Harry arrived at the orphanage within minutes, he walked up to the front desk and looked at Clarissa with an eyebrow raised.

"Where is he? What's wrong with him?" Kevin asked, in a concerned tone.

Clarissa walked out the office and from behind the desk and walked down the hall and motioned for Harry to follow her, in which Harry did.

"You said he had a nightmare?" Harry asked as he followed her down the hall. "That he is back in some sort of uh—shock mode again or something like that."

As Clarissa and Harry arrived at the classroom where Kevin was, Clarissa stopped and sighed while looking at Harry.

"Yeah, he—he hasn't eaten anything all day, he won't let anyone touch him or even go near him." Clarissa said in a low voice. "Mrs. Devers and I and some of the other nurses had a—extremely rough time trying to get him dressed and from his room into this classroom here. He won't talk or eat or do anything, all he does is just stares in space—in some sort of daze—just like last time."

Harry looked at Clarissa and sighed with a slight frown.

"Well I don't know what you think I can do about it." Harry replied. "I—I mean, Mrs. Devers said I couldn't even be near him since I'm an—ex-con."

Clarissa nodded slowly.

"Well she's given permission for you to try to go in and help him. That's why I called you. So will you? Please?"

Harry sighed and looked down and frowned as Mrs. Devers walked up to them both.

"Either you do it or you don't." Mrs. Devers said coldly. "However if you don't, he will be sent to the Chicago Mental Institution, where they can properly handle his type of—situation."

Harry looked at Mrs. Devers and frowned.

"What?" Harry said in an agitated tone. "You can't do that, put him in some sort of—crazy place. He isn't crazy!"

"And just how would YOU know that?" Mrs. Devers asked coldly.

"Because—MRS. DEVERS," Harry snapped angrily, "Kevin lost his family—his ENTIRE family, he needs therapy but he sure as hell doesn't need to be locked up in the loony bin."

Mrs. Devers sucked her teeth and rolled her eyes at him angrily.

"Mr. Lime, Kevin is going through some sort of mental—"

"He's going through an EMOTIONAL setback." Harry said strongly. "Not a MENTAL anything, he was FINE when he was under my care, but then when you and your two sissified nurses came and took him away from me, that's when he flew right back into his emotional setback. YOU ALL triggered this, but he's NOT crazy."

Clarissa nodded in agreement.

"It makes perfect sense to me." Clarissa said.

Harry raised an eyebrow at Clarissa and scoffed.

"Yeah I KNOW it does, cause it's the truth." Harry snapped in a cold tone. "Now you want me to help Kevin, Mrs. Devers, you have to do something for me. I want Kevin back."

Mrs. Devers gasped and looked at Harry with a completely surprised expression.

"Absolutely NOT, you just are not FIT to have him, Mr. Lime." Mrs. Devers responded.

Harry frowned in anger at her.

"Not fit? Lady if I go in there and get Kevin out of this—this setback that he's in, then that should tell you I'm fit to have him." Harry snapped. "I—look, what I did before to him was in the past. I really, REALLY love that kid and I think I should have him, no one else wants em'."

"Please Mrs. Devers," Clarissa said, while looking at her with pleading eyes. "You can even put Harry on a one month probation, where he can keep Kevin for one month and if Kevin does great in Harry's care for one month, then at the end of that month, Harry can get to legally adopt him."

"Yeah, see, I'd go for that." Harry said strongly.

Mrs. Devers looked down at the floor with a deep frown and sighed and blinked repeatedly.

"ONE month, Mr. Lime," Mrs. Devers responded sternly. "You'll have ONE month with him, and if in that one month, I find that he's not being properly taken care of, I will make sure that you never WILL get to adopt him, am I clear?"

Harry nodded slightly.

"Fine, sure, you're crystal." Harry responded.

Mrs. Devers nodded.

"Well are you going in to help or fix him, or not?" Mrs. Devers asked coldly.

Harry scoffed slightly and turned and walked inside the classroom.

Harry saw Kevin sitting on the floor of the empty classroom, staring at the blackboard, as if in a complete daze, absolutely still and silent. Harry sat down beside Kevin on the floor and looked at him.

"Kevin, I'm back." Harry said in a low voice, as he put his hand on Kevin's hand.

Kevin continued to stare at the black board, with a blank expression, in silence. Harry frowned and took Kevin's hand into his and held it.

"Kevin, its ok, I'm here now, you can snap out of—whatever this is that you're in, ok?" Harry said with a brief smile.

Harry's smile disappeared when he saw Kevin wasn't responding to him. Harry looked down at the carpet and frowned and sighed.

"Kevin, please snap out of this, ok?" Harry asked in a low voice. "You have to, they're—they're threatening to throw you in a mental institution if you don't—the LOONY BIN Kevin, and you're not crazy, I know you aren't, so you have to snap out of this alright? I love you but you gotta help me out here, I'm trying to keep you from getting put in a place far worst than this."

Kevin still stared at the blackboard with a blank expression, in silence. Harry looked at Kevin with a disappointed look. Harry looked down and sighed and stood up and looked at Kevin with a hurt look.

"Sorry I was too late to help you." Harry said in a cracking voice.

As Harry turned to walk away, Kevin looked at Harry.

"I love you too." Kevin said in a low voice, a voice that Harry could hear.

Harry turned and looked at him.

"What?" Harry said with a confused frown.

Kevin looked down and shrugged slightly.

"I said I love you too, but please don't let them send me to the crazy hospital. I want to go with you."

Harry scoffed and looked away from him and briefly smiled. Harry walked back over and sat down beside Kevin and hugged him and Kevin hugged him back.

"I won't let them," Harry said in a low voice. "Besides, you get to come back home with me."

Kevin lightly pushed Harry away and gasped with a smile.

"Really? You're not just lying this time or ya?" Kevin asked.

Harry laughed and shook his head.

"No, I'm not lying." Harry said with a brief smile. "I talked to Mrs. Devers and she said I could and that within a month, if I do a good job of taking care of you, I could adopt you—if that's ok with you."

Kevin raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"Yeah, I could handle you being my old man," Kevin said with a brief smile. "Just as long as when I get sixteen, I can get a car."

Harry laughed.

"Well I don't know, we'll see about that. Maybe I'll just steal one for ya." Harry joked.

Theme Song: "Somewhere In My Memory" ~ John Williams

~ One Month Later ~

It was now November, and Kevin's fourteenth birthday and Harry was wrapping some gift for Kevin at the kitchen table with Marv.

"So you think he'll like this?" Harry asked with a slight frown. "I don't know, the keys to an electric scooter?"

Marv scoffed and smiled.

"Come on, it's the next best thing to having his own car." Marv said. "Who wouldn't like it?"

Harry scoffed and briefly smiled.

"Yeah, you're right." Harry said with a smile. "The kid's gonna see this when he gets home and he's gonna love it."

At that moment, a knock came at the door, Harry sighed as he walked to the door and opened it. There was a UPS man at the door with a package. Harry looked at the man with an eyebrow raised.

"Yeah, can I help ya?" Harry asked.

"Um, I have a letter here to be delivered to Harry Lime." The UPS man stated as he looked at the packaged letter.

Harry looked at the man with a confused look and nodded.

"Yeah, I'm him." Harry said.

The man gave Harry the package and had him to sign his signature for it. The UPS man smiled.

"Thanks so much for—"

Before the UPS man could finish his statement, Harry slammed the door in his face, the UPS man thought this was quite rude, but that was Harry for ya. As Harry walked back over to the table, looking at the package in hand, Marv raised an eyebrow and looked at Harry quizzically.

"Who was that at the door?" Marv asked.

Harry shrugged as he opened the packaged letter.

"Some letter for me, don't know what about though."

Harry opened the letter and started silently reading a long, white paper that was inside. As Harry silently read, within minutes, he stopped and his eyes widened with surprise.

"What? What is it Harry?" Marv asked with a curious smile.

Harry put the letter on the table after reading the last line of the letter and scoffed and smiled as he looked down at the letter.

"That was the Chicago Orphanage," Harry said with a smile. "The month's up and Mrs. Devers has evaluated that I did such a good job this month with Kevin that I—I can now get to adopt him."

Marv gasped and smiled.

"Wow that's great news, Harry!" Marv said joyfully.

Harry laughed as Marv stood up and hugged him happily.

Harry sighed with a smile.

"Great, I'm gonna be a dad to a teenager." Harry said with a smile. "My hair's gonna be fully gray with stress in six weeks, just watch."

Harry and Marv laughed…