"Yeah. Just alright. What do ya make of it?" I said jokingly, nudging his arm with my fist. And holy muscle.. Ow.

He just laughed and ran his hands through his hair.

If you didn't remember, this was happening in very dim light. The horizon was just starting to show as the minutes ticked past. And because it was sort of dark, I guess forgot about the milk Flash had spilled all over the floor. I think he had too, because before I could say something about it, he was already on the ground with an abundance of paper towels.

I bent down to help him clean, just as he said, "I didn't even want milk. I wanted orange juice."

"I could have guessed that.." I said quietly. He had this thing for orange juice.

"I thought we- uh, they always had it."

"I think you were the only one who drank it. So they just stopped buying it."

"Oh." he said in a rather disappointed voice.

We finished sopping up the mess and, again, before I made my next move, all the paper towels were in the garbage along with the now empty milk jug.

I found myself wandering over to the couch. I was still trying to get all of this into perspective. I pinched myself out of curiosity.. Nope. Still not dreaming.

This place had so many fond memories. Staying up all night laughing our heads off, playing video games with Beasty and Cyclops until our eyes were red and trying to give Raven a makeover and just ending up with lipstick smeared all over my face.. Yeah. I think that's what really drew me to the team to begin with. I mean, it felt like a family. Something I'd never had. Even though I was a "villain" previously, everyone seemed to accept me.

A gust of air went past my face, giving me a chill. Then sitting there on the couch was Flash, with a sort of beckoning look on his face.

I slipped over to the opposite end of the couch as him.

"Where is everyone?" he asked.

"Where do you think? It's 4:30." I replied, very as-a-matter-a-factly.

"Right.. "

Despite all the other memories I had in this room, what had started as my favorite, but was now my least favorite, was the first time he and I kissed. Sure, we were only 16. But that's a fine age to fall in love, right? I remember exactly how his lips felt pressed against mine. It such a bittersweet moment for me to think about. At the time, it was a milestone in our relationship. But it had become more of painful reminder of what once was, after he left.

"How have you really been?" I heard him say through my thoughtfulness.

My heart stopped. How could he see through me so easily? The events of the past year and a half flew past my eyes. My lip started to quiver.

"I've… Been fine. Really." I managed to say through my increasing breathlessness.

"I don't believe that."

That was it. The tears that had welled up in my eyes started to fall down my cheeks. Normally I am a strong person, and don't like showing my emotions like that. But it was too hard to fight.

"I started taking classes at the university center." I said, holding back as much as I could.

He was now on my side of the couch, intently looking at me with gentle eyes, listening carefully.

"I got a job at a restaurant as a waitress," I continued, "And.. I guess I didn't know it would be so hard to fit in. It's tough being this.. this. I don't know. Just this."

He bit his lip and looked down, but didn't say anything. I'm sure he didn't want me to stop. So I didn't.

"With my past, it was hard to find the job I did, and actually prove that I had graduated highschool being I didn't go locally, and my records were lost. Somehow I began to make something of myself. Slowly. But I did. And Doss, he-"

"Doss?" He stopped me then.

"Yeah. Doss…" I couldn't help but feel like I had betrayed him. "He's my.. was my.. boy. I guess."

"Your boyfriend." he replied with a twinge of jealousy.

I stood up, the tears still streaming down my distraught face, "I was lonely, Wally! You don't understand! It had been 4 months, and he made me feel like I still had some security!" I didn't mean to yell. But it seem I couldn't make myself be quiet.

"Safe." he said in almost a whisper.

Now he was up too. I had to look up in order to see his eyes, now a dark green with a dulled sparkle. All it took was one glimpse, and I was finally over the edge.

I fell into his chest, sobbing uncontrollably. He took a step back, but held me closer yet.

"I.. Wally, I didn't want to forget about you. B-but.. What was I supposed to do? You didn't give me anything. Nothing!" I cried out. "Things started going badly with him though. He was trying to get me to go back to.. go back to the old me! He got us caught a couple times, but somehow managed to cover it up.. He wanted to kill someone and I said 'No'. Wally.. He.. He wanted me to do horrible, horrible things." I could hardly talk because the lump in my throat was barely allowing a breath. I gasped for air and took my arms out from up against my chest, putting them around him tightly. He just stood there, holding me. Letting me cry.

Then, without warning he-