Hello all, yes I probably should not be publishing a new story since I have so many unfinished ones on here but... I couldn't help it... TT^TT Anyway I don't know how often I'll be able to update but I'll try my best. Enjoy~! Disclaimer: It may come as a surprise but I don't own Harvest Moon... *sigh*

Dim sunlight shines through my windows, partially illuminating the room. I yawn and turn over in my bed and see my husband sleeping soundly next to me. I can't help but blush, we just got married two days ago and I haven't quite adjusted to waking up next to him everyday.

"Hikari..." He whispers, opening his eyes slightly and smiling at me. "Good morning."

"Good morning Gale." I reply, giving him a chaste kiss on the lips before standing up. "Ready for another day?" He yawns and props himself up on one elbow. I can't help but stare at him in all shirtless glory.

"Yes... I suppose..." He says, rubbing his eyes. He was still trying to adjust to my bright and early mornings.

"Hikariiii!" A voice calls, suddenly through the mail slot comes Finn, his little hat lopsided from flying all the way here. When I got married he agreed to sleep with the other sprites at the Goddess Tree to avoid any... awkward incidents.

"Hey Finn... It's the end of the month... Think we'll make it?" I ask, hope glimmering in my eyes. For the past two seasons we've been working our butts off to earn the title of 'Hero' and I think we just might make it!

"I sure hope so!" He exclaims, flying in circles around my head. He notices I'm still in my sheep pajamas and stops. "I'll meet you outside, ok?"

"Sure thing little buddy!" I quickly dig through my drawers for something to wear, I was going to try not to waste any daylight... "I'll be there in a sec..." I quickly dress into my green outfit and smooth the denim skort. "I'll see ya in a bit, hun!" I say to Gale who is just dragging himself out of bed. He nods and raises a halfhearted hand to say 'Ok'.

I run into the barn where I keep all my animals, I'm not all that into crops although I will plant a few here and there. I have six cows, one horse, three goats, five chickens, three ducks, and four silkworms and all of them are in tip top shape. Of course that means running the farm in tip top shape too which is hard. I seriously think that the animals believe they're royalty or something.

"Morning you guys!" I greet as I walk to the feeders to gather the hay. I always stop at my barn first, I don't know why just habit I suppose... I also learned that my animals prefer to be fed first then I collect the products...

"Some for you, another for you..." I go down the line throwing the hay into the feeding bins. Next up, milking. Most of the cows and goats are pretty good about letting me milk them except my youngest cow, Yachiru. I'm not sure why but she puts up quite a fuss and usually ends up knocking over her canister of milk. I approach her last with narrowed eyes. If she ruins this, I may not be able to make hero status.

"Now Yachiru... Please be a good cow and don't put up a fight... If I'm correct I'll be able to just make it if I get all the eggs and milk today. Don't you wanna help the Harvest Goddess?" So far she hasn't spazzed out so I take this as a good sign. "Back me up Finn..." I mutter, pulling out the milker. He flies behind me, ready to... Well I'm not really sure but maybe use some magic?

I slowly start to milk her, although she seems to give me a death glare the whole time I finally finish and run out of the barn. "We did it! Oh my Goddess! Finn I think we did it! We're going to be able to save her!" We jump up and down then remember we still have to collect the eggs. I quickly dump the dairy products in the shipping bin and collect the eggs, which was relatively easy other than a violent chicken who wouldn't stop pecking at me feet and flapping it's wings.

"Stop it Ikkauku!" I scold the chicken, running out of the coop. I walk back outside and see Gale tending to a small patch of plants I planted early this season, he stood there picking them out of the ground.

"Keep any good ones but put the rest in the bin..." I tell him. He nods and stands up, brushing of his pants, holding the strawberries in a small basket a kept for gathering crops.

"You made it... I'm assuming... You look quite... ecstatic." He smiles softly and hugs me. "I'm... proud."

"Aw thank you!" I say melting into his hug. Suddenly I push back. "What time is it?" I ask.

"Um..." Gale looks at the Sun. I wish I knew that much just by looking upwards. "About... Nine fifty..."

"Oh crap! We gotta get to Renee and Toby's wedding!" I shout, whistling I summon my horse, Rin. I pull Gale onto the back of my trusty steed and we rush to the chapel just in time. I hop off, barely noticing how my husband is struggling to get off the horse, one leg stuck while the rest of him was flailing wildly about somewhat on the ground.

I quietly take a seat in the back as I watch my best friend walk down the aisle, I can't believe I was almost late, Finn sits on my shoulder watching the bonding of Toby and Renee. After the wedding I give them my best wishes and head outside, feeling as though I've forgotten something.

"Oh Goddess..." I stop as I stare at Gale whose foot was caught on the saddle and he was slumped awkwardly over an annoyed horse. "I'm so sorry Gale!" I exclaimed as I help his foot loose and he falls on his face.

"No... I'm fine..." He mumbled from the ground, standing up. "I think I'll walk home..."

"Oh that fine, Rin can walk herself home. We'll take the minecart!" I tell him happily. His face pales remembering the last time we went and he got sick...

"On second thought... I don't really mind... Horses." He muttered trying to climb back on Rin. I giggle and help him up. Finn latches onto my shoulder and we ride home. The rest of the day passes relatively fast and I'm hopping in anticipation as I bid Finn goodbye at the end of the day...

"Breathe... Breathe..." I tell myself as I sit on the edge of my bed. I can't wait to save the Harvest Goddess, I mean I've been here for two and a half years now! Finally I will have accomplished my goal!

"Nervous...?" Gale asks me as I pace back and forth. He stops me by putting a hand on my PJ clad shoulder.

"Yeah, I mean, what if I miscalculated or something and I'm like one G short! Or-!" He stopped me putting a finger to my lips.

"Calm down... It will be fine." He said planting a kiss on my forehead. "You should get to bed... You have a big day tomorrow... if I'm not mistaken... Get some rest..."

"Ok, then... Good night Gale..." I tell him as I tiredly crawl into bed.

"Good night... Hikari." He said calmly pulling the covers over our bodies.

The next morning as soon as I woke up I saw Finn laying on my bedside table, bouncing with excitement.

"We did it Hikari!" Finn squeaked flying around and around. "We can save the Harvest Goddess!"

"Oh my gosh! Really?" I can't help but squeal, causing Gale to bolt upright and start looking around. "We did it! Didn't she say to go to the mountains? Let's go!" I run out of the house in my pajamas only to stop and run back in to change.

"Bye Gale, I'm going to save the Harvest Goddess!" I yell as I run out.

"Be... safe?" He says hesitantly as I slam the door. I run up to the Garmon Mine areas and face the mountain. I remember the Harvest Goddess told me to climb the mountain as soon as I became a hero status farmer...

Finally six hours later I reach the top of that damn mountain and look up to see the Sprites and the Goddess waiting for me.

"Ah, Hikari you finally made it!" She chirped happily. No thanks to her... I thought bitterly remembering interrupting a nest of bats... Ugh.

"Yeah... Ready?" She nods and motions to the Harvest Sprites who one by one ring their respective bell. Then out of nowhere this kind of orangey-red aura started forming and a minute later a man stepped out, he was very tall and muscular with long fiery red hair.

"I have been summoned." He said in a deep voice, sounding agitated. "Why have I been summoned?"

"You have to help the Harvest Goddess! The tree is dying!" I exclaim, turning his attention to me. He looks down at me in disapproval.

"Is this true?" He asks the Goddess who nods, head held high. "Very well then... But why is a mortal here? Shall I erase it's memory?"

"No brother, she was the one who helped me gain enough strength to summon you. She is a good friend and an outstanding example of a mortal."

"How do you not know she shall not start talking about us and trying to reveal our realm."

"She has a pure heart as far as mortal adults can go..." She stated firmly before giving him a glare. He nodded and backed down, obviously not pleased.

"Hmph, although I disapprove of this mere mortal running about knowing about the magical world I shall help you my sister. Let us go to the tree..." He dissipated into thin air. The Goddess sighed and held her hand out to me and I took it. As she started to disappear I felt as though I was dissolving, but there was no pain.

We appear at the base of the dying tree and I look towards the two deities. The Harvest Goddess let go of my hand and went over to talk to the Harvest King and she looked upset yet he was nodding firmly, much to her apparent displeasure.

"Fine, let us heal the tree for now..." She said, turning away from him. He sighed and held his hand out and once again the strange aura started sparking and twisting around the tree. I felt Finn drop onto my shoulder and start whispering in excitement but I couldn't hear him too well over the pounding in my ears. I watched as he put his hand down and the tree was restored to it's former glory and beauty.

"There the tree is healed, I will be going back to the mountain top." He looked at me and Finn then his sister. "You should tell them now or they are in for a surprise very soon." And with those words he was gone. I look over to the Harvest Goddess in surprise.

"What did he mean?"

"Well you see the tree is part of me but I'm still sickly in this form..." She gestured to herself. "And I need to go back to a world only deities can go to and I will have to recover there for six months top." She hesitated. "But I would need some of my power back from Finn and the other five sprites, reverting them to a weaker form... But only until I can regain my strength back and give back the lended power. So while I am gone could you look after them? Just make sure they are getting along fine on their own?"

"Well yes I suppose..."

"Good I shall prepare for my journey and by tomorrow morning I will have left... Don't worry I'll send them to you the first morning so you can straighten things out..." She smiled kindly at me. "Thank you again so much Hikari..."

"Any time Harvest Goddess. I'll see you in six months..." I smiled sadly and raised a hand in goodbye. I would have to incorporate visiting the Goddess Tree every day into my schedule so I can check up with the sprites but I didn't mind it was just down the road.

"Hikari!" As I approached my farm I saw Gale running down the path. He stopped before me and smiled. "You... did it. I sensed the aura... The Harvest God has... restored the power... I am truly happy... that you were able to succeed."

"Thanks, it means a lot." I wrapped my arms around his waist. He looked at me quzzically.

"Where is... Finn?"

"Oh he stayed with the Harvest Goddess for the night he's giving up some of his powers to her."

"Ah... Okay then... I hope nothing goes wrong... That sort of magic... It is quite hard to do..."

"Eh don't worry, what's the worst that could happen?"

"You're... Right."

The Next Morning

Knock! Knock! Knock!

"Ugh..." I open my eyes and check my clock, it's only five thirty in the morning... I still have a half an hour... Wait knocking? Somebody was at the door. "Gale wake up... Somebody's at the door. Who do you think it is?"

"Mmmf..." He rolls over onto his side. He's sleeping pretty heavily so I doubt I'll be able to wake him.

"Ugh..." I creep out of bed and grab my hammer from my rucksack in case... Slowly I crack open the door and drop my hammer in surprise... Standing outside my house are six kids.

"Hi Hikari!" One with a familiar voice greets me.

"Finn?" I ask with a hint of doubt in my voice. This kid sounds just like him...

"Yeah it's us, cool, huh?"

"Oh Goddess..."