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A Month Ago:

~Kevin McCallister~

Young thirteen year old Kevin McCallister awakened in the hospital bed of Chicago's Memorial hospital, with a few minor bandages here and there. He awakened with a gasp, while looking all around the room he was in. He only saw two officers, sitting in chairs in the room. One officer was a female, the other male. Kevin sat up and winced slightly in pain.

"Where's my mom? Where's my dad? Buzz? Where are they all?" Kevin said with a worried frown and a frantic voice.

The female officer sighed and looked down with a troublesome frown. She got up and sat next to Kevin, on the side of the bed and took Kevin's hand into hers.

"Kevin, we have some—some um, bad news about your family." The female officer said in a low, sympathetic tone.

Kevin blinked heavily at the female officer, with a worried expression.

"What ABOUT them?" Kevin asked with impatience in his voice.

The female officer looked down and sighed with an even deeper frown.

"Kevin, your family—your family all—they all died in the plane crash." The female officer said with a saddened tone. "I—I'm sorry, you and another man were the only survivors of the plane crash."

Kevin looked at the female officer with widened eyes of horror. Light tears began to fill this kid's eyes.

"No—no," Kevin said with a voice that was slowly beginning to break, "no they aren't dead! No! No!"

Kevin put his face into his hands and cried loudly and severely as the female officer held Kevin close in her arms. It was a heartbreaking moment for Kevin, his entire family was now gone—his mother, his father, Buzz, his sisters, his two aunts and uncles—all gone. His life, his short eleven year old life seemed to have been changed all together at that moment and would never be the same again.