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" Ikuto would you be angry at me if I was pregnat? Hypothetically speaking. We always use condoms."

" Not really. I would be happy. But slightly sad we wouldn't have our solo ride." he said turning and walking in the kitchen.

He started to wash the dishes with furious scrubs.

" So how was the day at work?" she asked.

He scrubbed harder.

"Okay. Kind of boring."

" How are-"

He stomped away. He went upstairs, went into the bedroom, and locked the room.

Amu was worried. Was it something she said? Or did?

She stood by the door crouched down. After waiting a while she wanted to check if he was alright.

" Ikuto! Ikuto! Are you okay? "

" Not when you're in this house." he replied through the door.

It hurt. No matter what sick things they told each other, it still hurt.

" Well too bad. I'm staying. So tell me what the hell is wrong with you?" she shouted.

He opened the door.

" You are the problem with me. Don't you get it?" he said.

He corned her up and pushed her against a wall gently.

Amu knew what was going to happen.

'No I can't in this state. Ikuto please stop.' She pleaded in her mind.

Yet her face showed it too. But when did Ikuto ever listen to her face expression or voice?

His hands slid up her shirt and made a way to her chest.

" Ikuto STOP!" She screamed.

" Why? Why should I? You're mine." he said in between kissing her neck.

" Well I'm pregnat. And I didn't mean to keep it away from you it's just that-"

"Well that would explain this." he said pulling out the pregnacy test she used.

" Ikuto. I didn't mean to."

" Sure. Whatever. But I'm going to keep my promise to stay with you. It's just going to be a little harder since, we can't have as much se-"

" Shut up Ikuto!"

He started laughing.

~~~~~~~Years Later (5)~~~~~~~~~~~~

" Mama where's Daddy?" the son asked.

" Ku-muto he's coming home from work. Okay? Jeez you're never excited when I come home."

" I love you too Mommy. But Dad is usually out longer."

" Face it Amu. The kid loves me more." he said into Amu's ear against her.

" HOW DID YOU?~ Ugghh I'm too old for this. Why don't I ever get used to this?"

" Don't know. But work was good thanks for asking."


" KU. Hey it's story time you wanna know how me and your mother got together?"

Amu turned back to face Ikuto, her face covered in horror.

" Don't tell kids such horrific things." Amu said.

She picked the child up, walked into another room, and put him in the bed.

She walked back and sat on the couch with Ikuto.

" So how exactly were you going to tell Ku-muto about our tragic love life."

" Exactly how it started and how exactly it will end."

" And how do you know how it's going to end."

" It's called Insanity and Imagination."

" Well then I guess it's a virtue."

Kitty-Chan: The End. Thank you everyone who supported me.