AUTHORESS: Amaya~Ikari

DATE WRITTEN: 10/10/11

TITLE: The Sound Silence Hides.

BOOK: Maximum Ride


STATUS: Oneshot: Completed


WARNINGS: Implied torture and abuse, dark themes.

~Silence and Sound are canvases for emotion~

It silenced them.

Silence, was what surrounded The School.

The silent pain, the silent terror of the experiments.

Too afraid to speak, too afraid of sound.

They feared sound would bring them back to reality.

The horrific reality of what their lives were, and what they, in themselves, were.

The silence shrouded the dark cages, it was thick, it was hard to breath.

We were afraid to move, afraid to break the never ending silence.

Silent children, you think the blanket of silence will protect you.

When the silence shatters from the agonized scream of one of us in the labs, is it protecting us?

What if when silence's blanket is torn, from the sobbing of someone who cannot contain the pain.

When silence's wall is cracked from the mumbling of someone who has finally gone insane.

The silence of The School, cannot protect you.

If I am quiet, the pain will happen again.

I must be the ever present noise, if everyone else is afraid to.

For if the silence claims me, I will have lost.

I will lose myself, in the insidious hole of silence.

For the silence, is a thunderous torrent of sound.

Screaming, sobbing, pain, terror, it swirls within the cape of quiet.

Our sounds cannot escape the ocean of silence.

They silenced you all.

Not me.

I will never be silent.

You cannot silence me.

For if I am silent, then we will be heard.

The sound of our pain deafening, if I allow the silence to surround my family.

The sound attracts attention, they say.

Attention, will keep me real.

Know, that I am real.

Not a child's daydream.

Not a fairytale.

My wings open wide, and beat loudly against silence.

They fly silently, allowing their wings to encircle them in their own hush.

My wings, are my drums.

The music, to my sound.

They silenced Fang.

Fang used to talk.

He used to be funny, and make the little ones laugh.

They began to beat him.

Telling him good children never speak.

Fang was hurt.

Fang fears noise.

Fears the agony of sound.

Don't worry, I will not let the silence take you away.

I will talk, and pretend to be happy, to protect us all.

When the silence comes, I will laugh and chatter.

I do not fear the sound.

I fear the silence.