Kitty-Chan: Hey you guys this is my next story!
Ikuto: Obviously!

Kitty-Chan: Shut up! Okay so i'm a spaz don't throw it in my face!

Ikuto: *Makes Pie that says spaz* Look out *throws pie at kitty-chan*

Kitty-Chan: I'm going to KILL YOU!

Ikuto: Well bye! *runs away in terror*

Kitty-Chan: Finally he's gone!

Ikuto: That's not what you say about your own husband

Kitty-Chan: *Blushes* I-I'm not your w-wife.

Amu: *Growls* onto the story!

The pain, it hurts. That's all she thinks of now. 'Why won't he stop hurting me?' She gets up from the bed. Slowly of course any faster and she would be in pain and even more if he woke up. She tells him to stop all the time. Does he listen? No. 'What ever happened to the days when he loved me?' she thought, 'why does this happen to me?' She WAS a beautiful, loved girl before all of this happened.

She went to the bathroom. Each step hurting her deeping her cuts and re-opening sores. She grabbed the peroxide bottle and poured it all over her arms and legs. Those were the only places scared. Right now... Oh how she wanted to leave him. But could she? No. She couldn't.
You wanna know why? Well this is the most tragic part of the story... she loves him she can't leave him. Her own heart is putting her body through pain. Why? She may never know. She wants to get away. She wants to get away from this nightmare but it's real but she can never understand

why one day he just started to hurt her. 'Oh God this stings' she thought as she twisted the top back on hiding it in a cabinet. A secret cabinet that she had so he'd never find it. He liked no loved to see her pain, her cuts. So he'd be pretty angry if he found out that she was trying to get rid of these marks. The marks that will lay in her memory. ' We used to be so strong. Why did he just start doing this to me? What did I do? Does he love me anymore? Wait when did he ever love me? If he loved me he wouldn't do this!'

She had endured enough of this. 5 years of this she'd had enough. She wanted to be free. But it would hurt her even more just to leave.
She took off her clothes and appeared back in the room where he sleep on the bed. She was ready to do this to set him straight to tell him what is right and wrong. She stood there naked waiting for him to wake up.

He slowly opened his eyes to see her. His eyes widden as he saw her. ALL of her. This was his first time seeing her naked. No matter how long they'd been together.
They'd never had sex nor seen each other bodies. He opened his mouth to say something but was slowly kept shut when she began to talk.

"Why do you like to hurt me?"

"Do you love me?"

"You shouldn't hurt me. I loved you. And you DID love me. But not anymore."

" I don't like what you do to me. I hate it. And I hate you!"

"If you hate me so much hurt me back show me what it's like" he responed for the first time.

"Don't you get it I don't want to hurt you, I love you but you just keep hurting me. WHY? I hate what you do!"

"You never kiss me or tell me you love me. Or that i'm beautiful anymore"

"That's because you're not beautiful."

"Of course i'm not! And it's all because of you! You see these scars. These scars that you made on my once creamy white skin! But it just fills you with joy when you see these scars! Doesn't it? Why can't you stop?"

"I can't stop i'm addicted to it! You help me get out my anger and pain."

"Well I don't want to be you're toy! I just want you to love me! I want you to fill me up with love to cherish me"

" Well i'm sorry but I can't give you that! I only know one way of loving you and that is the way I love you now! The way I hurt you is the way I cherish you and love you it makes me feel good it makes me feel like you actually know me and that you can suffer with me!"

"Leave me alone! I don't want you anymore! If you continue this i'll - i'll leave you! Don't think I won't the only reason I stick around now is because deep down I think you'll stop hurting me and that I love you! But you- you hate me you don't care!"

"Don't ever MENTION leaving! I love you and you are not going anywhere!"

He tackled her to the ground, bruising her back in the process and took out his knife. The one he used so many times to scrap her skin.

"Now that I have you i'll NEVER let you go!" he took the knife and slowly softly put it against her breast. He slowly slide it back and forth making a loud scream come out of her mouth and a smile on his face.


" Sorry don't CUT it!" he said as he kicked her leg. It was hard enough to bruise maybe leave a scratch as well.
he grabbed her hair. Yanking her once silky hair which was now matted and dirty.


"Stop crying!"

"It hurts!"
He just chuckled as he again took his knife dragging it across her arms and legs. He watched as the blood came flowing out.
He softly smiled as it came running down and as she screamed.

"There. It wasn't that bad." he said as put away his knife and laid her own on the bed.

"Here are you're clothes. Put them on. And by the way it's better if you wear you're clothes if you don't I can easily hurt you" he said as he smiled and walked away out of the room.

She put on her clothes and lay on the bed shaking. She's was scared out of her mind. You'd think she'd be used to this. Used to the pain and after math of this abuse. He came back in happily. Which suprised and scared her.

"Guess what darling" he said.

No this scared her. ' Did he really listen to me? Is he really going to love me again?'


" I called in for work so I have this day off! Lets have some fun today!"

"Really?" she asked with a happy gleam in her eyes although she knew she shouldn't be so happy because she knows that this is some type of trick or scam. He takes her out then when they get back he abuses her.

"Yeah come on let's go to the amusement park"


She wore a short sleeve shirt with a jacket and some jeans. Obivously though we couldn't have anyone know she's being abused. And it would be pretty embarssing at that too.
He wore a short sleeve shirt and shorts. ' Lucky. You get to wear a short sleeve shirt and shorts while I have to suffer and wear a jacket and jeans in the middle of july.'
she thought. They got in the car. The ride there was uncomfortable. They did not talk at all. He found no words and she was scared that if she said the wrong thing she'd be attacked or they'd go back home, where the horror would start again. When they reached the amusement park, parked, and got out of the car her eyes lit up.

" It's so beautiful" she said as she eyed the ferris wheel.

"I guess. Come on." he said leading her to the bumper cars.

They got in the bumper cars. The machine started and they were off. They bumped about everyone in the arena. When it had finally stopped both of them were laughing.

"Here lets go to 'the dragon reign' " he said

"Uhh it looks a little scary"

" Come on " he said as he dragged her with him.

After that ride she was silently shaking. Yes that thing was scary. Well for her anyway. They'd been on every ride at the park besides the ferris wheel and it was getting late.

"Here let's go on the Ferris wheel"

"Okay!" she said happily.

They got in and it slowly started to go up. 'Wow you can see the whole park from up here' she thought as she looked out side the window.
She was amazed at the sight. The stars and moon shined beautifully tonight.

"It's beautiful huh?" she said to him

"Yeah it is" he said

She turned to him and saw that he had taken out 'the' knife from his pocket. 'NO!'

He glomed her and whispered in her ear,

"Now i'm going to 'Love' you right now and I want you to NOT make any sounds."

"Please don't. We were having such a-" she stopped her plea when she felt a shock of pain. He had stabbed her in the leg with the knife.
She slightly let out a small whimper. But he heard it which enraged him even more.

" I said be quiet." he said as he took off her jacket and slide the knife on her fore arm. Tears and blood made their way on the seat as she slowly started to shake in pain, trying not to make a sound.

"Good girl" he said as he slowly patted her head very hard as if she was a dog.

He grabbed a cloth from his pocket and he slowly wiped her blood and tears off the seat.
Then he slowly but harshly put her jacket on her. She cringed in pain from the brush of fabric against her new open sores.

"Why did you do this? We were having such a great time until now..." she whispered to him. All he did was smirk and help her off the ride.

They walk back to the car silently. They get in the car. She obviously was in pain and could barley open the door nor close it.
The way back was even more uncomfortable than last time. It was dead now. Her soul. Her love for him. She couldn't stay with him.
She now truely hated him. When they arrived home she couldn't get out of the car. Her leg was very swollen and it hurt. BADLY.

"Get up you piece of trash!" he said.

" I can't." she said. He grunted as he picked her up. He opened the door with one hand and carried her to the bed. He plomped her on the bed.

"There." he said as he climbed in the bed.

"Aren't you going to-"

"What? Am I going to take care of you're damn leg? No!"

"Never mind just leave me alone. I'm tired and I don't want to hear you're ugly voice." she said.

" That's not how you talk to someone who showed you a good time today."

"A good time? Sure it was cuz I enjoy being abused." she said as she went to the bathroom limping.

She locked the door so he couldn't get in. She sat on the toilet seat crying softly. She grabbed the perioxde out of the secret cabinet.
She poured it on her leg and arm. Oh how it stung. She took the wrap from the medicine cabinet and wrapped her leg.

'All better' she thought. She laughed at the thought. Nothing would get 'better' for her. Even if she manged to escape she could never forget this.

She came out of the bathroom. She looked at the bed. He was sleeping. 'He usually doesn't go to sleep that fast. Was I in there that long?'
She waved her hands infront of his face. No response. She poked his arm. No response. 'Must be sleeping' she thought. 'He's sleeping. This is a great time to escape. But I can't just leave. I lo- No I don't I hate him!' she thought. She slowly opened up the window. She climbed through it.
She ran outside. She ran to the bus stop with her 5 dollars and waited. When it had arrived she had payed the man and got on. She borrowed a woman's cell phone, called a cousin, told her cousin her story, and her cousin was on her way to the airport (where the bus was headed) to go help her and take her where he would never find her.