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..Maybe walking around the docks at night wasn't such a great idea. I sighed, biting my lip for the fourth time in the past hour as I took timid steps along the crooked boards. I couldn't sleep and had the 'bright' idea of a walk around the docks not too far from my house. I sighed, turning to look at a creepy looking island not too far into the distance, smoke rising from its tall, billowing smokestack. I jolted a little once I felt my mobile phone vibrate against my stomach in it's place inside my hooded sweater. I scrambled to pick up the mobil as I stood at the end of the dock.

"Hello?" I asked, boredly watching the island. Static was faintly heard, as a gruff voice muttered through.

"Kate? Are you there?" The voice asked, I sighed, rolling my eyes slowly.

"I'm here Kyle. What's up? You still with Trent, Henry and Mike?" I asked, looking down at the jagged edges of the wooden planks beneath my feet. Long, tattered jeans over a pair of plain, black converse.

"Yeah, but they're already dead asleep for the night. Where you at?" He asked, as I heard the clicking of the television remote from his line.

"Just..taking a walk. Can't sleep and whatnot."

"Where are you walking?"

"Back yard." After many a year, I'm still a fantastic bullshitter. Kyle chuckled, clearly knowing that I lied, but never pressed me.

"So..why can't you sleep sunshine?" He asked slowly, clearly drowsy. I snorted, looking down at the murky waters.

"Just..couldn't. One of those nights." I sighed once more. Only a few more hours and the sun would come back up.

"I know how you hate night time." He said, yawning. I nodded, taking a deep breath.

"Yeah and yeah. I don't hate night time, just when I can't sleep! Don't worry about me Sketch." I joked, twisting my neck around. I heard a trash can fall over, clattering. I spun around, seeing three large guys coming out of nowhere.

"Ayee...there girly.." The leader of the group spoke, the chains on his jeans jangling. He wore a cap, twisted backwards on his head.

"Kate...Katie..who's there?" Kyle asked, snapping awake. The two cronies practically giggled, high off their skulls. I stepped back a little, only to wobble and remember that I had stupidly perched myself at the end of the dock. I growled, watching the trio step closer, the boards creaking under them.

"Kyle..Ky..I'm at the docks..Three..there's three guys.." I muttered, wincing when I saw the glint of the knife.


I twitched, turning to look at the choppy waters.

"What?" I asked, trying to get further back.

"If you're near the water-jump!" He shouted. I heard the sounds of our three other friends scurrying awake.

"Okay!" I shouted, spinning around and gulping down a large breath.

"Woah! Where ya goin'?" He asked, right as I dove into the harsh water. Freezing cold struck me, and stole the air out of my lungs. My mobile frizzled, sparking before I tossed it as far away from me as I could. I hit the surface, gasping as much air as I could. I coughed, sputtering out water and God knows what else.

I heard the trio of gangsters shouting obscenities from the docks as another large wave rushed over my head. I tried to break the surface to get air as many times as I could, but the waves were choppy and rough. As soon as I was a finger touch close to the surface, I was thrown and disorientated once more. I finally broke the surface, screaming violently and trying to find some kind of place to keep my feet.

I managed to shake the nasty water from my eyes. I saw the island from before, the smoke still billowing from its smokestack. I coughed, chocking out vile water. My eyes stung and ears were ringing, my long hair catching on driftwood and other garbage that was littering the river. Another current came quickly, dragging me under. I felt my chest smash into some rocks, opening my mouth to scream as water rushed in. I jerked to the surface, eyes brimming with tears.

"H-HELP!" I gurgled, trying to wave my arms above my head, hoping someone would see me. Merely wishful thinking, it wasn't bright out and I was wearing dark clothes. I heard an almost silent shout, and something splash in the water. I screamed once more, gasping as a pair of arms wrapped around my middle. Whomever it was dragged me towards the surface, before they began dragging me towards the island.

I coughed, clinging to whoever it was even as my feet touched the muddy floor of the river as we came closer to the island.

"There there..you're alright now." The voice was deep, but light with kindness. We both fell to our knees in the sand, as I coughed up water and he rubbed my back. I could hear the footfalls of a large group coming our way, but my ears were still ringing loudly. I wheezed, water pouring from my nose and mouth like a fountain.

"C'mon, that's it. Just get all that water out." He spoke softly, as the group closed in on us, a soft murmur of questions floating in the air.

"Are you crazy? That water is practically lethal right now!" Another gruff voice shouted, before apparently they came around the bend and caught sight of us. "Oh..uhh..nice job fishing.."

"Mikey! Is she okay?" Another voice asked, as more people seemed to crowd around us.

"Guys! Give them some room!"

I looked up, eyes still stinging from the river water as I took a glance at the group. They all looked tired and disheveled, and more than a little dirty, around 20 of them at most. A stocky, kind looking black man stood to my right, wearing an old brown coat and an orange scarf. I turned to my left, looking to see whoever saved me.


The first thing I spotted was green. The guy was still rubbing my back, his eyes hidden by an orange mask. His skin was green, and he was missing a pair of ears and a nose. His skin was a bright sea green, wearing only an orange mask, a belt, elbow and knee pads. He had what looked like a plastron and a shell, two toes on his feet and three fingers on his hands.

Three similar looking people stood behind him, their masks red, blue and purple. All their eyes looked white, shadowed by their masks and their skins different tones of greens. I coughed once more, another mouthful of gross ass river water came out.

"H-hello.." I managed to rasp out, more water coming out my nose.

"Hello young one. Are you alright?" The older man asked, kneeling down beside me and the large turtle. The turtle kept patting my back, more water coming out seemingly from no where. How much water had I taken in? I swear I must have coughed out at least a gallon already.

"I-I dunno. I'm dizzy..and seeing turtles." I whispered, causing the group to laugh. I coughed, my chest beginning to ache horribly.

"Yes you are my dear. This is Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo. Michelangelo saved you from drowning my dear." He said kindly, patting my long, drenched hair. I winced, sputtering out more water. I turned to the turtles, looking at them. They seemed stiff and stressed, all but the orange turtle.

"M-Michelangelo." I managed to get out, hacking out more water. The hand resumed patting my back.

"Mikey's fine. Who are you little dudette?" He asked, smiling brightly.

"K-kate." I managed to choke out, as he helped my to my feet. I was shaky on my feet, but I was holding onto Mikey tightly as he hefted me to my feet. Just as I seemed to find my equilibrium, my eyes shuttered and everything went black.

"Oh shell."

Author's Pov:

After knockin' off the Garbage Man, Mikey...well, being Mikey told some bogus joke. Instead of getting sensitive that no one laughed at his joke, he quickly turned his head towards the river. He could have sworn he heard someone. There! He spied an odd splashing in the water. With a quick breath, he dove headfirst into the water.

They would have swam home already, but Donnie told his brothers that the water was too dangerous to swim in due to the tide. They'd have to wait until morning to go back to the lair. Leo saw Mikey dive in and began to shout, rushing down the side of the mountain of garbage down to the shore to see if he could get ahold of Mikey.

Donnie, Raph, the Professor, and the whole group of homeless people raced down the garbage trails to see Leo and Mikey kneeling on the sand. Mikey was hovering over what looked like a small, shivering ball with a mass of wet hair. They all raced closer, so see Leo lecturing Mikey as he patted a small girl's back. She was puking up alot of water, some of it coming out of her nose and ears.

"I saw her in the river. She was gonna die Leo!" He said, stopping our brother in mid rant. Mike kept rubbing her back, as she kept ejecting out more river water. Donnie cringed, watching the mucky water shoot out her mouth. He knew that water in the lungs was bad, but New York City river water was even worse.

She managed to push herself up into a sitting position, her form shaking and soaked. She coughed once more, her chest rattling from the ferocity of the cough. She looked at the group of homeless and the Professor, slowly taking them in. Mikey looked her over while she was distracted by the group of humans.

He couldn't tell what color her hair was. The water had made it darker, as well as the mud and sand had masked the natural tone. He could only guess blond, maybe brown, whatever color it was it went all the way down to her waist. Her skin was tanned, but pale and clammy from her struggles in the river. She was small, Donnie could guestimate she was around 5'2 and wore dark blue jeans, black sneakers and a black cropped top. She turned towards Mikey, her mismatched grey and blue eyes wide and scared.

After being introduced to the guys, Mikey tried helping get the girl, Kate to her feet. She fainted, almost falling back to the shore.

"Oh shell..." Raph groaned, putting his hands on his face and shaking his head. He couldn't believe that the girl had passed out, it was like April all over again! Did all human women faint this much? He surley hoped not. Just as the sun rose, the group of homeless were settling into what looked like a compound.

Raph couldn't comprehend why the humans would want to stay on the Garbage Man's island, but that was their choice, not his. Mikey didn't want to leave Kate on the island and was pleading with Leo to take her back to the lair. She had already seen them, what was the harm in getting to know her? Leo sighed, running his hand over his head and slowly agreeing with Mikey.

As the sun rose, Mikey somehow fastened Kate to his shell, and jumped into the river after his brothers.

My head was throbbing horribly, and there was a bright light above my face. I was in some kind of hard bed, covered with thick, heavy blankets. I groaned, pushing myself up onto my elbows and checking my surroundings. I was in some kind of creepy laboratory, complete with scary machines, lines of test tubes and jars filled with different glowing liquids. I had been changed out of my clothes, and was wearing a long, yellow t-shirt and a pair of black shorts.

I sat up just as my chest started to seize, and I started to cough. I covered my mouth, just as a mouthful of muck, puss and blood came up. It felt thick and wet in my hands as I started to shake, just as the door of the lab opened up. I refused to take my hands away from my mouth, blood, mud and grossness seeping between my fingers.

"Oh dear!"

A woman with deep red hair and bright green eyes came into the lab. She looked to be in her late twenties, but was gorgeous wearing some jeans and a pretty white sweater. She pulled my hands away from my mouth, and wiped them down with a warm, wet cloth. She had a bowl in her hands, and placed it beside me on the bed along with a box of tissues.

"Kate? Are you alright?" She asked, wiping at my hands with the wet cloth.

"Y-yeah...are..who are you? Where's those turtle boys?" I managed to get out, another cough coming up my chest.

"I'm April, here spit into the bowl. You need to flush out all that crap in your lungs, so don't fight the cough. Donnie!" She called, handing me the bowl she brought in with her. I spat out what looked like globs of mud, green and blood into the bowl. I felt disgusted, which only caused me to cough up more of the mixture.

"I washed all that river sludge off you. Don't worry, Donnie will have you patched up!" April seemed optimistic about my health, I couldn't help but smile and nod along with her. I felt myself stiffen as the purple banded turtle came into the lab, his wooden staff strapped to his shell.

"Hello..I see that you haven't woken up too well. You remember everything?" He asked, coming closer. Without my eyes stained by the river water, he was clearer. He still wore his mask, but his skin was a very nice olive green, and looked to be around 5'6. He had a kind smile, and gave off a comforting aurora, even as I grimaced down at the bowl.

"Hey..yeah. Uhh..not really feeling my best I suppose. Donatello, right?" I asked, my throat feeling raw as April took the bowl, rinsing it out in the lab's sink. Donatello nodded, smiling brightly.

"Please, just Donnie or Don. We don't need you stretching or wearing out your voice or throat. You have a fever and a cold from being in and ingesting so much water." He said, grabbing a test tube full of glowing red liquid, pouring it into a large beaker and placing it on an open flame. April sat beside me, taking my hand and rubbing it soothingly.

"How about you tell me about yourself?" April asked kindly, rubbing my hands. Donnie had his back to us, messing with some chemicals, but he was clearly listening to us.

"Uh..You already know my name. Uh...I-I live with my friends in Lower East Harlem, but were gonna move to the Upper East Side soon..it's getting kind of dicey in Harlem." I spoke the obvious, the two actually starring wide eyed at me when I said we lived in Harlem.

"Ah, you always live in the City?" April asked as three more turtles entered the room. If I remembered them correctly, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael. I smiled a little, still a little scared of the unfamiliar surroundings.

"Nope, We're from Northern New York, we came down to the city for school." I managed to get out before I coughed out more sick. I cringed, feeling my face heat up even more. My head felt congested, my chest tight and tingly.

"Sorry, I haven't made the best impressions." I grinned as April pat my shoulder and Michelangelo hopped up to me.

"Hi! Do you remember me? I'm Michelangelo, but you can call me Mikey. I am your hero after all. Ya know, the one who saved you. Yup, that's me!" He shouted quickly, a large grin almost splitting his head in half. I blinked for a little before smiling.

"Thank you Mikey. I would have gone down without you. I'm not a strong swimmer." I shrugged shaking his hand as he giggled happily.

"Then why'dya decide ta go swimmin' at night!" Raphael joked, yellow eyes glowing. His eyes were no hidden by his mask, and his eyes were a bright, shimmering gold. I snorted, my throat feeling scratchy.

"I didn't choose. It was either jump or let those creeps get me." I said, leaning further into the comfy blankets and pillows. Donnie came over to me with the beaker filled with the red liquid. He placed it in my hand, the glass still warm but not painfully hot.

"Drink that, it's going to help boost your weak immune system, help your antibodies fight the fever and cold, loosen your congestion and I put a natural sleep agent in there. You'll need some sleep." He said, as I took a small sip from the warm beaker. It tasted too much like melted bubblegum, but I had to drink it.

The soft thump of a walking stick came into the lab as I finished the last of Donnie's medicine.

"Is the young lady awake?"

I turned to see a large rat, with fuzzy grey fur and warm brown orbs wearing a ragged brown robe.


I'm not sure if the sleep agent was fast acting, or I fainted, but as soon as I saw the large rat, I delved into blackness once more.