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Kaldur realized up on impact that the water literally rushed up to meet him. He hit the surface much sooner than he should have.

He was startled to find that the instruments in his hands glowed with a blue energy as he descended through the pillar of water of his own making. Finally submerged in what had to be his natural element, the unknowing Atlantean felt a sort of peace that he couldn't remember ever having felt before. It almost made him want to simply swim, swim towards the ocean, swim home. Wherever home was, he had the feeling his instincts would lead him there.

But, at this point, instincts were abandoned. Despite the fact that he couldn't remember, Kaldur still had an innate leadership that drove him to remember his mission. He had jumped in the water to find M'gann. He would find her.

The four remaining on the bridge fell into defensive stances. This masked man, whoever he was, was obviously bad news.

"Niños. I have been… hired by some very powerful people to bring you back where you belong. And I will return you. Don't make this… harder than it has to be."

Dick curled his lower lip over his teeth and narrowed his eyes, thinking. This man obviously came prepared for a fight. Though Wally had super speed, and Conner had super strength, and Artemis and himself were both clearly able to handle their own in a fight, they were drastically outnumbered. Maybe, if they had more experience as a group, they could win. But, in their current state, winning was nearly out of the question.

In his peripheral vision, he could see the grandmother and her grandchildren; three people who had nothing to do with what was happening. If a fight did happen, they might be casualties. They were the priority; get them out safe.

He held up his hands.

"Alright, fine. We'll go with you. But let the civilians go first."

The masked man's eyes widened. He obviously hadn't expected such an easy surrender. He waved to his forces.

"You heard them. Let the civilians go." He then turned his face back to the four. Dick met his eyes.

The young boy raised a hand to his mouth and coughed a few times, letting himself hunch over. When he stopped, he whispered as quietly as he could; only one person would be able to hear him.

"Take Artemis. Go to the next town and wait. Meet up by midnight tomorrow, or send message if you can't."

Conner cut his eyes at the smaller boy. Dick had one more thing to say.

"On me."

Dick's eyes watched the civilians, who were being ushered out of the danger zone. Conner took a step closer to Artemis. He looked to Wally and then to Dick, who was standing tensely, waiting for just the right moment. Wally tensed up as well, waiting for something, though he didn't know what.

Bane noticed the changes in the teens' movements. He narrowed his eyes, raising his gun slightly.

Just as Dick thought that their opportunity would be lost, he noticed that the civilians were out of sight. He opened his mouth and took in a sharp breath.

In one swift movement, Conner grabbed Artemis and leaped, high over the masked man and his henchmen, and to the other side of the bridge. With another leap, he was over the treeline and gone.

The henchmen were all so busy watching those two that they missed Dick leaping onto Wally's back and screaming "Go!", and the redhead's subsequent sprint in the other direction. By the time everyone had gathered their wits about them, every single one of their targets was gone.

Bane's eyes widened so far, some might have thought that they would literally pop out of his head. He pulled his lips back into a ferocious snarl and kicked the van nearest to him in anger.

"Sir-" The henchman that had started to speak was grabbed by Bane's meaty hands and thrown off of the bridge, spinning into the water below. To continue his tantrum, Bane smashed the engines of two of the vans, pulling the hoods off and throwing them, too, off into the distance. Finally, he pulled the door off of one of the vans, pulled the driver out and threw him to the ground, and drove off.

The communicator in the van buzzed to life. A cool, low voice came over the speakers.

"You failed me, Bane."

Bane snarled. "You said that they would be easy. You said they wouldn't be able to fight back."

"And you insisted on bringing along an army of your henchmen." The voice chuckled. "Tell me, were all of you really taken down by a group of children? Even after we supplied you with certain… necessities?"

"No." Bane growled. "They ran away."

The masked villain could hear the click of a computer. The voice sighed. "Very well. Return to us, Bane, and we will discuss your compensation, even though you failed in your mission."

Bane reached for the communicator and gripped it tightly, crushing it.

A man sat alone in a dark room, reviewing the footage from the van cameras of the altercation. He saw where the bus, holding one of the six, went over the bridge. Bane neglected to tell him of that, or of how another one jumped after the bus. He wasn't worried, though. These children were strong enough to survive such an encounter, even without their memories of who, or what, they really were.

The light from the computer glinted off of small glasses as the man leaned closer. There was still a disadvantage to be had, though. Since the Martian girl had been separated from the group, they could no longer track the teens' movements. The four that had remained on the bridge had split up; if they planned on meeting up, the scientists had no way of knowing where.

A long, bony finger pressed the call button, and a voice explained the situation to a colleague, proposing a plan of action that involved continuing to track the Martian girl. They had nothing else to go on, at this point.

M'gann coughed and sputtered when her body finally realized that there was air to breathe. The water still in her system fought its way up, and she sat up suddenly, retching. A comforting hand rubbed her back.

M'gann turned. Kaldur? She grasped her head, the communication giving her a sharp pain about her temples.

"Are you alright, M'gann? Can you stand?" Kaldur asked, concern coloring his deep voice.

M'gann staggered to her feet, uncertainty causing her knees to buckle, but Kaldur supported her. Within moments, she was stable.

"Do you remember anything?" Kaldur said, his question less towards her current state and more towards her actions. He watched in fascination as the gills that had appeared on her neck closed up.

M'gann shook her head, blinking away her migraine.

Kaldur watched her warily; everyone was different in this scenario, but M'gann seemed to have the utmost talent for adapting. They had all realized this before, but her developing gills and then ridding herself of them, seemingly unconsciously, took this to a whole new level.

Did she realize it?

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