Contest: Twilight of Craigslist AD Contest (Part I)

Title: July 4th Party Weekend

Rating: M
Word Count (minus A/N and header): 358

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Fake fiancée needed for weekend in the Hamptons. Cash reward. (Seattle)
Date: 2011-10-10, 12:18
Reply to: futurehusband (at) craigslist (dot) org

Due to a family reunion of sorts over the July 4th weekend and my ability to lie out of my ass at my family, I require the company of a female willing to act as my fiancée.

A little about me: I am a medical student studying in Seattle. I don't have a girlfriend or a fiancée, despite my families beliefs. I just wanted to stop their phone calls and looks of pity whenever I went home alone. "He'll find someone one day" would be my mother's favourite phrase which I hope to never hear again, which is why I made you up.

Required attributes:

- Must be willing to stay in a home with seven adults and three children. No, the children are not mine nor will I expect you to announce a surprise pregnancy, I'm in enough shit already.

- Shyness would be a desired quality. Less chance of over acting on your part and chest pains on mine.

- I told them you're brunette, if you aren't I can provide the appropriate shade of hair dye.

- No drunks, my mother has that covered already.

- No drugs. My father is a doctor and my brother is a cop. I don't need my fiancée being arrested and/or od'ing during meet the family.

- No fear of fireworks. It is July 4th.

- Must be a four or above in a scale of one to ten in looks. I need to make this as believable as possible.

Your Rewards:

- A weekend away in an idyllic home in the Hamptons.

- Travel funds provided.

- $5,000 awarded to you if the weekend is successful. Success will be judged upon how many times my sister insists on dressing you up and/or offering to build us both a home. Trust me.

- A handsome, intelligent, funny and serious fake fiancé for one weekend.

- Extra "fiancé duties" can be provided upon request and level of realisticness. IE: No foot rubs during dinner but acceptable before bed.

Please only serious applicants and those over 21, alcohol consumption will be a necessity during this period and again, brother is a cop.

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