Gerry's Diary

Holly was crying at home when she saw under the bed a diary. She was so sad about Gerry's death that she didn't care about the diary; she just put it on the table.

On the other day, Holly was having dinner at home when she noticed the diary again. It was there on the same place she put on the day before. She got curious to see what is writing inside of it. So, she opened it and started to read. It was Gerry diary. She got really surprised because he never told her he had a diary. But when she started to read carefully she realized that it was a goodbye diary. The fact is that Gerry already knew he was dying so he left a diary with messages to Holly. At first she got so excited because it means he really loved her and care about her feelings.

On the first page he wrote about their first kiss and how did they met each other. But then he wrote about things Holly didn't know, and actually she didn't want to know. Gerry wrote on his diary about bad things that happened with them. If you think about it, you will see it is really normal, people write on their diaries things they are thinking and feeling, but in this moment of holly's life it was very sad. Because she had lost the love of her life and now she was reading that their love was not good all the time.

She took some time to realize that it was not a bad thing and actually, when she realized that she started to laugh about things Gerry wrote. She started to remember of these situations and she noticed it was an important time of their life.

She spent lots of time reading Gerry's messages. It was very sad when she read the last page. She cried a little bit, but the last page message was special. In this page Gerry explained why he wrote about bad situations they experienced. He explained that life is not only about good and happy things, sometimes we need to live some bad and sad situations, but these situations will help us a lot, it will help us to enjoy more the good moments and don't worry so much about bad things. He said he loves her, but he couldn't stay with her right now and she shouldn't be so sad about these, because she needs to live yet and it was just a bad moment in her life.