Welcome back folks to another story of mine,this is the third story of Kazuya's life. I have 2 more stories I might write as this is not the end.

all you folks remember what happened last time; Kazuya got rite of the guilt he had carried,but lost his girlfriend and Setsuna in the process as he ended up with a job with the people he hated the most.

So here goes.

Chapter 1: Peace At Last

I am riding the train towards school. I have my black suit on with a white shirt under the jacket and a brown tie with the suit jacket buttoned. I have my black jogging adidas shoes on as well. I am standing at the door of the train holding on to a pole as I am looking out watching the trees pass by too fast for me to catch a glance of them as I just see a big shade of green. I look at myself through the train mirror as I look at my neck long brown hair and my brown eyes. I look deep into my own brown eyes.

''I really have changed,haven't I?'' I think for myself as I start to think back ''Back before I used to do all kind of violent things''


Tanaka is laying on the ground shaking in massive pain.

Flashback ends

''Or that other time...''


I just beat the hell out of Taisuke for trying to rape Kotonoha

Flashback Ends



I just smashed Makoto's nuts as he is bleeding down the table and onto the floor.

Flashback Ends

I violently shake my head as I stop looking at myself in the window again ''I can't think that way,not anymore. I've changed'' I keep thinking ''I have people I can care about now,Reina,Casper,Katou, even Nanami and Hikari''


I just have delivered the final blow to kill Yuu from murdering Reina

Flashback ends

''With all these memories in my head,it will be hell to change,but I have to try for my own and everyone elses good. I cannot react in a brutal and violent matter every time I get upset'' I think for myself as the door open.

I take a step back as Katou enters with Nanami as Nanami has her regular short black hair and Katou has her regular brown ponytail. Katou has the version of the school uniform which includes a black vest,white shirt or tuxido under it seems as it is hard to tell, and a red bow. She also has a black skirt with black stockings going as far as to the end of the skirt. Nanami on the other hand has this black longsleeved sweater instead of the vest but aside from that small change nothing really is a difference.

Both of them notice me as they smile to me and hold onto the same pole I am holding on to.

''Hi Kazuya!'' They shout simoltaniously with smiles.

I return their happiness with a smile too ''Hi you two''

''So, you lazy bum. Ready for your second year?'' Nanami asks me.

''No'' I respond as I look irritated abit about the fact that I have two more years in this nightmare of a school.

''Why not?'' She askswith a satisfied smile.

''Because I already have a job as a police officer now. I don't need to be here,but if I didn't show up Reina would just drag my ass to school anyway'' I answer ''What are you two doing here anyway? I have never seen you two on this route to school''

''Well,we kind of spent the night with the basketball team yesterday and took a last night party. We fell asleep at the motel and ended up here'' Katou answers

''I see'' I mumble as I start to look serious just staring out the window.

Both of them seem to look alittle upset for some reason.

''It must have been hard for you'' Katou breaks the silence ''Katsura in a mental hospital,your lover in someone elses hands''

''It has been torture'' I tell her ''But I am still trying to bring Kotonoha back to the way she was before,It is a pain to see her in those white clothes and those dead eyes'' I take a little breather ''Sekai on the other hand. I can't do anything about,she chose Ryan over me and there is nothing I can do about it. I cannot force her to love me''

''She has been thinking about you alot'' Nanami points out as it catches my attention rather quick as I rapildy look at her surprised but then gather myself as I breath out.

''Really?'' I ask her.

Nanami starts to giggle alittle ''I wish I could give you full detail about it,she will have to tell you herself some day'' She draws a smile ''Sekai probably still has feelings for you. I haven't seen her smile together with Ryan ever''

I start to look alittle bit excited ''Huh?''

Nanami wraps her arm around my neck tight ''Excited now are we?'' She smiles to me.

''No,of course not. I am done with Sekai,if she has feelings for me that is her problem'' I tell her as I am blushing.

''Want to join the two of us and a third person for some basketball after school? We need to practice some'' Katou asks me.

''Sure,even though I wouldn't be much help,you completly wrecked me the last time'' I tell her.

Both of them laugh as I join the laughter.

Soon we arrive at school.

Katou and Nanami wave good bye to me as they run inside the building to say hi to their classmates even if Nanami and I are in the same class. Me on the other hand,have no hurry as I just walk slowly towards the building as I just look at it. Suddenly I get a clap on my shoulder as I look to my right and see Reina.

''Morning '' She greets and smiles to me.

''Morning Reina'' I respond with a tiny smile.

''Let's get to class'' She offers me as I nod.

We get to our class,Class 2-3 and we enter as not much has changed.

''Wait,you're in this class?'' I ask Reina as she punches my gut.

''Ouch!'' As I react to the punch.

''I have been watching out for you for so long and you haven't noticed?'' She asks me irritated.

''Sorry,I didn't know where your seat was'' I answer.

''My seat was right infront of yours!'' She responds irritated.

I laugh silly as she smiles. ''I guess it can't be helped,you have a lot on your mind''

I laugh alittle ''Thanks for understanding''

I look at the board as I salute in happiness as I have the same seat as before,the top seat on the left,the one next to the top seat where you can look out the window,and luckily I don't have the seat closest to the stairs I have the normal inner seat. I run up and it seems I bumped into someone with short brown hair as he is abit taller than me,he turns around and notices me with his brown eyes,it is Taisuke Sawanaga.

''Huh!'' He breaks out in worry. He probably got out of the hospital just before summer vacation,I heard he suffered a concussion by Hikari. ''H-H-Hi Ka-zuya'' he greets me as the two guys with him seem to look nervous too.

''How are you doing Taisuke?'' I ask him actually caring.

He looks alittle surprised ''So it is true?'' He asks me ''You have...'' It is a little silence but he answers his own question ''changed''

''Yes,I don't attack people as I am more hesistant now. But if anything like that ever happens again I can garante you that it will repeat itself'' I warn him.

''D-don't you worry,I would never do that ever again'' He answers me ''I have learned!'' he starts to overeact now acting like he is in some kind of movie as he animates everything he says now ''I have learned that taking advantage of girls like that is not acceptable,no matter HOW lonely you feel,and no matter how good the girl looks. That kind of behaviour is NOT acceptable. I wouldn't do it again,ever,ever again. But mark my words I will get a girlfrie...''

He keeps babling as I am long gone sitting down in my seat. He didn't have any scars on him or anything,which makes me reliefed now as I don't have to feel guilty about anything. I am now just cupping my cheek into my hand letting the mind run on it's own as I am just daydreaming.

Suddenly someone sits down next to me as the girl looked at the board first. But then sits down.

She moves some hair from her face as she looks at me with navy blue eyes. I turn my sight to her as she has brown hair going to her shoulders and one hair sticking out ontop of her head as both of us has wide eyes as we make eye contact.

It is her,Sekai. Both of us rapidly looks at the seats as I am begging one of our seats are wrong. They aren't. Some guy with black hair is about to sit down infront of me as I poke his head and he turns around to me.

I whisper to him ''Hey,let us switch se...''

'',allow me to inform you that switching seats is not allowed'' The teacher with his rinkly face and very short hair cut shouts at me as I sit down.

I am trying not to look at Sekai with all my might as I stick my phone from my pocket and just hope I can find something to do to make time fly so I can get away from here.

I can just feel my heart beat faster.

She doesn't look too happy about this either as she picks up her phone too and texts someone.

I put my phone back into my pocket as I sigh. ''I am overreacting. Just act normal''

I look at her as she looks rather upset ''Damnit,I wish I could see her smile again, I haven't seen her smile for real in a long time'' I run through my mind.

''But then again,I cannot blame her,I almost got her exicuted,thanks god Police Chief Keichi gave me time to prove that she was innocent. Even then,her best friend got killed'' I think for myself.

She suddenly turns her face towards me as I have been staring at her for atleast five minutes. I rapidly shake my head as I look at my desk again blushing.

''Is there something wrong?'' She asks me.

''No,not at all'' I answer serious ''So,how is Ryan treating you?''

''He keeps me out of danger,and he is a fairly good boyfriend'' she smiles weak.

I am quiet for a while ''Hey,do you want to come over to my house tomrrow? We can play some video games'' I ask her breaking the silence but she rapidly refuses.

''No!'' She covers her mouth abit in surprise of her words as she uncover her mouth ''No,I am sorry. I just,can't''

It dispoints me a lot as it makes me feel like I am drifting further away from her.

Soon the it becomes lunch break as she stands up rapidly trying to run out as I grab her wrist.

''Wait!'' She looks surprised as her eyes widen and she looks at me ''Let's eat lunch together on the roof top'' I offer.

''I am sorry,but,I have already made plans with Ryan'' She answers my offer as people start to move out I stand there holding her wrist.

''How far have you gone with him?'' I ask quietly as I look at the floor.

''What is that supposed to mean?'' She starts getting irritated and alittle angry now.

''Are you already at that stage?'' I ask her

''That is none of your business!'' She answers getting alittle angrier.

''Sekai!'' I look her into the eyes as no one are left in class except us ''He might be like Makoto,he might use you! I need t...'' Before I can finish she got her hand out of my grip and given me a big slap in the face as my eyes are bit wide as she looks angry. She seem to realize that she just slapped me as she rapidly down the stairs and out the class as I call her name twice but it doesn't help.

''I did it now'' I think to myself ''I screwed up even more''

I head out of class with a gloomy face as I am walking in the hallway towards the roof as I meet Reina there with her long green hair and her golden eyes. She is wearing the same uniform as Kotonoha obviously as she is got a rather big chest.

''Hi'' She greets me with a smile ''I thought I would join you to lunch today''

''Sure,is Casper coming too?'' I ask her.

''No,he is busy homework''

The both of us head up to the roof as we walk out to the roof as it is the same as before,nothing has changed. I walk to the bench,so does she as we sit down. She starts to eat some sandwitches as I just brought some pasta as I am eating.

''It's so cool isn't it?'' She asks me as I look at her couriously ''I mean you and me,we are partners now. Both of us,police officers at the age of 16,isn't it exciting''

''One of us actually is suited for the job,as I have been playing cop for the city for the past 3 years'' I keep talking ''I can't believe some of these thugs aren't embarrised of having a 13 year old beat 20 year old peoples asses''

''Excuse me? I have been helping my dad with detective work since I was 8 so I deserve to be a officer too'' She looks at me as she probably felt insulted.

''Alright,I am sorry'' I apologize as she smiles and gets back to eating.

''Oh yeah,and by the way. A message from dad to you; Officer Keichi is not head chief anymore even if he still works with the department'' She informs me

''Hey,that's good to know,thanks'' I answer with a smile.

Soon recess ends as we head back to class and I walk up the stairs and to my seat as I sit down,not to long after,Sekai is next to me,I just keep quiet and follow the lesson for the first time in god knows how long.

Soon school is dismissed as Sekai stands up as she puts her bag on her shoulder and I put my backpack on my back.

''Sorry...'' She mumbles as it gets my attention,I look at her.

''Huh?'' I answer her apology.

''I am sorry I slapped you'' She says this in such a quiet way and her face looks so serious as it is hard to remember this girl was the same that always made me smile.

She starts to head out of class. I am just standing there as I wait for her to leave first as I start to walk out of the class,I walk down the stairs as Hikari is standing there.

''Hi Kazuya'' She greets me with a smiling face.

''Hi Kuroda'' I greet her with a little smile.

''Kuroda? I thought we already were past that stage!'' She seem to get abit insulted for some reason as I will never get the big deal about calling people by their first or last name as I just say whatever comes to mind. But then again,I have a twisted mind.

''Sorry,what is it you wanted from me?'' I ask her.

''A favour!'' She tells me rapidly as she blushes a lot. She looks rather serious ''C-ould y-you...'' She starts to ask me stuttering and hesitating.

''Yeees?'' I wait for the question as I am not very comftable about what she is gonna ask.

''Could you,ask Sawanaga to go with you to Radish?'' She asks me.

''Radish?'' I look couriously at her ''Oh yeah,that resturant you work at,well I g...''

''No he can't'' Nanami answers for me as she walks up there ''He already has plans with me''

''Huh?'' Hikari looks surprised and looks at both of us back and forth,back and forth ''Kazuya...a-and you...''

''Mhm,mhm'' She answers nodding

''Together!'' She breaks out as both of us are in surprised as it looks like we just saw a ghost and Nanami slaps her on the back of her head as she lets out a pain reaction.

''No! Me,Katou,Roka and Kazuya are gonna play ball!'' Nanami tells her hoping to clean her dirty mind.

''Oh...'' Hikari understands ''Well,I need his help''

''You can always do that later!'' She grabs my arm ''we have a game in three days,we need this guy''

We start to walk out as Hikari begs but I just smile and wave.

I get dragged out on the field as I stop there to take a deep breath.

''Thanks,you just saved me from some serious embarrisment'' I thank her.

''No problem,but you will now have to deal with bigger embarrisment'' She smiles at me with a cocky face.

Katou walks towards us with some other girl with two pony tails as she has black hair and purple eyes,she is shorter than Katou but taller than Setsuna. She has dark blue eyes and has the vest version of the uniform as she looks at me.

''Roka,this is Kazuya Sensui. Kazuya,this is Roka Kitsuregawa'' Katou introduces us to eachother.

''Hi'' Both of us tell one another as we hand shake and then let go.

''This will have to be team play,that way it can be fair,Kazuya and Nanami vs me and Roka'' Katou announces as Nanami and myself give eachother high five.

The game starts as we do rather well,or,Nanami does rather well as she is the one who gets in all the goals,in the end we still lost but only by one point.

I am heading homewards as it is night and I am abit sweat and in my school uniform. I get to the train station.

I jump on the train as it stops at my station and I head towards my neibourhood. I enter my appartment building as I walk the stairs up to the 5th and top floor and I enter my appartment as I take my shoes off. I put my bag on the ground and head to the bathroom as I take my uniform off aswell as my boxers as I wash my clothes. I then walk to my tv and put in a video game in my playstation 3 called Tekken 6. Soon a few hours has passed as I just get my clothes outside to dry. I walk to my bedroom and lay down on the bed after putting on a new pair of underwear.

''Thank god I didn't get into any the crazy life is over...'' I put my head on the pillow as I look up at the roof thinking some more ''I guess I will need to hook up Taisuke and Hikari tomorrow. Good to know they finally found eachother''

I yawn big

''My life is going good I I need to visit Kotonoha tomorrow too,I hope...'' I yawn another time as I have a few last thoughts before I fall asleep ''She's gonna be alright''

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