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Surprisingly, cleaning Mikey's room didn't take as long as I previously suspected. I'd already organized Mikey's comic books that were scattered all over the floor, placing them on their racks in order of title and issue number. His action figures all had little spaces on one of Mikey's shelves, and all of his movies had a place on his small book shelf. Thankfully he didn't have any dirty clothes, but dirty bandanas littered the floors, and the bright orange sheets looked like they'd never been washed. His pillow had been abused so badly that it was practically flat, and his blanket had small tears and loose strings. I yanked his bed naked, tossing the sheets, pillow and blanket outside his door for me to fix and clean after.

I'd scrubbed the walls with a water-bleach solution after I'd dusted away all the cobwebs. I'd found a vacuum in the closet in the living room, and the small room was tiny enough to vacuum in about ten minutes. I mopped his floor with the mint-almond floor cleaner that I'd fallen in love with the last time I'd gone shopping.

His room was sparkling by the time I was done, and I was only a little tired. Throwing the sheets, pillow case and blanket into the aged washer that Donnie had somehow rigged into working down here, I grumbled and made my way into the kitchen to make some food.

Nibbling on a bagel, I found some apple jelly and began smothering the breakfast treat with the sweet yellow-y slime. I hummed contently, swinging my feet back and forth as I sat on the kitchen counter. It had been around two hours now, and there was no way that the guys would be turning around and coming back home without calling me. I stepped out of the kitchen, snatching my backpack that I'd brought with me and made my way into the dojo.

I checked the dojo for anyone, just incase someone tried to pull some ninja shit on me and let my bag drop with a thump. I took a deep breath, pulling out an aged, warped book and my laptop out of my bag and sat crossed legged on the padded floor. I opened to the first page of the book, and pulled up the translator on my laptop.

The old book was completely in Latin, it was something that had been dropped off on the doorstep of my house. A sticky note plastered on the inside cover: "Read this dear, it will help you ~Your Mother and Stine." That crazy old bitch must have known that my powers had come out, but that means someone must have told her.

I'll bet my money on Donnie, jittery little mad scientist.

I read the first few chapters, translating the small beginner spells and mouthing them silently. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and began to attempt my first spell, just like the book said.

Step one: Set a goal on what you would like to accomplish.

I eyed one of Raph's wooden dummies. I want to get those teal green bonds around it again.

Step two: Visualize your goal. Understand in detail what you are about to do.

Wrap that fucker in green light, got'cha.

Step three: Think of the feeling of vibrating power of water flowing through you, starting from your toes and growing up.

That strange tingle.

Step four: Cast your spell

"Continere apponere."

Step five: Hear your opponent plead for mercy.

Five hours and 40 minutes later, I had gone through half of the beginner's spells in this freaking book.

Protection, distance of enemy, containment, invisibility, stop the rain, make rain appear, truth, healing, stop bleeding wounds, conjuring raw energy, reversal, summoning spirits, levitation, and prosperity spells were the first one's that I read about, and most of them I couldn't try or were too scared to try right now.

Apparently that "Continere apponere" spell was a duel-subject spell, and was hard to use. The spell used both containment and raw energy to trap my opponent, kind of like a lasso. It was frustrating because I could do that spell, but the simplest of other spells seemed to blow back in my face. I tried doing the "auxilium" spell again, which was a raw energy spell, and nothing happened save for a few bloody tears that came dribbling out of my eyes.

I was too afraid to try one of the storm spells inside the lair, and it was too dark and dangerous to go outside at this time of night. I managed to levitate off the ground for about two minutes but it took so much work and a lot of water. Thank got the floor mats in here are easy to wipe down.

To levitate, I had to go get a large, plastic bowl of water, and step into it. I was able to command the water telepathicaly, and called two small circles of water beneath my feet. Those two disks of water were able to be controlled, and I was able to have them lift me into the air, giving me the appearance of levitating. The two disks were the same size as a CD, and they were really hard to balance on. I couldn't manage to made the disks any bigger, but I supposed it would come in time.

The protection spell was supposed to be like the one that blow up doll had created around our family while Leo and I had our battle with the mystery ninja. According to the illustrations in the book, a dome of water was supposed to come over my head, and was practically impenetrable.

I was able to control the water into the dome, but it quickly popped, gushing water down and soaking everything.

I had given myself a pretty decent paper cut so I could try to use the healing or stop bleeding wounds spell, but all I got outta that was a hurt finger, and a bowl of red tinted water. I was able to harness some raw energy, but it wasn't very stable, fading out quickly and was super draining.

I jumped a little at the sound of my phone going off in the living room. I shook my fist at the bowl of water, and stumbled towards the ratty old couch that my phone nestled on. Tugging off my sopping shirt and pants so I wouldn't get anything else wet, I snagged my mobile. Noticing Leo's ringtone, I quickly answered, flopping onto the couch.

"How's being alone in the lair treating you?" Leo asked as soon as I answered and I could hear the sound of windows being shut.

"Faaaantastic." I lied with too little enthusiasm. "Just..hanging out, ya' know."

"Yeah, you sound tried. What the heck have you been doing, training?" Leo chuckled, but I could practically feel myself pale.

"O-oh no, no. Just uhh..ya' know. Tired from being awesome. I spent a lot of energy shouting at the TV while my shows were playing.." I tried to brush it off, I didn't want Leo to know I was training without his knowledge. Leo's the kinda dude that wants to have his nose in ANY kind of training, but I really wanted to figure my powers out for myself.

Everyone loves to be a little mystifying every once and awhile.

"Aren't you tried from cleaning Mikey's muck hole of a room?" Leo laughed.

"Y-yeah, totally. I- uh..I kinda forgot I cleaned it." I laughed awkwardly. Leo laughed a little, but soon became silent and cleared his throat.

"You okay? You're ki is a bit off."

"My key?" I asked, searching around for my key ring. Did I somehow leave it in Donnie's man-purse or in the Battle Shell?

"No, your ki. It's the Japanese version of qi..life energy. Your's seems a little..off kilter." Leo said, sounding confused. I laughed shakily, running a hand through my sopping wet hair. Great, now this guy can read my "life energy" or some junk. How the hell am I supposed to get away with anything?

"Oh yeah...Just a little..down. 'S sad down here alone." I said, rubbing my arm to try and get some warmth from my drenched skin. "Just about to take a shower. How's the farm house?"

"Great, just a little dusty, the heater isn't up and working yet so we're going around making sure all the windows are shut. Mikey, Casey and Raph are already all asleep in the living room by the fireplace." Leo whispered, and I could tell he was tip toeing past the sleeping trio.

"That's adorable, everyone else doing alright?"

"Fine. Donnie's working on the heater, Master is teaching April to meditate up on the roof. Helping her clear her mind with freezing cold air." Leo said, and I could hear him heading up the creaky stairs. I heard a door open and shut, and then the noise of Leo's body hitting against the squeaking springs of a mattress.

"Sounds like a great start to a vacation, you guys deserve it. I must say I miss you all though." I said, heading up the stairs towards the guys' rooms, my pants sloshing as they hung off my arm and dragged against the concrete floor. Leo let out a soft chuckle, and I heard him turn the lamp off in whatever guest room he was staying in.

"It's definitively different. I used to be anxious to get out of the city to come to the farm, and dreaded coming back, but now it's the other way around."

"Ohh..someone's Mr. Smooth this evening." I said stepping into Donnie's room and automatically knowing that I wouldn't be able to sleep in here. It reeked like motor oil and fried circuits, schematics and other mechanical odds and ends littered the floor. Big, orange Home Depot buckets filled to the brim with bolts, screws and other pieces were all pushed against one wall. Scoffing at the sheer insanity of Donnie's room, I managed to stumble to his closet and pulled out a pair of purple running sweatpants.

Why the guys had clothes at all was beyond me, but it was my girlfriend-ly duty to steal their clothes to sleep in.

"I just don't understand how you're able to hold yourself back from my charm." Leo said seriously before bursting out in deep chuckles. I sighed, feeling a relaxed laugh leave me. One of the best feelings out there was knowing that Leo was able to relax. Whenever he let out that loud, deep laugh my chest tingled and I felt content and halfway into dream land.

"My awesome natural immune system?" I joked, ignoring Mikey's room. It still probably reeked like cleaning fumes, and I really don't feel like suffocating in my sleep. I made sure Mikey's dent filled door was opened so the room would air out as I passed and headed towards Raph's room for a top to wear.

"Yes. Lets see if you can last one week without getting sick." Leo mocked. I laughed sarcastically, stepping cautiously over free weights and sharpened weapons. Raph's room smelled a lot like sweat and what seemed like chap-stick. I snagged one of Raph's New York Rangers hockey jerseys and scampered out of the room. There was no way I was attempting to sleep on that damned hammock.

"I can totally make it for a week without illness..ya know..if I'm extra cautious." I laughed, stepping into Leo's room and closing the door.

"Maybe if you lock yourself in a sterilized room." Leo laughed.

"I'll choose yours then, it's more sterilized than Donnie's medical room." I yawned, taking a deep breath of Leo's room. It smelt like basil, peppermint and lavender. Leo's floor was bare, except for his small amount of furniture, a small meditation mat and a medium sized throw rug.

"That's fine. My brothers' rooms are more likely looking like war zones." Leo laughed again, and I felt the warmth of the noise seeping into my chest. Knowing that Leo was laughing and loosening up was very heart warming, and made me sleepy for some reason.

Leo's bed was low to the ground, almost touching the floor, but had maybe one inch of space between the bed and the floor. Tugging off my sopping wet tank top and panties, I changed into Raph and Donnie's clothes. I can always take a shower tomorrow morning. I knelt into the seemingly iron pressed bed and I felt a little bad for messing it up. I yawned, turning off the little bedside lamp and curling around Leo's pillow.

"I'm going to try and sleep." I yawned again into the phone.

"Oh, sorry for keeping you. You should sleep now." Leo said worriedly. "Try to sleep? Have you not been sleeping right?"

"Leo, I'm fine. Please, worrying is Donnie's job. G'night Da Vinci." I laughed softly, taking a deep breath of Leo's scent.

"Good night baby." Leo said, and took a quick intake of air like he was surprised by his own words before hurriedly hanging up.


Since when did Leo ever really call me a pet name?

Waking up in the Lair was sort of..calming.

The rush of water in the pipes over head and the almost constant hum of Donnie's computers were soothing. The rank sewer smell only faintly lingered by the door of the Lair, but the whole home smelt..nice. The scent was like..drier sheets and graham crackers. Leo's blanket was tangled around my legs, my arms were covered in a layer of goose bumps.

I heard a constant drip of water coming from near by, causing my skin to hum and tingle with the sense of power. It was strange, understanding that whenever I was around water I would be stronger now and my skin would give off this strange tickle. It felt like a thousand little warm butterflies were landing all over my bare skin. I hadn't figured out what was up with my eyes changing color, or with the strange green glow on my skin, but I guess that's another question for another day.

Stretching and crawling out of Leo's bed, I made my way downstairs. I poured myself a big bowl of cereal and flopped myself down in front of the TV. I mentally summoned a string of water and began to loop it around my ankle like a mini hoola hoop while I munched. I flicked around the TV, rolling my ankle and contorting the water.

"No Barry, it simply cannot be!" Caitlin cried, big fake tears rolling down her face. The bleach blonde and plastic surgery couple let a few tears fall before they passionately embraced.

Psh, I love shitty acting.

Turning the TV onto a re-run of "Mike And Molly", I put my empty bowl down on the table and stretched out. Letting the water hoop dribble back into the small pond, I yawned and tried to make a mental list of what to do today. I suppose I should go back home today, spend a little time there. Nodding in agreement with myself, I hefted myself off the couch, grabbed my wallet-clutch and went to the streets, pajamas and all.

Thank God for NYC, walking around in wrinkled pj's usually isn't conceived as weird. The subway was not very crowded, and the trip back to the house was short. Lugging my ass up the steps, I unlocked the doors and wobbled into the living room.

"Ooooh Henry, I'm home!" I giggled, seeing a sleeping Casper snoring away on the longest couch. Mike and Trent were lounging around, sleeping on the other couch and the lazy-boy. I heard oil sizzling in the kitchen, which meant Henry or Kyle was cooking breakfast.

It was Henry, wearing a black wife beater, showing off the cross tattoo he had on his right bicep. He was flipping bacon and stirring eggs, all in one big pan. I knocked on the door way, alerting the red head of my presence and toed into the room. Henry smiled, handing me an empty glass as I walked past. Pouring myself some juice, I sat up on the counter, watching the tallest of us make breakfast.

"You guys miss me?" I joked, handing him the pepper shaker. He hummed, scratching his chin in fake wonder.

"Only a little.."

"Ohh..c'mon!" I laughed, handing him a large serving plate.

"You just like to hear yourself talk, don't cha?" Henry asked, handing me a piece of warm bacon. I'd already eaten, but who in their right mind turns down fresh bacon?

"Maybe just a little. What's been going on?" I asked, swinging my legs.

"Well." Kyle yawned, stepping down the stairs and coming into the kitchen wearing nothing but baggy track pants "You haven't missed much. A few drunken parties here, a few embarrassing moments there."

"Embarrassing moments? Without moi?" I asked, turning to spare a glance at the blushing red head.

"Oh, it was quite embarrassing. Imagine-" Kyle joked, waving his hand out in front of him.

"Ky! Not cool!" Henry sighed, covering his face with one hand.

"Waking up to the sounds of Henry and Casper..doin' it." Kyle snickered, making Henry blush.

"Awh! Leave them alone, you're just jealous cause you're only doin' your hand." I swatted at the brown-blue haired boy, who rolled his brown eyes and sighed. He patted Henry on the shoulder, nudging him playfully.

"You know I'm just kidding Hen, right?" Kyle said, giving him a side hug. Henry smiled, returning the manly hug and popped to bagels in the oven.

"How're you and the guys?" Kyle asked, crossing his arms and leaning against the fridge.

"We're going good. It's so funny, you call the turtles 'the guys' and the turtles call all you 'the guys'." I noticed, sticking my tongue out at the tannest one of us. Kyle smiled, scruffing up my hair and grabbing a few pieces of bacon.

"Going up to sleep more. Thanks for the food tallest." Kyle said to us, silently trailing up the stairs with a handful of bacon.

"Since the guys are staying at the farm, stay here." Henry said, wiggling his eye brows at me. "I've gotten ice cream for you..philly vanilla, orange sherbet and black raspberry..your favorites."

"Of course, you have persuaded me!"

I spent the next few days at home, just hanging around like the good old days. Donnie, Mikey, Raph and Leo had all been calling and texting me, and they seemed to be having a great time on their mini vacation. On the day that they'd returned, I promised that I'd meet them at the lair that night. When the end of the week came around and the sun went down, I threw a hoodie on over my tank top and headed towards the lair.

Cop cars were speeding past me, and people were screeching about some kind of "computer" monster on Coney Island.

Pff, it was probably just one of the freak show workers.

I think people are starting to get paranoid about technology.

I crawled down the closest manhole and started to navigate my way to the lair. I had asked for a map, maybe some arrows, but the guys had deemed it too dangerous, it was too risky. What if their enemies somehow got ahold of the map or figured out all the arrows were around the sewers.

The heels of my little purple pumps clicked noisily against the wet concrete beneath my feet. Henry had demanded that I dress up a little for the return of my boyfriends, but I didn't want to go too overboard. My dark blue skinny jeans clung to my legs, and the black tank top and white hoodie swayed around my waist.

"Eep!" I said, eyeing a strange shadow that darted across the sewer wall. God..I hate the outer sewers, they're so dark. I managed to jog a little faster in my three inch heels, my toes crunching in protest. I yelped again as I felt the heel of my pumps sink into something..fleshy. I winced, hearing a squeak of pain and I prayed that I hadn't speared anything to death. Looking down, I saw my heel digging into a long, green and scaly tail.

My eyes widened as they followed the tail, which was connected to a giant crocodile. The creature was standing upright, wearing a purple sash.

"I..I..Excuse me." I muttered, watching the croc's eyes slant in anger. He gingerly lifted up his tail and held it, poking at the bruise. He suddenly ripped out a vicious roar, and his eyes were solely focused on me. He roared again, dropping his tail and baring his teeth at me.

"Back off!" I warned, feeling my body start to tingle. The croc hissed, flicking his tail at me and gnashing his jaws. He lunged at me, claws and teeth drawn.

"Descendit!" I shouted, and a flash of green erupted in the croc's eyes, blinding him and making him drop down to the ground. He howled in pain, rubbing at his eyes with balled fists. I wasn't going to stand around and wait for him to chew on me, so it was time to dash. My heels tapped against the ground, and the sensible thing to do is to take off these death shoes, but these were worth a pretty penny.

I could see the hidden entrance of the lair, when a voice called out to me.

"Wait! Small human!"

I was forced to stop at the hidden entrance. That croc creature was coming this way, and apparently he could talk. I was at a crossroads, if I unlocked the lair door, the croc would know about the lair. If I didn't he'd probably eat me. Maybe if I made enough noise and the guys were already home, they'd come out a secret passage or something and help me.

I turned to face the giant croc, feeling those teal green markings come across my skin, once again tingling with power.

"I just wish to conversate with you!"


I refused to let go of my power, glaring at the giant creature.

"Auxil-"I started, but the croc started waving his hands and covered his eyes.

"I declare, I wish you no harm." The croc promised, peering out at me between one of his fingers. "I am Leatherhead."

"I'm Kate. I'm sorry I stepped on you and then blinded you. Then tried to lazer beam you." I said awkwardly, scraping the heel of my shoe against the concrete.

"It is understandable under the circumstances. I wish to apologize." Leatherhead said, sticking out his hand. I stuck my puny hand in his and he shook it gently.

"S'all good. I..ah, I must be going, it was nice meeting you though. Maybe I'll see you around?" I questioned, hoping that he would go off and I could break into the lair. Even though Leatherhead seemed nice, I have no clue if I could trust him.

"Maybe. Have a good day Kate." Leatherhead smiled, nodded, and then turned away.

"You too Leatherhead!" I shouted, quickly turning to the safety box and started breaking into the lair.

I just needed to sit down! The doors hissed open, and I stumbled into the lair. I closed the door behind me quickly and double checked to make sure that it was locked up tight. Satisfied with my work, I turned back to the main room of the lair. There stood Dad-Master, Leo, Donnie, Raph and Mikey.

"Hey y'all!" I smiled, but I quickly dropped when I saw the other's expressions.

Leo looked worried, his big grey eyes were wide and were darting in between me and Dad-Master. Raph looked irritated, like he had better things to be doing. Mikey looked nervous, but slightly excited. Donnie looked..furious, his sweet brown eyes turned black. Master stood in front of all of them, a slightly damp and aged magic book between his claws.

"Daughter..what is the meaning of this?" Dad-Master asked, swinging my magic book between his claws. I must have left it out in the open last time I'd practiced.

"Ah..just some recreational reading!" I smiled, rocking back and forth on my pumps.

"Oh really?" Dad-Master said, cocking his head. He sighed, and turned to head off into his room. He suddenly spun and flung the heavy book at me. It came spinning at me like a frisbee, and would probably knock my block off if I didn't defend myself.

"Tueri!" I said, a film of green appeared like mist from my open palms, popping up in front of me. The book dinged against the green shield and flopped against the floor uselessly. I hissed, realizing that by protecting myself, I had shown Dad-Master that I had lied to him. Dad-Master looked smug, crossing his arms over his chest. Donnie huffed as well, picking up one of his many laptops from the couch and opening it up. With a click of the pad, a security camera video of me practicing some spells popped up. It was a rather embarrassing video of myself loosing control of the water as it slapped down against my head.

"Recreational my tail." He said, pointing to the dojo. "March."

With my head hung low, I stomped moodily into the dojo.

Mikey's POV:

We watched Kate and Master Splinter disappear into the dojo, the blonde's head hung low and Master's tail swishing angrily.

"Can you believe this!" Donnie hissed, throwing his hands up into the air. He began pacing outside the dojo doors like a caged lion, waiting and listening in on their conversation. What's so wrong? Kate was just messing with her powers! They're her powers, she can do whatever the heck she wants to do with them!

Woah..she's like a superhero!

"Donnie, calm it! S'not a big deal. She's just screwin' around with that mumbo jumbo. Let 'er do what she wants!" Raph growled, rolling his eyes and flopping down on the couch. Leo had begun pacing right beside Donnie, biting into his lower lip.

"Not a big deal..not a big deal. She could have hurt herself! She was down here -all by herself- and if she had hurt herself, no one would have been able to help her." Donnie crowed, his dark eyes darting around maniacally and he began mumbling to himself in French. I snorted, throwing myself onto the couch and picking up my Xbox controller.

"I agree with Raph, we have no clue what she's dealing with dudes. We've seen some crazy stuff, but we've never met anything as mystical as her. If she wants to figure out her powers without our help, that's the dudette's choice." I said, flicking on the console and waiting for my game to load.

"Kate has no instruction Mikey, and according to Donnie's video cameras around the lair, she didn't call Oparibdis. She was doing this solo and it's very dangerous. She's dealing with water and magic. What if she had drowned?" Leo said, motioning towards the small pond in the lair.

"Yeah, because she's that much of an idiot. Don't talk her down like that! Stop being a hypocrite, Leo." I said sarcastically, waving my eldest brother off.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Leo fumed, his eye twitching a little.

"After we fought the Shredder! You told Raph "Don't belittle her like that! She fought just as hard as us today, with no training!". Well she's trying to train and she showed progression on Donnie's videos." I rolled my eyes, opening my game file.

"Yeah, does everythin' gotta be a fight?" Raph asked, crossing his arms over his plastron.

"She is done with that magic. It's too dangerous." Leo growled, eyeing the old magic book that laid on the floor. He picked it up, and flicked through the first few pages.

"That's not fair Leo!" Raph accused, glaring at Leo. "We've already asked 'er ta' change 'er life for us-now ya' wanna make her hide apart a' who she is? That's cold."

Leo just sighed, throwing one of his hands over his head and stomped towards his room with Kate's magic book in hand. Donnie growled, gave up trying to listen in on Kate and Master's conversation and went off to his lab. Raph and I sat on the couch, my red banded brother watching me slice up some zombies.

"We'll be helping Kate sneak-learn her powers. Won't we?" I asked, taking down another swarm of the undead.

"Hell yeah."

Descendit: Down
Auxilium: help
tueri: protect