Sam gasped as he stared at the reflection of his lover and himself in the mirror. Cas looked so beautiful, pounding into Sam's ass, each thrust to his prostate pulling a soft cry of pleasure. Sam stared at himself, shocked by how beautiful he looked and it showed in his reflection's face.

Castiel bit into the hunter's neck, thrusting rough and fast into Sam's ass, as he also turned his eyes to their reflections. "Beautiful, Sam." It was growled low in an even deeper and huskier voice that his usual, pleasurable chills running through Sam's body at the sound.

"G-god. Cas!" Sam whimpered at a particularly forceful thrust to his sweet spot, finding himself tumble off the edge. He came hard, soaking the sheets as he watched his lover's face in the mirror.

Sam's tight clenching was too much for Cas and he came even harder with one last thrust, spilling deep inside his lover.

"Mirrors…. are great." Sam mumbled, his brain addled by the happy after-sex glow.

"Yes." Castiel let himself collapse down on top of the hunter, still buried deep and Sam was obviously pleased.