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Chapter One

Elena Gilbert: I'm fine, thank u.

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Stefan Salvatore: we r all just worried because of ur breakup with Klaus :(

Elena Gilbert: well stop worrying! It happened and guess what? It's over.

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Elena Gilbert: is Kat really back? :S

Damon Salvatore: sadly yes. XD Klaus resurrected her after ur breakup

Elena Gilbert: at Katherine Pierce: r u dating Klaus?

Katherine Pierce: at Elena Gilbert: E, I'm 2 good 4 him

Klaus Smith: is that so?

Katherine Pierce: god, ELIJAH, stop stealing my phone!

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Elijah Smith: Klaus…I didn't steal her phone I swear!

Klaus Smith: mhm ;) I kno

Damon Salvatore: hybrid -.-

Klaus Smith: elder Salvatore -.-

Stefan Salvatore: can we not fight? I mean, school starts tomoro and no one wants a black eye :(

Bonnie Bennett: so true :D

Caroline Forbes: anyways, Lena! :) Sleepover 2night at ur place?

Damon Salvatore: I'm in! :D

Elena Gilbert: at Damon Salvatore and Caroline Forbes: OK ;)

Damon Salvatore: REALLY? *eyes shine* Thank u, Elena! U won't regret this!

Caroline Forbes: WTF! Y r we inviting, D?

Elena Gilbert: were not ;) we'll go to ur house instead

Damon Salvatore: HEY!

Elijah Smith to Elena Gilbert

Elijah Smith: not that it's any of my business, but how r u? :/

Elena Gilbert: I'm actually doing better :) Thanx

Elijah Smith: no prob :D I only wanna help u, Lena.

Elena Gilbert: than do u wanna come over? Maybe we can just chill?

Elijah Smith: I would love that ;)

Damon Salvatore it's a blast from the past! Elijah and Elena are chilling again, Katherine is alive and the dick hybrid is torturing us!

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Rebekah Smith: talking of my brother, r we?

Stefan Salvatore: O.O Rebekah?

Damon Salvatore: who's Rebekah? ;)

Rebekah Smith: I'm Stefan's old gf J Hi Stefan


Stefan Salvatore: what do u want Bekah?

Rebekah Smith: I'm in MF to help my brother torture and kill but at the same time, I missed you :3

Elena Gilbert: ex gf, Stefan? :S

Damon Salvatore: *kicks back with a beer*

Elena Gilbert: wait…u dated Klaus' sister?

Damon Salvatore: :O

Elijah Smith: Oh lord, what do u want?

Klaus Smith: I called upon her ;) Hello sister.

Rebekah Smith: Hi brothers :D Good to see you again!

Elijah Smith: GO. AWAY.

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Rebekah Smith: that's not how u treat family! :(

Klaus Smith: lol, always the drama queen

Rebekah Smith: always the stupid blonde ;)

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Elena Gilbert: just the thing I wanna deal with…

Klaus Smith: Oh IKR? I'm always the fun one ;)

Elena Gilbert: ur gonna make me scream!

Klaus Smith: in pleasure? ;D

Elena Gilbert has logged off

Klaus Smith: let the fun begin! ;)

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