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-Chapter one-

Seventeen year old Harry Potter was sitting in his compartment, wondering what in heavens name he was doing there and how he had got there. Well, he knew the answers to both those questions, but still.

Harry ran the meeting over and over again in his head, until he got a headache, trying to figure out how they had managed to get him here. But it didn't help the least.


Harry, Ron and Hermione were standing over a table with a map on it, trying to figure out where Voldemort would attack. The Dark Lord had made his presence known in the summer before the trios fifth year, and everyone from fifth year and up had been given a self defence course at school. Those who where extra good and wanted to learn more, joined the Order of the Phoenix.

Harry himself was one of their best agents, in the Order known as the Gamemaster. No one could outmatch him, except the leader of the Order, only known as Colonel, and very few could match his abilities at all. So when the summon to the leaders office had come, he had been a bit surprised. Colonel usually let him take whatever mission he wanted, even if they had ever actually met face to face. Colonel had said that only Harry himself knew where he was needed the most and let it be with that.

The office was dark when Harry entered, and he began to think that no one was there, when the chair in front of the huge window had turned around and Harry was face to face with a man in his mid-fifties. His hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and he was wearing an ordinary white jumper and black pants. The man looked him up and down before he spoke.

"Voldemort has disappeared," he said simply, cutting straight to the case. "Our sources tells us the same thing. Either he has gone twenty years back in time, to eliminate the problems before they began;, or he has gone twenty years into the future, to try to take the world by surprise. We have already sent twenty agents into the future, one for each year, and nineteen back in time." Colonel stopped and looked at Harry for a moment. "You're the last to go back in time." He said finally.

Harry did some quick calculating and found out that if he was to go twenty years back in time, he would end up meeting his parents as seventeen-year olds. He could warn them of their future, and then have a family now. But what if he made it worse?

"Sir," he said. "Why me for the twentieth traveller? There are problems that could get into the way, but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about."

"I am aware of the problems, Gamemaster, but I also know that you are the only one that will be able to deal with them." Colonel replied without even blinking. "And besides, it's most likely that the Dark Lord has gone twenty years back in time. His problems began that year. You know the laws of Time, and will not try to change them. But you will also have the chance to meet and get to know your parents, maybe even hook them up?" the man looked at him with a sly look in his eyes. He knew that Harry would never turn down a opportunity like this.

Harry ran a hand through his now short, spiky hair. He was cornered and he hated it. But there was no force between heaven and hell that could keep him from going, so he met Colonels eyes and pretended to glare, as though he wasn't happy with the situation. He had a reputation to keep up after all.

"I'm going."

"Good. Now, I expect you to be ready by 1400 hours. Here's all the information you'll need," the man added, giving Harry a yellow folder. "You are dismissed. And remember. No changes in history. That is a direct order."

"Couldn't be more direct," Harry muttered to himself as he walked out the office and closed the door behind him.

By 2. p.m. he was ready and was standing in the courtyard of the Orders fortress. Colonel, Ron, Hermione and, surprisingly, Snape, the Orders Potion Master, were there.

"Be careful Harry." Hermione said.

"Yeah, no unnecessary hero-business." Ron added. "And send us a card now and then."

"Good luck Mr Potter." Colonel said and gave him the timekey.

Snape only nodded to him. He looked sad for some reason, but Harry choose not to dwell on it. He held onto his possessions with one hand, Hedwig was sitting on his head, and activated the timekey by pushing a button. A flash of bright light and he was gone from the courtyard.


So, now he was here. Sitting alone in a compartment in the Hogwarts Express, still trying to figure out how he had ended up in this mess.

Harry ran over his role again. His name was Harry Chase, transfer from the Norwegian school of magic, Bloomalley Academy. Only Dumbledore knew that he was an Order agent, but not even the old mage knew that he was from the future.

Harry was just getting bored, and was considering to take a stroll through the train, when the compartment door opened, and a redheaded girl about his age slid in. She jumped slightly when she saw him, but then smiled.

"Hi," she said. "I'm Lily Evans, the Head Girl. You must be the new transfer from Norway, right?" she didn't give him time to answer. "Can I sit here? The rest is full."

Harry only nodded. He didn't want to become too close to anyone, especially not his parents or their friends. He buried his nose into a Muggle book, 'Sheepfarmers Daughter, Book I of The Deed of Paksenarrion' by Elizabeth Moon. He really didn't want to look at, or think of, his mother that was sitting there.

"So, um, what's your name?" Lily asked.

"Harry Chase." Came the reply, and that ended that conversation.


Harry pretended to look amazed by the wonderful castle that was Hogwarts, he pretended to be amazed by the Great Hall and its ceiling, however when the Sorting Hat told him what his house was, he had restrain himself from gaping in surprise.

He had ended up in Slytherin. Of all places in the world, he was in Slytherin!

Harry walked over to the table that was cheering and sat down at the end, beside a black-haired boy about his age. The boy was pale and had black eyes.

"Welcome to Slytherin," the boy said, turning to him. "I'm Severus Snape, you?"

"Harry Chase." Harry said, taking Severus' hand. Harry was painfully aware of all the eyes on them, but he ignored the whole lot. "Anything I should know about thise place and it's teachers?" he asked instead.

Severus seemed disappointed somehow, but quickly hid it and pointed up at the Teachers table.

"You see that woman on the right of Dumbledore? That's McGonagall. She's Head of Gryffindor House, and the Transfiguration Professor. The giant bug besides her is Trelawney, the Divination Teacher, a lot of crap the whole class. She predicts everyone's death at least once each class." Severus looked at Harry. "You don't take Divination, do you?"

"No. I did take it once, and stormed out of the class within the first five minutes." Harry replied, using the episode with Hermione in third year. "I like Charms and Defence much better. And Potion's high up on the list too."

That got Snape's full attention. If he was in Slytherin, he might as well make the best out of it.

"You like Potions? I thought I was the only one. What do you get if you mix asphodel with wormwood?" Snape had decided on a pop-quiz.

"You get the Draught of Living Death," Harry replied. "How long does it take to make a Polyjuce Potion?" Harry shot back.

"Up to two months," Severus replied. He liked this new guy. Finally someone to have a real conversation with. "We two will definitely become friends." He said.


Harry was lying awake in his bed in the Slytherin seventh year dorms. He was thinking of everything that had happened that day. The meeting with his future mother, the Sorting, Severus Snape. Time out, that thought didn't belong there, lets try again. The meeting with his future mother, Severus Snape. There it was again. Harry kept on like that for what seemed like ages, but every time the thought of Severus Snape returned.

In the end Harry had to give up and let the thought stay. It was a very pleasant thought, he noted. Those black, bottomless eyes. The black smooth, shoulder-long hair. The way he walked, talked, moved. this was getting out of hand. Harry knew he was gay, but falling for Severus Snape was something very unexpected. It could cause trouble later, but for now Harry let himself the joy of toying with the thought of him and Severus together. It would never happen anyway, but it was a fine way to fall asleep.

Severus Snape was having difficulties to fall asleep, so he ran the day over in his head. He had seen the new student at Platform 9 and ¾, but hadn't spoken to him. he had no idea what was so fascinating about Harry Chase, but something drew him to the other boy. Maybe it was the short, black hair? Those unnaturally green eyes? That body that clearly stated of long hours spent playing Quidditch? Or maybe it was the others sharp mind? Or the way every sentence, every word seemed to have a double meaning? Whatever it was, Severus swore to himself that he was going to find out, and then Chase was his.