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"Jii-chan, what are we doing here?" Kagome asked as she walked along beside her grandfather.

"It's been a while since you've been home last, I thought it would be nice to spend some time together. I hardly see you anymore, Kagome. Even when you are at home."

"Okay, that's all well and good, but what are we doing here?" she indicated the storefronts lining both sides of the street.

Her grandfather turned a surprised look at her. "I thought we'd do something you would enjoy. You do like shopping, don't you?"

"Well, yes. But this isn't exactly the mall, Jii-chan," she replied as they passed a "new age" health shop filled with crystals and such. She grimaced at the strong odor of incense wafting out of the door. "This isn't where I usually go to shop."

"Nonsense! These kinds of stores are the best places to shop! You can find things here that you can't buy anywhere else. For example," he pointed at a toyshop across the street. "That place is a very rare shop nowadays. The owner makes all the toys by hand so nothing in there is the same. His toys are unique. Not like the mass-produced stuff your brother has at home." He took Kagome by the hand and pulled her across the street as he said, "We should get something for him."

Forty minutes later, they emerged from the toyshop with a wooden popgun and slingshot. They were the only two things in the whole store Kagome thought Souta would like. Her grandfather was so pushy! But she might as well enjoy herself. At least he was willing to buy her stuff; that was always a perk. "Okay, Jii-chan, where to next?" She asked brightly.

He grinned at her. "That's the spirit!" he glanced up and down the road. "I'm not sure, why don't we keep walking and we'll figure it out as we go?"


So they began to walk down the street some more. They entered a few indie clothing stores and a really interesting handmade jewelry store. She ended up walking away with an intricately carved pendant made from Hawaiian 'ohi'a lehua wood and a couple funky new indie tee shirts.

"Thanks so much, Jii-chan!" she exclaimed as she ran her fingers over the beautiful wooden pendant again. "This is so pretty."

"I'm glad you like it. That wood is usually pretty expensive. We're lucky we got it at the price we did."

"You didn't have to buy this for me."

"I wanted to. And since you had Buyo eat my last birthday gift to you, I thought I ought to get you something nice."

Kagome winced at the reminder. "Sorry about that,"

He waved it off. "Its fine. You just don't understand the purpose and meaning behind my gifts so you don't appreciate them. I understand that now." He patted her arm in an attempt to placate her.

Kagome just nodded.

Suddenly, her grandfather cried out happily. "Look, Kagome, an antique shop! Let's go in there!" he cried as he hurried towards it.

Kagome laughed. He looked like a little kid who just found a candy shop full of free candy. He sure did like his antiques. She rushed to catch up.

The bell above the door jangled as they entered the store. "Welcome," called the storeowner from behind the cash register. The voice was eerily familiar. Kagome turned to look at him and couldn't believe her eyes.

The man sat on a simple stool behind the counter, his eyes on the book in his hand. His long silver hair was pulled back into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. The blue crescent moon on his brow and twin maroon stripes on both cheeks stood out on his pale face.


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