Author's Note: OK, here's the wrap up - hope it's satisfying for you! And here is an extra treat for all you Gary fans - if you've never seen Ryan Cartwright's 5-year-old comedy video on youtube called "Oh, to be...(Darth Vader)," go look at it right now! It is so funny, and you can marvel like me at how this guy hasn't aged a day in the last five years! Thanks for reading.

Lee Rosen looked at the boy sitting on his sofa. No, he guessed he wasn't a boy any more. He had seen more than he should have ever had to see, and he had lost some of his innocence in that mill.

"How did you sleep last night, Gary?" he asked gently.

"I had a bad dream last night," Gary said, fidgeting. "I have a bad dream every night."

"Can you tell me about your dreams, Gary?" Lee asked.

"I don't want to talk about it," Gary said. "It makes me sad." He looked up at Lee. "You know what it's about. You were there. You saw her, too. She had a hole in her head."

Lee winced. He remembered his frantic race through the mill, calling Gary's name, then seeing a sight he would never have believed - Gary in a rage, attacking one of the government agents. He remembered the terror of seeing a gun aimed at Gary and the feel of the adrenaline rush he had experienced as he had flown toward the man, knocking the gun to the side as it fired, shouting, "He's one of us! He's one of us!"

He remembered the heartbreaking sight of Gary crawling toward Anna and holding her hand, as he tried to hold him back to protect him. But it was too late to save him from what he had seen and experienced.

"A terrible thing happened in that mill, Gary," he said. "But it wasn't your fault. There was nothing you could have done."

Gary looked up and made direct eye contact with Lee. "Yes, it was my fault. I should have saved her. That's what Anna says in my dreams. She wants to know why I didn't save her."

"Oh, Gary," Lee murmured. "It wasn't your fault. You couldn't have saved her. It was my fault. It's all my fault. But I'm going to change things."

Gary found himself in the swirling mist again. He heard the voice calling him. "Ga-ry."

He walked forward and found Anna, as he found her every time he slept. This time, before she said anything, Gary said, "Anna, I'm sorry you're dead. But it wasn't my fault. Dr. Rosen explained it to me. He said there wasn't anything I could have done to stop what happened, and that I was brave to go into the mill to try to save you. Except he says I should never do anything like that again."

Anna looked up and smiled at him. He still thought she was pretty, even though she had a hole in her head.

Gary rushed on. "And maybe I couldn't save you, but Dr. Rosen said we could do something now. And we did. We told the whole world about Alphas. So they're not a secret anymore. That's what you wanted, right? So we did it. And I helped Dr. Rosen. I modified the equipment and I transmitted the signal."

Anna was still smiling. "That's good, Gary. Yes, that's what we wanted. I'm glad you did that for me, since I couldn't do it myself."

Gary looked at the girl standing before him. He felt a great sense of sadness, a sense of something that he couldn't even identify that had been taken away from him.

Anna walked toward him and reached out and took his hand. "Goodbye, Gary," she said. "Thank you for being my friend. I still think the things you can do are amazing. One day you'll discover how you can use your abilities to change the world."

She reached up and touched his face, then she turned and started to walk away. Gary watched until she was swallowed by the mist. "Goodbye, Anna," he murmured.

Gary opened his eyes. He felt a sense of peace. Anna was gone, and now he could accept it.

He turned over and went back to sleep.