Author's Notes

Hey there users of . This is my newest story and possibly my best. This is Sonic the Hedgehog: Heroes of Mobius, an idea for a comic I had and now turned into a fan fiction story. The series is basically my own take on the Sonic universe with my choice of characters and portrayals. There will be pre-made and fan-made characters in this series and some of the pre-made characters will be changed a little in order to make HOM a different continuity to the others.

If you don't like any of the changes I've made, that's fine, just please don't make an issue about it. I won't tell you about any of the fan-made characters who appear in this series, I'll just introduce you to them as we go along. A side note I'd like to add is this story is written in episodic form, not chapter form. Now let's get on with this newest Sonic universe…

Prologue: A Battle's Beginning

Mobius, the home planet of the weird and wonderful Mobian race. The Mobians all ranged in various forms and colours from pink echidnas to green hedgehogs. Mobius was a very beautiful planet too with its fair share of large cities and countryside. The planet was ruled by the Acorn family who lived in the majestic looking Castle Acorn. The Acorn family consisted of three squirrels named King Maximilian and Queen Alicia and their daughter Princess Sally. The Acorns had a lady-in-waiting named Nicole, who was a lynx in a purple toga and Sally's best friend. They ruled Mobius with pride and justice and fought to keep the world under tight organization in order to prevent world chaos. As of this moment, everything was just the same as usual, a quiet, peaceful sunny day on Mobius with children playing and Mobians walking around enjoying the day.

One Mobian was sitting on a tree branch in the middle of dense forest just chilling out. It was a blue hedgehog with a peach coloured muzzle, peach coloured belly and peach coloured arms. It wore gloves and red and white sneakers with a gold buckle on the sides. This hedgehog was known as Sonic. He got his name after he miraculously ran fast, VERY fast. He could run faster then the speed of sound! No one is really sure how Sonic got his trademark speed, nor did Sonic himself know that. He just assumed he was born to run fast. A lot of people often challenged Sonic to races to see if they could run faster then he could but none prevailed. Because of this, Sonic was given the title "The Fastest Thing Alive" as they hadn't known anyone on Mobius or anywhere else to run that fast. Sonic enjoyed adventure and longed for it. He even helped out if anyone was in danger, no matter how risky the situation was, if there was danger, he would be there in the nick of time. Because of these heroic acts, Sonic was much loved amongst the people of Mobius and a lot of the girls longed to date him. However Sonic wasn't bothered about romance yet so these girls had to keep dreaming and hoping. Right now, Sonic was in one of his relaxing moods where all he wanted to do was lie on a tree branch and chill for a good hour or two. After all even heroes had a quiet moment. Whenever Sonic relaxed, he always thought deeply on what his next adventure would be like.

"I wonder what's in store for me today. thought Sonic as he napped. "Hopefully another crime to tackle as I love those. Or maybe something different altogether."

The average person would have thought "today would be no different" since days on Mobius were average at the most. However, today would be different. Today would change Sonic's life forever, and the rest of the people on Mobius would have their lives changed forever too. As Sonic continued napping and thinking, a low ominous rumbling sound echoed through the quiet skies of the planet. At first Sonic dismissed it as nothing more then a construction vehicle but the second time the rumble came, it was a lot louder and sounded more like it was coming from the sky then the ground. Sonic knew it wasn't a bulldozer or some other vehicle on the ground. He got to his feet and climbed higher up the tree to see what the noise was. It was most likely a plane but he didn't remember planes sounding that loud before. Sonic got to the top of the tree and got the biggest surprise of his life. The rumbling noise wasn't from a plane, it was a battleship! A real-live battleship filled to the brim with gun turrets and laser cannons! Not to mention this battleship was colossal! So huge in fact it blocked out the sunlight and turned everything dark! The battleship had a logo which consisted of a face with a moustache and was coloured black and red. Sonic couldn't believe what he was seeing. This was unlike anything he'd ever seen before. Was he dreaming? Sonic rubbed his eyes and stared again. The battleship was still there. He wasn't dreaming, he was looking at a real flying battleship.

"Well I did think something different might be in store for me today!" gasped Sonic "I just hope whoever owns that thing doesn't mean us any harm!"

Unfortunately, it did. The battleship slowly hovered over the fantastic city of Mobotropolis, aimed its many cannons at the city below it and opened fire. The sky rained with laser bolts and cannon blasts and buildings were destroyed the moment the blasts hit it. Rubble rained down on the frightened citizens as they fled for their lives. Sonic couldn't believe his eyes. This battleship just opened fire on Mobotropolis! Why was it doing this? What had the people of Mobius done to tick the owner off so badly? Well Sonic needed to stop the battleship's terror before it harmed, or even killed anyone. Sonic leapt out of the tree and picked up speed. He ran like a lightening bolt through the meadows as he headed to Mobotropolis. The battleship continued to fire on the impressive city, knocking down buildings and causing citizens to flee. At Castle Acorn, Sally noticed the danger and almost fainted with shock. Nicole came in and noticed Sally's frightened state.

"Anything wrong Sally?" asked Nicole politely.

"Look…out…side!" gasped Sally.

Nicole peered through the window and got the same shock as Sally. The battleship was still firing at the city of Mobotropolis but it was also coming towards Castle Acorn, slowly but steadily. Was it going to attack the castle too?

"Sally! We should get into the safety bunker before that thing shoots us!" yelped Nicole, preparing to run.

Unfortunately Sally couldn't move, she was frozen with fear. Nicole grabbed hold of Sally's arm and tried to pull her away but the battleship stopped right outside Castle Acorn and fired at the tower Sally and Nicole were in. Luckily, only one of the walls crumbled to bits and no one was hurt. Then a ramp telescoped out from the nose of the huge vessel and stopped at the floor of the castle. Down the ramp, came a funny looking robot with two wheels as legs, a pointy head and a upper-class expression on its face. The robot's body was painted to look like it was wearing a tuxedo and a bow tie. The robot stopped in front of Sally and Nicole and pulled out a scroll from a compartment in its side. It unfolded the scroll and read aloud from it.

"Attention Queen of Mobius." the robot's voice was that of a stereotypical posh gentleman "You are to come aboard by order of Dr. Eggman or we will use brute force on you all."

"Um, I'm not the queen." said Sally "I'm a princess and even if I was the queen, I will not come with you for any reason!"

The robot stared at her coldly and put the scroll away.

"Fine, then I guess my master will have to deal with you, you royal brat." it said darkly.

Just as he finished that sentence, the sound of feet pitter-pattering on the ramp followed. This time, it wasn't a robot; it was a human, a species unfamiliar to the Mobians. The human was tall and fat. He wore a red outfit with yellow squares on it, black trousers with what looked like screw heads on the sides of his shoes, and white gloves. He also wore glasses and had a thick bushy moustache. He had goggles perched on the top of his bald head. The human stood right next to the robot.

"Well Alonzo?" he asked the robot.

"This Mobian isn't the queen, she's the princess." reported Alonzo "And she's refusing to come."

The human glowered at Sally and Nicole. If he wasn't wearing glasses, you could probably see hatred in his eyes.

"I see." said the human "Princess, I am Dr. Eggman and I have come to take this planet for my own. And you will come with me or I will level this city faster then you can blink!"

Sally shivered at the human's cold words.

"I'm going to give you five seconds to decide if you're coming aboard or if I'm destroying the city below me!" warned Eggman, holding his hand up.

"Five…" down went one finger.

"Four…" down went another finger.

"Three…" Sally didn't know what to do. She knew instantly that Eggman could be trouble but she couldn't let him destroy her parent's kingdom. She had to do something to save her people and she knew what had to be done.

"Two…" said Eggman as he put his third finger down.


"Wait!" cried Sally "I'll come with you."

"Sally?" gasped Nicole "You can't! Don't go!"

Sally turned to face her friend sadly.

"I have to do this for the sake of my people." said Sally "I'll be fine, I promise."

Nicole had doubts since she didn't like the look of Eggman one little bit but she always knew that Sally knew what she was doing even in helpless situations like this. Sally turned back to Dr. Eggman who was smiling at her evilly.

"I'll come on one condition." said Sally "If I come, no one gets hurt. If you refuse I won't come."

"You have the word of Dr. Ivo Eggman that not a single soul on the ground will get harmed." said Dr. Eggman "Now let's go princess."

Eggman and Alonzo turned around and walked back up the boarding ramp of the battleship with Sally following them reluctantly. Sally looked back at Nicole, a small tear trickled out her eye and down her cheek. Nicole waved goodbye at her, fighting back tears as she boarded the battleship with Eggman and Alonzo. The boarding ramp telescoped back into the ship and the ship turned slowly away from Castle Acorn. Nicole couldn't take it anymore, she had to get help but just before she could leave the room the door flung open and Sonic appeared.

"Yo Nicole, what's the drama?" asked Sonic, surveying the destroyed room.

"That battleship attacked the castle and the person who owns it has taken Princess Sally!" cried Nicole, tears flowed down her face "You have to help her Sonic, who knows what that man will do to her!"

Sonic's eyes widened in shock. If there was one thing he hated it was looking slow and the fact he got there the moment Sally got kidnapped was unforgivable.

"Don't you worry Nicole, I'm gonna save the princess and teach that guy some manners!" said Sonic.

"Be careful out there." said Nicole.

"I'll be fine." assured Sonic "Now it's time I jammed outta here!"

He began to run and charged straight forward. He leapt out of the wrecked room and straight towards the battleship which had almost finished turning around to leave. If Sonic missed this, he would get jet fumes in the face. Luckily though Sonic just managed to catch the tip of one of the wings with his hands. Sonic fought to hold on as the ship finished turning and began to activate its jet engines. The ship began to zoom away from Castle Acorn and right over the semi-wrecked city of Mobotropolis. Sonic scrambled onto the wing and held on tight as he tried to figure out a way in.

"I'm not gonna let the psycho who owns this battleship harm the princess or anyone else!" said Sonic with great determination "I'll save everyone!"

Onboard the colossal battleship, Sally was sitting in a chair, thick steal cuffs wrapped around her wrists to keep her to the chair. Alonzo circled her slowly, observing every inch of her body. Then he stopped in front of her and smirked.

"Not much of a princess are you?" sneered Alonzo "I thought princess wore fancier outfits then that."

"Oh shut up!" snapped Sally "At least my outfit isn't painted on like yours is!"

Alonzo fumed in anger. "Of course my outfit's painted on!" he snapped "I'm a robot; robot's don't wear clothes of any kind! Well I guess my armour could count as an outfit of sorts…"

He was interrupted by the sound of a door opening. It was only Dr. Eggman. He walked into the room with an evil smirk on his moustachioed face. He stared evilly at his captive Mobian, restrained to a chair and helpless looking. Sally tried to hide her fear by keeping a straight face as she looked at Eggman.

"So, what did you want with me or my mother?" asked Sally.

"I hoped you would ask." said Dr. Eggman "Because I have an easy answer for you. The people on this animal inhabited planet care a lot for their King and Queen do they?"

Sally wasn't sure she should answer but she did with a nod of the head.

"So if I have you, then all the citizens will get desperate to have you back, especially your parents." purred Dr. Eggman "So I'll exchange you…for the planet!"

"I'm a hostage and I'm being used for blackmail too?" shrieked Sally "How could you?"

"I only want a place to build my dream Eggman Empire." replied Dr. Eggman "And I couldn't conquer my home planet because their forces are too strong so I went out into space looking for a weaker planet to target, and this seems like the perfect one."

"You think Mobius is weak because we're all animals?" said Sally "Didn't anyone ever tell you never to judge a book by its cover?"

"Um, this is a planet, not a book so how can we judge a book by its cover if it isn't a book?" said Alonzo, scratching his metal pointed head.

Dr. Eggman clopped him round the head, causing it to spin around faster then a roundabout. Alonzo's head stopped spinning but his eyes didn't.

"It's a term of phrase you incompetent piece of titanium!" snarled Dr. Eggman "And I thought I perfected you in the grammar department!"

Alonzo's eyes finally stopped spinning and the poor servant bot fainted.

"We may look weak but we're stronger then you think!" said Sally Acorn bravely "We won't surrender to you!"

Dr. Eggman stared at Sally with a scowl on his face. He adjusted his glasses and turned away from her. He put his hands behind his back.

"I'm pretty sure they will…" said Eggman, his voice all soft and dangerous sounding.

Sally swallowed a lump in her throat. This man was very creepy there was no denying it. And what if this man's plan to take over Mobius succeeded? The planet would have a very dark future indeed.

"Sonic, where are you…?" Sally whispered under her breath.

Sonic had finally managed to climb across the wing he had grabbed hold of and began to climb up the ship's hull. This ship was a lot bigger up close and Sonic knew it, but no ship of any size was bigger then Sonic's determination to save Mobius from disaster. The battleship had left the smoking city behind and was just hovering over a nearby field.

Sonic looked over his shoulder to see the damages done to Mobotropolis. The city looked like an earthquake had gone straight down the middle of it. Buildings had crumbled into pieces and the roads were cracked so much they might cave in if anymore damage was done to them. Seeing all this made Sonic furious, Mobotropolis was his home city after all. Sonic turned his attention back to the ship. He was almost on top of the huge vessel. Once there, he could just run forward, into the bridge and confront the man who piloted this death machine. But before he could climb any further the ship jerked slightly and then began to turn around again.

"Oh great, another attack?" groaned Sonic as he held on tight.

The ship turned around 180 degrees so it was facing Mobotropolis once again. However it didn't make any attempts to move forward or attack. Instead it just remained where it was. Then a huge holographic picture emerged out of a window from the bridge tower. The picture showed Dr. Eggman. All the Mobians of Mobotropolis stared in fear at the huge image.

"Attention citizens of Mobius." Eggman's voice boomed out from the image "I am Dr. Eggman and I have come to take this planet for my own."

The city echoed with a chorus of gasping, especially from Sonic.

"And if you furry freaks don't do as I ask…" said Eggman "Then you'll never see your precious princess again!"

He stepped to the side to show Sally restrained in a chair and Alonzo was pointing a gun at her. He didn't look very happy having to do so. Mobotropolis was filled with even louder gasping from before.

"I'll give you the princess back if you surrender your world to me." said Dr. Eggman "I'll give you ten minutes to decide. If you don't surrender Mobius to me, I'll lay siege to the whole city and wipe you all out!"

Then he cackled a loud demented cackle. The image switched off. The crowd of Mobians murmured to one another, wondering what they should do. Nicole saw the whole thing from the wrecked tower she stood in, her stomach was filled with worry, so much she thought she'd burst. As for Sonic he was filled with more determination then before after Eggman's testimony.

"So he wants to conquer the world does he?" muttered Sonic "Well I am not going to let him!"

Sonic got his feet and eyed the bridge tower. Sonic began to spin into a spin dash and prepared to launch himself at the bridge where he would have a showdown with that creep Eggman.

Meanwhile Eggman began pacing back and forth waiting for someone to speak up. Sally just sat where she was, praying for something good to happen. Alonzo just stood where he was watching Eggman pace back and forth constantly. Finally after one whole minute, Eggman got cross.

"How long does it take to make a decision?" he groaned "The princess made hers in five seconds so it shouldn't take those fools on the ground a full 10 minutes to decide what happens!"

"You forget Master," said Alonzo "Decisions can take a lot of time you know. Especially if it's something like this."

"I didn't ask for you opinion you stuck-up servant bot!" roared Eggman "Now be quiet unless I give you permission to speak!"

"Yes master." grumbled Alonzo. He began cursing under his breath.

"You can't do this!" said Sally bravely "I won't let you take over our Homeworld!"

"And who's gonna stop me?" taunted Dr. Eggman "Some imaginary hero you made up?"

Then suddenly one of the windows behind him shattered and the sound of shattering glass screamed in his ears. Glass flew everywhere, narrowly missing Sally and Eggman. Eggman turned around sharply to see what had happened. There stood a blue hedgehog with a scowl and a smirk on his face.

"I'm not sure about imaginary, but I'm a hero you can be sure of that!" said Sonic.

"How dare you break my master's windows?" yelled Alonzo "I spent ages cleaning those! He loves to see his lovely face in them!"

"Well your master should look in a mirror!" snickered Sonic "Provided it didn't crack when he did so!"

Sally Acorn beamed with relief, to see Sonic the Hedgehog, hero of Mobius there to help at last.

"Who are you?" demanded Dr. Eggman.

"I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog." introduced Sonic "And I'm the hero of this planet, and I'm gonna save the princess and put an end to your plans for world domination!"

Eggman cackled like a demented Santa Claus.

"Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! How do you think you're gonna stop me then?" he jeered.

"Like this!" cried Sonic, spinning into a ball.

He spin dashed straight into Dr. Eggman's stomach. Eggman gasped as all the air in his body escaped his lungs and he was flung back like a tossed stone. Eggman crashed into the wall and gasped violently. Alonzo got very mad and charged at Sonic, doing a very bad sounding roar as he did so. Sonic smirked at Alonzo and spin-dashed him as well. But since Alonzo was a robot, he smashed into pieces. Alonzo's body parts littered the floor. The servant bot grumbled to himself but Sonic just laughed at him.

"As that all you've got Eggman?" he jeered "I've seen robots in movies better then this!"

Dr. Eggman got to his feet and growled loudly. He pulled out a remote device and pressed a blue button on it. Two doors opened and out of these doors marched ten robots. These robots had spiked heads, chicken walker legs and guns instead of hands. They had two laser cannons that acted as tails and they were all red in colour with yellow reptilian eyes. They surrounded Sonic and Sally and aimed their weapons at the two. Their guns clicked loudly as they reloaded themselves.

"If you don't leave now Sonic, I will have to destroy you and the princess." threatened Eggman "And you don't want that to happen do you?"

Sonic just gave Eggman a calm smirk.

"That's a LITTLE better, but still no contest." said Sonic smoothly "Now, I'm going to show you why I'm called Sonic."

Sonic got into a position ready to run. Then before anyone could do anything, Sonic took off. As Sonic ran he charged into all the robots at the speed of a bullet, destroying each of them as he hit them. Dr. Eggman just stood there with his mouth wide open. Alonzo had just put himself back together but Sonic ran into him and destroyed him again. Alonzo wailed in agony as his pieces flew everywhere again. Sonic then destroyed the last robot and leapt at Sally's chair. He snapped the cuffs around Sally's wrists, scooped her up and zipped towards the control pad. Dr. Eggman tried to leap at him but Sonic was obviously too fast for him so he missed. Sonic hit the control pad with his feet and put a horrible dent in it. Some of the buttons had broken and the control pad cracked a little. Then Sonic leapt out of the broken window with Sally in tow. Dr. Eggman pulled on his moustache with anger. He was standing in a circle of robot pieces and flying sparks. This sight made Eggman even crosser. He leapt about in blind fury. As he was doing this Alonzo finished putting himself back together again.

"Can I get you a soothing drink master?" he asked politely.

"No drink can sooth my anger now!" growled Eggman "That hedgehog has earned my hatred for life! This means war Alonzo, get the gun turrets ready!"

"Yes sir." said Alonzo, zipping over to the control pad.

His expression grew worried as he saw it. The centre of the control pad was cracked horribly and many buttons were broken or sunken into the column so deeply they could not be pressed no matter what. Those controls were for the gun turrets, they wouldn't be working if the control pad was broken. Alonzo turned around, sweating oil as he dared to give Eggman the bad news.

"Sir, the g-g-gun turret control pad is s-s-severely d-damaged." whimpered Alonzo "The gun-turrets won't work!"

Eggman looked like he was going to have a heart-attack.

"WHAT?" he shrieked. Then his face turned purple with rage "That stupid hedgehog! Well I will not lose to him so easily; I have another trick up my sleeve!"

He ran over to a different part of the control pad that wasn't damaged and pressed a yellow and black striped button.

Outside, Sonic ran across the battleship holding Sally in his arms. The wind whizzed over their heads as Sonic ran.

"Thank you so much Sonic." said Sally.

"Don't mention it Sal, that's what I was born to do." said Sonic modestly "I'm not letting some creep take over our home world and making it a living nightmare for us all!"

Sally smiled in appreciation. Then suddenly Sonic screeched to a halt. He had just reached the edge of the battleship. Unfortunately the only way down was a very long drop and if they jumped it Sonic would probably break his legs in the process. There didn't seem to be any safe way down.

"How are we gonna get down from here?" Sally said with an obvious tone of worry.

"I have no idea." said Sonic "I don't wanna risk a jump like that either, we're too high up."

Then suddenly the sound of jetpacks filled their ears. Eggman had sent out some flying robots. They looked like the ones Sonic destroyed on the bridge only they were equipped with jet packs for flying. Sally yelped in surprise but Sonic just put a serious face on. The robots aimed their four guns at him and prepared to fire.

"Sonic, what are we gonna do?" cried Sally, burying her face into Sonic's chest.

"We are gonna use those robots to get down from here!" declared Sonic "Just hold on tight!"

Before Sally could question what he was on about, Sonic took flight. He hit the first robot in a powerful homing attack. The robot was sent spiralling out of control and it crashed into Eggman's battleship and exploded on impact. The force of the explosion shot Sonic and Sally straight into another robot. Sonic grabbed the robot by the spikes and started twisting it left and right as if it was a steering wheel. The robot began to fly in crazy somersaults in an attempt to shake the Mobians off. Sally held on tightly to Sonic as he tried to manoeuvre the robot into the ground. Unfortunately as the robot began to plummet to the ground, the other robots followed it and tried to shoot Sonic and Sally. One robot's gun blast skimmed straight past Sally's arm, causing her to yelp in pain. Sonic held on to Sally and leapt off the robot he was on. He hit another robot and caused it to spiral out of control. Then he hit a robot lower to the ground and sent that one flying. Then Sonic landed on another robot and hit it into a headfirst position so the jetpack would blast it down instead of up. Sonic held on as the robot plummeted to the ground faster then a cheetah. Then seconds before it crashed into the ground, Sonic leapt off it with Sally in his arms. The remaining two robots landed on the ground and aimed their cannons at the Mobians. Sonic charged at one and homing attacked it in the torso, smashing it to pieces as he hit it. Then he spin dashed into the last one. The last robot crumbled into tiny bolts and broken circuitry. Sonic dusted his hands off.

"All in a day's work." he said "You alright Sal?"

As for Sally, despite looking shaken, she was laughing at the whole thing that had just gone off. Sonic looked at her with a confused face.

"What's so funny Sal?" he asked.

"That was one of the most thrilling things of my life!" Sally squealed happily "Sonic, that was so incredible what you just did!"

Sonic giggled modestly. "Well one tries, I didn't think everything would work as well as it did. I haven't done things as extreme as that before!"

Sonic and Sally laughed some more at their incredible escape from the battleship. But their victory was short-lived however. A holographic image emerged from the battleship. The image showed Eggman's furious face. He was red with sheer anger, so red in fact he looked like a ripe tomato.

"You may have saved your precious princess Sonic but can you save your precious city as well?" bellowed Dr. Eggman.

"You do what you want!" yelled Sonic "I'll just stop you, no matter the cost egg-head!"

Eggman smirked confidently. "We'll see about that." he purred "I have to repair the controls to the gun-turrets since you smashed them." he added "So enjoy yourselves while you can! Because once I'm finished this city will be erased from the map!"

And he laughed his demented cackle once again as the holographic image switched off. There was a very long silence. Then Sonic finally spoke up.

"That Eggman sounds like he means business." said Sonic "What should we do?"

Sally Acorn gave a heavy sigh and said "I think it's time we brought the Council of Acorn to meeting…"