Authors Notes: Well. Nothing really to say about this one. Except dialog, dialog, and even more dialog. This Fic was designed to develop and mold PB into what she is now. Her history is as unknown as the results of 8 6-sided die.

Chapter 3 - "The Queen"

The room was blackened by smoke, reducing the already impaired visibility of the room. PB was shivering with terror. Her mind fogged with fear of her own safety. The teacher positioned his knife and took a stance. He examined the room, looking for where the intruder may be lurking. Something in his head snapped, his ability of logic and reason took the backseat as his former self took control. The black cloud of terror and excitement has done its deed on the child as she stood there behind him, as white as the snow covering the Ice Kingdom.

Maniacal laughter was heard, it echoed back and forth of the room. He lowered his knife, only to find himself struck by the monster. The young princess was screaming with all her might. The monster looked at her, it decided to pick her up. PB was still shrieking, her eyes trying to comprehend the situation. The monster laughed once more, and opened her mouth. PB was about to faint, her life flashed before her.

"Alright. You've had your fun, Marcy"

"Matt..." The monster looked at Matt. He was dusting off some of the candy rubble from the impact. The monster let go of the princess. She fell down to the floor, stunned. The monster began to change form, into one that resembles a human being.

"Long time, no see. Old friend" Marceline looked at Matt.

"Oh...It's only been like what? 14 years? Not a big deal."

"Heh. You haven't changed much."Matt was walking casually to the princess. PB was still. Matt helped her stand up, her eyes still on Marceline. Marceline focused her gaze at the child, then back to Matt.

"Looks like you've been busy, eh?" Marceline grinned. "Well, I knew you and CG would do it, sooner or later." Matt looked away, blushing.

"What's your name?"

"..I..I am Bonnibelle Bubblegum. " PB managed to spit out.

"Yeah? Well I'm Marceline, kid. Me and your dad us-"

"She's Licorice's child" Matt responded.

"Oh? I could have sworn I saw you in her." PB was lost, time has yet to grant her knowledge of their topic.

"I'm stating the facts. I simply teach the child, out of request from Queen Chewinggum. "

"I see...How is she, the little she-devil." PB looked away, it was suppose to hurt her, but she just could not feel it. She thought if Matt knew if she feigned her responses on the subject of her parents.

Silence. It gave Marceline the cue to change topics.

"So...Matt. I broke my AxeBass, you and I both know that you are the only one capable of fixing it."

"Sure...But it will cost ya" Matt replied with a grin on his face.

"...What do you have in mind?"

"A field trip."

"Wha?" Matt looked at PB.

"Say..PB? Where would you like to go?"

"Huh?" PB replied, she did not know how to respond to the question. But something in her brain told her that she should choose carefully. Since childhood, she has never left the Candy Palace. Not even once, never. Her only way of knowing what the outside looks like is from the windows and pictures. It was misery. The only thing that kept her cheerful was Matt and his lessons.

"..The beach." PB replied. "Yes, the beach! I want to see it with my own eyes! I want to be able to feel its breeze on my face."

"Really kid? The beach? Man..." Marceline commented. "...Matt, you can go to the beach with her yourself, you don't need me. Besides, its dark. The beach is nearly as enjoyable in the morning."

"It's morning in Zeldaruath." Matt replied, grinning.

"...Oh no.. You are not suggesting..."

"Yes I am."

"Please? Marceline?" PB asked her. Something in the vampire's brain simply made her wish too irresistible. Perhaps it was her innocent look. Perhaps she simply reminded her of herself from way long ago.

"...Fine" Marceline crossed her arms

"Yay!" PB replied with genuine excitement.

"I suppose some sun would be good for you nerds." Her seemingly evil grin. "But after that, you are going to fix my AxeBass...Understood?"

"Of course. A deal is a deal." Matt was smiling "PB, go back up to your room and change to something more...Beach worthy. We wouldn't want to get sand all over your expensive candy dress. PB nodded and left immediately.

"...Are you sure she's not yours? I swear, she just reminds me of you. Licorice is just too lame to act like that, even as a kid."

"...The kid has been with me for 13 years now. I thought her everything she knows. Of course she will pick up some of my traits." Matt said, sipping from a cup on his desk.

"That's what strikes me odd. CG is, no offense, way smarter than you. I am pretty sure she would teach her own child"

"That's true...If she was still alive."

"What? She died? When?"

"13 years ago...It's a long story..."

Authors Note: Thank you for reading this chapter. I say, Banished is more popular than this fic. So i may have to update that next time.. I don't know, i will follow what my inspiration directs me to.