Hurr if any of you looking at this are my HM readers, you're probably wondering where the hell I've been. Um. I kind of was traumatized right before summer when my flashdrive died and I lost ALL my work (I was an idiot and didn't back anything up on the computer because it was acting funny and I thought IT would die). Then I got into otome games, Uta no Prince-sama being a big one, and the rest was history. But I'm rewriting "Trust In Me" again now.

Anyway, this is based off the otome game AMNESIA and it follows Shin's (Heart) route.

They had just been innocently fooling around.

And yet…Shin would never be able to get rid of the thought that maybe, just maybe, if he hadn't teased her so much then it wouldn't have happened. If he hadn't done a lot of things, then maybe things today would be different…

When he closes his eyes, he can still remember everything. It doesn't take much for him to remember the sound of her scream as it echoed throughout the vicinity only moments after he called after her not to run off or the sight of the blood that poured from the gash in her neck as the paramedics carried her away. When he heard her scream, he could feel his heart screech to a halt in his chest. His limbs locked down and it felt as if all the air was suddenly sucked from his lungs in a single instant. It was all he could do to snap out of it and keep his head long enough to rush back to the lodge for help. It was hard for him to think straight after that but he remembers Toma roaring at him before bolting out the open door and he was left to call the police and paramedics while everyone else left to search.

He couldn't say anything. What could he say? It was all he could do to keep himself looking calm and level-headed. Actually, that was a lie. He wasn't calm at all. But that was the way he dealt with things; he knew that very well. Toma had explained it to him once; the way that he shut down when he was stressed beyond a certain point and simply blocked out everyone around him. He had been the same way when his father had been arrested all those years ago and everyone had begun to ostracize him. It was only her and Toma who continued to stay there with him, innocent and oblivious to the baseless gossip and rumors that ran rampant. It was then that he resolved to protect her. Toma, he knew, could take care of himself just fine but her…he didn't want to see her get hurt.

Even now when he thinks about that incident his hands begin to shake. He knows it was his fault, from the accident itself to everything that led up to it, so it's all he can do now to try and do what he can now to help her. He knows it's better if they broke up, especially considering her lost memories but…he can't do it. He loves her too much to permanently go back to being nothing but childhood friends and her treating him as such.

When he saw her in the hospital that day, a horrible feeling had erupted in the pit of his stomach. It was bad enough to see her delicate body covered in an endless amount of bandages but he felt that something was different in her eyes after that first kiss. It didn't take long to confirm his suspicions but even if he had to start their relationship from scratch once more, one thing was still undeniably certain.

He couldn't protect her then and he'll be damned if he's going to let it happen again.