to happen'.

"What kind of deal?" her father asked, leaning forward, eyes glinting in interest.

"I go to theater school," she said, holding up her hand when she noticed that he was about to interrupt her. "If I do well, and keep my grades up, you stop pestering me about business school. If I do not, I go off to school, just like you want, get my degree and take over the business with no more complaints."

"I have a better idea," her father replied. "You will go to business school. An all boys business school. This will be the ultimate acting experience for you, as you will be acting 24/7. You will dress and act like a boy, and in everyone's eyes, that's what you will be. If anyone, and I do mean anyone, finds out your true gender, you lose. And just like you said, you will bend to my will and take over the business. That's my final offer. Deal?"

Madeline swallowed. "But... I would be sharing a dorm with guys. How would I hide it from them?"

"I will ensure that your living quarters are satisfactory to a point that so long as you are careful, no one will be any wiser as to your true identity."

After pondering the thought for a moment, Madeline nodded. "From now on, I am Matthew Williams, business major." I'll prove you wrong, she added silently in her head.

In order to prepare for her new role as a male, Madeline had some shopping to do. Her father lent her his credit card and sent her off with the chauffeur. First stop: a new hair cut.

"Are you sure this is what you want, honey?" the stylist asked for what seemed like the thousandth time.

"Oui," she replied simply. Of course, she wasn't sure at all. She loved her long hair. She loved the way it tickled her back when she was naked and how she could style it in any way that she wanted. And the cut she had chosen was so short and boyish. It was... definitely going to take some getting used to.

After a moment's hesitation, the stylist went to it, cutting off her long pigtails and setting them aside to be donated. Then, she set to work, expertly trimming her hair until it was short. So short...

Taking a deep breath, Madeline looked in the mirror one last time before paying and heading off to do the rest of her shopping. She would need more masculine clothes, manly soap, a binder and the like. She had thought of everything down to the crossing of the t, determined to choose her own life course.