"Dean, I want to try something new." The younger man spoke softly to the Winchester.

"New? Like what?" Dean had just gotten back from a hunt, starting to clean his beloved colt.

"Want you to fuck me with that sexy silver pistol." Adam smirked, winking as he pulled the covers off himself, baring his naked body.

Dean groaned, his eyes raking over his half brother's perfect form. "F-fuck... Gun play?"

"Yes. I even prepared myself for it." Adam teasingly pushed two fingers deep inside himself, moaning. "W-wanna feel it in me, please."

Stopping to empty the bullets from the gun, Dean hurried to his lover. Pulling Adam's fingers out, he lined the gun up, burying it trigger-deep.

Adam cried out in pleasure-pain, bucking his hips up. "Dean! Oh fuck! Fuck me with it!"

Dean complied, thrusting the engraved silver in and out of the petite blond. "So sexy baby!"

"P-please! More!" Adam writhed on the bed, whimpering in pleasure.

The hunter moaned as he pounded the gun in and out, twisting it inside Adam's tight hole.

With a great cry, Adam came half a minute later. Gasping for air, he moaned Dean's name. "O-oh god. Deannnnnnnn! So fucking good!"

"Fuck. We're so doing this again and I'm filming it next time!"