I slowly made my way to the tower. I hadn't made an appearance in over a week, and I'm sure everyone had probably begun to worry about me.

I put my hand on the door knob to, ya know, open the door, but to my surprise, it swung open to the touch. Obviously someone was careless and forgot to check to see that it was totally closed. Oh well, I'll chew someone's butt about it later.

I walked into a still, dark entry way, followed by an equally dark, open living area. It was peaceful. No one had even stirred yet. As much as I loved the team, this scene was a nice change of pace.

Well, I guess in my adoration of the silence I myself had forgotten to shut the door! Sighing, I took a step and pushed it closed. It made sort of a loud shutting noise, to my dismay, and broke the silence momentarily.

Then I heard a groan coming from over by the couch. What? No one sleeps on the couch.. Ever.

"Who's.. there..?" a male voice muttered through a yawn.

I thought maybe it was Beast Boy, but I didn't recall him sounding like that.

While all this was happening I had been hiding in the corner by the door. Scared? Jinx? Never.

I made my way, quietly and quickly, to the far side of the island counter. From where I was, I could just barely see the silhouette of a young man standing up from the couch. From there he started walking over to the fridge on the other side of the counter.

What was this man doing here? Who was he? Was he just a passer by who needed a place to stay? An old friend of the Titans? Surely it was no one I knew.

The fridge door opened. This was my chance to surprise him.

"Hands where I can see 'em!" I said in the loudest whisper I could muster, whilst positioning myself atop the counter.

"Whoa!" he yelled as he spun around; revealing the fact that he was in his boxers. The milk jug that was in hands fell to the ground, splattering the surrounding area and leaving a puddle on the floor.

"What is your-" he said, but stopped mid-sentence. He gave me a wide-eyed look, "Jinx?"

I scooted back, and tried to make out the face from which the voice came. I have never been good with night vision.

"How do you know my name?" I said as more of a statement than a question.

"You don't know me?" the figure replied.

I titled my head to the side and squinted my eyes in hopes that would help me see the features on his face. Then it clicked. I recognized that slight smirk. I switched positions on the counter and scooted to where my back was facing the large window to the front of the tower. Could it be?

"K-kid.." I felt myself stutter, "Kid.. flash..?"

He nodded slightly.

How could this be Kid Flash? He is far from a kid. He's like..A grown man! His face shape changed. I could still tell it was him. He still had his stupid smirk that he attempted to hide behind closed lips. The same smile lines at the sides of his mouth, along with his fiery red hair, which of course is a dead giveaway.

"That's my name! Don't wear it out." He said. That glimmer. That glimmer in his right eye. I could even see it without sufficient lighting.

I hopped off the counter and stepped lightly towards him. I felt as if I weighed nothing. It was a strange sensation, as if it was all a dream. I wanted to touch him to see if he was real. I never thought I would see this boy again.

Maybe I should pause to expound on what I'm sure you're wondering about. Why hadn't I seen Flash? Why was this such a a shock to my system- being that near to him.

See, Wally has been known to be very secretive. That being paired with his spontaneous ways isn't a very good combination. No one can ever be sure what he's doing or where he's going. So when he disappeared a year and a half ago after getting in a fight with Robin, over an issue that none of the team really knew about, no one knew where to even start looking for him. I guess we all assumed he left because of something Robin said, but Robin refused to tell us what their reoccurring arguments were about. All that probably wasn't extremely helpful on giving the reason WHY he left. But no one really knows for sure why.. All I know is that I was crushed. I had let myself fall in love with him, and from what I could tell, he had the same feelings for me.

"Jinx..?" a hand went in front of my face. "Anyone in there?"

"I.. yes?" Whoops. I suppose it was probably a bit awkward for him to just be standing there without me saying anything for 2 minutes. "I'm a bit stunned, I guess."

"Stunned?" He laughed a little. "Why is that?"

"I thought it was obvious," I said with an irritated look on my face, I'm sure. I was almost mad at him. He left for so long, without ever contacting anyone, and returns suddenly, expecting this situation to be normal or something?

He looked down at the ground. But upon doing that he must have realized he was in his boxers, and even through dim light, I could see his face going red. His shoulder went back slightly and he just barely cocked his head to the side. There was that little boy coming out. I remember how he used to that all the time when he was nervous. It was like a twitch. And still he said nothing.

"I never thought I 'd see you again.." I said "Ya know, a girl can only hope for so long." My voice was shaking as I said it. He was so different. He hadn't gotten a haircut in a while from what I could tell. The red wisps of hair fell down past his eyebrows and were practically in his eyes. His shoulders had broadened as well. I guess his whole frame had, really. His body.. Yeah. I'm going too in depth. But it was hard to believe this was the boy I had once known.

"Well I knew I couldn't stay away forever." he said, finally. "Figured I should come home to see the people I love." He put his hand on the back of his neck and shifted his eyes back to the ground.

My face was getting hot. And unlike most teenage girls, my face gets bright pink instead of red. Probably has something do with the whole, having gray skin thing and stuff. I couldn't let him see that though! I mean, that I was embarrassed. I wanted so badly to keep my cool. I had to try and get it back to casual. Ah.. Who am I kidding? It was never just casual between him and I.

"Doyouworkout?" I blurted out. WHAT?! JINX! You are an idiot..

He looked at me, furrowing his brows and flashing me those perfect teeth, "Uh, that's sorta part of the superhero thing. Of course I have an advantage because of the super speed.."

I wanted to bang my head up against a wall. Where did that comment come from? Ughh…

"Well. Heh. How have you been?" I said, sort of trying to redeem myself.

"I've been.. So-so. You?" he said, still red-faced.

"Just so-so? I've been alright." I replied.

"Oh, just alright?" he mocked me. There was that childish spirit.