A/N: Hey all! It's finally here. Now, I get to unveil the collab project that Chaosblazer and I have worked our heads off producing. At last, our hard work starts to pay-off!

Across Dimensions is our own crossover event uniting the three fanfic exclusive universes. My Digimon Fusion Kai and YuYuGiDigiMoon series teams up with Chaos' Digimon: Accel Stream series. For those not familiar with Accel Stream, go over to Chaosblazer's fanfic page and read through Accel Stream (so far still on-going and 26 chapters in) to become familiar with his main character and the other notable cast. For those familiar with my two series, this is a treat for you!

This crossover special also celebrates my 10th year as a member and the inception of the first Digimon Fusion version (before it underwent two major rewrites; the third being the Kai version). Not a bad way to celebrate 10 years, but with DF-Kai and YYGDM finally crossing over! Of course, Accel being in this is just a bonus and hopefully will get Chaos more well known with y'all! By writing this, I'll helping to plug his series! :D

When in each universe's timelines does Across Dimensions take place? For Digimon Fusion Kai, it takes place a year after the Virus and War Games Sagas (which both have yet to be complete; so, I advise caution since there will be potential spoilers for those not familiar with my DF series). In YuYuGiDigiMoon, it's eight months after YYGDM the Movie: The Taiyoukai Awakening and 4 months before Summer Diaries (specifically late-March 2008). For Accel Stream, it's just shortly after it's 26th chapter. Hope that clarifies things before we get started. And yes, this event IS canon to all three series and serves to tie them together.

My grand scheme was to somehow unite YYGDM x DF into a crossover. By doing so, I had to 'reboot' DF first and give it the 'Kai' treatment (like Dragonball Z Kai) and get us up to a point where a crossover can conceivably occur. And since Dawn of Chaos is still on-going, I can easily set this before it and Summer Diaries. And since I want to get Chaos' name known to you guys, we worked out a deal to make Accel Stream the final key to linking the three universes into a 'Triad.' He'd help collab with me and thus far we've exchanged ideas, eliminated any discrepancies, and formulated an overall layout of how to bring the heroes together. All we need is to work out the details for the last chapters. Then, smooth sailing from there!

Moreover, the theme of this is somewhat loosely based off Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time. Only difference being is there's not just time travel involved, but trips across other dimensions. Hence why the title has dimensions linked to it. One of the main villains' name and character is also loosely based off the main villain Paradox. Yeah, not to give spoilers, I'll let you all be the judge of the Big Bads. Yes, bads. There will be more than just one major villain.

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I credit the following: Chaosblazer for Kensuke, Mikato, Shizuka, Beyond, and Paradixalmon. max acorn for X, Simms, the D3s, Pikkan, BW, the Digital Warlord, and the term Ascendant. Belletiger for Himura, Inumon, the Neo-Spirit Detectives (minus Cammy), Sara, Helena, YellowKouInumon, and BlackViximon.

Not to bore you any further, read on and enjoy. ;)


List of universes by designation

YYGDM-01 (YuYuGiDigiMoon proper)

DF-616 (Digimon Fusion Kai proper)

DF-811 (Kai future; Dimitri's time)

XLR-8 (Accel Stream)


Shinjuku District/Shinjuku Central Park/March 29, 2008/YYGDM-01

It was a calm and beautiful Saturday mid-day as families and friends amassed at Shinjuku Central park for fun and leisure activities. Many families gathered for big picnics. Students were off during their spring break before classes came into session.

One massive group, in particular, arrived together with a bond they've shared for the last five years. Today almost marked the fifth anniversary since the defeat of Pharaohmon and his dark army. The heroes responsible for vanquishing the demonic force of evil were an unlikely group of heroes: the Digimon Tamers, the Legendary Warriors, a group of Domino City Duelists, the Sailor Senshi, and the Spirit Detectives. Since then, their alliance strengthened after overcoming one imposing force of evil after another. Whenever there have been digital, alien, or supernatural threats, these heroes have been the first to stand up and defend Tokyo from these otherworldly forces. Tokyo's masses have grown to place their hopes and trust in their saviors.

But, even heroes need a break.

Today was such an occasion. A selective number of these heroes agreed to join together for a picnic. While others have declined to join, others came.

Amongst those sitting in a large amassed picnic group included the Beast Tamers, a few of the Sailor Senshi & Spirit Detectives, two Legendary Warriors, the Neo-Spirit Detectives, and two of the Chimeras.

Out of the present Tamers were Takato Matsuda, Guilmon, Rika Nonaka, Renamon, Henry Wong, Terriermon, Himura Tsubasa, Inumon, YellowKouInumon, BlackViximon, Jeri Katou, and Felinismon.

Out of the Senshi, Detectives, and friends: Usagi Tsukino, Mamoru Chiba, infant Chibi-Usa, Yusuke Urameshi, Keiko Yukimura, their child Raizen Jr., Rei Hino, Hiei, their infant twins Ryuuhi & Koori.

Out of the Legendary Warriors: Takuya Kanbara and Izumi Orimoto.

Out of the Neo-Spirit Detectives: Yui Tsubasa, DarkGabumon, Aoshi Inuki, Cammy Hino, and Kohana Kuroshishi.

Out of the Chimeras: Mika Hayashi and Sara Shinobu.

Everyone present enjoyed their leisure time and delved into good nature and half-joking conversations. For the most part, they were taking in every bit of the relaxing Saturday get together. Outside of team-up missions, the groups have rarely taken time to come together for leisure. Conspicuous by their absence were the Duelists as most have either been caught up with their jobs and couldn't make the picnic.

As Usagi and Rei served him some chips and carrots, Takato took the plate and placed a turkey sandwich on it. His smile broadened as he turned and saw Guilmon stuffing bread into his mouth. Seated next to him on his right was Rika, who dipped her carrot into cream dip.

"What do y'all think of my family's fresh bread today, guys?" Takato turned as he asked everyone.

"Mmm, good!" Takuya waved out to his fellow gogglehead. "Your folks make the best bread, Takato!"

"I'll say!" Izumi quickly added with a smile.

Yusuke added, finishing swallowing a piece of bread. "No contest, man."

Keiko held Raizen Jr. in her lap while feeding him a piece of bread.

"And how's the dip everyone?" Rei asked everyone.

"The dip's great!" Aoshi replied.

Cammy asserted as she dipped a carrot. "Helena made this recipe for us. Sis and I love the exotic dip she made for us."

"Added her own Brazilian flavor to it? Nice!" said Inumon, who placed his hands next to Renamon. His eyes fell right over where their pups: YellowKouInumon and BlackViximon were sleeping by their mother's side. "Ah, the pups are so cute when they're asleep."

Terriermon snickered. "Yeah, when they're asleep."

"Aren't the twins a handful themselves, Rei-chan?" Usagi turned to her Miko friend, who openly agreed.

"They are, but they're also my precious angels. Right, Hiei?" The dark-haired woman acknowledged the fire demon, who was sitting behind her.

Hiei leaned back against the tree behind him, quietly staring off to the skies and sat in peace.

"Aw, c'mon! Join us!" Usagi beckoned over to Hiei, who merely ignored her presence. She huffed irritably. "Hey, Hiei!"

"Leave him, Usagi," Rei sighed as she turned Usagi around. "Don't badger him. Let him join us when he wants to join."

"Oh, all right."

Sara leaned against Henry and sighed in a relaxed manner. "It's really a nice day. How about a walk around after this?"

"Sure, if you want..." Henry said, trying to not to fumble between his words and suppress his urge to blush, which Terriermon took note of for a second. He dismissed his Digimon like nothing was happening.

"Here, Himura," Jeri said, offering a piece of chocolate cake to her boyfriend. He openly accepted her cake offer and took a bite with his fork. "Well? Did I make it well?"

"Oh, yeah," Himura smiled whilst eating the cake. "This is great!"

"It's my family restaurant's latest specialty dessert. Though you could be our taste tester."

"And it passes with flying colors," Himura said as he offered his plate to his sister. "Yui, you might want to try this."

"Sure," she replied to her brother as she ate it. Then, she passed it over to each of her friends.

"So, what brings you here, Mika?" Kohana addressed the Chimera leader's presence. "Did you just decide to tag along with Sara?"

"That, plus I've got nothing to do and..." Mika smirked devilishly as she pulled out her card deck. "And I came here to duel Takato."

Upon hearing Mika's proclamation, the Tamer leader pivoted his view over to the overconfident Chimera. Mika gave him a sly smirk, expressing little to no shame for what she said.

"You... you want to duel me... today?" Takato stumbled, nearly dropping his plate.

Mika quickly asserted. "Yeah, why not? You beat me the last time we dueled! I think you owe me a rematch!"

"But, that was back during the Rajita invasion!"

"But, this time it'll be a fairer duel. C'mon, I thought you're always up for a challenge, Takato Matsuda. Did you bring your deck?"

"I always carry mine around."

"Good," the Chimera's grin widened as she opened her backpack and pulled out two duel decks. "See? I came prepared! I'll let you borrow one of these for our duel. I will beat you today, Takato!"

Rei smiled. "Should be a fun duel to watch."

The Tamer leader blinked thrice and turned toward everyone. "Eh? Really?"

"Yeah, c'mon, Takato! It'll be better to looking at the scenery!" Takuya said, pumping his fists and raising it over his head.

"I want to see Takato duel!" Guilmon exclaimed, expressing support for his Tamer.

Yusuke added. "It'll be good to pass the time, I guess."

"We'll be pulling for you two!" Usagi smiled over to Takato's direction whilst holding infant Chibi-Usa in her lap. "Chibi-Usa wants to see a duel!"

Realizing everyone else had unanimously approved the duel, Takato couldn't let them down. Most of all, he couldn't let down Rika, who was sitting next to him.

"You going to let her win by forfeit, gogglehead? I doubt she's going to let you walk out on this," Rika proclaimed as she set her plate down and wiped her mouth. "Go on. Unless you're not up for it. She's not going to stop bugging you if you don't duel her."

"Ok, fine," Takato finally gave in and turned to Mika. "You're on. Let's duel!"

Mika smirked evilly and tossed him one of her duel disks. "Wise choice. Give me all you've got."

"With pleasure!" He shouted in declaration while putting on the duel disk and preparing to draw out his deck.


Suddenly, a powerful force seemingly reverberated out of nowhere. The Beast Tamers, Rei, Hiei, Yusuke, the Neo-Spirit Detectives, Guilmon, Renamon, Inumon, and the Chimeras were the first ones to sense the sudden ominous vibe emanating from a portal that materialized several yards from where they were standing. The infants, too, sensed the ominous vibes and cried, prompting the mothers (Usagi, Rei, Keiko, and Renamon) to calm them. People started to flee from the area as three ambiguous figures slowly emerged from the portal in front of them.

"Guys, what's going on?" Izumi exclaimed.

Felinismon hissed toward the portal. "A portal? From the Digital World? No, wait, it's not!"

"You're right! It isn't!" Renamon added as her eyes flared and the fur on her back stuck up.

Guilmon's eyes turned feral as he stood his ground, growling. "Takato, there's three of them!"

"Who are they?" Takato cried out.

Suddenly, Takato's Spirit Beast, Suzaku, interjected in his vessel's mind. 'Takato, these sinister powers... they're from another world beyond time and space! Their powers are beyond anything you can handle our powers can handle!'

Rei, too, received a warning from the Houou in her mind. ...entities from another world? Like an alternate reality?

The Houou quickly responded telepathically. 'Yes. They come from alternate realities and have access beyond dimensions. Who they are... I don't know.'

Hiei didn't take long to read Rei's mind as he heard Houou's warning.

Once the portal closed behind the them, the trio was unveiled to the heroes standing their ground. Two of them were moderate-sized humans and the third was a behemoth whose imposing presence and towering height staggered the heroes. The giant of a monster resembled an armored, bipedal draconian monster. His body was nearly composed of black Digizoid armor with a body that was draconian-like coupled with large retractable wings on the back. His head and face closely resembled a Dorbickmon's, which was a maroon-skinned Dragon Digimon with silver spikes covering his armored body and long black horn protruding from his nose. On his breast-plated chest were additional blue pupilless eyes (besides the yellow slanted ones making up his face) and a giant mouth. Inside this chest 'mouth' was another mouth located in the lower waist area. He wore giant spikes on his knees & elbows, and his arms were akin to Omegamon's with BlackWarGreymon and ShadowMetalGarurumon's bodies serving as the arms. Two massive cannons on his shoulders were slung down the back between his wings and head.

The human on the right side of the draconian giant was a blond-haired, green-eyed teen, approximately in his late-teens, seemingly wore a Piedmon-esque mask. His entire frame was covered in all black with a black jacket (similar to Hell Kaiser Zane) with an odd symbol embroidered on the back of it.

The other human was a young man wearing an all black fitting outfit. A long katana was strapped to his side with a black cape flowing off his back. He wore spiky, navy blue hair and his navy blue-schemed eyes pierced a calm, evil gaze toward the heroes facing them.

"Damn, who in the hell are they?" A miffed Mika stood and readily clenched her fists.

Sara noted. "Whoever they are... the big one has a really strong power."

"Well, obviously," the Chimera leader snorted.

"I don't know who they are, but the big one is a Digimon," Inumon carefully eyed the behemoth. "But, I've never seen anything like him before. His power is on a whole different league than our own."

DarkGabumon growled, garnering Yui's attention. "We're going have to team-up to beat the big one and the guy with the sword."

Yui fiercely nodded. "Yeah..."

Takato stepped up and barked at the evil trio. "Who are you? What do you want?"

The masked teen folded his arms and calmly scanned his opposition. "Yes, so they're the heroes of this realm, but this isn't all of them. According to GranDracmon, there's supposed to be more."

"Heh, but, right here amongst them a few of the strongest ones are there," the fiendish blue-haired man replied, evilly chuckling under his breath. "Still, strong as they are, I can handle them." He turned, eyeing the Tamers specifically. "What's this?" The Tamers here? Granted, these aren't the same Tamers I remember. Ah, yes... and that bitch Rika is amongst them! The Rika I knew turned down my offer to become my queen, but this one has powers of her own. Still, I can easily dispatch of these Tamers with their spiritual powers.

"Takato just asked you a question! Now answer!" Rika snapped.

"Feisty, aren't you?" the evil blond chuckled. "Greetings, heroes of dimension YYGDM-01, I am Beyond."

The dark blue-haired, katana-wielding man initially added. "I'm the Digital Warlord."

The behemoth answered in a deep, imposing tone. "And I am Beyond's partner Paradixalmon."

"We came here to collect Takato Matsuda and his Digimon, Guilmon," Beyond proposed as he and his colleagues faced the aforementioned duo. "Paradixalmon must have their powers incorporated into his being if we're to erase every Ascendant across each dimension."

"Ascendants..."? Mamoru mumbled.

"Over our dead body!" Takuya shouted as he, the Beast Tamers, Yusuke, Hiei, Usagi, Rei, Mamoru, the Neo-Spirit Detectives, and the Chimeras stood up to the invaders. "To get Takato and Guilmon, you'll have to go through all of us!"

Yusuke snorted whilst popping his knuckles. "After all the big bads we've gone through, you're just another Tuesday to us."

"Today's Saturday, Yusuke," Usagi pointed out.

"You get my point! Now, you three get your asses back in that portal and run along before you get hurt."

Beyond, the Warlord, and Paradixalmon chuckled amongst themselves, completely unfazed by Yusuke's warning.


Suddenly, Yusuke vanished like a blur and reappeared right in front of Beyond.

However, before he landed a punch, the Warlord immediately cut him off and repelled him with a slash of his katana. Yusuke flipped back and noticed a cut across his shirt, which was created by the force of the Warlord's katana swing.

"Damn! That was fast!" The former lead Detective angrily barked.

"Everyone! Get ready to fight!" Takato exclaimed as he and the Tamers pulled out their D-Arks. "Guilmon, we'll have to go all out!"

"You heard him!" Takuya announced, pulling out his D-Scanner as Izumi did the same. "Let's take 'em out!"

Holding out their Valkyrie Daggers, Usagi and Rei shouted in unison. "Right, here we go!"

The Beast Tamers, while granting their Digimon a boost from the D-Arks, invoked the spiritual energies from their respective Spirit Beasts.

"Phoenix Spirit! Suzaku!"

"Guilmon... Mega Shinka! Gallantmon!"

"Dragon Spirit! Seiryuu!"

"Renamon... Mega Shinka! Sakuyamon!"

"Turtle Spirit! Genbu!"

"Terriermon... Mega Shinka! MegaGargomon!"

"Tiger Spirit! Byakko!"

"Inumon... Mega Shinka! YoukaiInumon!"

Yui held their D-Ark up, allowing DarkGabumon to evolve with the Tamers' Digimon.

"DarkGabumon... Mega Shinka! ShadowMetalGarurumon!"

The Legendary Warriors, Takuya and Izumi, readied their D-Scanners and transformed.

"Execute! Hyper Spirit Evolution! Kaiser Greymon!"

"Execute! Fusion Evolution! JetSilphymon!"

After Mamoru turned into Tuxedo Kamen, Usagi and Rei transformed using their Valkyrie Daggers.

"Moon Valkyrie Power! Make-Up!"

"Mars Valkyrie Power! Make-Up!"

Yusuke, Hiei, the Neo-Spirit Detectives, and the Chimeras readied battle stances while gathering their spirit/Youki/Rajita powers to heatedly engage the enemies with right away. As for Jeri, she and Felinismon held their ground while helping Keiko look after the infants. Jeri hastily summoned an impenetrable psychic bubble to contain them from the heated battle set to commence.

"Yusuke!" Keiko called out to her lover.

Jeri stood idly by and watched her friends, namely Himura. "Takato, Rika, Henry, Himura! Be careful!"

"Knock those three jerks dead!" Felinismon encouraged them.

The trio, namely the Warlord and Paradixalmon, were slightly impressed with the line-up stacked against them.

"Heh, I have to admit," the Warlord assessed the assembled heroes. "This dimension's warriors aren't too shabby. Their powers beyond what I perceived them. Hell, just the fact these Tamers can access powers from four of the legendary Chinese Beasts is quite impressive and they don't even need to Bio-Merge with their partners to complete their Mega forms. On top of that, Yusuke Urameshi and Hiei of this world are light years ahead of their other counterparts in the other dimensions. But, even more surprising are the two Senshi. Yeah, I did some background check on the Valkyrie powers. Supposedly, these are the Sailor Senshi's ultimate forms in this dimension, and are unique to these specific Sailors. Though, the rest of them are heroes unique to this world."

"Indeed," Beyond muttered while facing the opposition. "And united, they're quite formidable. It's no secret they've been able to thwart their world's worst villains."

Paradixalmon huffed while slowly lumbering forward. "Still, none of them are Ascendants and I can easily do away with the majority of them on my own!"

The Warlord sighed, quickly drawing out his katana. "Don't be a glory hound and save me some, ok?"

"GET THEM!" Suzakato issued a command as he led the charge against the trio.

As the heroes bolted ahead to meet them, Beyond jumped out of the way and let his two colleagues take care of the dirty work. The Warlord dashed forward to fight the Beast Tamers, the Senshi, Spirit Detectives, and the Chimeras. Paradixalmon dealt with the Tamers' Digimon, the Neo Spirit Detectives, and the Legendary Warriors.

Suzakato flew over the Warlord and expelled a fire blast through his hands.

"Firepalm Blast!"

The other Beast Tamers followed up Suzakato's blast and directed their attacks to the Warlord.

Henbu cried out, throwing a spear made out of stone. "Armored Rock Spear!"

Seirika shouted, spinning around and summoning a water twister. "Dragon Twister!"

As the projectiles hurtled at him from all sides, the Warlord slashed through Suzakato's flamethrower-like attack with his katana. Then, he whirled around and blasted Henbu's rock apart with a Ki blast. He then rotated his whole body and swung his katana across, sweeping the water twister away with a single stroke. As the Warlord turned, Himakko shot forward at him with his claws ready to stab him.

"Drill Claw!"

However, the Warlord caught Himakko's hands and blasted him back.

"Heh, you foolish Tamers!" The overconfident Warlord openly boasted. "Even with these Beast powers of yours, you're still no match for me!"

Suzakato was befuddled. "He's acting like he knows us or something."

"I did plenty of background checks on every world where you and your counterparts live! You are by far the most versatile Tamers I've heard about, but even your powers combined pale in comparison to what I can bring to the table!"

Seirika scoffed irritably. "Does this asshole like hearing himself talk or what?"

Suddenly, a blast of blue energy impacted the Warlord's back. The katana-wielding villain quickly turned his attention behind him. He saw Yusuke, Hiei, Valkyrie Sailor Moon, Valkyrie Sailor Mars, and Tuxedo Kamen standing their ground.

"Next time that's gonna be your head," Yusuke smirked, waving his index finger at the villain's direction.

Slightly miffed but amused, the Digital Warlord shook his head dismissively. "Good luck with that. You're going need it."

"Enough," Hiei snorted as he readily drew out his sword and bumrushed the Warlord, engaging him in quick swordplay. As he for for a straight thrust, the Warlord easily sidestepped and swerved around Hiei. As Hiei turned, the Warlord prepared to fire a beam in his face.

"NOOOO!" Valkyrie Mars cried out as an fiery aura outlined her entire frame. She rocketed forward at blinding speed, and promptly forced the Warlord to withdraw away from Hiei. She landed beside Hiei and let pillars of fire dance around her. "Lay a hand on my friends and my children... I'll torch your ass alive."

The Warlord backflipped and hovered in the air. Valkyrie Moon hastily flew up and drew her sword against him. Tuxedo Kamen threw a rose toward the Warlord, who easily caught the rose and burned it with Ki energy.

Damn, these Sailors are quick in their Valkyrie forms. I always figured they were just a bunch of weak girls, but I greatly underestimated the Senshi of this dimension. They're in every way the opposite equals of Ascendants.

"Give it up, Warlord! You're surrounded!" Suzakato exclaimed as he and his friends closed in around the Digital Warlord.

Mika angrily retorted to the villain. "Don't think I'm gonna forgive you for interrupting my duel with Takato!"

Sara chuckled. She hasn't forgotten that duel. Oh, Mika.

Surveying his surroundings, the Warlord saw the Valkyrie Senshi, Suzakato, and Seirika hovering near him. Everyone else were on ground and preparing to initiate a massive counterattack. Despite the overwhelming odds against him, the Warlord was calm as ever and chuckled in amusement.

Meanwhile, Paradixalmon was easily tanking the attacks dished out by the Tamers' Digimon. Gallantmon, Sakuyamon, MegaGargomon, YoukaiInumon, and ShadowMetalGarurumon's attacks were able to slow down, but did little to faze Paradixalmon. On top of his strong durability, his speed bedazzled the Digimon. Even help from KaiserGreymon, JetSilphymon, and the Neo-Spirit Detectives seemingly did little to bring Paradixalmon down.

"This is all this dimension's heroes can deliver?" Paradixalmon snorted out of annoyance. "Disappointing! Do you realize who you're dealing with?"

Gallantmon angrily snapped. "You think we care? We're sending you and your crew back out of our world!"

Yui stood and hastily concentrated spirit energy in her right hand. "Even my spirit-enhanced punches aren't doing anything! I'll have to hit him harder!"

KaiserGreymon hefted his sword and swung it toward Paradixalmon. "We're still able to fight!"

"Heh," Paradixalmon snorted as he turned toward Beyond and the Warlord. "It's time." With that, his eyes glowed bright yellow. In conjunction with his eyes glowing, a runic sword jutted out of the ShadowMetalGarurumon mouth and quickly swung the mighty blade across, summoning dark crescent-shaped energy toward his opposition. "Dark Wolf Blade!" Then, he subsequently followed it up with another attack. A cannon protruded from the BlackWarGreymon head. Paradixalmon pointed the cannon forward and launched a small condensed ball of energy at the amassed heroes facing him. "Grey Nova Cannon!"

As the attacks hurtled toward them, Gallantmon turned and issued a warning to his colleagues. "MOOOOOOVE!"

A bright flash of light flashed as an explosion erupted from the two attacks that impacted the area where the Digimon, the Legendary Warriors, and the Neo-Spirit Detectives stood. The two attacks covered and exploded across the area, clearing several yards of the park and leaving a giant hole in its wake. The other heroes watched in horror as they saw the Digimon, the untransformed Legendary Warriors, and the Neo-Spirit Detectives laying scattered across the area. All of them were in a heap and left unconscious.

Suzakato watched in horror and aghast. He screamed out to his partner. "GALLANTMON!"

Seirika and Henbu followed. "SAKUYAMON! MEGAGARGOMON!"


Yusuke yelled. "YUI!"

Jeri and Keiko withdrew their view from the horrific turn of events.

"That monster easily took them down!" Sara exclaimed.

Valkyrie Mars gaped in shock. And that was an overwhelming force!

"I think it's time we end this," the Warlord publicly announced to his enemies. With that, he opened his right palm and forged a shining ball of pink energy. It materialized and condensed while throwing it down to the ground. The ball exploded into the air after impacting the earth.

Everyone withdrew from the explosive burst of light as halos suddenly appeared over the heroes' heads.

"Halos?" A befuddled Henbu gawked.

Yusuke berated the villain. "The hell are these for? Didn't know you were into those fashion accessories!"

"Sin Harvest!" The Warlord called out as he watched as the heroes began to slow down. He watched as the Beast Tamers turned back to normal, the Valkyrie Senshi & Tuxedo Kamen turned back into their civilian forms, Yusuke & Hiei were weakened with their Ki seemingly drained, and the Chimeras, too, suffered energy loss as they collapsed.

Takato gazed over himself. "What the hell did you do to us?"

Rika gasped. "Our powers!"

Rei growled. "What did you do to our powers, you bastard?"

Wearing a smug and arrogant grin, the Warlord descended near the defeated and powerless heroes. "Just a neat trick I picked up, but I haven't fully mastered yet. It's called Sin Harvest. You see, that first move I initiated was just a trace on your energy sources. By itself, it does jack, but after I effectively call out my attack, I drained and sealed your energy easily. Don't worry I didn't drain all of it. You'd all be dead if I did. I just sealed all of you to about the fraction of the energy you once had. It has its flaws, but it works..." Suddenly, the Warlord felt light-headed and shook off the adverse effects. Of course, the attack is a double-edged sword. It cuts my power in half... this was only supposed to be a gamble move and we're in a hurry. I had to do it. "Personally, this is an attack I prefer not to use. Anyhow, your powers and energies will return to you all in 15 minutes, but Takato, you're coming with us regardless."

"Why me?" Takato demanded.

The Warlord evilly chortled and advanced on the goggleboy. "No more questions. Time for us to go, gogglehead."

"YOU STAY AWAY FROM HIM!" Rika shouted as she weakly stumbled forward and fell. "Ugh! My body's... weak..."

Usagi cried out, trying to spring up. "RIKA!"

As Takato took a stand, he used what little strength he had and threw a punch at the Warlord. The villain mocked his effort and landed a weak knee into his gut. After knocking him out, the Warlord threw Takato's body over his right shoulder and beckoned over to his partners-in-crime. Beyond nodded as he used an odd-looking black Digivice-01 with a black scheme and spikes around the corners of it. Despite the spikes being real, they seemingly don't puncture his skin. The Digivice activated and opened a portal, allowing him and his partners to slip through.

"As much carnage I want to dish this world, and..." the Warlord wore a sickening, perverse grin as he eyed Rika, Rei, Usagi, Jeri, Keiko, Izumi, Yui, Mika, Sara, Cammy, and Kohana. "...as much women I want to dominate, orders are orders." He hovered over to Paradixalmon with Takato in tow.

"Ta...kato... no... BRING HIM BACK!" Rika screamed as she dragged herself across the dirt.

Rei gritted her teeth and punched the ground. "NOOO!"

"Feeding time," Warlord joked as he watched the second mouth in Paradixalmon's chest gaping.

"Dark Absorption!" Paradixalmon bellowed as he swallowed Takato and Guilmon through his second mouth. "Hn, I don't feel any stronger."

"Not to fret, their powers will return to them in less than 15 minutes," Warlord reassured the irked behemoth. "All the powers I suppressed from them with my Sin Harvest will become undone. You'll feel the power of Suzakato and Gallantmon coursing through you in no time."


Everyone, but the villains and the unconscious group, watched in horror and shock as Paradixalmon absorbed the two he had been sent to collect. Satisfied, Paradixalmon turned to Beyond and the Warlord as they passed through the portal. Paradixalmon followed behind them. Rika threw herself toward the portal, but it quickly closed off in her face. Defeated and breaking down in tears, Rika threw her head back and cried out.


"TAKATO! GUILMON!" Jeri cried out as she turned off her bubble and raced over to Rika's side. "I... I couldn't do anything... I... was scared to even move..."

"You protected the babies with Keiko. That was your job..." Rika muttered as she sunk her head, gritting her teeth and angrily mumbling. "You and Felinismon wouldn't have made a difference. Trust me... you were smart not to attack them."

"I was able to read one of their minds," Jeri whispered to her friend. "They're going to another world called the Accel world."

Realizing this, Rika gasped. "...as much as I'm not fond of the guy, but we need to contact Ryo. Jeri, send a telepathic message to him quickly and tell him to bring Cyberdramon. He's the only dimension crosser we've got besides Sedna."

"That's a good idea!" Henry called out.

Rei added. "Tell Ryo and Cyberdramon come here as quickly as possible! We have to follow where those bastards are going next!"

"To save Takato and Guilmon!" Usagi quickly added as she held her Valkyrie Dagger. "I hope what he says is true about our powers. We can't fight them without our powers."

"We'll test our transformations in a few minutes," stated Sara. "Only then will we know if he isn't lying."

Himura slowly paced over to Inumon and Yui. "Guys, let's go check on the others!"

With that, everyone still able to walk on their own went over to awaken their unconscious friends. All the while, they awaited for Ryo and Cyberdramon to come after Jeri contacted them. But, as our heroes recovered, the evil trio crossed over dimensions to head to their next destination: Dimitri's future world.


Other World/X's Planet/November 4, 2005/DF-616

Having jolted out of his meditative state, X gasped as the masked man probed the three evil powers crossing the dimensions beyond time and space. He jumped off his meditation rock and faced the skies as he closed his eyes and sensed them again.

Oh no! It's just as I've feared! So, the Digital Warlord is up to no good! And... he... has two allies? One of them with a power greater than his own! It's Paradixalmon! He could be on his own way with the Warlord and this third individual, who calls himself Beyond. They're attempting to wipe out every Ascendant across every dimension they land on. Warlord, you cunning devil... your evil soul just doesn't know when to stop this senseless carnage!

X frantically turned around as he saw his friends Keke, Sam, Tike, Kara, and David sparring with one another.

It's been almost a whole year removed since the War Games and when Virus was destroyed... I didn't think we'd be going into another major conflict this soon. Ok, granted, we had a few scuffles here and there, including one with Burizalor's father. But, the threat of Paradixalmon is most alarming... we have act soon!

Throwing a punch to Keke, Kara repels her away with an Ki beam. Keke pushes and kicks the beam into the air as X phases next to her.

Startled, Keke instinctively throws a punch at X's direction, who quickly counters and catches her fist.

"Whoa, hold it!"

"X? Oh, sorry!" Keke said, withdrawing her punch. "I thought you were Sam again trying to cop a feel on me."

"No, and I'm going to have a word with him about it later," the masked man bluntly answered. "Listen, guys! We've got a crucial situation!" He managed to garner their attention and caused them to withdraw from their usual sparring.

Tike, Kara, David, and Sam hovered down near X and Keke.

"Yo, what's up, X?" Tike asked.

Kara added. "What could that much of a big deal to stop us from training?"

David curiously asked. "It's something serious, isn't it?"

"Tell us," Sam asserted as Keke shot him an irked glare. Sheesh, can't she can't a joke?

X folded his arms and vaguely frowned behind his mask. "It's bad, guys. We have not only three dimension crossing menaces to deal with, but they'll be coming here. We have to prepare. And it seems our old friend, the Digital Warlord, is amongst them and up to no good." His reference to their old nemesis made them freeze with fear, which turned into passionate anger. "We have to get BanchoLeomon, BW, and Pikkan, and then we're heading back to Earth. We need to prepare Tai and the others for this forthcoming crisis. Paradixalmon must be stopped at all costs. There's no time, let's move!"

The warriors shouted in unison. "Right!"


(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time OST Make Magic)


Across Dimensions


Act I: Across Dimensions! The Coming of Paradixalmon!


Odaiba High School/Soccer Fields/DF-616

It has been 11 months since the War Games, an event held by the evil Artificial named Virus, a being whose composition was forged from the Digi-Destined, their Digimon, the strongest warriors, and the most vile monsters across the Digiverse. The evil scourge attempted to perpetuate a string of terrifying events that would spiral the world into a sea of chaos. With aid of a young man from the future, Dimitri Ishida - son of Yamato 'Matt' Ishida and Mimi Tachikawa, the Digi-Destined prepared for the bio-Artificial and his twisted competition event.

After training in the Room of Time, Omega X/Tai and Celesta X/Kari emerged as Earth and the Digital World's last saviors. However, everyone was convinced Omega X would be the one to deal the final blow and put an end to the War Games. Virus' power proved to be more than Omega X had assessed. In response to this, Celesta X was his last ace, much to everyone's shock and dismay. Davis and TK dismissed this, but Celesta X insisted on going through with it to prove everyone wrong.

One event lead to another, and the death of BlackWarGreymon pushed Kari to ascend to a level beyond Ascendant. X's vision was realized as Celesta X achieved the Ascendant Level 2 status. Not only did she gain a new level, but Celesta X finally surpassed her brother and invoked the full extent of her Crest of Light's miraculous power. With her holy power, and encouragement from her brother and friends, she utilized a planet-crushing force of light to destroy every trace of Virus.

Datamon's nightmarish ambition was silenced forever and the darkness was swept away by the light.

A new era began with Earth and the Digital Realms recovering from the post-War Games event. Leaving Kari and the others to watch over Earth for a short time, Tai and Agumon temporarily were taken by Huanglongmon as he and X took them to compete in a Digi-universal Battle Tournament. With Omega X's legendary status becoming the latest word of word across the Digital Realms, many unconvinced digital warriors were speculative of Omega X's true power. In this event, Omega X meet an Alterian warrior named Pikkan, and engaged him in the finals. Their fight captured everyone's attention as Omega X and Pikkan provided a spectacular performance that set the Digi-universal crowds on fire. In the end, Omega X defeated Pikkan by a hair's breadth. The Ascendant also won over Pikkan's respect and offered to help him in emergency situations. An unlikely new friendship was formed between the warriors.

On Earth, now that she was the strongest across two worlds, Kari continued her training, but still kept up with her studies. Dimitri had just departed to his time to finish the Artificials of his time. BanchoLeomon, Keke, Sam, Tike, Kara, and David would return every now and then to visit the Chosen. Matt spent most of his free time in isolation to suppress Yamato, but efforts came to no avail as the dark persona maintained his grip on the young man. Even Mimi has done her best to manage Matt with his band tours and watch him perform. Much to Davis' surprise, Sonja returned after a lengthy absence and moved in with the Motomiya family and shares a bunk bed with Davis. BlackWarGreymon, once believed to be dead, was given a new artificial body, albeit more humanoid and he shortened his name to BW. Simms placed his spirit into this new body, granting BW better mobility and fighting more efficiently. TK, having become an Ascendant alongside Davis prior to the War Games, tried keeping up with Kari, but her power was still light years beyond theirs. The other Digi-Destined continued to keep in touch. And a month passed after the War Games as Tai and Agumon returned home just in time to complete the school year. Tai and Sora's relationship was strained for a little while, but they got back together during spring break.

Overcoming an evil Artificial and preventing a catastrophe from wiping out the realms, the Kamiya siblings provided a better future for their friends and themselves. Since then, a few threats appeared to cause some carnage, but the Ascendants and their friends rose up to overcome them.

And now their story continues...

Later in the afternoon, the Digi-Destined (minus Matt and Joe) and their Digimon finished watching Tai, Davis, and Ken finish playing a soccer game against a local rival team. As usual, Tai led his team to another victory with a score of 19-1, but only because Tai felt generous to let the rival team score one. Throughout the whole game, Tai had to restrain himself from cutting loose, since what being a component that completes his Ascendant form. Tai, Davis, and Ken turned as they saw their friends crowding over to celebrate with them.

"Man, it's like Tai totally dominated the game with us!" Davis gloated as Tai and Ken both sighed.

"That was still a pretty intense game, guys," TK said.

Sora approached Tai, handing him a towel. "Might want to wipe yourself with this instead of your shirt."

"Heh, yeah," the big-haired teen grinned in his usual goofy manner, but unsurprisingly he wasn't winded. After all the epic fights he had gone through, Tai wasn't going to let a two hour soccer game wind him out. He wiped his face as Agumon walked up next to him. "Say, Agumon, why don't we all go celebrate with pizza?"

"Yeah right!" Yolei chimed in. "That means all of us will have to chip in to pay for all those pizzas and we know you're going to eat the place out!"

Ken tried to calm his irate purple-haired girlfriend. "Come on, Yolei! Relax!"

"A little woosah would really help the stress," Davis remarked while rubbing his ears. "You should try it, Yolei."

"And who asked you?" She snapped at him while turning around and... rubbing her ears. "Oh, boy. I do need to woosah."

Veemon snickered as he elbowed Davis' side. "She took your advice, buddy."

Mimi sighed. "So, pizza it is?"

Kari felt her stomach grumble while rubbing it. "I could use some pizza, too."

TK chuckled. "Likewise, I could eat a few boxes."

Cody sighed. "I swear ever since Tai, Matt's dark persona Yamato, Kari, TK, and Davis became Ascendants, we've literally had to watch them gorge down plates of food."

Armadillomon added as he pointed out others. "Don't forget Keke, Sam, Tike, Kara, and David. Boy, Tike and Kara, those kids have big ol' stomachs!"

"More like black hole stomachs!" Biyomon chirped as she flew over next to Sora.

Hawkmon shook his head. "We Digimon eat a lot, too. I mean, Ascendants are no different from us."

"We'll control our eating habits, guys," Tai said as he gave a playful wink to his sister. "Right, Kari?"

"Yeah..." The Bearer of Light gave a half-hearted smile while picking up Gatomon.

Sonja finished rubbing Davis' shoulders. "Feel better?"

"Yeah, thanks, babe!"

The female Artificial smiled, withdrawing her fingers from her boyfriend's shoulders. "Sure thing."

"All right, guys! What are we waiting for? Let's get going!" Tai declared as he bolted forward with Agumon following him.

Tai! You might want to save pizza time a little later. It's me, X!

Suddenly, Tai and Agumon hit the brakes as they raised their heads and linked their minds to the masked man from the other side. The Digi-Destined crowded around behind them two as they could also hear X speaking to them.

"It's X, guys!" TK said as Patamon lifted his ears to hear.

Gatomon blinked. "I wonder what he wants?"

"Tai, what does X want?" Kari inquisitively asked her brother.

Can this wait? I'm freakin' starving! My friends are starving, too!

Look, Tai! I'll just call Simms and ask him to tell the pizza place not to close down early! Remember, he's got all the dough and can buy all the damn pizza you want! My friends will be there to join y'all! Tike and Kara will be freaking happy to eat the whole place with you!

Taken aback by X's sudden snarky outburst, the big-haired teen was left speechless as he scratched his head innocently. "Gee, sorry... never thought I'd hear this side of you."

Because we have a situation that will be problematic for not just your world, but other dimensions. Go to the Pizza Palace where you guy usually hang out. Me and the others will be waiting for you there.

Nodding, Tai turned and reaffirmed to everyone. "Hear that, guys? Let's move."

"Aw, man. Another crisis coming?" TK added. "I'll need to phone Matt and let him know we're at the Pizza Palace."

"Last time I checked, Yamato took over and decided it was training time," Mimi reminded TK and the others.

Palmon rolled her eyes. "That guy never seems to stop being obsessed with you, Tai."

"Heh, good point, but he and Gabumon will come," the Bearer of Courage added with a confident smirk. "Yamato, especially, wouldn't miss out on knowing who we're going to face next. Now, to the Pizza Palace, guys!" He and Agumon gathered everyone into place while both used their Instant Movement technique to transport them to the Pizza Palace.


Odaiba District/Pizza Palace


Tai, Agumon, and his friends teleported in the Pizza Palace. Much to their delight, they saw X, Simms, BanchoLeomon, Pikkan, BW, Keke, Sam, Tike, Kara, and David. The entire 'D3' assembled team arrived in time to establish a meeting place with Tai and his friends. Everyone else in the Pizza Palace erupted with loud cheers for the heroes that've saved their planet countless of times.

Amongst the warriors assembled near X: Pikkan was nearly reached BanchoLeomon's height. Wearing a serious look, Pikkan wore a fitting white cloak outfit with a navy blue long-sleeved shirt underneath. Atop his head was a brown round-topped hat wrapped with white straps coupled with dark brown shoes. His distinct and outward appearance resembled a human, but his eyes, which clashed with his appearance, were a bright shade of red and his ears were large and pointy enough to stick out of his hat. What little hair he had was gold. As for BW, formerly BlackWarGreymon, he looked very much human-like with spiky brown hair, almost like Tai's. BW wore a fitting black muscle shirt and black pants, which were supported by brown boots. His hands were sported by black fingerless gloves and military-themed boots.

Dumbfounded and awestruck by the cheering crowds, Tai scratched his head. "Yeah, didn't think there'd still be a lot of people here."

Agumon added. "Tell me about it!"

Kari waved over to X and his crew. "Hey, guys! How's it been?"

The two assembled groups approached and greeted each other. Tai and Sora both shook X's hands whilst the other Digi-Destined reunited with the Digital Humans. Patamon and Gatomon briefly chatted with BanchoLeomon. As everyone became seated around a long table, X clapped his hands as large pans of pizza were brought out hot out of the ovens. The pizza pans were spread across the table. Before Tike and Kara could inhale the pizzas, Pikkan and BanchoLeomon restrained the two ravenous little Ascendants.

"Everyone, consider this my treat and to our strong bonds, my friends!" X said, toasting everyone with water.

Tai's mouth watered over the pepperoni dish in front of him. Wasting no time, he grabbed a slice and stuffed it down his mouth. Then, he and Agumon proceeded to scarf down the rest of the pizza. The other Digi-Destined, Sonja, BanchoLeomon, and Pikkan could only look on with disgust at their bad table manners. Tike and Kara ate just as much as Tai and Agumon was, much to their friends' own disgust as they seemingly were beginning to lose their appetite.

"Tell us, X," Izzy addressed to the masked man. "About this new enemy that's threatening other dimensions."

"Yes, about that..." X cleared his throat as Tai, Agumon, Tike, and Kara abruptly stopped stuffing their faces. "While we should be eating right now, I need to tell you about the new threat all of us must prepare for." He stood from his chair as a metal ball materialized in his right hand. The metal ball opened up like an egg, revealing a clear viewing orb. The first visuals displaying on the screen were pictures of alternate dimensions being adversely affected by the three individuals. "Just now, they left a dimension with a group of heroes the likes of which you'd never thought would share the same world. They've just recently lost two important members to the diabolical trio. You see... as I told my friends already, our old nemesis the Digital Warlord has forged an alliance with two individuals named Paradixalmon and Beyond. Paradixalmon was created by a dark lord named GranDracmon, who lives in another dimension divided from our own. The trio have successfully crossed over with a Digivice that Beyond uses to open portals into these alternate dimensions."

"The Warlord, I heard a lot about this guy," Tai said, conveying a serious and scornful look. "Especially from the stories from you and your friends, X."

The masked man regrettably nodded. "Yes, and now having become an ally to GranDracmon and a third individual whose identity is unknown to me, the Warlord intends to help Paradixalmon fulfill the goal of wiping out every Ascendant across dimensions. There won't be any stopping them until all Ascendants are gone."

"Where do Paradixalmon and Beyond come from?" asked Cody.

"An alternate future similar to Dimitri's, but it's tied to another universe. That much is all I can tell you, but they intend to come here very soon. After they hit one more world, they're coming here with an army."

"What?" The Digi-Destined exclaimed in shock.

The Bearer of Courage furrowed his brows and stood from his chair. "They think they can just waltz in here and take us out that easily? I don't think so!"

"That's why I'm warning you now."

"We must prepare, my friends," Simms said.

Pikkan scoffed, tapping the table. "Feh, these guys don't sound like they're that much of a big deal."

BanchoLeomon asserted. "We won't know until they come, Pikkan."

"However, despite what these enemies intend to bring, I have faith we can thwart the Paradixalmon, Beyond, and the Warlord."

"Now, you're speaking my language, X," Tai wore a smile, which exuded confidence.

Agumon concurred. "Same here."

Kari sighed as she folded both arms over her lap. Her face seemed to convey more concern. TK took note of the Bearer of Light's sudden uneasiness. Suddenly, as Simms accompanied to the front door, X walked away from his seat as he vaguely beckoned over to Tai, Agumon, Sora, Biyomon, Kari, Gatomon, Keke & the others, Pikkan, BanchoLeomon, and BW. Each one moved away from their seats and followed the masked man outside the Pizza Palace. Everyone else were left behind in befuddlement, wondering why X called forth only a selective number of their teammates.

Ken frowned as he turned toward Davis. "There's more to this than we're not being let on."

Davis replied. "Good point. Why keep this a secret from us?"

TK mumbled, observing his friends and X's entourage outside conversing with the watcher and his assistant. "Tai? Kari?" He got up from his seat as Patamon, Davis, and Veemon joined him.

Watching Davis and Veemon walking out, Sonja narrowed her eyes toward the windows. "Digital Warlord and Paradixalmon, eh?"

"Whatever the case is, guys... we've got a much deeper situation ahead for us," Izzy informed everyone at the table.

Mimi sighed deeply as Dimitri crossed her mind. I hope Dimitri's doing ok in his time. The last thing his world needs are bad guys to mess up the peace.


Turning around, X faced the ones he summoned out of the Pizza Palace. They were standing atop the Pizza Palace roof, isolating themselves from bystanders. Tai, Agumon, Kari, and Gatomon were standing at the forefront with Sora, Biyomon, Keke, Sam, Tike, Kara, David, BW, BanchoLeomon, Pikkan, and Simms assembled behind the Kamiya siblings.

"What's up, X?" Tai said, changing his grin to a serious expression.

Before X could answer, he sensed TK, Patamon, Davis, and Veemon were standing behind.

"Good of you to join us, you four."

"Why didn't you invite us to join you?" TK demanded.

"To test you two. You two especially need some catching up to do as far as being Ascendants go," the masked watcher bluntly answered. "You're far behind where Tai, Matt, Kari, and my colleagues are in the Ascendant rankings. You'll need to be ready for when our three 'friends' from the other side drop in to create some carnage."

"I know we've been slacking off, but..." Davis tried to reason with the watcher.

The Bearer of Hope interjected. "X, listen..."

"Kari, will you train these two in preparation for the forthcoming enemies?" X addressed to the Bearer of Light. "You're the only one to have reached an Ascendant level 2 so far and had a hand in destroying Virus. Teach them what they could do to push these two beyond their limitations."

Kari was reluctant to answer, but respectfully nodded. "Yes, X."

"Kari, I'm ready for whatever you need to teach us!" Davis exclaimed.

"Likewise, Kari!" TK added.

Tai smirked as he turned over to his sister. "Looks like the role of sensei's been passed to you, Kari."

"Well, I've always wanted to be a teacher. Just never expected to teach TK and Davis," the brunette said with a giggle.

Sora openly addressed the masked man. "What did you need to tell us that's important?"

"And why take us out here?" inquired Biyomon.

Pikkan folded his arms as he, BanchoLeomon, Simms, and the Digital Humans knew what X was about to tell them.

"Go on, X," Keke said. "Tell them."

Taking a deep breath, X relaxed and straightened his posture. "I'm relieved that Ken and to a lesser extent Yolei isn't with y'all. Because what I'm about to tell you will leave you befuddled." Folding his arms behind his back, the watcher continued on. "You must know the identity of one of the three enemies you must be read to face when he arrives with Paradixalmon and Beyond. The identity of the Digital Warlord..." He stopped as everyone left in the dark awaited for his immediate response. However, Tai and Agumon seemingly had a firm grasp of what X was about to explicably unveil. "The Digital Warlord, a sworn enemy of mine and my friends, is none other than Sam's uncle... and Ken's brother... Sam Ichijouji."

Upon hearing this, everyone was left stunned while in eerie silence.

"Tell me this is some sick joke," TK nearly wanted to deny this notion.

Kari frowned. "Ken's brother...?"

"But, it's not the Sam Ichijouji of this world..." Sam spoke up and garnered everyone's attention. "The monster that has taken on my uncle's appearance is not my uncle. As the Warlord, he's pure evil to the core and will stop at nothing to wipe out every Ascendant. Ascendants are what he feared when we fought him in the world we protected. The fact his evil spirit was revived and put in a vessel to hold his body... it's horrible... and he's the last person I'd ever want to see again."

"Don't worry. With most of us Ascendants, we can handle him!" David reassured the purple-haired teen.

Tike smirked. "Hell yeah! There's me, David, Kara, you, Keke, Tai, Matt or Yamato whatever he wants to call himself this time, Kari, TK, and Davis! We can gang up on him!"

"But, you forget he's working with Paradixalmon," X reminded the overzealous Ascendant child. "I've sensed Paradixalmon's power across time and space. His power is a force to be reckoned with and he will have absorbed sources of powers to augment his strength a hundred fold."

The Bearer of Courage clenched his right hand and frowned, focusing his Ki in his right hand. "Then, if it's a fight these guys want! We'll bring it to them!"

"Right! I mean, if we were able to take care of Virus, then we'll be ready for these guys!" TK gained a boost of confidence and openly declared.

Kari nodded to TK and Davis, though seemingly not exuding confidence like TK and her brother. "...then, TK, Davis, you better get ready for some training then."

Pikkan walked over to Tai and pat his right shoulder, catching the big-haired teen's attention. "You chickening out on this one, Tai?"

"Ha! Please, you've got to be kidding!" boasted the Bearer of Courage.

"That's just like you, Tai," BW interjected as he pulled Tai into a headlock. "We're going to kick these three off our world and send the Warlord's ass packing."

"Tell me about it!" Tai exclaimed.

"Then, perhaps you were going to leave me in the dark on all this?"

Suddenly, everyone on the roof turned as they saw 'Yamato' Ishida in his prideful glory with ZeedGarurumon hovering next to him. The duo descended on the roof.

"Matt!" TK immediately called out to his brother.

"Which one is he now?" Davis wondered.

X shook his head, sighing. "From his manner of speech and tone, take a guess."

Shaking his head, Pikkan's face conveyed slight disgust with Yamato's presence. "And enter the asshole whose ego knows no bounds."

BW chuckled. "Between you and him, whose ego is bigger?"

"Hey, don't lump me on the same level as HIM, BW!" The Alterian warrior angrily snapped.

BanchoLeomon remarked. "I thought he'd at least get over his rivalry with Tai, but lately Yamato has been pretty antagonistic to Kari. He just can't get over the fact the Kamiya siblings are both superior to him in their Ascendant forms."

"Dad's ego won't accept that Kari's reached a level beyond what he could've possibly achieved," Keke pretty much said it all regarding her father's recent behavior.

Yamato walked right up to Tai and stood face to face with his friend/rival. "If there's anyone who's taking down these three, it's going to be me. So, the Warlord is finally showing his mug here?" The blond produced an arrogant smirk. "Then, I'd be happy to step all over this worm and be done with him. Then, this Paradixalmon will know the true meaning of pain when he faces an Ascendant of my calibur."

Kari snorted, rolling her eyes. "Please. Who killed Virus?"

Yamato shifted his view past Tai and eyed Kari, who has lately shown no tolerance for Matt's alter ego. He approached Kari and got in her face. As TK tried to intervene between his brother and his best friend, X put his arm out to stop him.

"Kari, Yamato, stop!" TK called out to the two.

Tai tried to come between his sister and rival, but slightly backed away. He quickly noticed Kari coolly smiling off Yamato's presence. Her smile exuded true and blue confidence, and not one conveying any arrogance. Yamato's smile faded as he turned his back to Kari and walked off.

"Damn, that was intense," Kara whispered.

David nodded. "Oh yeah."

"Just remember, who was it that set up Virus to his demise?" Yamato reminded the Bearer of Light, who scoffed in response. The blond slightly turned his head and glared intently at Kari. "Right. It was me. Your power might've surpassed mine like your brother's, but I will catch up to you both."

"Yamato, c'mon now," Keke groaned. "We have more crucial matters."

"Well, now that Yamato and ZeedGarurumon made their grand entrance..." X raised his voice and managed to garner everyone's attention. "...now you know the enemies we will be facing. We must prepare for when they arrive and we will hit them hard."

Tai stepped right in front of X and turned and encouraged his friends. "Let's show them how we deal with big bads, guys!"

Everyone, but Yamato, Pikkan, BanchoLeomon, and BW for their own reason, shouted in unison. "RIGHT!"

X closed his mind from the outside and feel into deep meditation. My other big concern is Dimitri. I hope Paradixalmon and his crew found his world yet.


Shinjuku District/Middle of Shinjuku Park/XLR-8

It was four days since a fierce battle with the three Artificial Digimon had taken place. A teen with short and somewhat brown, spiky hair rested under a black baseball cap whilst sitting next to a small blue humanoid-like dragon in the local park near his apartment. Named Kensuke Rainer, he and the dragon sat on a bench as they appear to be waiting for someone.

"You think she'll come Ken?" Veemon asked.

Ken nodded while looking over the last remaining piece of the three Artificials. It was a thin brain-like chip, which he twirled in his fingers before pocketing it.

"I think she will, she said she had a gift for me." he said and before long he saw were looking for. The 'she' Ken was alluding to was a Brazilian girl in her teens wearing black hair and tanned skin ran up to them holding a pair sunglasses her right hand.

"Kensuke, Veemon! It's good to see you two!" said the girl, as she greeted them with a smile.

"Nice to see you too Helena. Haven't been having any trouble lately I hope?" he asked, noticing the sunglasses in her hand. "What are those for?"

Helena handed to them while pointing to his face. "Well, Miss Setsuna said you might need these to avoid standing out, especially with your eyes like that." She keenly noted his eyes currently did not have matching colors as one was brown and the other was a glowing silver.

Ken sighed and quickly put on the shades. "They fit very good." He nodded while adjusting them and smiled. "Thank you, I appreciate them. How's Karin doing?"

"She's doing fine. She went with Miss Haruka and Miss Michiru to a car dealership. Something happened to Miss Haruka's sports car a few nights back."

Upon hearing this, Ken sweatdropped a bit. I'm not taking the blame on that one! The good old jolly green one can deal with it. He mentally reminded himself of the big fight that night during his run-in with the three Artificials that appeared in his world. "So, did you wanna go anywhere?" He changed the subject.

"Heh, I didn't think you were the dating type, Ken," Veemon chuckled.

Helena giggled as well, prompting Ken to take out his blue Digivice, which was a hybrid evolved model of two different kinds known as the Digivice B.A.X., which was short for Burst Accel Xros. He used it to seal Veemon back inside it.

"I did not ask for your opinion," he replied curtly not knowing he and Helena were being watched nearby by three other teen girls.

Two of these teen girls dressed in ninja uniform attire. Sitting next to them was a lion Digimon and blue bear Digimon wearing a cap. Behind them was a girl with short brown hair and dressed normally. Next to brunette was a cat with glove-like paws.

"Are you two sure we should be doing this?" asked the third girl.

One of the two ninjas whispered. "She's got a point sis. This feels a little childish to me."

The other irked ninja girl growled. "Ok first of all, no one said you had to come Kari." She replied back at the first girl before turning to her sister. "Shizuka, we must make sure he maintains focus on the mission."

The other, more level-headed sister sighed. "If your jealous of this, Mikato, why don't you just say something?" She started before sighing. "Then again after that rampage proclamation he made over the airwaves the othernight, he'll probably kill us on sight."

The girl behind them sweatdropped.

"Can't your Digimon talk to him?"

The bear and cat sighed.

The lion added. "If we DNA Digivolve to mega maybe, right Bearmon?"

Bearmon nodded. "Sure Liollmon." He spoke back before looking at the other cat digimon. "What about Gatomon though? She could talk to him, too, right?"

The Digimon now known as Gatomon, however, suddenly became tense, as did the ninjas.

"What's wrong?" asked Kari, noticing her Digimon was quivering tensely.

Mikato growled in distress as she and her sis grasped their Digivices, which were circular and curved abit like D-3s.

"We've got company coming and strong ones at that!" Mikato demanded as they ran forward to where Ken and Helena were.

Ken grabbed his head as he felt a pounding sensation. Helena became concerned and quickly went to his side.

"What's wrong Ken?" she asked with concern.

Ken growled intently as a dark portal opened up and from it stepped three figures. Two of them were human: the Digital Warlord and Beyond. Towering behind the two stood Paradixalmon. Ken was the first to note the behemoth's arms and hands were those of two near recognizable Digimon. However, they were not the same ones Ken recalled as they were darker and disfigured.

"I think you might want to leave Hel!" Ken affirmed, narrowing his eyes under his shades. "These three mean business it seems!"

Ken's fierce disposition made the Warlord laugh.

Mikato, Shizuka, and Kari made their presence known, which made Ken angry.

"How long have you three...? You know what? Never mind," snarled Ken, who kept an intense stare toward the Warlord, Beyond, and Paradixalmon. "Let's take him out before he can unleash some stupid evil banter on us."

After hearing Ken call out on their attempted bad guy speech, the Warlord stopped laughing and face-faulted along with Beyond. Paradixalmon couldn't help but point and laugh as his two colleagues were getting off the ground.

"Wow, fake one or not, this punk is definitely funny. I think I like him." Paradixalmon grinned as he watched Beyond standing up near him.

"We did not come here for games Paradixalmon..." Beyond declared while glaring at the group. "Bring out your BanchoLeomon and let's get this over with!" He openly challenged the assembled group.

Ken narrowed his eyes while Mikato and Shizuka nodded simultaneously.

"You want it? You got it!" the ninja girls cried out in unison, raising their D-3s as their devices glowed and quickly digivolved their partners.

As this came to pass, Ken whirled around and shouted. "Stop you idiots!"

But, it was too late.


Shinjuku District/Shinjuku Central Park/YYGDM-01

After recovering from their fight, the heroes regrouped as those affected by the Warlord's Sin Harvest had their powers restored. Ryo and Cyberdramon arrived just in time as everyone had barely recovered from Paradixalmon and his cohorts' attacks. Seirika, Renamon, Himakko, Inumon, Henbu, Terriermon, Agunimon, Fairymon, Jeri, Valkyrie Moon, Valkyrie Mars, Tuxedo Kamen, Yusuke, Hiei, Yui, DarkGabumon, Cammy, Kohana, Aoshi, Mika, and Sara gathered to listen to Ryo, who informed them about Paradixalmon and his partners.

Henbu blinked. "Paradixalmon's a dimension crosser?"

Himakko quickly pointed out. "Wait, and that Beyond guy had a Digivice that opened that portal."

Inumon asserted. "Then, that weird-looking Digivice doubles as a source to Paradixalmon's power?"

Renamon replied. "Whatever the case, they've taken Takato and Guilmon. We have to act quickly and follow where they're doing."

Seirika turned her view toward Ryo and Cyberdramon. "That's why we called you over Ryo. Since Karin's not here, you're our only dimension crosser."

"Well, I'm flattered," Ryo said and clarified. "Anyway, yeah, Paradixalmon and Beyond are dimension crossers. I'm told they're been sent by a dark lord named GranDracmon."

"We heard that name mentioned before they attacked us," Yui said.

"Who is that?" Aoshi inquired to the dimension crosser.

"A dark lord from another dimension and he commands a strong army. He's even rumored to be the creator of the Seven Demon Lords."

"The creator of the Seven Demon Lords?" A flabbergasted Agunimon exclaimed.

Fairymon replied, completely taken by surprise. "You're kidding!"

"Wish I was, but his reputation is well known across these dimensions," Ryo stated. "Fortunately, he can't freely move out of his dimension on his own. That's why he's sent these three to gather power sources to help them eliminate warriors called Ascendants."

"One of those three alluded to something about Ascendants," Tuxedo Kamen said, recalling the reference and name being dropped by the villainous trio.

"What are Ascendants?" Valkyrie Mars asked Ryo. "Do you know anything about them?"

"Only that their reputation has reached beyond time and space. In fact, their numbers have been growing substantially over a period of time. A few dimensions, in fact, are already home to these legendary warriors. They're an elite class of warriors and classified as the next step in digi-evolution. If a dark lord like GranDracmon knows about them, then they're a big deal. Why he wants to eliminate them? Well, considering he's a bad guy, you can venture and guess why he wants them gone. He considers them a pestilence that needs to be erased. The world Beyond comes from already has fallen... and most likely due to too many Ascendants rising."

"That doesn't explain why he had Paradixalmon absorb Takato and Guilmon!" exclaimed Seirika, who waltzed right up to Ryo and grabbed his shirt collar. "Why did he need those two?"

"RIKA!" Henbu and Himakko cried out as they pulled the fiery Warrior of Seiryuu off the dimension traveler.

Cyberdramon answered for Ryo. "Because Takato and Guilmon's powers are sufficient enough to boost Paradixalmon's already outstanding power."

"Well, well, he talks," Terriermon remarked.

"While Takato and Guilmon's powers are not Ascendant nature, their powers are still unique in their own regard. Remember Guilmon possesses the Digital Hazard. Paradixalmon wishes to draw that rare power into his being," the once seemingly quiet draconian Digimon entailed everyone about Takato and Guilmon's incredibly rare natures.

Seirika nodded. "I agree. Even though I try not to remember it, there was the time when Takato's fury gave birth to Megidramon."

"The Digital World nearly got wiped out hadn't Beelzebumon stopped Megidramon," Henbu said.

"Well, I wasn't there when this happen, but this says a lot about Takato and Guilmon's powers... then, holy crap," Yusuke chimed in.

Valkyrie Moon interjected. "Guys, we need to get going! There isn't much time! And these creeps might've gotten farther while we've been wasting time here!"

"Sailor Moon's right, guys," Seirika said, gritting her teeth as she beckoned to Ryo. "Open the dimension door for us. We need to hurry or we're going to lose them!"

Ryo concurred as he pulled out his D-Ark. "Right, no use talking. Time for action. Everybody gather around me!"

"Jeri, I want you to stay behind and tell the others what happened," Himakko advised his girlfriend, pulling her over for a kiss.

Jeri kissed him. "Be careful, everyone! Bring Takato and Guilmon back!" She and Felinismon picked up BlackViximon and YellowKouInumon.

Renamon and Inumon walked over to part ways with their pups. The couple nudged their noses against the pups' and turned away to reconvene with the others awaiting them.

Sailor Moon and Yusuke kissed their lovers before departing through the portal. Sailor Mars and Hiei went over to comfort the twins before leaving. Mars embraced Koori and Ryuuhi, kissing their foreheads before handing them over to Keiko. Hiei's Jagan Eye glowed as he telepathically comforted his children. He withdrew and hurried back toward his colleagues. Tuxedo Kamen and Keiko stayed behind, holding the infants while watching their loved ones leaving to rescue Takato and Guilmon.

Ryo and Cyberdramon stood near the portal, which would lead them into another dimension. The Beast Tamers & their Digimon, the Legendary Warrior duo, Valkyrie Sailor Moon, Valkyrie Sailor Mars, Yusuke, Hiei, the Neo-Spirit Detectives, and the Chimera duo were all gathered in an amassed gathering, waiting for the dimension traveler to open the door.

"Are we all ready?" Ryo asked.

Yusuke nodded. "Yeah."

Valkyrie Moon replied. "We are."

"All right then, stay close together," the dimension traveler answered as he pressed his D-Ark and invoked the his dimension crossing powers, opening a portal in front of them. "Here we go!"

"Takato, Guilmon..." Himakko and Henbu muttered.

Agunimon cried out. "We're coming, buds!"

Valkyrie Mars readied herself for the journey that awaited her and the others. Takato, Guilmon, we're coming! Hopefully Karin doesn't run into those creeps either.

Seirika wore a determined and focused glare. "Those creeps just made the biggest mistakes taking my gogglehead."


To be continued...

Next act: The Accel Ascendant, Kensuke Rainer! YYGDM Heroes' First Stop!


A/N: Oh, ho, we start off big and the story's foundation has been set into motion. Takato and Guilmon have been taken. Paradixalmon and his crew arrive in the AccelStreamverse where he confronts the main character, Kensuke Rainer! Ken and his friends are set to fight Paradixalmon, Beyond, and the Warlord, but their chances don't seem to look good. And our DF-Kaiverse heroes are just getting ready for the coming crisis! I hope you guys have the gist of the cast for each 'verse.

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2) You heard right. There are two Karis here. The Kaiverse one (Celesta X, obviously) and there's one in the Accel world, but the latter actually is considered the 'Primeverse' Kari, AKA the original TV series Kari. This one has no direct connection to the Karis featured in YuYuGiDigiMoon and Digimon Fusion Kai. In fact, none of the Digi-Destined/Chosen featured in YuYuGiDigiMoon are the 'Primeverse' cast since they've just had contact with the Tamers and the Legendary Warriors. On top of that, the Tai, Matt, Kari, TK, Davis, Ken, and Willis in the YYGDM-connected Eastern Realm don't have their partners anymore as they've become legendary guardians in the YYGDM-connected Southern Realm.

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4) Unfortunately, the Duelists are not included on the YYGDM side due to consistency reasons. You see, in Dawn of Chaos, Dimitri and Faith arrive in YYGDM Earth, but only have met the Sedna, Duelists, Kuiper Senshi, Neo Senshi, and Signers. He will meet the other core heroes (Tamers, Legendary Warriors, Yusuke, Hiei, Moon, Mars, Neo-Spirit Detectives, and the two Chimeras) in this fic. When these aforementioned heroes see Dimitri again in Dawn of Chaos (like say Yusuke, Mars, and Rika for example), those said characters will know Dimitri by then because they will have met him in this story. The Duelists are introduced to Dimitri and Faith in Dawn of Chaos. Hope that clarifies things. ^^

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