Chapter 7: +

2 Days Later Morning

''She for the next 2 weeks she is under your watch'' the doctor Nakamura tells me as he looks at me with his grey eyes and slick back gray hair with his glasses as I am in my school uniform as well as Sekai and Kotonoha who are at my left side. Kotonoha in her black longsleaved sweater and black skirt with ribbon on around her shirt collar,and Sekai with her buttoned black vest and white shirt under it with a miniskirt swell as a I take the papers from his desk.

''Take care of her,she is a sweet girl,but she needs to be taken care off mentally,call us if anything happens'' He tells me

''Don't worry doc'' I tell him as Kotonoha wraps her arms around my left arm and looks at me smiling gently.

''You will take care of me,right Kazuya-kun?'' She asks me.

''Yeah,your my responsibility now'' I tell her.

Sekai walks over to me and holds around my other arm.

I just look at her and she looks me into the eyes as she probably feels like she doesn't have me all to herself anymore.

''I will see you later doc'' I look at Nakamura as he takes farewell as I head out with the two after putting the papers in my pocket.

As we get out of the hospital we head to the train station and we enter the train and sit down close to the doors.

The three of us,since we got together have really been our mammal instincts so to speak. I thought Sekai would complain but it appeared that she was okay with it since she got most of the attention.

All the adults and teenagers are staring at me as Sekai and Kotonoha's heads are sleeping on my shoulders.

The girls are whispering and the guys have expressions of jealousy.

I am only sitting there blushing.

Soon we arrive at the school stop and we get off as both of them let's go off my arms as it at is in public so they don't want to give the impression that we are together.

We head towards school as someone bumps into me from behind running fast.

''Ouch!'' I break out as I turn around and look downwards as I couldn't see anyone standing right in front of me. It was Yuuki Ashikaga.

'''Sorry'' Yuuki apologized looking serious at me as he obviously hasn't let me off the hook yet.

''No problem'' I tell him as Kotonoha and Sekai turns around and sees notices Kotonoha.

''Katsura?'' He calls her name in surprise ''Where have you been the past months?''

I am feeling nervous as I if people get to know about what happened in the gym,her reputation will be ruined forever.

''My father and mother took me and my little sister to China because of my father's business appointments,we went to school there instead'' She tells him.

My and Sekai just looks at each other as we couldn't believe it was possible for Kotonoha to lie this convincingly as we look at them again.

''I see'' He tells her and looks at her face again ''I just wondered you see'' He tells him as he looks at his feets.

''Is there anything wrong?'' Kotonoha asks him

''No,it's nothing'' Ashikaga answers as he blushes a bit and clenches his fist. ''Bye''

''Huh?'' Kotonoha looks surprised at him as he runs towards the school sad it seems ''Do you think I said something wrong?''

''No,how could you have?'' I tell her as we head towards the school building.

''Kazuya'' Sekai calls my name as I look at her and she is smiling for some reason as she picks up her phone and writes something and shows me.

''I think Yuuki likes Kotonoha''

I look at it surprised as I pick up my own phone and I write ''I how can you tell'' as I show her.

She writes something more and shows me ''He blushed and clenched his fist in frustration that he couldn't approach her with it''

I write something and show her ''Where are you going with this?''

She looks a bit upset and writes ''We can bet alone together again''

She takes my hand and holds it tight with our fingers insert vine.

I nod and she looks like a 5 year old who just got what she wanted for christmas and before I know it our lips has met as she is blushing as I can't help but kiss her back.

Suddenly I am pulled a bit away by Kotonoha as she kisses me now and compared to Sekai is really embarrassing and the fact that we are in the middle of the school yard does not really help it as students are looking at me weird as girls are and guys are whispering in groups.

I soon separate and grab both their hands as we head in as I am breathing heavily.

Sekai and Kotonoha both are embarrassed as hell as they completely forgot where they were.

''I-I'm sorr-y Ka-zuy-a'' Kotonoha stutters as she is blushing red like a tomato.

''I-it's okay'' I look over at Sekai and as she smiles a bit as the embarrassment was big but she probably liked kissing me knowing that I will soon be only hers.

the three of us separate ways as Sekai and me head into the class room and sit next to each other in our regular seats.

Rei soon enters class as she heads up to me as we greet each other.

''Sekai,I have some papers my father wanted me to give you'' Reina tells Sekai as she gets out something from her backpack and hands it to her

''What is it?'' I ask her as she looks at it as it seems to be some papers about Radish.

''Huh?'' she looks into the papers more ''It is the ownership of my family restaurant''

''Sweet,free chocolate cake'' I smile looking at her.

''It is a lot of work isn't it?'' She looks at me.

''Don't worry,you can handle it can't you?'' I ask her.

She looks worried for a moment then looks confident ''You are right!''

''I have one question,your dad'' I ask her ''Wasn't he overseas to do business with for the restaurant?''

''He is in japan now'' She looks a bit upset as I put my arm around her.

''Thanks Reina'' She thanks her as Reina nods.

It seems like three guy students all with black hair and about the same height but the tallest one is a bit fat.

''Kazuya Sensui,I speak on the behalf of the female admiration club and we need to talk to you'' the shortest one told me.

''ugh'' Reina breaks out in discust

''You know these guys? And why does this club have 3 members,does the school approve of that small of a club?'' I ask Reina

''The Female Admiration Club or FAC is a club with the schools biggest lowlife guys,it's around 50 something members''

''We need your help,please help us find girlfriends! Share your gifts'' They say all at the same time and bows.

''Damn,you would get raped and killed if you said that on the street'' I think.

''Kazuya'' Reina looks at me as she texts me something as I pick up the phone so only I can see ''Was this the guy who killed Ryan?'' I get a picture of the guy who shot me as Sekai sees it.

''Hey,it is a picture of my dad,but what is it doing on your phone?'' She tells me as my eyes widen.

''Her dad!'' I think for myself ''Does that mean...'' I shake my head ''that doesn't make any sense,why would her dad kill Ryan''

''Sekai'' I call her name

''Hmm? What is it?'' She asks me.

''Your father,did you tell him about Ryan? When you were together that is?'' I ask her as she looks a bit depressed

''Yes'' She answers as I pet her head as she smiles again.

''Well I guess you can't tell him that anymore now can you?'' I tell her as she blushes.

''I need to talk to you,now'' Reina tells me.

''What is it?'' I ask her

''Alone'' She tells me.

''Class is about to start'' I tell her as she has grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the classroom as the teacher approaches us with his grey hair and glasses.

''What are you two students doing here?'' He asks us.

'' ,do you mind if we take the class off? It is a police case being discussed'' Reina asks him as he looks at me nasty and then looks at Reina as he nods and enters class.

''Let's go'' Reina tells me

''Go where!'' I shout as I'm so confused.

''Just follow me,I talked to the principal we can take the day off for investigation'' She tells me

''You are abusing the hell out of your authority right now'' I tell her as we start walking.

''Not really,it was you who made it possible'' She tells me.

''Huh?'' I look confused ''What did I do?'' I ask her

''the principal's daughter was saved by you 2 years ago'' She tells me smiling.

''What? I can't remember that'' I tell her ''I just wanted to fight''

''I suppose you were just looking for a fight with trouble makers for so long you didn't realize you were saving people'' She tells me

We start to walk out of the class and towards Ryan's apartment as we get on the train towards his apartment.

''So what have you found anyway?'' I ask her as she looks upset at me

''Ryan's wrists were slit'' she tells me

''So Sekai's dad did it'' I tell her as she looks at me surprised

''Huh?'' Reina looks at me surprised ''Sekai's dad!'' She breaks out and quiets down as people were looking.

''It appears that Sekai's dad Shun Hazama was the one who killed Ryan'' I tell her

She is having a hard time to digest this it seems as she just stands there for a while thinking.

We are in front of Ryan's apartment.

Reina opens the door as I enter soon after her as I walk into the kitchen where the dead body was but isn't anymore.

''Look around for evidence'' I can hear her voice from the living room as I enter the bedroom.

I look at the bed which is right now nicely done. walk over to the bed and pull the blanket off as I notice something inside the bed sheet as it is something white.

''huh?'' I think for myself as I rip up the bed sheet and pick up something,it seems to be a letter and Reina just entered the room as she shouts ''Don't Touch it!''

I quickly lose it as she takes white gloves on.

''Woman! Don't you ever howl at me!'' I shout at her.

''There could be fingerprints on this'' She tells me ''Your so careless'' She insults me as she looked at me irritated but opened the fold paper and I read it with her.

''I cannot take the pressure of being a rapist on the lose,I am a ashamed of myself and I am ashamed of my actions. I called my family about the case and I was rejected highly. I'm sorry,and I knew I would have been dead if Kazuya found out. I apologize and I'm sorry,but the pressure has driven me to the edge and I just can't live on with this on my shoulders. - Ryan Omazaki''

''So he committed suicide?'' I say

Reina is just frozen for a minute ''Why? Does these things always happen!'' tears runs down her eyes as I see her sad face and I wrap my hands around her as she gasps.

''Drop this case,let me take over,you shouldn't have to deal with this pressure. This is my concern not yours'' I tell her.

''I am your partner!'' she tells me whipping her tears away looking innocent.

''Yes I know but this is too much for you,you wouldn't be able to handle anymore,we might end up like we did in that dark alley'' I tell her as the flashback of her father shooting at me probably is what strikes her mind.

''I am your partner! You have done too much for me and we are best friends!'' She shouts at me as she looks more confident ''You told me I was your best friend!''

It is a long silence as I notice a something at the end of the letter; ''PS: Tell Shun Hazama that his plan wouldn't work because Sekai is stronger than she was before''

''Sekai is stronger...'' A pause accures ''Than she was before?,what does this mean?'' She looks at me.

''Sekai certainly is stronger than she was before mentally. I remember before she met me she almost killed herself on more than one occasion'' I tell her ''She was/is unstable''

''We need more information about Shun Hazama'' Reina tells me.

''Someone who knows Shun Haza...'' I think for myself as my eyes widen.

''Find everything you can about him, I think I know someone who knows him'' I tell her as she nods confused and I run out there waving bye as she is just confused.

I run to the train station as I jump on the next train.

I get off the train as I'm now at the right station and I run towards Setsuna's house as fast as I can and I get there a bit fatigued

''What the hell? I'm already breathing heavy,I really need to train again'' I think for myself as I look at the door of Setsuna's house as I sigh and just stare at the door.

''Please god,help me'' I think for myself as I swallow and breath in and breath out as I knock on the door.

I wait a bit as someone in a black longsleaved sweater with blue jeans open the door,the woman has black hair with her hair curled up behind her head,she notices who I am with her black eyes looking at my brown hair first and then reaches down to my brown eyes and slightly tanned skin.

''What do you want...'' she looks away from me upset.

''I want i...'' I think for a moment as I look at my feet then at her ''I want forgiveness'' I look at her as she rapidly look at me angrily.

''Forgiveness!'' she starts getting worked up ''YOU TOOK AWAY THE ONLY THING THAT SAVED ME FROM A LIFE OF ONELINESS!'' She gets mad as she slaps me hard and I have gotten a lot of slaps in my day,but man that one hurt like a bitch.

''First I lose my husband...'' She looks at me angrily '' THEN YOU INVOLVE MY DAUGHTER INTO YOUR LIFE! THAT COST HER,HER LIFE!'' she screams at me as it seems windows open as the neighbors probably are curious of what is going on ''Leave me alone'' She starts to sob as she becomes upset again.

''I..''' Before I got to finish talking I get a 5 knuckle sandwich.

''I SAID GO!'' She screams as I hug her tightly.

''It hurts'' I whisper in her ear as she gasped when I grabbed her ''Loneliness hurts,it really hurts'' I whisper in her ear ''I have been lonely most of my life,I'm sorry!'' I hug her tight as she gasps more.

''I have been a fool not to visit you earlier,but I was afraid,afraid that I would appear in front of you far to early'' I tell her as I loosen up my grip looking into her eyes ''Being lonely is not makes you feel like your dead and in hell,no one to care for you,no one to love you and no one for you to bring love and care upon''

''You can talk about having it hard,you can talk about being in pain...''I tell her as I look her into the eyes as she starts to understand me ''but if there is one person in your life that can even remotely feel what you feel now,or have felt your pain,I am that person'' She is starting to cry out loud as I hold around her tight as I enter her apartment hallway with her as it would be awkward around the neighbors.

''I forgive you'' She cries out as the my shirt becomes wet.

''There is no reason to be lonely anymore,there is no reason to be scared anymore. As soon as a person you can call your friend enters your life,you will never be lonely,I'm that person'' I tell her as I take her head and look into her eyes as I wipe her tears away. ''I wish to be your friend,not only because your lonely but because I can relate to how you feel'' I walk through the hallway with her clinging onto my arm as she is crying and we enter the living room as we sit down.

''Now,tell me about how your relationship with your husband was and how he was'' I ask her as she pulls herself together ''I need you to open up to me if we are gonna understand each other,Mai' I smile to her as she smiles at me a little but she still is crying trying to pull herself together.

Sekai POV

''I can't believe it! It's not true!'' I think for myself in panic.

I try it one more time as I look at it shaking it a bit,but I get the same result.


Chapter 7: +