What is it that defines a hero?

Wit? Courage? Accomplishments? Fate? A combination of all these things, or perhaps none of them at all?

"Let's go. All the others are just fraidy-meowths, you know? The dark never hurt anyone... Well, except when you get up in the middle of the night and stub your toe, but that doesn't count. You know, I would've done this even if you hadn't been up to it… But I'm still really glad you came."

Who is the truest friend?

The person who tries to be a friend to all? The one who has trouble being a friend to even one? Someone who clings blindly to another, full of true emotion but reluctant to embrace reason?

"I'm just going out to feed the cattle. It's too cold outside for more than one person to bother coming, though – I don't want all you little ones freezing into blocks of ice, after all."

"We aren't little anymore!"

"You are to me. Anyway, I'll be back in an hour! Don't start the movie without me!"

What is the soul?

Is it the Spirit that drives a person? Is it that which gives joy and sorrow to life? Is it the source of pain, or the spring from which happiness flows? Can anyone live without it?

"Sorry, but I've got to go. There's that big history test tomorrow, and I have to study. It's my lowest grade right now, and I don't want it dipping down any further."

"But you've got a solid 'A' in that class! Don't deny it, 'cuz you definitely showed me your progress report last week! Come on, surely you can hang out for a little while longer... We'll order pizza if you do!"

"No way. You know I don't do anything half-heartedly, especially when it comes to school. As tempting as pizza sounds, I really do need to study. But hey, you can come on over to my house after school tomorrow. I'll make cookies to make up for ditching early today, 'kay?"

What becomes of a soul devoid of purpose?

Does it shrivel up, like a raisin in the sun? Does it lose its individuality? Does it disappear? Or maybe…

"So you're saying if I do this, I'll finally know? Surely… There has to be another way…

…I'm terrified."

What is Fate?

Does it cause things to happen that shouldn't have been? Do we shape Fate, or does it shape us? Can we alter the past? The present? The future?

"No no no! MOVE, you stupid animal! I can't brake fast enou-"










the SOUL


the SPIRIT of a HERO


Above all else, tell me this: what drives us to continue moving forward, even when the Dragon hunts us in the Darkness and the Ice of Despair pierces us?

In those moments, for what do we live?

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