Chapter one

Chase, known to be a stubborn person, sat on the floor cross-legged scowling at the wall. With Bryn on her knees and begging for Chase's forgiveness.

'Please Chase! You have to believe me. Devon made me. I told him 'no' but he then said he would kill you if I didn't.' Tears began to stream down Bryn's face. 'Please Chase… I love you.'

'You are a liar Bryn. Devon told me… In detail what happened. To be perfectly truthful I was disgusted. With you and Devon.' Chase spat the words out like little bullets.

Devon came round the corner looking all casual, as usual.

'Sup Chase.' Devon raised a hand in greeting. Chase just snarled at him. Devon cocked his eye-brow. Bryn made a growling sound as Devon blew a kiss.

'Someone's moody.' Devon came up behind Bryn and slapped her ass.

'Leave off you gay twat.' Bryn snarled. Swatting his hand away.

Chase Stood up bearing his teeth and began to snarl at Devon.

Devon gave him a sarcastic look.

'Do you really think I am scared of you Chase? If I was I wouldn't have slept with Bryn.' Devon tilted his head to one side and pouted.

'What did you just say?' Callum's eyes widened. As he opened the door to Ali's house.

'Er…' Devon's gaze went to the floor. 'Nothing.' He shuffled over a little to give Callum room to open the door. Then moved forward when Callum came in.

'Bryn? Is this true? What Devon says.' Callum pointed to Devon and looked at Bryn with a hard, stone cold glare.

Before Bryn could deny Chase yelled at the top of his lungs,


Callum moved forward and tilted Bryn's chin up to face him.

'Is this what you want Devon as a mate?' Bryn reluctantly looked at Chase, before whispering through her pack bond to Callum


Callum pulled Bryn up and plonked her into Devon's arms.

'HA HA! Suck on that Chase!' Devon stuck her middle finger up at him before kissing Bryn and whisking her away.

'She wouldn't have stayed with you anyway.' Callum Turned to face Chase.

'Yer... Well how do you know?' Chase spat.

Callum tapped the edge of his nose and turned to leave.

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