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Final Act: Homeward Bound! The Trinity of Heroes Diverge!


Digital World/Azulongmon's Realm/DF-616

Upon arriving in Azulongmon's dimension, shortly after returning to their world, X came with Ken's B.A.X. Digivice and the Yamato sword. Gennai and Simms stood by X as the four Sovereigns appeared before them. Azulongmon's eyes fell on the two objects belonging to Ken in X's possession.

"X, we're relieved you and the Destined returned safely. I'm sure you have a lot to tell about your journey across other worlds. But, from what I can gather, you came with that Chosen from the other world..." The dragon digigod settled his eyes over X and the objects. He and the Sovereigns were able to sense a spiritual presence inside the Yamato. "This spirit... can it be?"

"The AncientGarurumon of our dimension was sealed in this sword that ended up in Kensuke Rainer's dimension. Sovereigns, I ask with your great powers to reformat this boy's Digimon." He held up the B.A.X. Digivice for the Sovereigns to see. "In this Digivice, his ZekeGreymon's old body is slowly dying and in need of a stronger body... perhaps one better suited for combat. Moreover, the spirit known as Brave in the Yamato sword needs a physical body just as you've given me and my friends."

"Your reason for this being?" Baihumon inquired to the masked watcher.

X smiled behind his mask. "Well, Brave has an old score to settle, but so Ken can meet Brave."

Simms turned to the masked man. "Is this wise? You want to do that?"

However, Zhuqiaomon like he naturally does objected to giving a 'human outsider' any favors, especially one from another dimension. "Sounds to me a human who's begging us to save his Digimon when he doesn't have the nerve to come with you? Is the outsider from that other world afraid to meet us Sovereigns?"

Ebonwumon interjected, chuckling with his thick Scottish accent. "Don't mind ol' grumpy, X. He doesn't want to admit it, but humans are growing on him."

"Only the Chosen and that's for obvious reasons, but that necessarily mean I've developed a soft spot for average humans."

"We do owe the humans, my friends," Azulongmon addressed his colleagues while veering his view toward X. "But under one condition, X. For this one time, the Digicores mustn't be used."

"What?" X asked as Gennai stopped him.

"Relax. I checked back with the remaining Digi-Destined and we can confirm there were no casualties during Paradixalmon's brief siege on Odaiba."

Sighing with relief, X nodded and looked over the two objects. "Good. All right, Sovereigns. I'm ready." He said as he raised Ken's B.A.X. Digivice and the Yamato sword. He watched both objects float toward the Sovereigns. "Thank you, Sovereigns." As the four holy beasts spread their holy auras around the objects, X reflected back just a half an hour ago when they returned from their brief meeting with Amaterasumon.


Flashback/Middle of Odaiba/DF-616

As the portal opened up in the middle of Odaiba, the Kai Destined, the YYGDM group, and Ken's entourage dropped in altogether. Gennai came running toward them with Sora, Mimi, Joe, Izzy, Yolei, Cody, and their Digimon to rendezvous with them.

"...man, what a landing," Davis groaned whilst rubbing his butt. "Ow!"

Veemon (DF) pointed to their friends racing toward them. "Davish, look!"

"Looks like the Sovereigns had Gennai gather everyone back here," TK said.

Ken (XLR) surveyed his surroundings and recognized them. "Yeah, we're definitely back in y'alls world."

Tike and Kara both hollered. "HELL YEAH! HOME SWEET HOME!"

"Yamato! Dimitri! Keke!" Mimi called out as she and Palmon raced over to them.

Dimitri stood whilst standing up with Faith mounted on his shoulder. "Mother..."

"TAI! KARI!" Sora called over to the Kamiya siblings as she and Biyomon waved to them. "You're all ok! Thank goodness!" She quickly threw herself at Tai, who readily caught and lifted her into the air.

"Sorry to keep you all waiting," Tai said with a gleaming smile while setting Sora down.

Takato stood whilst he and Rika watched Tai and Sora embrace. "Say, Rika... how about...?"

"Don't even ask," Rika said, turning away with a light blush, which Takato didn't notice.

Whilst the reunion with the Kai Destined and their friends happened, X talked to Ken. He asked him about giving him the B.A.X. Digivice and Yamato sword for the Sovereigns to inspect. Ken (XLR) complied but not without asking him first.

"Can they save Grey and give Brave a body?" The Bearer of Unity asked the masked man, to which X nodded.

"Yeah, but we got all the time in the world," X replied. "In fact, according to Ryo and Karin, they told me they can't take you all back home immediately without recharging their D-3 and Henshin Dagger respectively. They've never had to cross over dimensions multiple times in a course of two days much less just one day. Ryo is wearing that insulator, which I've applied to the other Kari and other Gatomon. That should last them five hours before those insulators wear off and after that they'll be unable to stay in this dimension. I don't want to delve into any complicated details."

"It's ok. I get it," Ken (XLR) finally complied and handed X his B.A.X. Digivice first. He then entrusted the watched with the Yamato. "Please, if the Sovereigns can try..."

"We're talking about the digigods, Ken. Gennai and I will pull a few strings if we can."

"Thanks, X. I appreciate it."

"No problem, my friend. I promise to return them as soon as possible."


Earth/Odaiba Park/DF-616

Evening had fallen over the city of Odaiba. Several buildings were still in ruin from the assault caused by the Digital Warlord and Paradixalmon. The tired heroes gathered in the park. They chose to stay there to mingle with the natives of this dimension while waiting for Ryo's D-Ark Digivice and Karin's Henshin Dagger to regain their dimensional crossing powers to full. The groups from YYDGM-01 and XLR-08 would have to wait a few hours before Ryo and Karin could send them back.

"So how long we got now?" Ken(XLR) asked Ryo, who looked at his D-Ark and scanned the energy gauge on it.

He said, analyzing the D-Ark. "About five hours tops." He and Ken (DF) noticed the two Karis conversing with their Gatomons He noted the clear insulator layer covering him and the other Kari. "Which is a good thing because the dimension insulator that X took from the Warlord will likely wear off around that time. The other Kari and I can't stay here for long. There already exist a Kari and Ryo here in the first place. I believe X only has the last insulator left and he said he'd keep it for experimental reasons."

Observing Veemon, Liollmon, and Bearmon conversing with the other Digimon, Ken (XLR) directly inquired. "Why does your Digivice and her Henshin Dagger need to be charged though?"

"Normally we're a bit more careful about it," explained the dimension crosser. "I tend to go to other worlds a lot more than Karin does, especially since she's become the leader of her own Senshi group now. Normally, she just goes to Dimitri's timeline parallel to this world and that's it. I go to other worlds often which is why Himura had to take my place with the Tamers." He said as he watched Himura, Inumon, Yui, and DarkGabumon converse with Tike, David, and Kara. "Still, we opened more dimensional gates than were normally allowed in a short span of time. That requires a lot of energy output from our devices, which is why they have to recharge."

"Makes me wish I had that power. I need to keep my promise to Kari, Kouji, and Kouichi. The latter two are from another world like the other Kari. I really want to see them home safely."

"I spoke with Karin about that earlier when we got back here. I'm gonna search for their worlds in my spare time. Once I find them, we'll come take them home. Until then, hopefully they can make do in your world."

Ken sat down and sighed. "Kari, I'm not to worried about. Despite what happened with Paradixalmon, he came out of nowhere. Kouji, and Kouichi, on the other hand, I am worried about. They chose to remain in our dimension's Digital World, and time moves much faster there than it does here. So, who knows what could've gone down. Although they are staying with Ravemon, he should look after them."

Ryo was baffled to hear this. "A Ravemon exists in that world?"

"He's the leader of the forest dominion and somehow got a temple constructed on top of several thick trees. He leads a bunch of Ninja-type Digimon and he was the first helpful Digimon we met. Heck, he's still been helpful ever since as well." Ken then stretched his arms out. "I just hope Christmas goes smoothly when we get back." He muttered to himself whilst scanning the other groups peacefully conversing.

"Man! This is a pain!" shouted Davis, who viewed the toppled buildings and ravaged areas where they had been caught during the battle. "Do you think we should gather the Digicores and fix this?" He wondered, seemingly suggesting to the others.

"That's up to Tai to decide," said Kari(DF), folding her arms as her eyes saddened at the sight of the ravaged buildings. "After all from what Sora told us when we got back, there were no casualties and only a few people got injured. Buildings and houses can be fixed, but people's lives are more important. Besides we can't always rely on the Digicores to get us out of trouble." She reminded him as she watched the other groups talk amongst themselves about their battles. "We should be happy we even made it out alive, Davis."

The other Kari and Gatomon overheard Kari (DF), smiling upon hearing her.

Nodding, Davis made sense out of what Kari blatantly told him. "Yeah, you're right, Kari. What was I thinking?"

"It's ok, Davis. It was a good idea," TK added as he, Gatomon, Veemon (DF), and Patamon approached them. "But, Kari's right. We shouldn't always resort to the Digicores if there's no human casualties."

Meanwhile, Tike and David's eyes lit up when the YYGDM group told them of the major conflicts they've resolved.

A giddy Tike smiled and shook his fists. "Whoa! Sounds like you guys had it as rough as we did! Those demon Taiyoukais and Rajita aliens sound like bad news!"

David added with a goofy grin. "This Pharaohmon guy sounds like Virus! Although, I doubt he'd match up."

Inumon interjected quickly the second David namedropped the evil priest. "That's not a bad thing. Believe me he had it coming, David." He snarled and seemingly tried to calm down when addressing the boys. "Don't mind me. I had a personal grudge with that monster."

Kara replied. "Hey, we can't blame ya! Yui said she was manipulated by that guy."

Yui shuddered. "Yeah, but don't remind me. The less I'm reminded of Nemesis, the better."

"Still though... to think Sailor Mars has such an entity within her that rivals our power," Keke said glancing over at Rei and Cammy, who were conversing with Rika about something. "That's mind boggling in itself and no doubt father hates it." She said this when she veered her direction to Yamato, who stood by a tree glaring over at the direction of Ken(XLR). "Although his hatred may have shifted to someone else."

Sam shook his head. "That's Yamato for you. He's always got to hold a grudge with someone he deems a threat."

As he sat beside Yui, Yusuke sighed and noticed Hiei watched Ken as well. "He isn't the only one..." He muttered before thinking. What is their deal? know the kid's got issues... we all do... His thoughts were interrupted when Tai, Dimitri, Sonja, BW, Pikkan, Sora, and the older Digi-Destined arrived with several pizza boxes and soda bottles.

"Good timing, guys," Yolei said, standing up with arms folded. "You have no idea how hungry I am!"

Hawkmon rubbed his stomach. "Don't forget about us, Yolei."

Armadillomon nodded. "We've been spent since that battle."

Cody asserted. "Just make sure to get some slices before Tike, Kara, and David do."

"Guys, sorry we're late, but we've come with good!." said Tai. "I'm sure everyone's hungry! So dig in!" With that, he and Agumon walked forward with the boxes.

Sora and Mimi handed out paper plates and plastic cups to everyone. Dimitri followed with an ice chest filled with ice.

"A party?" Mikato asked skeptically.

Shizuka smiled. "Looks that way." With that, the ninja twins hastily raced to get some pizza. "How'd you guys get all this?"

"Tai and I combined our winnings from a tournament we competed in a while back," Pikkan explained. "Neither of us could really decide on what we wanted to do with the money at the time. This is the next best thing. So, you'd best enjoy this."

"I see," said Shizuka as she and her sister selected their pizzas of choice.

Everyone grabbed what kind of pizza they wanted along with a drink and began eating. Yui and Aoshi mused as they each grabbed a slice of pepperoni pizza.

"Ironic isn't it?" Yui said, eating her pepperoni. "This is exactly how things started out back home."

Biting into his pizza and swallowing it, Aoshi nodded. "Come to think of it, you're right." He said with a tranquil smile.

Sam was puzzled when hearing the two pre-teens. "What are you guys talking about?"

As she finished eating a piece of pizza, Usagi giggled. "We were having a picnic back home before Paradixalmon, Beyond, and the Warlord ruined it all. This really makes up for it!"

Minako nodded as she ate sitting near Rio. "Too bad your hubby isn't here with us. He's sure missing out!"

The odango-haired woman sighed sadly. "Yeah... him and Keiko. I hope everyone is ok back home."

Jaarin overheard Usagi and reassured her. "Don't worry, Usagi. Even though they didn't come, Jeri was able to get in contact with some of the others back home and they helped clean up what was left behind. They were able to take Keiko, Mamoru, and the kids back to Rei's shrine and Keiko's home respectively." She broadened her smile and giggled. "The babies are safe and sound!"

Being a worried mother before, Usagi gave a relieved sigh. "That's good. Still this does kinda make up for that. Plus we got more people to have fun with this time." She stopped and looked around, noticing the notable absence of a few of her friends. "Where are Rei, Cammy, Rika and Takato?"

"They're over there," Ken(DF) pointed to the other side of the park at which Takato sat by a small pond. "They're over there discussing something."

Yolei replied. "Don't know what, but must be important."

Upon hearing this, Usagi's gaze became serious as she knew what was coming.


Over by the small pond, Takato isolated himself from his friends and new colleagues. Save for Guilmon, he wanted some time to himself. However, it didn't take him long to realize Rika and Renamon were the first ones to approach him. Takato looked over his shoulder to see Rika and Renamon behind him. He didn't budge an inch from his spot, prompting Rika to stand over him.

"Not going to give me room to sit next to you, gogglehead?" Rika asked.

Takato finally complied and moved across the rock, giving her room to sit next to him. He felt her back pressed against his.

"Rika, I'm really sorry... for letting that jerk take advantage of me and turn me against y'all. I didn't mean this to ever happen!"

"You're not at fault. Paradixalmon just saw you had insecurities you haven't gotten over. But, you really should've opened up to us and talk to us about it. Keeping things like this in you isn't healthy. Why didn't you just talk to us?"

"You'd think I'm a whiny brat who hasn't gotten over my issues."

"Is that what you're afraid of? Listen, Takato," Rika said as she turned him around. "What happened with Yami Houou? Of course that's not easy to get over!"

"But, you weren't the one to have your Beast force you to kill another human being!"

"You did it to save not just the universe, but Rei, too!" The redhead snapped, shaking his shoulders and trying to get Takato to realize what Suzaku intended. "I know what Suzaku did was wrong... and he's sorry for that. He really is, Takato. That's why you and him need to resolve any issues you have for each other!"

(Cue My-Hime OST Ensei)

The Warrior of Suzaku was speechless, looking into Rika's passionate eyes. Guilmon and Renamon watched from the sidelines, noticing their partners explicitly drawn to one another. Before either one could say anything, they noticed Rei and Cammy not too far from where they were. Takato and Rika withdrew their hands from one another.

"You can't hide it anymore, you two," Rei smiled, catching him holding their hands. "Takato, she's right. It's time for old wounds to heal. Mine have. What about you?"

Almost reluctant to let it go, Takato noticed the Suzaku card in Rei's hand. "You have Suzaku."

"And he's ready to bond with you again," Cammy said as Rei handed her the card. She walked over and returned it to the rightful owner. "Take it. He's ready to apologize."

Takato turned toward Rika, who shook her head and encouraged him.

"If you need more time, then we have plenty of time before Karin takes us back home," the Miko Senshi promptly stated. "If you're not up to it, we won't force you."

"No..." Takato dismissed this and slowly reached over to the Suzaku card. He took a deep breath and slipped his fingers under the red card. Closing his eyes, he could sense Suzaku's spiritual presence warming his fingertips. Suzaku... I can feel you...

'Are you ready for us to bond again, Takato Matsuda?'

Before we do, you owe me...

'Yes and I'll be ready to accept whatever you desire.'

"Rei, then this means the Houou fully healed Suzaku and restored his power?" Renamon asked the Miko Senshi.

"That's right," Rei replied to the yellow vulpine. She noticed Takato hesitating to take the card. "Takato, it's ok. Your recent actions were dictated by Paradixalmon. He turned you against us. He used the darkness that still lied dormant in you. But, you need to let it all go. Don't fault yourself for killing me! It was the right choice! Sailor Moon might've helped me overcome Yami Houou, but who's to say that monster would've resurfaced! You and Suzaku ensured she would never come back with full force! Killing me was the best option! I hold no grudge over your and Suzaku's actions!"

Takato gritted his teeth, shaking his head. "You might be ok with it, but I..."

"It's ok, Takato! On behalf of Usagi and Minako, they apologize for accusing you! When we get home, I'll make it a priority to have my fellow Senshi apologize for accusing you!"

"What about Uranus and Neptune?"

"I'll have a talk with them and straight them out. I'll flat out warn them to never hurt you. They'll deal with me first before I ever let them get near you!"

Rika added. "And I'll do the same!"

Cammy nodded. "Me, too!"

'Hear them out, Takato. I'm ready for us to speak on better terms. But, whatever choice you make regarding our bond... I won't hold it against you.'

Takato then heard the Houou speak to him telepathically as he noticed Rei shutting her eyes and the phoenix symbol emblazoned on her forehead.

'My love is reaching out to you, Takato. He asks you to hear him out. Give him a chance to speak.'

I will... Takato said, finally giving into the spiritual beings' wishes. "I'm ready to speak with you, Suzaku." He grabbed the card as he felt the phoenix's spiritual powers immerse with his body. He stopped and let out a deep sigh, nearly collapsing as Guilmon and Rika stopped him from falling. "Thanks, guys."

Guilmon sensed Suzaku resonating within Takato and smiled. "Feeling ok?"

"Yeah... but that was quite a rush... the same feeling I got when you kissed me, Rika."

Upon hearing this, Rika facepalmed and blushed as Rei and Cammy were taken aback. Takato closed his mouth when he let that secret slip out and to his dismay Rika was on the verge of strangling him. Then, they saw Rei smiling. Rika remembered the advice Rei gave her and turned to face her.

"Is this true, you two?" Cammy gasped when hearing this.

Rika sighed and nodded. "...yeah."

"Then, you took my advice," the Miko Senshi nodded in approval. "Your love for Takato was what brought him back."

"It's better than taking the extreme measure, which I'm against," the Warrior of Seiryuu said, trying her best to cover up the blush. "Oh, ok... I liked it." She said as she faced Takato. "And I'd do it again if you decide to go crazy on us again!"

Takato chuckled modestly. "Oh, Rika... I won't be flipping out anytime soon."

"Oh, shush..." She muttered, turning her back to him. But, deep down, she was smiling and enjoyed every minute of that kiss. "Stupid gogglehead."

"Relax, Rika. We won't tell anyone about the kiss." You truly do love him, Rika. Rei thought as she and the others noticed Suzaku's spirit materializing in front of Takato. "Looks like it's about that time."

Surprised by Suzaku's appearance, Rika, Renamon, and Guilmon moved away to give Takato room to reconcile with the spirit beast. The form Suzaku took on resembled a pillar of red flames and inside it was a bird. Takato felt a benevolent vibe from Suzaku as it poked its head out for Takato to pet. Hesitant for a moment, Takato slowly reached out to make physical contact with Takato. He reached over and caressed Suzaku's head. Then, little did he realize, he was standing in the middle of the red fire pillar. Takato was completely unharmed by the flames as he embraced Suzaku.


The spiritual bird muttered with a saddened tone. 'I'm sorry, Takato... for what I had to put you through... and for our forced reunion. This time I want to make our possible reunion more genuine. I never wanted to force you to take measures against Yami Houou. I did it to save my love from descending into darkness. Had she fallen any further and there would've been no saving her. My love for the Houou as is strong as your love for Rika's.'

Looking over his back, Takato saw Rika gazing him with a genuine smile.

'You're the one that helped unthaw the ice in Rika's heart. She has evolved into a stronger and loving individual thanks to you. Had you two not crossed paths, she would likely still be the Ice Queen and Renamon would still be absorbing data. You opened her more, Takato.'

"I have changed people around me... mostly for the better, I guess."

'Takato, it's your choice. Do you wish for us to bond again? I won't hold anything against your decision for us to go our separate ways.'

Takato once again whirled around, looking at Guilmon, Rika, Renamon, Rei, and Cammy. "...but, they need me. You only made me kill Rei to save her... and to save the one you love. People will take drastic measures to save the ones they love. Rika did exactly that... taking all that punishment I inflicted on her and she didn't stop until she freed me from my darkness! Rika, you really did that for me..."

"And I'd do it again... even at the cost of my life..." Rika said, smiling.

"Just like you went out of your way to save me, Renamon!" Guilmon giggled a bit, making the vulpine nod.

Renamon replied. "I did it because of our strong friendship bond. I know you, Inumon, and Terriermon would do the same for me."

Takato watched Seiryuu materialize next to Rika. "Thanks for backing her, Seiryuu."

The dragon spirit nodded sagely. 'Do what you think is best for you, Takato Matsuda.'

"Then, my choice..." The teen closed his eyes and turned as he folded both arms around the red pillar. "...HAS BEEN DECIDED!" He passionately declared. At that exact moment, his body reabsorbed the red flames into his body. He felt the spiritual powers resonate with him fully. He noticed a thick red aura outlining his entire body. "...we've been bonded again." He shut his eyes and telepathed with Suzaku. And Suzaku. I fully accept your apology. "Rei, when we get back home, I'll accept any apologies your fellow Senshi need to give me. Also, let's not worry about Uranus and Neptune... I'm sure you can straighten those two out on your own."

"You have no idea," the Miko Senshi chuckled. "I'm going to have fun telling those two off."

"Just don't resort to extreme measures, sis," Cammy said.

(End theme)

As they shared a laugh together, a beam of light inexplicably shot out of Cammy's right pocket. She quickly pulled out the Dragon Gazer Mirror, which gleamed with a bright white flash of light.

"Wh-What's going on?" Takato exclaimed as everyone was blindsided by the mirror's light.

"The Dragon Gazer Mirror's responding to something!" Renamon exclaimed.

Just then, another beam of light caught Cammy. Rei jumped right in to pull her sister away, but the light grabbed Rei, too. Everyone watched the Hino sisters pulled inside the mirror.

"Rei! Cammy!" Rika cried out.

"They just went inside the mirror!" Guilmon shouted as Takato picked the mirror off the ground.

Examining the mirror, the boy inquisitively wondered the reason for this. "Whatever for...?"

"The Digital Priestess," Renamon muttered as everyone turned toward her. "The former priestess is perhaps ready to transfer the remnants of her power to Cammy."

"Sounds like a plausible theory," the redhead said, looking over the mirror as they caught a glimpse of Rei and Cammy. "Look!"

"It's them!" Takato and Guilmon cried out in unison, enthralled by the shocking phenomenon.


Inside the Dragon Gazer Mirror

Rei and Cammy surveyed their surroundings. They were standing in a front courtyard was covered with lush green bushes and cherry blossom trees, pouring pink petals that littered the floor. One giant cherry blossom tree was 10 yards in diameters and could be seen sitting behind the rich and beautiful temple. They stared across to see an archaic-styled Shinto temple with a wooden floorboard. A lively fire was lit on a large candle in the center of the room. Sitting on a pillow was Eri the Digital Priestess in her fully beautiful and majestic glory.

"Sis, look!" Cammy gasped, pointing to the woman sitting in front and facing them. "It's Eri! It's who I saw when I pulled out the sword before we stopped Pharaohmon!"

Rei met eye to eye with Eri and bowed her respectfully. "We're honored to be in your presence, Digital Priestess."

Cammy followed suit and bowed before her predecessor. "And I'm honored to see you again."

A serene and gentle smile adorned the woman's features as she stood and approached the Hino sisters. They looked up and saw how eerily close she resembled the both of them. Rei and Cammy looked like they were staring at a reflection of themselves. Eri knelt down and placed both hands on their heads.

"I summoned you here because this body is about to fade... and I'm ready to immerse my remnants with my successor," Eri veered her view over to Cammy, smiling gently. "I used most of my power to grant Ken, Taichi, and Dimitri the power to form an Xros Ascendant. The power of those Ascendants astounds even me... so much that they've surpassed my own respected power."

"You mean... both of us will become one?" Cammy asked directly.

"Yes, Cammy, it's time," Eri smiled before turning to Rei. "And you did well to train her to prepare for this moment."

"I never thought I'd see you, Eri."

"Your role as the Houou's avatar is not complete, Rei. You and your fellow Senshi still have many battles that have yet to be resolved. You also must guide the new generation to prepare for any impending threats that may threaten your world. You must not only nurture your precious children, Ryuuhi and Koori, but prepare them for conflicts that await them. As long as you and the Houou stay bonded, you must ensure Princess Serenity ascends as the queen. You will be what gives the future kingdom its strength."

Nodding, Rei complied, reaffirming her resolve as a mother of two and a protector of Princess Serenity. "I will, Eri!"

"Tell me, Eri," Cammy asked. "Who forged the Dragon Gazer Mirror?"

The Digital Priestess answered in kind to her successor. "RaPhoenixmon."

"A Digimon?" Rei and Cammy exclaimed.

"Not just any Digimon, but a Digideity. RaPhoenixmon is one of three of these powerful entities. Their powers exceed the Sovereigns and even Huanglongmon himself. These three Digideities have been spread across the three universes that united to defeat Paradixalmon and his cohorts," Eri further explained to the Hino sisters. She placed her hands over their foreheads and showed them images of the three Digideities. "The three Digideities are RaPhoenixmon, SliferGigaSeadramon, and ObeliskMegaGargomon."

Cammy carefully pointed out. "They're named after the three Egyptian God monsters!"

"Yes, and their power resides in the Trinity as I now would call them. The Trinity consists of your world, Ken's universe, and the Kai universe, the current one you're all in. The Digideities have been sealed inside three artifacts in these three worlds. Inside this mirror, RaPhoenixmon resides and he will one day emerge to see you two."

"Us two?" The Miko Senshi blinked.

"Because he seeks an audience with the new Digital Priestess and the Houou's avatar. When that day comes, Hino sisters, you must be ready. RaPhoenixmon will side with those who fight for justice and you two will ensure justice is served against the evil that plague your universe."

"So, a meeting with RaPhoenixmon is inevitable," Cammy whispered anxiously.

Rei put a hand on her sister's side. "It'll be ok, Cammy. Remember RaPhoenixmon will be on our side."

"He will recognize my spirit within you, Cammy. Rest assured, it'll be ok."

"Ok! I'll take your word for it!" She said.

"Now, the other two Digideities... in the Kai universe, SliferGigaSeadramon is sealed in the Digicores. He has just recently been released to grant wishes to revive those killed by an enemy named Virus. SliferGigaSeadramon is a neutral, but will for the most part take the side of those who want justice. Last but not least, ObeliskMegaGargomon is an entirely chaotic being who wants destruction. He is sealed inside a gem floating outside Ken's universe. Be cautious of ObeliskMegaGargomon. He is very difficult to deal with. Approach him with extreme caution, but no doubt he will not favor humans. He may eventually seek out to destroy Ken."

"We'll make note of that," the Miko Senshi replied and nodded. "Maybe we can have RaPhoenixmon convince ObeliskMegaGargomon to stop."

"I wish you luck with that endeavor," Eri said as she pulled Cammy into an embrace. "Cammy Hino, my successor, are you ready to allow the remnants of my soul to merge with you?"

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds OST Hope)

Folding her arms around Eri, Cammy responded. "I am."

"Thank you, Cammy... and I expect great things to come from you," Eri smiled whilst hers and Cammy's bodies became covered in a sheen of white light. As her body began to dissipate into light particles, she faced Rei for the last time. "...one more thing, Rei Hino. Do you remember the name Morrigana?"

"Yes! Yami Houou and even Houou mentioned her! She said me and my mother are her descendants! She was the Miko that bonded with the Houou hundreds of years ago! Why ask me this?"

"Well, because one of my ancestors... served as one of her loyal subjects. That ancestor was also Morrigana's sister. At some point, the sisters quarreled in a dispute and went down diverged paths. Yet, they still continud the battle against the darkness. I am the most recent incarnation having lived in modern times. I was one day pulled into the Digital World during a ritual in attempt to open a door to other realms. Rather than getting pulled in the Spirit Realm, I ended up in the Digital World... after a long adventure there, I returned home, had my first child, and that child would be your mother, Cammy. She and I lost contact when I was recalled back to the Digital World... I nurtured her until one day she may have a child... but for that child to be born... I had to die... and I willingly died sealing Pharaohmon. It was that day I died that my daughter had Cammy."

Rei couldn't believe what she was hearing. "...I can't believe this."

"You have have reunited the sisterhood after many generations... you two are truly blood related... the fact you two are descendants of Morrigana and her sister pleases me... you two have made us both proud... and Cammy, I feel much better knowing you are my reincarnation." A tear was shed from Eri's face as the last remnants of her body turned into spiritual particles, which Cammy absorbed into her body. "...the legacy of I, Eri, our entire sisterhood bloodline, and Morrigana's family continue to fight the good fight against evil... and you two will ensure our legacies remain preserved. Farewell, Hino sisters..."

Finally, after giving her last message, Eri's body and soul dissipated as they entered Cammy's body. Rei leaned behind her sister and folded her arms around her.

"You heard her, Cammy. We still have a responsibility to uphold... for Eri, Morrigana, Morrigana's sister, and our bloodline's entire ancestry."

Cammy grabbed her sister's hands and nodded. "And we won't let them down!"

The entire dimension vanished behind a blinding flash of light. The Hino sisters were abruptly teleported out of the dimension as they...

(End theme)


Odaiba Park/DF-616

...winded up back where they were before. Rei and Cammy opened their eyes, seeing the mirror in Rika's hand. Takato, Guilmon, and Renamon checked on the Hino sisters as they stood. Rei and Cammy exchanged nods, realizing how much stronger their bond has become if it wasn't already.

"That was crazy!" Takato exclaimed, gawking at the mirror.

Rika rolled her eyes. "After all the stuff we've seen since becoming Tamers, this is nothing."

"Needless to say, we shouldn't be surprised with anything anymore," Renamon clarified to the teen.

"So, guys, what happened in there?" The Warrior of Suzaku curiously inquired.

The Hino sisters exchanged chuckles with each other.

"Oh, don't we have a story we want to share with y'all," Cammy winked as Rika handed her the mirror.


As Rei and Cammy returned from their talk with Eri, they were accompanied by Takato, Guilmon, Rika, and Renamon. They stopped to notice a portal opening in the middle of the park. From it came X, who was followed by Gennai as well as Brave who was now in a body utilized for fighting. Upon seeing them with Brave, Yamato angrily scowled at this.

I knew it! All this time it was you! He mentally declared while glaring at the Ancient Warrior. It makes sense why I hated the blade belonging to that stupid brat!

Ken (XLR) grunted as X handed him back his Digivice, which he then held in the air.

"Grey! Sparrowmon! Release!" he called out. Sparrowmon came out first and seemed disoriented, which only worsened when Sonja saw this and pulled the Digimon into a hug just like she had done with Nene's.

The jetplane Digimon squeaked and gagged. "Gah! I'm choking!" She cried and pleaded whilst struggling under the Artificial's strong grip. BW sighed as he managed to pry her off of Sparrowmon and held her back.

"I really want one of those things now!" Sonja cried out almost pleading. "All I want is just one! That's all!"

BW shook his head. "Relax. We'll find you one if there are any in our world."

However when Grey appeared, some, particularly the YYGDM group, looked at him puzzled. Others, the Kaiverse group, gaped in shock at the sight of him. Greymon viewed everyone's mixed and obvious reactions. Before them, he was no longer a ZekeGreymon or even MetalGreymon. He was a VictoryGreymon, the very same alternate form of Tai's Digimon partner.

"You changed him into Agumon's second Mega form?" An awestruck Tike asked.

Gennai rubbed his head modestly. "X, you can explain it."

Ken (XLR) walked around Grey and observed his new outward appearance. He was seemingly trying to establish what he was seeing.

"What in the?" Ken wondered, turning toward the masked watcher.

"That was the best we could do I'm afraid," X answered. "In the end, we re-formatted his data and it came out this way. On the positive side, he won't digress from this state like he did previously, which should save you some trouble using the Digisoul Charge."

Ken (XLR) replied. "All right then."

Tai and Agumon approached VictoryGreymon, examining him from a closer view.

"Hey, he looks just like me! Hey, big guy, what's up?" curiously asked Agumon. Grey didn't say anything, but merely nodded to acknowledge his Rookie friend. "Doesn't talk much does he?"

Tai waved it off. "Considering what he's been through I'd let it go buddy."

Ken (XLR) pivoted over at Sparrowmon and several people were confused as to why it was there.

"Did he take that girl's Sparrowmon without us knowing?" wondered Keke.

Dimitri shook his head and addressed his sister. "Not exactly. Right before we fought Paradixalmon, this one and a bunch of other flying type Digimon attacked him. He killed all of them but her. Ken saved her from being deleted and took her into his Digivice, but that whole digital ring thing was confusing I must admit."

"A Digital Capture. No doubt it's something the Xros Loader Digivices are capable of doing," briefly answered X, whose explanation shocked everyone that much more. He turned to Gennai and gave him the floor to speak. "Tell them, Gennai."

"The Xros Loader Digivice model has the ability to not only store many Digimon. But, if someone with a Xros loader fights a Digimon and weakens it enough, they can perform a capture on it, and add it to their storage."

Walking up with Takato, Rika responded when hearing this. "That sounds very similar to the concept of Pokemon."

X shook his head and withdrew a laugh. "Yeah."

"She's got a point," Gennai said rubbing his head.

Ken (XLR) turned toward Sparrowmon and beckoned to her. "Do you wanna come with us? I won't force you to." Sparrowmon thought about it for a moment, but then after glancing back at Sonja, she quickly nodded and hovered to him. "Very well. Welcome to the team." With that, he recalled her and Grey into his Digivice.

Nearby Brave approached Yamato. Everyone near the two got nervous by the animosity running between them.

"What's the deal here?" wondered Sora, finishing her cheese pizza. "Who is that Digimon?"

Biyomon noticed Brave. "Beats me, Sora."

"AncientGarurumon!" Takuya called out as he stood awestruck at the rare sight of the Ancient Warrior. "Kouji would probably be shocked to see this if he were here!"

Izumi stood next to her boyfriend and added. "Yeah, but man the tension between them."

Jaarin noticed this as well and furrowed her brows. "Do they know each other?"

Dimitro added. "Remember Ken mentioned Brave from before?"

"Oh, you're right," the Warrior of Water replied.

Brave scoffed and addressed his adversary. "It's been a long time, Yamato..." He said this while narrowing his eyes toward him.

"Is that all you have to say?" Yamato unfolded his arms and frowned. "Well, maybe it's a good thing you did come back after all. Now you can let me reign free over this body in place of Matt!" His open declaration befuddled everyone listening to their conversation.

"Free reign over his body? What does he mean?" Palmon wondered, listening to their exchange.

"What are they talking about?" wondered Mimi.

X decided to speak up for his colleagues. "It's time everyone here knew the truth... about how 'Yamato' came into existence." He viewed Brave as he went on and further explain. "When Matt joined Burizalor's forces, one of his earliest missions was to gain control of an ice planet known as Iceron. This AncientGarurumon you see before us all was the guardian of that planet. He was the last and only survivor of the ten Ancient Warriors since then. The two engaged in a heated battle. During it, the persona of Yamato was born." When revealing this cold hard truth, it baffled everyone except those who had learned this in the Xros Wars world.

"Is this true?" Yolei couldn't believe what she heard.

Cody replied with anger in his tone. "This explains why we have Yamato to deal with."

"So, you're saying he was responsible for Matt turning out that way?" Mimi declared with anger in her tone. However, before she could confront X, Dimitri held up his hand to stop his mother. "Dimitri?"

"There's more to it though, mother."

Ken (XLR) added when Dimitri stopped Mimi. "It's true. He was responsible for Yamato's birth, but he prevented Yamato from taking over completely by sealing some of the persona away using the Power of Light."

Yamato's eyes narrowed at this declaration. "So, in other words, you've been clinging to a sword all this time with your spirit just so you could try to get another chance to lock me back in? If anything, I'm gonna make you unlock my full personality so that way I'll have free reign over this body! After all with me here in full, Matt's persona will disappear."

Brave merely smiled and shrugged off his intimidating glare. "I held back the last time we fought. Yet you wish to fight me at full power despite the fact you cannot access your Ascendant powers."

Upon hearing this, Yamato grinned and turned to see Gabumon. Gabumon was seen talking with Yui's DarkGabumon some distance away. Gabumon immediately hurried back to his partner's side. "Let's take this outside the city!" He said as he drew out his Digivice as the bluish symbol of Friendship glowed across his chest. "My partner has a different Mega form! I'm sure he can take you down. After he's done with you, then you're gonna do what I want!" He declared as his Digivice glowed.

Gabumon quickly evolved into ZeedGarurumon. Yamato promptly jumped onto his partners back and the two took off. Brave took to the air and prepared to follow him. The others were about to follow, but Brave turned his head and nodded to X. X took this as a sign and held his arms out to barricade anyone from intervening.

"Brave wants to handle this on his own. We should respect his wishes." X said seriously much to the chagrin of Mimi and Keke, who were worried about the outcome.

Mimi protested against this action. "But if that Digimon loses, Matt's personality will disappear forever!"

Keke sighed. "I really don't know about this. Even though dad can't go Ascendant right now, ZeedGarurumon is still pretty strong in his own right."

Ken (XLR) glanced back at Veemon (XLR), who simply nodded. "As much as I'd like to let Brave handle this, the dude's helped us all and he's our friend! I'm not about to let some psycho charlatan run rampant!" He held up his Digivice and roared. "Digi-Armor Energize!"

Veemon started glowing and proceeded to evolve. "Veemon... Armor Digivolve to!Raidramon, the Storm of Friendship!" Letting out his trademark roar, Ken (XLR) mounted his partner's back and the two took off. X tried to stop them only for Tai and Dimitri to get in his way.

"Let him go," Tai insisted against X's order. "I think he has more of a right to go see how this will turn out more than any of us."

Realizing this and Ken's close bond with Brave, X nodded after a moment. "You're right. After all he saw what all went down when he first met Brave, and even though the two have only been together for a short time, he views Brave as a comrade. It's the same way he views his other Digimon." He said with a broadened smile behind his mask.

Mikato dismissively shook her head while Shizuka sighed at Ken's usual antics.

"He's always like this! Impulsive to the bitter end!" remarked Mikato. "It's always fighting with him!"

"At least he's honest about his feelings though," said Shizuka looking over to Helena, who along with Karin were worried after seeing Ken (XLR) take off.

"So what'll we do till they get back?" wondered Davis.

Gennai took out the data chip X received from Sonja.

When seeing this, Ken (DF) gasped and examined the chip. "Hey isn't that?"

X answered whilst Sonja and BW approached him. "Gennai, why don't you explain what happened to the other Artificials. You all need to know what Ken had to deal with back home."

Everyone gathered near X and Gennai to listen to them explain about Ken's encounter with the three lost Artificials. Sonja and BW scanned the data chip Gennai presented to everyone.

"We were able to determine a theory as to how the other Artificials ended up in Ken's universe."

Sonja and BW walked up as they wanted to hear this explanation.

"A theory?" asked Sonja. "So, what you got so far isn't concrete?" She demanded from the startled Digital Knight.

Gennai rubbed his head nervously with the upfront Artificial. "Well, it's like this. Upon further examination of the data in this chip, we discovered elements of a powerful electrical surge that somehow got into Datamon's underground lab and subsequently sent the Artificials into Ken's world. A few of my colleagues went to check out what was left of the site. They discovered small but similar elements of the electricity still lingering about. Only there is not as much now as there first was... what with a year in this time having passed." BW mused over this as Gennai continued. "However, from what we can tell, the electricity isn't normal and seems to be digital based. Someone had to have had a hand in those Artificials disappearing."

Sonja didn't feel convinced until Davis added his say. "Was it GranDracmon's doing? I mean he seems to be the cause of a lot of our problems lately."

Gennai nodded. "We don't know. GranDracmon isn't known for using electricity either. So, that is debatable."

At this time, the other Kari spoke up. "Well, I know they had their capsules taken away by the Japanese military back in the world we were in."

Mikato and Shizuka were shocked when she said this.

"How come you didn't tell us this?" wondered Shizuka.

The other Kari smiled. "Well, you two seemed tired that day. Plus after what you said about Ken wanting to kill you two on the TV, I figured it would be best not to bring it up."

Many others got nervous at the thought of Ken getting a TV camera and proclaiming death upon someone, especially after seeing his psychotic nature in action.

"Did you recover any other data?" Sonja asked, hoping to change the subject.

Gennai nodded as he took out a small camera-like device from his pocket and inserted the chip into it. It then produced images similar to those produced by the Dragon Gazer Mirror and Ken's B.A.X. Digivice. Most of the images were sketchy save for two. The first one showed a large green man charging straight at them steadfast.

"HULK SMASH!" This resounding yet loud bellow, recognized by many, drew aghast looks and massive subsequent sweatdrops.

"Wow! The Incredible Hulk exists in that world!" A giddy David exclaimed as expected from a child. "Awesome! I wonder if any other the other Marvel characters do!"

Tike nodded in agreement. "Hell yeah! I say we go to Ken's world and meet them!"

Kara added, giggling. "I'd like to know if Wolverine is there, too."

Cammy gaped. "Sis, did you see that...?"

Rei sweatdropped. "I did, but even I can't believe it!"

Minako added, resisting the urge to laugh. "Yeah, tell me about! The Hulk lives in Ken's world?"

Yusuke shrugged. "Hey, who would've thought!"

Mikato sighed. "You have no idea, guys."

A second image showed what appeared to be Ken in his Tsukuyomimon form firing off the Tenchu Requiem. The image showed him flying backwards and plunging into the ground before being pushed ten feet under.

"I guess that explains why his Digimon need to hold him in place!" examined Kohana, as she now realized what his Digimon referred to before using the attack.

"I'm still confused. That attack seems way deadlier than anything else he's used in battle, but why is it only accessible in that form?" wondered Yusuke.

"That technique Yusuke is actually forbidden to be used under normal conditions in the human world due to it's destructive power," X said shocking everyone once again. "That technique draws out power from the moon itself and then discharges it. The more power drawn, the stronger the move becomes. That's why it is so strong. However, as you can imagine, using the move is not without drawbacks. One of which you've seen first hand and that is the recoil factor from drawing in too much power."

Sonja was confused. "So why is it forbidden in the human world?"

"I'm sure you all saw first hand how many Digimon it obliterated before we went to the Xros Wars world did you not?" Most present nodded when the masked man reminded them of this event. "The Digimon had to be thrown into the air. Otherwise, he would've destroyed the city and no doubt some of us in the crossfire. That is why it is not supposed to be utilized here. In the Digital World, it is fine because data can be easily restored..." He looked around the carnage still there. "...human world problems on the other hand..." He stopped when the last image came up. It showed Ken making a slicing motion with his sword before screaming at something, but nothing was heard as the picture faded.

"No wonder he beat them!" Sonja mused. "It's probably better this way. At least now, they won't be giving us any trouble... not that they could." She said knowing she, Jax, and BW were stronger than Bionicmon, CyberBoltmon, and Vectormon.

Helena (XLR) quickly asserted. "I was so tense the entire time. Pluto wouldn't let us go out and help him, but thankfully he pulled it off."

Karin giggled as she heard this. "Was the other me with you at the time?"

Helena (XLR) nodded. "She's a lot like you only younger. I don't think we could hold a candle to you power wise from what I've been told."

Karin simply put her hands on Helena's shoulder. "It's ok. Whether or not you become Valkyries or not is up to fate in that world. Until such a time, just do the best you can with what powers you have and never give up no matter what." She said smiling and lifting her spirits. Helena (XLR) nodded at her senior's reassuring glance.

"Speaking of Ken, here's hoping he and dad don't kill each other. Because knowing the latter, he just might try it," said Dimitri as he glanced to the city. A few others did the same as they knew powers would soon be flying in the evening sky.

Don't do anything you might regret, Yamato. thought Tai, shooting a cautious glare toward Odaiba.


Outside the city, ZeedGarurumon landed first allowing Yamato to dismount him. Brave followed shortly after and descended where they landed.

"I will fulfill my mission and seal you away charlatan of friendship," declared Brave.

This comment struck a nerve in Yamato, who darkened his glare. "You insolent... get him ZeedGarurumon!"

(Cue My-Hime OST Duran Shoukan)

With that, ZeedGarurumon followed through and obeyed his command. "Very well! Zeed Cannon!" The Mega howled, expelling a powerful blast from the cannon on his back.

"Absolute Zero!" Brave yelled in response, summoning a powerful ice attack. Both attacks hit and were quickly nullified.

"See? My partner has also evolved like I have! You are nothing to us now!" Yamato bellowed out as the two Digimon charged each other once more.

However, AncientGarurumon proved he was no slouch either. Even with his falsified body, he was able to knock ZeedGarurumon back hard with his brandished swords.

"You should know the strength of our techniques is only one aspect we carry! I've been training my mind ever since our first battle, Yamato. I won't fall so easily."

Before either Digimon could get off another attack, another voice inexplicably came.

"Thunder Blast!" A strike of lightning came from no where and hit ZeedGarurumon in the face. Although since the attack was from an Armor Digimon and he was currently a Mega, it didn't take long for ZeedGarurumon to shrug it off.

"Who dares?" demanded Yamato, who surveyed the area for the source.

Brave inspected the skies and saw Ken riding up on Raidramon.

"I thought I told you to stay back! This is between me and him!"

Ken dismissed the Ancient Warrior's demand. "Not anymore it's not. You've battled alongside me and the others up until this point. You're our comrade and friend. I'm not going to let someone who doesn't understand that concept when he carries that very attribute kill you!" When making his declaration clear, Raidramon descended near them. Ken dismounted his Digimon, who regressed to Veemon. He stood his ground and faced Yamato, who seemingly glared a hole through him.

"Boy, it's bad enough you're an Ascendant I've never heard off. It's even worse that you've also found a way to transcend the normal boundaries of an Ascendant like Tai, his sister, and my son from the future. I have not forgotten the embarrassment you gave me back in the other world! You would do well not to provoke me further." Ken said nothing at first, but then after taking off his shades his eyes and face showed Yamato he wasn't scared at all.

"I was scared of you at first. I still am because I really didn't want to get in a fight with someone like you since the outcome for both of us would be bad. At the same time, I am not going to let you kill my friend! I don't care what happened in the past! The past is the past and it can't be changed, and not only that but you have got to be the biggest fraud I've seen in my life!" Yamato darkened his glare as he continued. "You carry the Crest of Friendship yet you don't understand what it means! Maybe the other you does... no, I'm certain he does and understands what I'm telling you, but you certainly don't! It's about time you let Matt take his body back now!"

Provoked, ZeedGarurumon growled toward Ken. "Silence human! Even if there are two personas within his body, both of them are my friends and I shall treat them as such!"

Ken narrowed his eyes back. "Do you mean that with all your heart, or are you just saying that to save face in front of the false one?"

Yamato gritted his teeth before a voice entered his head.

'Looks like this guy's got it right.' It was Matt's voice as hearing him pushed Yamato over the edge.

"I don't have time for this! Wipe them all out!"

ZeedGarurumon charged up the cannon on his back, which made Ken's Digisoul to flare up again. Yamato was aghast at what he was seeing as was Brave.

"I thought he had to punch the Digimon to make that work?" Yamato gaped in shock.

Brave mused over this latest development. I see. Both fight solo, but while Yamato fights to be strong, Ken, just as Matt would, fights to protect those around him to make sure they don't get hurt!

Ken allowed his partner to evolve into AlforceVeedramon, who promptly held his hands forward palm to palm horizontally.

"Ryuken Wave!" AlforceVeedramon shouted, expelling an energy beam from his hands with a dragon's head at the forefront. It struck into ZeedGarurumon hard, disabling him from completing his attack.

"NO!" roared Yamato as Brave was taken aback.

"That technique! That was what you used to beat Caiusmon wasn't it?"

Ken answered, but looked at his partner surprised. "It was! When the heck did you learn that, buddy?"

"Probably from getting used to being in Ascendant form I'd think, but that's besides the point right now," AlforceVeedramon said as ZeedGarurumon recovered to his feet

However before anyone else could make a move, a haunting giggle filled the air.

"Who was that!" wondered Ken, as he, the Digimon and Yamato all suddenly felt a powerful energy signature near them coupled with a moderately powerful one.

"Ah, come on now brother! Don't spoil the fun... Freezing Destroyer!" A large energy polar bear suddenly erupted from over the trees towards them. Its body constructed of pure black colored ice-like particles. It was big enough to engulf them all easily and did so very swiftly.

"Take it down!" cried AlforceVeedramon. "Shining V-Force!" He quickly unleashed a V-shaped laser toward the dark polar beat construct.

"Zeed Cannon!" howled ZeedGarurumon.

His attack ironically combined with AlforceVeedramon's, but neither attack made so much as a dent on the giant polar bear. It continued to descend upon them like Dynasmon's Breath of Wyvern attack. Brave growled and started glowing with a bright white aura as he ran past the two Digimon. He stopped the attack from coming further, but Ken could tell it wasn't going to work.

"You idiot! That attack can't be blocked in full! You're gonna die!" yelled Ken with concern.

Brave merely smiled whilst holding the attack with his remaining strength. "I know! I wanted to rectify my mistakes, but I see now your correct Ken! The past can't be fixed... so, at least allow me to protect you all!"

Yamato growled at this. "You coward! You know you can't stop me! You choose the easy way out!"

Brave grimly nodded. "You'll learn eventually. Ken has the right idea of how friendship should be used, as do your comrades and your true self... until you realize that you will never succeed, Yamato!" He yelled as his body started to decompose before disappearing in a flash of light. "Farewell... Ken.. my friend... I'm glad I got to meet you..."

"NO! BRAVE!"Ken's eyes widened in shock as an explosion of light overwhelmed them all.

(End theme)



Back in the city, the others noticed this and the warriors felt the resounding shock waves emanating from afar.

"Just how far are they willing to take this?" wondered Ken (DF).

"Look!" Minako cried out, noticing the explosion seemingly fade.

However, others noticed two other energy signatures appear.

"It's not just them! Two unknowns are there as well!" said Mika as the light died down.

"There's something coming this way!" Sara warned everyone.

Four streams of light came flying out of it towards them.

"Move out of the way!" Yusuke shouted.

In no time, Veemon and Gabumon landed in the pond lake. Yamato's body smashed through a bench while Ken (XLR) ended up going through one tree before crashing into another and hitting the ground.

"MATT!" Mimi and Keke cried out as they bolted over to him with Dimitri following them.

"Father!" Dimitri cried out.

"What in the hell!" Tai exclaimed as everyone quickly ran to check on the fallen four.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds OST Dark Signers Theme)

However, before they could, someone cut them off. Standing before them all, and looming over Ken's downed body, was a girl about Karin's age. She wore silvery, white hair currently in a ponytail style and currently garbed in a sailor uniform akin to that of the Sailor Senshi. However, the color scheme was different. The white body area was an icy blue, the broach on her chest was solid black, her skirt was dark blue, and the ribbon on her back was also black. The tiara on her head was silver and her boots were icy blue as well. She turned slowly for all to look upon her, but when Karin specifically made eye contact with her, a dark chill inexplicably went down her spine. She felt she was looking at a reflection of herself.

"Who are you?" Karin demanded, firming her tone as Usagi, Rei, and Minako came forward wanting to know just who this 'Senshi' was.

"Sis, who is that?" Cammy pointed to the mysterious girl. "She looks like Karin!"

Rei shot a cold and defiant glare toward the girl. "She does look like Karin, but she exudes an ominous and sinister aura."

"Don't tell me your that surprised to see me... sister." She replied in a calm and dark manner tinged with cruelty. This remark sent a shockwave throughout the group. Dimitri walked up and gripped his sword, but Karin held out her hand for him to stop as the new girl whipped out a Naginata. She held it inches over Ken's head. "You're smarter than you look. That's good. It wouldn't do for me to have it easy against you."

Tai approached her as well. "Just who the heck are you? Karin's family died and...!"

The newcomer stopped him and giggled evilly. "She and I are related... and yet we aren't." Her eyes fell right over Ken's fallen body. "Same goes for brother here. The two of you gave me life after all." This and the fact she called Ken 'brother' confused everyone.

"What is she talking about?" Minako wondered.

The new girl just smiled. "If you can't figure it out, then let me give you a clue." She turned toward Karin. "What happened to both of you during this battle of yours?"

Karin realized to those moments what she was referring to. She recalled Zamielmon hit both of them with an arrow. One was originally meant for her, but Ken (XLR) instinctively used his body to protect her from the arrow and took the blow. A sample of his blood was drawn out of his wound. The second time happened when Karin and Jaarin engaged Zamielmon in a final skirmish. The subordinate managed to collect Karin's blood after opening up a grievous wound to her shoulder. Zamielmon used the exact same arrow he shot Ken with. Both Karin and Ken's blood samples became intertwined on the arrow. Though, Karin couldn't figure out why and for what reason this was for.

Then, being the quick thinker, Karin managed to put two and two together. "Wait a second. You mean that the arrow Zamielmon shot us with was used to create you?"

The girl nodded. "Yep, Papa GranDracmon brought me to life using your DNA, but he didn't expect to get someone else's as well." She said this while looking down over Ken.

Helena (XLR), Mikato, and Shizuka wanted to do something, but they knew they couldn't with how powerful an aura the girl seemingly emitted. The Ascendants and warriors available probed the strong energies exuding from her.

"Her power!" Shizuka sensed the new girl's power and warned the Senshi. "It feels just like when you all go into your Valkyrie states!"

Usagi gasped before realizing it herself. "I don't believe this! But, you mean to tell us... GranDracmon is responsible?"

The girl's evil smile widened. "Yes, I was created by Papa GranDracmon. He's such a miracle worker. Now you know, Sailor Moon." She directly answered the Moon Princess. "My name is Sailor Andes, but you can just call me Andes!"

Having heard enough, Hiei hastily drew his sword and dashed at her with lightning speed. He attempted to strike her down. However a large black blur appeared, blocking his strike and causing him to fall back.

"HIEI!" Yusuke called out as he saw Hiei's sword break in two.

Yui gaped. "How did Hiei's sword break?"

"Look!" Aoshi and Kohana shouted, pointing to the large dark figure standing beside Sailor Andes.

"About time you got here my partner," she said, drawing out a black Digivice similar to the first models. But like Beyond's, it was all black.

(End theme)

The mystery newcomer stood and turned shocking everyone more, including Tai and Agumon. It was a BlackVictoryGreymon.

The dark behemoth addressed the false Ice Senshi. "I am sorry, my mistress. I had to make sure the ancient one was destroyed by your attack."

Tai and Agumon glared at the dark Mega. "So, he makes a copy of Karin and gives her my partner? This is one evil son of a..." He received glares from several females present and stopped abruptly mid-sentence before correcting himself. "...I mean, a big cheap imitation!" He said not taking his gaze off Andes and her partner.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds OST Dark Signers' Duel Theme)

Andes then noticed Ken (XLR) was starting to twitch and move his body. "Ah, brother. How I admire your body's refusal to stay down." With that, she knelt down and held up his head. She lowered her lips over his. She then sealed her lips against Ken's lips. However while this disgusted most of the people present, Sonja, BW, and X noticed Ken's body started to act weird while she was doing this. Having seen enough, they quickly took action against this.

"She's doing something to him!" X warned.

But, before any of the Ascendants and warriors sprang across, Sonja surprisingly beat them to the punch.

"Get off him, you hussy!" passionately shouted Sonja as she punched Andes back.

The Senshi took this opportunity to transform into their Valkyrie Forms. Helena (XLR) wasn't sure if she should transform as well as she could knew how powerful Andes was.

"Moon Valkyrie Power! Make-Up!"

"Mars Valkyrie Power! Make-Up!"

"Venus Valkyrie Power! Make-Up!"

"Sedna Valkyrie Power! Make-Up!"

The four Valkyries surrounded Andes, who got up slowly after being punched by Sonja.

"I forgot those stupid marionettes can't be tracked," she muttered and stopped to look around. She saw the four Valkyrie Senshi form a circle and barricade her. "Don't think you've won just because you're ganging up on me. Besides sister, you might want to help brother out before he dies from the cold." This confused them until Sedna turned and saw Mikato touch Ken. When she did, she was forced to immediately retract her hand.

"His body... it's like touching an ice cube!"

Valkyrie Sedna growled at Andes and quickly made her way over to him. The other three blocked Andes' path. Sonja also prevented Andes from getting near Ken (XLR).

"You'll pay for that!" Moon exclaimed.

Venus openly chastised her. "You're picking the wrong time to fight us!"

"What exactly is your game plan?" Mars demanded from the false Ice Senshi.

"I can't tell you that. This was merely my introduction to you all since I will be playing with you all soon," Andes smiled evilly as she veered her eyes toward Ken (XLR). "Well after brother is destroyed should he survive my poisonous ice kiss. Though if you three want to challenge me now, then by all means come on, but I can't guarantee you'll still be in one piece after I'm done with you." She said this whilst brandishing her weapon and readying herself for battle.

The three Valkyrie Senshi glared back knowing they still hadn't gotten back to full power yet and knew fighting her would be a bad idea. Individually, each one at full power would be enough to slow her down, but after their last battle they hadn't recovered and Andes would take advantage of their current states. Helena (XLR) was a complete non-factor with no Valkyrie power of her own to fight Andes. Nearby, BlackVictoryGreymon stared down BanchoLeomon, Pikkan, and BW, preventing them from interfering. They along with nearly all of the others present were too tired and hadn't recovered enough to make a difference. Helena (XLR) ran up to Ken's side as did Sedna.

"We gotta do something! His body's looking like it's getting colder!" said Helena concerned.

Sedna sighed whilst placing her weapon down. "I'll help him." With that, she focused and converted her body into mist, which then entered his body through his mouth and nose. A few minutes passed before Ken (XLR) started coughing up a black liquid that upon hitting the ground froze and decayed a small patch of the earth. After a solid minute of this, Sedna came back and reformed back into her human form, but her Valkyrie outfit's cape and helmet showed signs of being burned through and scorched. "Whatever that ice was it was definitely not easy to extract!"

"KARIN!" Dimitri cried out as he flew over and helped tend to his girlfriend. "Are you...?"

"I'm fine, Dimitri... I barely made it out before that black muck dissolved me. My armor and cape can repair itself after I detransform."

"Thank goodness," Sora sighed with relief. "We really thought we were going to lose you!"

"You crazy girl..." Tai muttered. "Thinking about others before yourself. You haven't changed."

Helena (XLR), along with Mikato and Shizuka, was shocked at what she had just seen.

Andes clapped mockingly at her sister's heroics. "Well, well sister! You saved brother just like I thought!" Her smile faded when glaring back to her partner. "Ok, BlackVictoryGreymon we've stayed long enough! Level this place!" She ordered the dark Mega, who nodded in response.

(End theme)

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds OST Serious SOS)

"As you command, my mistress," BlackVictoryGreymon replied in a dark and gruff tone before Dimitro stepped up and blocked his path. "Eh?"

"DIMITRO!" Jaarin cried out.

Takuya shouted. "What the heck are you doing, man?"

Izumi pleaded. "Are you crazy?"

"No way!" Dimitro exclaimed as he pulled out his D-Scanner and activated his Spirits. "Execute! Spirit Evolution!" Digicore quickly swirled around him before he transformed into the Warrior of Metal. "Mercuremon!" To everyone's surprise, including Andes, he raised his mirrors in front of BlackVictoryGreymon and goaded him to attack. "Well? Thou shall make your move?"

"What does he think he's doing?" Rika wondered about his strategy.

Henry added. "I believe I get it now. Remember Dimitro has the Spirits of Metal. As Mercuremon, he can absorb any attack through his mirrors and reflect them back at his opponent. It doesn't matter how powerful his opponent is."

"Right, the evil Mercuremon did it when he confronted Seraphimon!" Takuya reflected on that occasion. "That wannabe VictoryGreymon probably knows this as well."

Takato called out. "Dimitro! Be careful!"

X sagely nodded and beckoned his colleagues to back away.

"Why?" Keke questioned him. "Let me at that bitch!"

"Save me some, too!" Kara said.

Tike added. "We'll mess her up good!"

Tai answered. "Just watch."

As Sedna and Helena (XLR) picked Ken (XLR) off the ground, Mercuremon methodically walked up to BlackVictoryGreymon. Suddenly, BlackVictoryGreymon slowly backed off, which did not make Andes all too pleased.

"What are you waiting for? Attack him!" Andes angrily spat out.

BlackVictoryGreymon quickly took to the air and raised his right hand. From out of thin air, a large sword materialized and resembled a black-and-gray version of VictoryGreymon's Dramon Breaker sword. He gripped the weapon and took a swing, unleashing an earth shattering force that swept away a section of the park's forest.

"He's trying to damage the park!" Kari (DF) cried out as she, TK, and Davis hastily took off to catch the trees that flew toward Yolei, Cody, and Ken.

Tai did the same as he and Agumon stopped a tree from hitting Sora, Izzy, and Joe. Sam, Tike, Kara, Keke, and David sprang into action as they caught more trees that nearly flew out of the city. The Valkyrie Senshi and Dimitri helped them out as they stopped incoming debris from flying out into Odaiba. Andes shook her head dismissively, realizing the heroes were too quick to respond to her first strike.

"Damn it all," Andes muttered as she stepped away and saw Mercuremon closing toward her. "BlackVictoryGreymon, get down here!"

Upon hearing his mistress' command, he descended and landed near her. Like before, he seemingly backed away from Mercuremon as if he had full assessment on the Warrior of Metal's techniques.

"I don't get it! Why aren't you attacking him?"

"There's no point a reflection of one's self," replied BlackVictoryGreymon, resisting the urge to withdraw.

When hearing this, Andes whined. "Oh, why? Who cares? It's a mirror with lipstick for crying out loud!" She sneered at the Warrior of Metal. "How is that not creepy?" She forcibly gave in and nodded. "Fine. We're withdrawing for now." She jumped atop BlackVictoryGreymon and mounted his right shoulder. "You guys have been spared for now, but don't think this will be the last we meet!" An evil smile adorned her pale face as she veered her cold eyes over Valkyrie Sedna and Ken, who was barely coming to. "After I finish tormenting brother, I'll be coming back to play with you, sister! My power will continue to grow until I'm strong enough to kill you and your Sailor pals!" She chortled and watched Valkyrie Sedna shoot a determined glare. "Ta-ta!" She laughed manically as a portal opened up behind her and BlackVictoryGreymon. They both jumped through as Andes' evil giggles filled the air for the last time before the portal closed.

(End theme)

Valkyrie Sedna sank to her knees and tried to deny who she saw. "No... this... this is just a bad dream. This can't be true!" She felt her boyfriend's comforting arm around her back. "Dimitri... I... I don't think I'm strong enough to fight her on my own."

"Of course, you are! Don't let her get into your head, Karin!" Dimitri did his best to encourage her. "She's just a cheap imitation of you! She'll never be as strong as you'll ever be!"

"...guys! Ken's waking up!" Helena (XLR) called to everyone as they gathered to see Ken (XLR) with his eyes open.

Ken (XLR) breathed deeply and looked around the crowd hovering over him. "...where... where is she?"

"She retreated with her Digimon," Tai said with anger in his tone, but his venom was directed toward more so with GranDracmon and Andes. "Karin saved you."

"Karin...?" Ken (XLR) turned his head and saw Sedna on her knees almost wanting to cry. He watched Dimitri help Sedna up and led her toward him. "Your... cape... and helmet..."

"It'll be ok, Ken. Your life comes first," Sedna said as she knelt by his side and took Ken's hand. "GranDracmon made a clone of us. She... she's fled, but she's set her target on us."

"She called you two brother and sister," Yusuke asserted, scratching his head. "Well, makes sense... she was cloned from you two."

"She had to be created to be a perfect modified clone," BanchoLeomon stated. "Created from two specific subjects. I was able to smell the scent of both Karin and Ken from her."

"But, most of my blood was used to create her!" Valkyrie Sedna corrected him. "Only a bit of Ken's was used... if only I wasn't careless when I tried to protect Jaarin!"

"That wasn't your fault! I didn't react in time to dodge the arrow!" Jaarin called out. "Nobody would've suspected this to happen!" She walked over to Sedna and pulled her into a hug. "I know you mean well and prioritize others before yourself... that's just who you are. You can't change that." She pat Sedna's back, causing her to calm down. "It's ok, Karin. Relax. If she ever shows up in our world, we'll be ready."

"Yeah! We've taken down bigger bads than her!" Izumi exclaimed.

Takato added. "Who says we can stop her and that cheap imitation of Tai's Digimon!"

Valkyrie Moon asserted. "We're all behind you!"

"Better yet. If we have to ensure she doesn't come after you and Ken, we'll go straight for GranDracmon himself," X openly declared, to which everyone reaffirmed their stance on and unanimously agreed upon. "When the chance presents itself, we'll find his dimension and destroy the source that created Andes."

Ken (XLR) watched Sedna relax in Jaarin's embrace. "Karin, I'll make sure she doesn't come near you." He gritted his teeth and firmed his resolve to stop Sailor Andes at all costs. "I'll kill that thing before you get the chance to, sis!" He, to everyone's surprise, called Sedna by 'sister'. "I don't have a sister back home, but... with our bond... you've become like a sister I wished I had. I know it sounds silly..."

Sedna opened her eyes and smiled to Ken (XLR). "And I'd be honored to call you my brother. Andes' existence just confirms how strong our bond has become." The two exchanged affectionate smiles as Dimitri approved of this and watched his girlfriend hug Ken (XLR). "...please, don't try killing yourself if you ever face her."

"I'd rather that than let her get near you again."

"Sheesh, this is a mess," Yolei remarked. "How do we know GranDracmon won't attack our world?"

"Because he's in no condition to in his current form," X bluntly answered. "He's biding his time. We're the ones who will knock on his door. He's expecting us to face him. This is his response to the rapidly growing number of Ascendants. This is the reason Burizalor tried to prevent any Ascendant to materialize." He turned toward Tai and sighed. "And it all started with you. Not that I'm blaming you. It was inevitable. The rise of Ascendants couldn't be prevented. It just means more enemies beyond our dimension will target us."

"Hey, it's no different from all the baddies we've faced before!" Davis exclaimed.

Kari (DF) nodded as the other Kari walked beside her. "We'll bring the fight to GranDracmon!"

"What she said!" Tike and Kara said.

"The past can't be changed. We'll have to deal with whatever threatens our boundaries," BW stated.

"Don't forget about us!" Takato called out as he and his Tamer colleagues nodded in unison. "We're also involved in this Ascendant war, too!"

"Right! We're in!" Takuya said. "We might be divided by three different dimensions, but we're in this together!"

"Then, it's unanimous," Tai said as he pumped his fist into the air and rallied everyone together. "When the time comes, we'll unite and bring GranDracmon down and show him not to mess with a united front!" He elicited a strong and united call from the amassed group. All of them reaffirmed their resolve to defeat GranDracmon and end his behind-the-scene operations.


The remaining fifth hour was near its end. Ryo and the other Kari (and other Gatomon)'s dimension insulators were beginning to wear off. After Ken (XLR) and Veemon (XLR) were healed, they along with Helena (XLR), Mikato, Shizuka, and their Digimon partners took this as a sign for them to depart. However, before they did, they started bidding their goodbyes to their new friends and allies.

When Ken (XLR) remembered Brave's sacrifice, he was saddened about his loss. It took encouragement from Karin and Helena (XLR) to realize Brave had done it to save his life. The Bearer of Unity vowed he'd not let Brave sacrifice be in vain and vowed to destroy Andes whatever it took.

As for Yamato and Gabumon, they were treated by Mimi and Palmon. Dimitri and Keke still disapproved of their father's senseless action against Brave and Ken (XLR). Yamato was more infuriated with the notion he lost his chance for mental dominance and vowed to destroy Andes for taking that opportunity away.

Powered down from their Valkyrie forms, the Senshi gathered with their allies and prepared to depart. Cammy held the Dragon Gazer Mirror in hand as Yui, DarkGabumon, Aoshi, and Kohana crowded around to ask her about her meeting with Eri. From the corner, Rei smiled and realized Eri's soul remnants fully resonated into Cammy's body. The brief meeting with Eri enlightened the Miko Senshi and her sister of their family ancestries.

The decision was finally narrowed to Ryo and Karin to which groups they'd led back to their dimensions. Ryo decided he would led Ken's group home. Karin was left to take the YYGDM group to their dimension where she would return with them. Dimitri and Faith were given the time drive from Karin to return to their time to check on the damages caused by Paradixalmon's minions.

(Cue Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds OST Hope)

Tai, Dimitri, and Ken (XLR) approached each other to give their farewells. Takato, Takuya, Yusuke, Usagi, and Karin joined in to say goodbye to Tai, Dimitri, Ken (XLR), and Helena (XLR). Karin gave Dimitri a kiss, Ken (XLR) a hug, and a handshake to Helena (XLR) before bidding them safe journeys back home.

"Well, it's about that time for us to say goodbye?" Tai offered to Dimitri and Ken (XLR). The duo approached him and gave him 'bro' fists. "You two return safely. Ken, we're always here when you need us."

"Thanks, Tai. I won't forget this," he replied, grinning. "Should Andes show up in my world, I'll deal with her."

"She's a dangerous one, Ken," Dimitri said. "You be careful, man."

Karin interjected as she interjected. "Tai... I just wanted to say..."

"Karin," the Bearer of Courage said as he and Karin quickly hugged again. "It was good seeing you again. Sora and I missed you, but we know you have new responsibilities you have to uphold."

"I'm a dimension crosser and the Kuiper Senshi leader. Yeah, I'd say that's a ton of responsibility I have to take."

"Well, if you have any free time, come by and see us again. We'd like to catch up," Sora said as she hugged Karin.

Tai nodded. "You showed us you have a lot of heart out there. Thanks for helping us with Paradixalmon."

"No problem," the brunette smirked as she and Ryo opened simultaneous portals. "Ready, Ryo?"

"Yeah!" Ryo nodded as he turned and waved goodbye to Ken (DF). "You take care, Ken. Should you find the other me here... well, just make sure he's doing well."

"I'll do my best," the ex-Digimon Emperor reassured him.

Wormmon waved. "Bye!"

"You guys be safe on the way back!" Davis called out.

Kari (DF) smiled and waved to the groups. "Let our paths cross again soon!"

"Bye and you all take care!" TK called out as he and Patamon waved to the groups.

Gatomon (DF) smirked. "Too bad they couldn't stay for long."

Mimi and Keke called to Dimitri and Faith. "Be safe, Dimitri!"

"Bye-bye!" Faith cried out, giggling and waving his hands.

Before leaving, Karin wished Dimitri and Ken goodbye before she jumped through the doorway established her and the YYGDM group.

Takato, Rika, Henry, Himura, and their Digimon were the first to bid their farewells to the Kai group. Takuya, Izumi, Jaarin, and Dimitro followed next. Then, Usagi, Rei, Minako, Rio, Yusuke, Yui, DarkGabumon, Cammy, Aoshi, and Kohana said their goodbyes. Naturally, of course, Hiei said nothing but followed his colleagues through the portal behind Karin. Mika and Sara were the last YYGDM group members to say goodbye. Finally, Ryo and Cyberdramon led Ken (XLR), Helena (XLR), Shizuka, Mikato, the other Kari, and the other Gatomon into the same portal Karin used. Ken (XLR) and his entourage waved to the Kai Destined as they passed through the portal. Last but not least, the Kai Destined watched Dimitri and Faith leave with their time drive as they vanished back to their time.

Standing at the forefront, Tai, Agumon, and X faced the direction their other world allies departed.

"Something tells me this is only the beginning of a strong alliance between our worlds," Tai said, smiling proudly and folded his arms behind his head. "By the time GranDracmon knows it, we'll be right there ready to knock his door down."

Smiling broadly behind his mask, X couldn't agree more. "No doubt. Though we're all divided through time and space, we showed our bonds can overcome the impossible." And I know this won't be the last time I'll be hearing from you, Amaterasumon.

(End theme)

This event not only ended another chapter in the Kai Destined's lives, but forged an alliance, which would be dubbed the Trinity.

And the Trinity would prepare for that fateful day they confront GranDracmon.


The End


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