Author's Note: My first Alphas fanfic! I was just so haunted by poor Gary's experience in the Season 1 finale that I couldn't get it out of my mind. Hope you enjoy!

Don't own 'em, wish I did (especially Gary), etc., etc.


Chapter 1

Gary found himself in a wide-open, empty space. Mist swirled around him. He stepped forward hesitantly, unsure of where he was.


The mechanized voice came from in front of him, a voice that he knew.

"Anna?" he said, walking forward.

Then he saw her, standing before him. Her head was slightly bowed and her hair fell forward over the left side of her face. Her unfocused gaze was pointed at a spot to the left of him.

"Anna? Where are we?" Gary asked, moving toward her.

She lifted her head and spoke to him as he'd never heard her speak before, her voice emanating from her own mouth, in a voice like the voice other girls had. "Gary, why didn't you save me? Why did you let them hurt me?"

She pushed her hair back from her face, and Gary saw the hole in the left side of her forehead.

Her eyes focused directly on his, she repeated, "Why, Gary? Why?"

Sandra Bell's eyes flew open from a sound sleep. What had awakened her? Then she heard it, a terrified voice from Gary's room. "Anna! Anna!" And she knew that was the sound that had disturbed her sleep.

Rushing from her room, she entered Gary's room and saw him sitting upright in his bed, his eyes closed tightly, his hands clenched against his chest. Tears were streaming down his face. "Anna! Anna! Anna!" he was repeating, over and over again.

Crossing to his bed, Sandra sank down onto the mattress and tried to take Gary's hands. "Gary, wake up!" she said. "Gary, it's okay!"

But Gary flinched away from her, a motion that never failed to break her heart, even after all these years. Then his eyes fluttered open and met hers, his gaze immediately sliding to the side. "Mom?" he whispered.

Sandra carefully took one of Gary's hands in her own, pulling him toward her so she could give him a slight hug. Gary stiffened, but allowed the touch. She could feel him trembling.

"It was just a dream, sweetie. Everything's okay," she murmured.

"No, it's not," Gary said, pulling away from her. "Anna's dead. There was a hole in her head. I saw it."

Sandra felt a rush of pity for her child. "I know, sweetie," she said. "Lee told me what happened, remember?" She was still angry, although Lee had tried to explain that what had happened was all a terrible mistake, and that Gary wasn't meant to be there in any event. But Sandra, like any mother, especially the mother of a special needs child, wasn't very forgiving of anything that hurt her child.

Gary's trembling was subsiding and his breathing was evening out. "Do you think you can go back to sleep now?" Sandra asked, taking another chance with touching him and reaching out to stroke his hair.

"No," Gary whispered. "I don't want to go to sleep." His hands came up and he began flipping through the signals that only he could see. "I don't want to see her again."

"Okay, Gary," Sandra murmured. "But just stay in bed, okay?" She hoped that he would drift back to sleep again. This was the third night since the terrible events in the old mill, and Gary had been disturbed by nightmares each one of those nights.

"I'll stay in bed. And you'll sit in my chair, right?" he asked, flicking a look at her.

Stifling a yawn, Sandra said, "Yes, sweetie. I'll be right here, okay?" She moved to the chair near his bed and sat down.

"I like it when you're close," he murmured, his hands still moving and his attention focused on his signals.

Sandra resigned herself to another sleepless night, and resolved to call Lee in the morning. This couldn't go on.