Ginny and the Microwave

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Harry Potter knew the moment he walked into his home and heard the clanging and banging coming from the kitchen that it was going to be one of those days.

The kind of days where his newly married wife, Ginny, attempted to work things she just didn't understand.

One day he had come home to find her with a cell phone in her hand. She was yelling into it, arguing with whoever was on the other line about Merlin knows what. He took the phone from her grasp and raised an eyebrow at the person on the other line. The man didn't even speak English. Harry quickly disposed of it. Good thing to, since Ginny was starting to look at it with a murderous expression on her face.

Another day he had come home from the Ministry and found her sitting in front of a turned off laptop, beating it mercilessly. When he asked what was going on, she screamed as she continued to pound on the helpless piece of technology, "This—good—for—nothing—thing—won't—work!" Harry had just calmly reached over and pressed the power button, making the screen light up. Ginny turned a deathly glare onto him and threw the piece of rubbish out the window.

Today he wondered just what she could be messing around with now.

He got his answer as he walked into the battlefield, his kitchen. There stood Ginny, frying pan in one hand, wand in the other, preparing for battle as she glared down at…

A microwave?

"Erm…Ginny?" Harry ventured, brave—or perhaps stupid is a better way to put it—enough to question her at a time when she was fit to kill. "What are you doing?"

Before Ginny could answer, a short beep! came from the microwave and Ginny jumped. "There it goes again! I don't know what its problem is! I just put food in it like it said, pressed a button and let it cook. Then it starts beeping! And continues to beep! I don't know what to do!"

At this point, Harry was desperately trying not to laugh. Ginny looked absolutely panicked over nothing. He didn't have the heart to let her pain continue. "Love…" he started, shaking his head, "It's beeping to tell you that the food is done cooking."

Ginny's eyes widened in shock. A moment later, her expression changed from surprise to anger. "YOU MEAN THIS WHOLE TIME IT WAS JUST TELLING ME THAT THE FOOD WAS DONE!" she roared, and Harry nodded, getting a little frightful of his wife in this state. This is really the first time he saw the infamous Weasley temper directed at him.

"I GIVE UP!" Ginny turned to the microwave and pointed her wand at it. Before Harry had a chance to stop her, Ginny set it aflame. "Take that, you blasted piece of muggle technology!"

She turned and walked out of the house, leaving the microwave in flames. Harry could only blink owlishly. That woman is mental, he thought, but at least she's mine!