Mixed Feelings part 20


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Chapter 20

"Steve, focus! This is important!"

Kono only got an agreeing mumble from Steve as he continued to trail hot, open mouthed kisses down her throat and collarbone.

"Steve we need to go over this! If we want this to work out we have to set boundaries!"

Once again her words fell on deaf ears as Steve continued kissing all the way to her jaw line, leaving her completely breathless.

Needless to say; not for the first time.

Hovering above her, Steve pushed himself further on top of her body, trapping her there. She would have to have a talk with him about that later.

Yeah, later.

"Ok, if you're gonna pretend you're not listening, I'll just talk anyway." She said, trying to stop her thoughts from flowing away. "So, number one, no touching in the work place. And I mean it Steve, no touching! Number two, no kissing in the- mmmmmmm… oh that feels so good…." she trailed off as Steve started biting her throat lightly, leaving her gasping.

"I'm sorry what was that Kono?" Steve asked arrogantly as he raised his eyes to meet hers.

"Oh fuck it." Kono cursed as she rolled them both over, now being on top. "Now will you listen to me?"

Steve didn't give her time to talk any further as he crashed his mouth to hers, his hand cupping the back of her head and bringing her closer to him.

He felt Kono grunt against his lips and then she pulled away. "Ok, that's it. We have got to stop having these fights in the bedroom."

Steve chuckled at that. "More like inside the house." And his lips were on hers.

Kono let herself be rolled over by Steve again and was just starting to wrap her arms around Steve's neck when she popped an eye open, peering at her bedside clock.

"Oh shit!" she hissed as she all but shoved him out of her.

"Hey!" Steve protested, instantly missing her warmth. "What is it?"

She grabbed the clock and threw it at him. Steve caught it and it didn't take him two seconds before he was jumping off the bed. "Crap, crap, crap!"

"Oh God we are so gonna be late! It's ten past eight!" she said as she started sliding her jeans on.

"What do you have to worry about? You don't have to put up with Danny and his ranting for a whole day!" Steve replied as he put his black T-shirt on.

"True." Kono conceded. "Exactly how long of you two been married?"

She almost hadn't finished her sentence when a pillow came flying her way, hitting her square in the face. She only registered Steve's deep laugh before she grabbed the pillow and threw it back at him, hitting him in the back of the head. "Oh, it's on."

She grabbed another pillow and threw it at him, but this time it missed him by a few feet.

"Jeez Kono, for a cop you would think your aim would be much bet-"

Steve never got to finish his sentence as another pillow hit him in the face as well, muffling all the sounds.

Kono broke down in a fit of giggles, laughing uncontrollably on top of the bed, until she felt Steve on top of her again, trapping her there and pushing a pillow just below her neck.

Kono tried to struggle free, but Steve kept her down with his weight. "Just where do you think you're going?" he asked teasingly as his breath ghosted across her face, making her eyes flutter closed.

She was just about to give up on breaking free when…

Their cell phones rang. Both of them.

Their eyes snapped open, Kono's eyes as wide as saucers, and they were off the bed and heading towards the bedside table in less than two seconds.


"Chin!" Steve and Kono greeted at the same time into their cell phones.

"Yes, I'll be right in, don't worry coz."

"Danny, would you stop the nagging? I'm on my way!"

"No I have not seen McGarrett. I told you, I'm still at home."

Steve shot her a look as if to say 'Oh really?'

"No Danny, I have not seen Kono! What? Well how am I supposed to when I'm still driving to headquarters?"

"Noise? What are you talking about coz, there's no noise!" Kono shot Steve a 'keep your mouth shut' look.

"Danny, I know, I know, I'll be there in like two minutes. Why am I whispering? Danny just shut up. I'll see you in two." And Steve hung up.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll be there in five. Yeah, ok, bye coz." And Kono hung up.

Both of them let out the breath they had been holding as they put their phones back down.

"No, where were we?" Steve said as he started walking towards her.

"Are you kidding me?" Kono half shouted at him. "If I'm not there in five minutes my cousin will be knocking on my door not a minute after and I don't think that's how I want him to know about us."

Steve grumbled something like "Fine, fine." And got back to dressing.

In two minutes they were walking out the door.


"Steve… we have to stop…"

"Yeah, you sound very convincing." He replied ironically, trailing kisses all over her jaw line.

"Ah ah, not funny." Was her reply. Really, she couldn't come up with something a little less… childish? No, of course not, not when this man was kissing her!

"Wasn't supposed to be." He smirked and he just knew she could sense him doing it.

"You do know we're already breaking rule number two right? No kissing in the work place! We've only been together for a day and you already can't control yourself!" she protested, but really, it's not like she was making any move to get off the computer table she was sitting on, with Steve between her legs (fully clothed, of course!).

"Well, first, we are not kissing. I am kissing you. And second, did you expect me to control myself?" he shot back at her making her chuckle a bit.

He moved up to her lips, smashing them together, reveling in the feel of her. He cupped both her cheeks with his hands and felt her arms encircle his waist, pulling him impossibly closer.

"Wait a minute." She mumbled against his lips."Where are Chin and Danny?"

"Yeah, go ahead and talk about your cousin and my best friend while we're making out, that's not a turn off at all." Steve said sarcastically, pulling away from her for a second. "And they were getting take out from that Chinese restaurant down the street. Happy?" he asked as he leaned in again.

"Smart-ass." She muttered before starting to kiss him.

They spent the next five minutes like this, the thought of Danny and Chin returning not even crossing their mind.

It should have. It really should have.

"Ok, all I'm saying is that this is what you should get when you have no food prepared. Not some pineapple and ham infested pizza! I mean, come on, who in their right mind would even eat that stuff?" Danny continued rambling on, without noticing that Chin was doing everything possible to ignore him.

He was really starting to have a new appreciation for what Steve had to put up with all day.

They were just about to turn the corner into the bullpen when Chin suddenly stopped. Danny collided with him in not time, not taking notice of where he was going.

"Hey!" Danny complained. "Why are you stopping?"

As Chin gave him no response whatsoever, he turned around and followed his eye line.

He could swear his jaw completely dropped to the floor.

His eyes got seriously wide.

The cartoons almost fell off his hands.

Steve and Kono. Making out like horny teenagers.

He didn't know whether to be more surprised or pitiful of Steve. He decided to go with surprised. Not even all the pity in the world would save Steve from what was about to fall on him.

"Oh God you are so dead." Danny said out loud before he could stop himself.

Both Steve and Kono's heads snapped to the direction of the two guys, trying to see where the sound had come from.

And as soon as they spotted them… well, Kono just blushed an incredible shade of red like nobody had ever seen on her and Steve… Steve just took a step back at lightning speed.

"Uh, hey Chin. Danny." Steve greeted.

Danny looked at Chin, Chin looked at Steve, Steve looked at Kono, and Kono just looked down at the floor.

Steve was just mentally preparing himself for what was about to come when they were all surprised as hell as Chin's laughter filled the room.

Danny's head snapped to the side, looking at Chin like he was crazy, and Steve just shared an ultimately confused look with Kono, by which Kono responded with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Uh, ok, I'm confused here…" Steve started, eyeing Chin suspiciously. "Why aren't you trying to kill me?"

"Yeah, why aren't you like beating the crap out of him?" Danny contributed, because, you know, Danny is very helpful in situations like this.

"Because… I was just waiting for you guys to tell me." Chin responded calmly, still laughing though, earning him a questioning look from Kono.

"You were what?" Kono asked incredulously. "You already knew?"

Chin just smiled and shrugged a little.

"How?" Kono asked again.

"Well…" Chin said, taking a sit at the table. "Remember when I was at your apartment like a few weeks back?"

Kono nodded suspiciously.

"Yeah…" Chin started, his gaze dropping on Steve. "… you should have thought of throwing his shirt off before letting me in."

Danny almost chocked on air as he heard this. "What?"

Chin just looked at Danny. "Oh, right you don't know about this do y-"

"You saw the shirt too?" Danny asked before stopping himself. Again.

"What do you mean, too?" Chin asked him, furrowing his brow.

Danny would have slapped a hand on top of his mouth if he wasn't still holding the cartoons.

"Uh, nothing, nothing." Danny mumbled, looking down at the floor.

Chin looked at Kono. "So I'm the only one who didn't know?"

Kono gave him a sympathetic smile "Sorry."

Chin chuckled a little again.

"Ah, that's ok; I was just waiting for you guys to tell me anyway. I kind of figured when I saw the shirt."

Kono's head snapped to the side to look urgently at Steve. Steve's eyes widened a little as he searched any indication of what to do next.

Yeah, because there was just one little problem.

Chin thought they had been together since that night.

Oh fuck. So yeah, there was still a very good chance Chin would kill Steve on the spot.

Kono was just about to open her mouth to suggest they'd start eating, you know, just ignore that little detail about Chin not actually knowing, when Danny beat her to it.

"Wait a minute…" Danny said as if he was starting to realize something. And of course, looking at the ceiling, Danny completely missed the signs Steve was throwing him to shut the hell up. "… I thought you guys broke up."

Chin froze for a second, his head turned towards Danny. Then, very slowly, he turned around so he could look at Kono, his eyebrows raised.

Steve had stuffed his hands into his pockets, suddenly very interested in a stain on the floor, and Kono just couldn't bring herself to look into Chin's eyes.

"Broke up? What do you mean, broke up?"

This time, as Danny had already placed the cartoons on top of the table; he did slap a hand over his mouth, realizing the mistake he had made. He threw Steve an apologetic look.

"Uh… we, kind of… broke up, like…. Two days ago." Kono said, still not looking Chin in the eyes.

"You broke up… just when you were reinstated." Chin concluded. "Why?"

"Well, uh, because… uh…." Steve stuttered. Because really, how was he supposed to tell Chin what really happened. Luckily, Danny came in offering his support again.

"Oh for the love of God they were friends with benefits!"

Chin's head snapped to the side, looking at Danny with a dumb-founded expression.

"Oh God." Kono buried her head in her hands, suddenly very embarrassed.

"You what?" Chin asked, surprised. And angry. Uh oh.

"Ok, ok." Steve said. Time to clear things out. "We… we had sex, like a month and a half ago. Then we did it again, two weeks later." He saw the anger rising in Chin, so he decided he better make this quick. "And then we decided to be friends with benefits, but just because we did have feelings for the other, just, you know, we were to chicken to admit it."

Danny chuckled at that.

"And then yesterday, after your little speech, I went to see Kono and we like sort of forgave each other and now we're together. For real. Good, does that clear things out?" Steve asked in the vague hope they would leave things like this.


Chin got up from his chair, and very slowly, started making his way towards Steve. Now, Kono knew that walk. It was the same walk he used when he was about to do something stupid, completely controlled by anger. He actually used it with a couple of her boyfriends.

"Ok, Chin, Chin!" Kono said, putting herself in front of Steve. "Chin. He's telling the truth. It's not for fun now. He loves me. And I love him."

Steve turned her around, surprised look on his face. He had guessed it, but she never actually said that she loved him. "You do?"

Kono gave him a heart stopping smile, before leaning in and kissing him passionately.

"Ewww." Danny said while covering his eyes. "I do not need to see that!"

Chin's expression changed. Just like that, his anger went away. Because he could see how happy his cousin was, and he knew Steve was a good man. He would keep making her happy. Because if he didn't… he'd have a talk with him later.

"Ok, we'll leave you guys alone." Chin said while pushing Danny along, heading towards the small kitchenette not too far from there.

Not that Steve and Kono heard anything.

They broke apart after a minute of kissing. Steve rested his forehead against her own, and smiled down at her.

"So, you ready?" Steve asked her.

She looked at him and gave him another one of her bright smiles.



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