By Globalnet

Authors Notes: This came to me as a idea, not so long ago. While brainstorming for "Banished", I came to this idea and thought I should put it into words. This is a drastic change of pace from "Banished". Now, I have NOT abandoned "Banished", it will still be updated. Here is a fic that has...Well...Okay. PBxOC, Kinda...It's NOT a romantic fic. just...Argh. Read it.

Chapter 1 - "The Tapping of The Pens"

It was another Friday night, a young girl was sitting in her desk, tapping her pencil onto the desk. The girl was deep in thought, trying to solve the problem in front of her. She grabbed a piece of paper, began writing on it. A few moments later, she returned to the other piece of paper in front of her, she jotted down the answer. The girl let out a sigh of relief as she placed the pencil on the desk. She slouched on her chair, looking around her. The room was a cheerful room, In front of her was a big desk, the desk had a computer on top of it. The desk was typically messy, although today it was not. Around her where various cabinets and drawers, some had locks in them to prevent people from stealing its contents. The room had a vast sea of book shelves. Books as far as the eye can see. The girl had vowed that she would read everything in the room, just like...

The door blasted open, a figure came in. The figure came in figure was wearing overalls, with a formal collar shirt on. He had black, short hair. His hands where clasped, humming a tune. He strolled off into the center of the room. The girl was still staring at him, not making a noise. After through the little stroll, the man stopped for a second, and redirected his gaze at the girl.

"Hmm? I suppose you are finished, Princess?"

"Yes" The princess handed the paper over to the man, The man motioned towards her, picking up the paper. He began to scan the paper. His eyes going up at times, then looking back on the paper.

"Hmm...Well, so far I see no mistakes. Good job, PB." He smiled at her then proceeded to hum that obnoxious tone. It finally dawned on PB. She immediately looked onto the clock, it was 5:58 PM. She let out a sigh, slowly turning her head to the front. The man was in his desk, placing the piece of paper on it.

"...Almost 6." He said with a smile. "Hope you have been practicing."

"Don't remind me." She replied, twirling her hair. The man gazed at her, revealing a brief moment of shock, it dissipated fast

"You know, people would kill to be as bright as you, especially at the age of 13..."

"I never said I did not want to learn, I love learning. I am only bummed that it's almost..." The lights went dark. She knew what was coming. Fear had occupied her heart. She cleared her throat, formed a fist, hoping the sensation will stop.

Authors Notes: Well, that's it for chapter 1. It is short, Real short. And no, I promise it's NOT a romantic fic. I cannot stand romance Fics with OC's involved. More of a relationship that you develop with a great friend.