Okay I'm super sorry this took forever but it accidentally got deleted when I was halfway through. -.-' Ooh! Guess what! I saw this ad for a Harvest Moon game thats coming out in Japan and I watched the promo and I saw a female Harvest Sprite! I think it's on Bokumono.

Collin: Now Tsubaki doesn't have to genderbend Harvest Sprites anymore! Though I think Edge enjoys wearing dresses...

Edge: Wh-what! Do not! *crying*

Me: ._. Not cool Collin... *comforting Edge* Anyway enjoy!

"What do we do?" Alan cried, as he and the others dragged Gale onto the farm where Dally was wreaking havoc.

"Here, cow!" She cackled, using her wind powers to jump high in the air and startle the poor cow which she was currently chasing. The other animals seemed to be hell bent on avoiding ending up with the same fate as their friend.

"Why is... she acting like... a child on sugar? You said... she only took... a sip." Gale stated in awe watching her try to ride the cow. "Maybe worse... than a child on sugar..."

"Um, I actually have a theory..." Ben said softly as if talking to loudly would attract Dally's attention. "She's been sleeping and dozing off for hundreds of years, maybe more, so maybe that sip of coffee triggered all that pent up energy and just released it all."

"Oh Goddess." Collin stated in shock, maybe just a little too loudly because Dally whipped her head around to see the five magical beings. Her eyes almost literally glinted evilly.

"You guys!" She squealed. "Ally! Benny! Collie! Edgie! Whizzy!" She ran and tackled them to the ground, causing Eden to burst into tears upon impact. "Do ya like your new nicknames?"

"Er, putting and 'e' sound at the end of our names doesn't mean it's a nickname." Alan stated, causing Dally to shoot forward and pull both his ears.

"Does to!" She argued, a fierce expression on her face. Alan grimaced and batted her off. "Where's Finny and Hikari?" She pouted, crossing her arms. "Oh they're still in town I bet!" She squealed, hopping off them and running off towards the town, with the promise to wreak havoc.

"We need to stop her!" Alan exclaimed, rubbing his sore ears. "It's like releasing Godzilla on innocent people!"

"Ugh... Let's go..." Gale sighed, taking off towards the town with the four (still sane/conscious) sprites following him. "Much worse... than a child on sugar..."

Meanwhile in Harmonica Town...

Dally ran through the streets of Harmonica Town, a gleam in her eyes, practically flying. Suddenly a scolding voice caught her attention.

"Dally!" It was her teacher and his daughter, Gill and Vivian, out on a walk. "Slow down! What are you doing going so fast?" He had never even seen her run, he thought she was incapable of it. In fact, he thought she could barely even talk she was so lazy.

"Oh if it isn't Mr. Snooty." She said, sticking her tongue out at him, knowing it would send his blood pressure through the roof. Sure enough, Gill's face turned red with anger. "Coming to bore me to death with equations and grammar?"

"HEY!" He exclaimed. "What-!" She cackled and pushed passed them, knocking Gill rather comically into the water and Vivian teetering back and forth flailing her arms around, trying to regain her balance.

Suddenly a hand shot out and grabbed her waist, pulling her back onto land but in result she was being embraced and her face was resting on somebody's chest.

"Are you okay?" A concerned yet familiar voice asked. She looked up to see, Alan, her father's new favorite student (at least she thought so...)

"Eh!" Her face turned red and she pushed him away. She glanced over at him, as she crossed her arms and gave a small flip of her hair. "Hmph... I'm fine." She gasped and ran to the water to see her father pulling himself out, rather crossly and glaring at the ground.

"What was wrong with Dally?" He growled to Gale who had arrived with Alan and his siblings. "She pushed me into the water and nearly pushed Vivian in too! She can't swim you know!" Vivian looked away and blushed, feeling rather stupid for not knowing how to swim.

"Hey, it's alright. I don't like water that much either..." Alan told her, flashing her a smile. Vivian glared at him.

"Um..." Gale closed his eyes and rubbed his temples, trying to think of an excuse for why she was acting crazy. "She forgot to... take her medicine..." He mumbled. "It's... very important and... we're trying our best... to give it to her..."

"Well find her fast!" Gill snapped before turning to Alan. "Thanks for helping Vivian, Alan. You are an excellent example of a young man." He nudged Vivian with an expectant look. She looked at her father in disbelief before looking Alan in the eye.

"Thank you... Alan. For, you know, saving me." She said, gritting her teeth, to the boy she considered her rival.

"Any day, Viv!" Alan said, patting her on the shoulder. Vivian looked at him in horror and disgust at the sound of her name brutally being chopped and revised to 'Viv' and the contact of his hand and her shoulder. She could've sworn her eye twitched.

"Well gotta run!"

"Bye!" He waved as he, his siblings, and Gale ran away.

So they searched and searched, high and low. They went into every building but the clinic. They didn't want Hikari to find out about this, she'd never trust them again. Okay maybe that's a bit much but that's what they thought.

"Not here... either." Gale sighed as they walked out of the school.

"Now where?" Ben asked just as a crate of tomatoes rained down on the group.


"What the-!"

"He he!" A chuckle came from above them. Standing on the roof was Dally, carrying Gill's secret stash of tomatoes he stored behind the school. "Gotcha!" She let out a whoop and ran away.

"... Ugh." Gale wiped his face with the hem of his cloak.

"Let's follow her!" Collin yelled as he ran after her.

Meanwhile in the Clinic...

"Hey Jin, did you hear something?" Hikari asked, as she sat in the waiting room, not noticing her husband and 'cousins' running by the window behind her covered in tomatoes.

Jin looked up from his clipboard. "No. Must've been the wind, it's supposed to be gusty today."

"Ah, that's right. How could I forget?" Hikari looked out the window. "Almost time for the Firefly Festival. I'm excited."

"Yes, it will be quite interesting considering all the children on the island now."

Hikari turned her attention to Jin, suddenly red. "Do you think I'd make a good mother?"


"W-Well, Wizard asked me if I wanted children and I don't know what to say. I mean someday, yeah, but... This soon, I don't know."

"I think Anissa would give better advice than me." Jin said. "But I think you would make an excellent mother, yes."

"Thank you Jin!" Hikari said, giving the doctor a quick hug as her back was once again turned as her family ran by only this time covered in a fishing net and seaweed, chasing Dally.

"Uh." Jin however did see and watched in disbelief and interest.


"Nothing, nothing..." He assured, knowing that whatever was happening was probably not supposed to be seen by Hikari.

"Hmm. Okay."

Suddenly a bunch of angry villagers burst through the door, "HIKARI!"

"Huh?" She gasped as the group approached her. She looked up at the rather large crowd in fear and confusion. "Can I help you?"

"Your cousin has been causing mayhem all over the town!" Gill scolded Hikari, who blinked at him in disbelief.


"She stole my fishing net and slapped me with a tuna!" Ozzie cried angrily, who was cradling one side of his face in his hand, there was a bright red mark that looked like a fish tail.

"She?" Hikari couldn't imagine Eden or Dally doing anything like that.

"Yeah! She pushed me into the water and almost pushed Vivian too after she insulted me!" Gill seethed, gesturing to his soaked clothes.

"She took the money from my offering box, threw it in the air, and shouted 'Make it rain!'." Perry added nervously.

"She stole my romance mangas... I mean cook books! She stole my cook books!" Chase stuttered.

"Wait a minute! Who did this?"


"What? There's no way-" Hikari began to state as the said girl burst through the door, giggling like mad. "Dally! You're actually awake!"

"Yeppers!" She laughed, cuddling the tuna Hikari assumed had hit Ozzie in the face. "And it is FUN!"

"Dear Goddess."

"Woo hoo!" Dally yelled, jumping over the counter and seizing a jar from the shelf. "Oooh! What's this?"

"Don't!" Jin yelled as she smeared the contents on her face. She made funny faces before screaming.

"I CAN'T FEEL MY FACE!" She shrieked, falling off of the counter she had perched herself upon. "I'M DYING! ARGHHHHH!" The villagers stared at her in disbelief and disapproval before turning to Jin.

"It's usually used for children with braces to numb their gums..." He explained, unsure of what to do when suddenly he had an idea.

"Calm down Dally!" Hikari said soothingly just as Gale and the others burst through the door. She turned and shot them a glare. "How did this happen?" She said, still soothingly so she didn't alarm Dally but the words had hidden venom.

"Uh... Coffee..." Gale muttered sheepishly. "My coffee... to be exact..."

"I'm melting! Melting I tell you!" Dally screeched in the background, as she rolled back and forth on the counter. She suddenly sprang up and gave Hikari a hug. "I'll miss you when I'm gone." She wailed. Suddenly her eyes widened and she fell against Hikari, counting on her for support. "Ow!"

"I... I don't feel so hot." She muttered. Hikari looked over Dally's head to see Jin standing behind her with a needle.

"She'll be fine. Hopefully this will calm her down."

"What is it?"

"A medicine that causes you to fall asleep. Don't worry she'll wake up in a few hours."

"Hikari... He drugged meee." Dally whined sleepily before closing her eyes and letting out a soft snore.

"Wow." Hikari said softly, placing Dally on the bed next to Finn.

"Is that available by mail-order?" She asked Jin, venom leaking form her voice as she eyes her family. Behind her, Wizard and the Sprites winced audibly. It was going to be a long afternoon.