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This chapter is a little snippit of Torak and Renn's lives in the new forest (spoilers for Ghost Hunter!). They're about 18 summers old in this chapter.

Renn's favourite berries were cloudberries. Torak new this, as soon as he'd spotted a bush of them in the new forest over the mountains, he'd picked her some as a gift. Now though, two summers later, he thought that cloudberries might have to become his favourite berry too.

It was a warm day, winter was finally turning into summer and Torak had abandoned his over parka, and simply wore his winter leggings and under-jerkin. He sat cross-legged with his sleeping sack on his lap, repairing the holes that Pebble had created a few nights ago when Torak had left his things unattended. That wolf still needed to learn who was lead in this pack. Renn sat across from him, closer to their shelter, with her back against a beech tree.

Her hair was tied up and, like him, she only wore her under-jerkin and leggings. Her pale arms stood out against the darker colour of the reindeer hide clothing. She caught his eye and smiled at him.

"I found a cloudberry patch." She said, showing him the bunch of berries that she cradled in her hand on a dock leaf. "Did you want some?"

Torak flicked his eyes from the food and back to the raven girl's face. He studied the blue-black tattoos that ran across her cheeks and the little moon bleed mark under them. Torak remembered back to when he'd been outcast and had seen her with the mood bleed marks for the first time, they made her look so much older. A woman, he thought.

His gaze moved to the little freckle at the corner of her mouth and he thought about the moment when, last moon, he'd kissed it. Renn had looked at him quizzically and he'd smiled, kissing her lips.

"Torak." Renn's voice pulled him away from his thoughts and he hissed through his teeth as his bone needle stabbed into skin.

He tried to hide his slip up. "Oh, uh. No, thank you."

Renn shrugged, quietly laughing and returned to her berries. Torak shot her a look and tried to focus on his work. He managed to repair all but two of the punctures before he looked up again. He nearly dropped his needle.

Renn was still in the same position as before but her hair was now loose around her face and shoulders. In her hands, she was down to the last few berries. As Torak watched, slender fingers took one of the small foods by its stem and lifted it towards moist, red lips. He swallowed the lump in his throat and couldn't turn his gaze away as the ridges parted and took the berry between them. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes. Renn's jaw worked slowly, squeezing out every drop of juice before the deflated flesh disappeared and was swallowed.

Torak was about to look away when he saw a drop of juice that had escaped her lips and was slipping down the side of her jaw. He expected Renn to wipe it away with the back of her hand. She didn't. With a slowness that he thought was unimaginable, it slid down one side of her smooth throat. As he watched, he resisted the urge to lick his lips. It finally stopped its trail at the hollow where her collarbones met. Torak remembered how to breathe.

Renn's jaw was moving again and after a moment, Torak realised that she was speaking. "…the first ones of the season are always sweet…" He wasn't listening as the last berry was sucked dry and swallowed. Another drop of juice followed the same path as the first, picking up where the other left off at the hollow of her throat. It slipped down past the hem of her jerking and into the mounds of flesh underneath. Renn made no move to clean herself and instead stood up, moving towards their shelter. Torak suppressed a growl, dropped his things and got up to step in front of her.

Renn adjusted herself against the tree as she ate her cloudberries. They'd been a good find, this early in the season. She put one in her mouth and smiled as the sweet food burst, covering her tongue in sugary liquid. Today though, the berries had a more important task than filling her stomach.

Torak sat across from her, mending his sleeping sack with thread. He'd taken off his over-parker, like herself, and the muscles covering his broad shoulders and arms flexed and relaxed in a continuous rhythm as he worked the bone needle through the reindeer hide. His dark shoulder length hair hung freely and stirred around in the light breeze. Renn had to stop her thoughts wandering to memories of recent nights.

He felt her gaze and began to look up. Renn quickly looked away before meeting his eyes, to make it seem as if she hadn't been staring at all. She smiled and told him how she'd found a cloudberry patch. She offered him some, extending her hand to show him the small pile that sat on a dock leaf. Torak looked from the food to her face. His bright grey eyes searched her skin, moving from her cheeks to her mouth. She called his name and he started, jabbing the bone needle into his finger.

Torak hissed and tried to cover it up by telling her that he didn't want any. Renn shrugged and laughed quietly. He shot her a look that she ignored, focusing back on her berries. When she looked again she was disappointed to see that Torak was back to sewing up his sleeping sack. Renn's lips set a line and she lifted one hand up to the rawhide strip that kept her hair up, pulling it loose, she saw dark red locks enter her peripheral vision. She settled back against the tree to wait. Though her hunger got the better of her and she began to eat the berries, she tried to pace herself, but by the time Torak glanced back up she was down to two.

It would have to do, she thought. Her loose hair had caught his interest and he didn't look away as she picked up one of the berries and bought it to her lips. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes, emphasizing her pleasure. Slowly, she squeezed the juice from the berry and swallowed the drained flesh. By squeezing the berry between her lips, rather than in her mouth, she allowed a drop of juice to slip out of her mouth. Renn resisted the urge to wipe it away as it travelled down her chin and throat. It tickled where it settled at her hollow.

She didn't open her eyes, but began to talk in a low voice, telling Torak how the first berries of the season were always sweet. He didn't reply, so Renn started on her last berry. By subtly tilting her head she let the second drop of juice flow down the same path as the first, though this time it picked up the ruminants of the first, and with its extra weight, slipped down her chest and under her jerkin. Her hands ached to wipe at her skin, but she stopped herself. Torak still hadn't said anything, so she opened her eyes and got up, intending to walk over to their shelter, when he suddenly got to his feet and stepped in front of her.

Renn new the look on his face and, trying not to smile, she faked annoyance. "Torak, what are you-" The words left her mind as a rough, strong hands gently grasped the sides of her face, tilting her head back and exposing her neck. She gasped and grabbed Torak's shoulders as she felt his tongue at her throat, trailing up to her mouth and following the line of juice that the cloudberries had left. A moan escaped Renn's lips and she lent into him as his mouth found hers. She nibbled at his bottom lip, loving the taste and he opened his mouth to her. Renn deepened the kiss and Torak responded in kind, running his hand through her hair and settling the other at her lower back. Renn tugged at the hair on the back of his head as she leant up to get better access.

Torak broke away from her lips and Renn felt a jolting sensation as he kissed along her jaw line and up to her ear. "You taste like cloudberries." He said, voice deep and stirring.

"Nnn." Renn replied, not quite coherent. She felt her mate's breath on her neck as he whispered to her, "I like cloudberries."

Renn felt herself melting and decided to take back control of the situation before she lost all awareness. She rasped her nails at the back of Torak's neck and kissed up his neck to the base of his ear. He let out a moan and pulled her closer as she began to nibble at his lobe. Letting go of the skin for a moment, she breathed into his ear, "Well, it is only the beginning of the season."

"Mmm, I think it's going to be a good season." Torak said into her hair. Renn moved back to his lips, kissing him deeply and reaching down to grasp one of his hands.

"Me too." She whispered, flashing him her sharp-toothed grin. Torak gave a laugh and Renn felt a rush of air as she was lifted from the ground. She wrapped her arms around Torak's neck, pressing her forehead against his, as he carried her to their shelter.

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