Chapter 17

He reappeared behind the shed... face to face with Harry, who was picking up stray brooms, evidently from a game Ron had not been invited to participate in.

No traces of disappointment at this news, Ron found himself actually grinning, knowing that what he'd been doing had been far, far superior...

"Ah," Harry said, looking up at Ron, "dinner's ready."

"Yeah," Ron said simply... But as he started his walk towards the house, Harry stopped him with a hand on his elbow.

"You should dry your hair," Harry suggested, wrinkling his nose in what Ron could only guess was disgust at having to come even as close as he had to admitting knowledge of exactly what Ron had just been getting up to...

Oh, if only Harry REALLY knew, exactly...

Ron cleared his throat.

"Oh, right. Cheers, mate," he said, but he had no time to remove his wand from his pocket before Harry was taking care of it for him. With a few simple swishes, Ron's hair fluffed and dried and swayed down into his eyes again.

"Right. Shall we?" and Harry re-pocketed his wand, smirking far too knowingly to himself.

They trudged up to the house in blushing silence, walking through the front door with stomachs growling. And as Ron crossed into the kitchen, he caught Hermione's eyes where she sat across the table from the only two open spots.

She let out an instantaneous puff of relieved oxygen, eyes on the very top of his head and raking across his fringe before dropping to her empty plate where she proceeded to slide her fork around the glass and lightly clear her throat. Ah, so she was checking the dryness of his hair. Thank Merlin for Harry...

Ron grinned down at Hermione's ducked head for half a second before remembering he had to at least look semi-casual. And for some reason, it felt so odd, to have such a perfect little secret, like if he so much as coughed the wrong way, everyone would immediately know that he'd just given his girlfriend an orgasm with his sodding mouth in the shower upstairs.

Unassociated laughter bubbled up inside of him for absolutely no reason, and he bit his tongue to quell it as he dragged his chair noisily out from under the table to have a seat.

Bowls began shuffling their way magically around the table in his direction and he distracted himself with filling his plate as his parents chatted with Percy, who was seated at the opposite end of the table. Ron could certainly not be bothered...

Especially when...

His eyes shot up to stare unblinkingly forward at Hermione. Who had just slipped her toes over his foot.

But she looked innocent enough, busy with filling her own plate with salad.

Alright. So it was nothing.

But her foot wasn't leaving. And if she'd done it accidentally-

But she moved it again, higher up to slip bare toes under the hem of his jeans.

He stared her down, daring her to admit, in some way, that her intentions were as cunning and flirtatious as he was beginning to suspect...

And that's when she lifted her eyes to his, for half a second... which was exactly long enough to see the truth.

Swallowing hard and mentally gearing up for her game, he nodded once... imperceptible to anyone who didn't know what he was in the midst of...

Her big toe rubbed a circle into his shin, and he took a large bite of potato to cover his wheeze. But when he looked up at her again, she was tilting a glass of pumpkin juice against her lips, and... rubbing those lips against the glass. To the average onlooker, it might appear that she'd simply made an adjustment to an awkwardly positioned first drink. But he knew so much better, and he watched, stricken, as she gulped gentle mouthfuls of juice, finally lowering her glass.

And licking her lips.

Far, far too slowly.

Her tongue had to have been out of her mouth for a full five seconds.

He lunged for his own juice, clamping his eyes shut as he gulped it down heavily, trying to cool down with the icy beverage. When he set his glass down again, a droplet of juice rolled along the thick pout of his bottom lip, and he caught her breathing sharply through her mouth as he wiped the drop away with the tip of his finger before sucking it into his mouth.

She froze, eyes glued to his mouth.


So, she liked that. About as much as he did, judging by her reaction.

Stunned by his own obvious sexual appeal to her, he recalculated his attack and moved his feet away from hers for long enough to slip off a shoe. She furrowed her eyebrows at him for a quarter second before Ginny, seated to Hermione's right, engaged her in conversation, an exchange that Ron could not even be bothered with comprehending.

Instead, he slid his foot straight up her leg, going for a much more direct attack. And, slouching in his chair as he filled his fork with roast beef, his toes parted her thighs, digging between them until they fell apart. And he watched devilishly as her fingers tapped, agitated, against the table top... as she continued to nod and smile at Ginny's animated words.

He ate the food from his fork with enthusiasm, flexing his bare toes against her inner thigh. And as he finally reached the top, brushing against a newly familiar place, she clenched her legs shut again, chest heaving as she returned to her full plate of food.

Ron attacked his juice glass again, going for a sure reaction, and this time, as he lowered his glass again, he allowed a drop of the juice to trickle all the way down his chin, rolling through stubble until it clung in an attempt to stay attached to him. He extended his tongue to lick it away before tracking his index finger upward to catch the last bit and suck it into his mouth again.

She clamped her eyes shut, shuddering, before she focused intently on her plate, pushing peas around absently.

Oh, he was winning this one. Absolutely.

And he was growing a bit smug about it, grin spreading...


Her eyes snapped up suddenly, and she scooted her chair back just far enough for him to lose his balance, foot crashing to the floor as he slid several inches down the back of his own chair. His mum finally noticed him at the other end of the table and gave him a slightly confused but stern glare.

"Sorry, mum," he mumbled, sitting up straight again.

She shook her head disapprovingly before returning her attention to Harry, with whom she'd apparently been deep in conversation, prior to the interruption.

Hermione smirked down at her plate as she stabbed a rather large strip of carrot with her fork. Ron blushed a shade deeper before smirking back, placing his elbow firmly on the tabletop to rest his cheek against his hand, obscuring his face from his mum's view.

And then.

She lifted her carrot-laden fork to her lips, and opened her mouth, in a calculated not-quite-wide enough sort of way. And rather than allow her teeth to do their job, she ever so slowly sucked the carrot into her mouth, bit by bit.

His jaw actually dropped open as he stared at her.

She closed her eyes, as if she was enjoying this meal more than any other meal had ever been enjoyed.

He shifted in his seat uncomfortably, trying to shut his gaping mouth and mentally screaming at himself to look away. But it was a true failure, eyes glued to her lips as they caressed that bloody carrot until half of it had disappeared inside of her mouth. And then, lifting her lips so he could see clearly, she bit down, severing the carrot in two. She lowered her fork to her plate and chewed, adopting a rather innocent expression.

Ohhh, how thoroughly he'd lost this round.

He sank deeper into his seat again and closed his eyes in an attempt to calm down.

Harry slurped his juice distinctly louder than necessary, to Ron's left, and Ron opened his eyes at last... only to catch Harry glancing suspiciously in his direction.

Well, sod everybody. Hermione was looking way too polite and perfect after practically knocking him off of his chair and onto his arse... He had to retaliate. Now.

He scanned the table for some inspiration. And he found those chocolate cakes Ginny had spoken of earlier, just levitating towards them from the oven. Fresh then. And coated in fudge.

Fucking perfect.

He snatched a cake from the plate enthusiastically, watching with glee as Hermione's eyes widened in terror.

He nodded in her direction, grinning broadly. And then, staring down the cake, he located a chocolate drip and knew precisely where to begin. Holding the cake slightly to the side, so as not to obstruct her view, he extended his tongue and lapped up the drip.

He heard her gulp.

Shivering with excitement, he moved in again, taking the tiniest nibble from the bottom corner. And to his utter delight, warm fudge began to ooze from the inside. Chocolate FILLED cakes? Oh God, he was a lucky bastard.

He had to acknowledge his own stance as king of Hermione chess, and he did so by tilting his head in her direction, lifting an eyebrow as he grinned lopsidedly. She looked positively terrified. And completely entranced.

And so, returning his attention to the cake, he attached his lips to the opening he'd made in the bottom of the cake. And he sucked.

Chocolate flowed into his mouth and he closed his eyes, sucking again.

Hermione squeaked desperately as the last of the chocolate filling trickled out. But he had to be thorough, as Hermione herself had said earlier... And he stuck his tongue into the hole, pulling his lips back so she could see as he cleaned out any remaining traces of fudge. He finally backed away from the shell of a cake, licking and smacking his lips to remove any remaining chocolate drops. And then, figuring he wasn't one to waste any bits of a perfectly good chocolate, he popped the whole remaining cake into his mouth and chewed happily, locking eyes with Hermione's.

She was breathing in heavy pants through her parted lips. Her eyes were wide and sparkling. And the beginning of a slight sweat had broken out across her forehead.


He swallowed, and brushed crumbs from the table top into his hand.

"Dinner was lovely, mum," he said casually. "Thanks." He located his shoe with his toes and slipped his foot back inside of it.

And he stood, stretching his arms high above his head, revealing a large amount of stomach in the process... which he patted with a large, bony hand, actually winking secretly down at Hermione.

She glared up at him, cheeks bright red. And he could not wait for his payback.