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-Chapter Sixteen-

Harry's eyelids fluttered open. Where in heavens name was he? Maybe he had gone wrong last night? Probably, he couldn't even remember going to bed! Harry looked at the clock. 11.30 AM! Why hadn't anyone woken him up?

Harry was about to sit up, when he felt a strong arm around his torso. That also made him aware to the body that the arm belonged to. It didn't take him long to remember what had happened last night when he saw the golden ring on the long, elegant, pale finger. That did explain a few things. Harry didn't have time to ponder any more because Severus began to caress his chest gently.

"You awake Harry?"

"Mhmmm," Harry replied and turned around so he faced his lover. "Why didn't you tell me about the bonding before?" he asked after a pause.

"Would you've believed me if I did?" Severus asked while brushing an annoying lock of hair out of Harry's eyes.

"Maybe," when Severus looked at him in surprise, Harry explained. "I would've based it on the things I know about you and your character. In all the years I've known you, you have never or rarely told a joke, except when you were a student yourself, and I would highly doubt that you would've started then; and besides no one, not even Riddle, jokes around with something as a bonding."

"You are being too understanding," Sev replied. "It worries me." Harry just smiled and kissed him. The kiss got a bit out of control, and soon enough Severus was on top of Harry again, touching and re-mapping every curve and muscle, Harry's hands where happily tangled in the long, black hair. Suddenly there was an incredibly annoying peeping coming from somewhere in the room, and Sev growled. "If you don't make that Caller stop, I'll transfigure it to a mouse and give it to Filch's cat."

Harry just chuckled, though it quickly turned into a gasp. His right hand untangled itself and was held out towards the clothes on the floor. A second later a little golden ball of light shot out of his shirt, and towards him. It settled on the cabinet beside the bed, and flickered to silver.

"Harry," Draco's voice came from the nor silver ball. "Where in heavens name are you? We've been trying to get into your room, but we can't figure out your wards. Are you alright?"

"Mhmmm," was all Harry managed to say. Severus hadn't stopped caressing, kissing, sucking and biting him. " 'm alright." The statement was followed by a gasp.

"Snape wasn't at breakfa-" Draco broke off, Harry could almost hear the wheels in his head turning, then the blonde man began to laugh. He was still at it a good five minutes later, always laughing harder when Harry gasped or moaned.

Harry decided to put an end to it right now.

"If you tell anyone about this Malfoy," he growled dangerously, something that made Sev look at him, amusement in his black eyes. "I'll make sure a certain vital part of your manhood will fall off." The laughter was still going on, though it sounded a bit forced. "Painfully." Harry added and the laughter stopped abruptly. He snapped his fingers once and the Caller went back to being golden, then Harry turned to Severus. "Now, where were we?"


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