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Videl was having a good time.

Scratch that.

Videl was having an amazing time.

She was on the dance floor with her friends and Gohan. The reason why Gohan fell outside the friend category was that she had made up a new one. The soon-to-be-boyfriend category.

She smiled up at Gohan. He smiled back, a hint of uncertainty in his dark eyes. She chuckled. The poor boy didn't know how to dance so she had had to teach him. He was still learning, and definitely not the best dancer she had met, but right now he was the only one she wanted to be close to. And dancing was an extremely good method in her opinion.

As they danced away, she wondered if Gohan had any plans for the evening. And not plans as in he had somewhere to be, but plans that involved the development of their relationship. It would be very romantic for the boy to take the first step, but since this was Gohan, it was very likely that she was going to have to be the one who initiated things. She didn't doubt that he felt the same way about her as she felt about him, and even if Gohan did not reciprocate her feelings of affection he would be soon enough. Videl was a spoiled girl who usually got what she wanted, and right now, she wanted Gohan to be her boyfriend.

But even if he, as she was pretty sure he was, was in love with her too, she knew that he had absolutely no idea of what to do in such an unfamiliar situation she intended to bring him in later that evening. As the magnanimous person she was, she was going to help him.

Starting now.

"Phew," she said when the next track ended, "it's so stuffed in here, wanna go outside?"

"Yeah, I could do with some fresh air," Gohan admitted, "I'm not used to so many people in the same room."

Videl turned to the two blondes next. "You coming?" was what she asked, but not what she meant.

Erasa, having an affinity for subtle messages, quickly caught on to the hidden meaning behind Videl's words. Before Sharpner could open his mouth and declare that yes, he would like to go outside for a bit, Erasa had already answered for them both.

"Nah," she said, "I'm actually a bit thirsty."

"Huh?" Sharpner looked back and forth between the two girls. "You know, I would actually-"

"Come on, Sharpy," Erasa said in a sugar-sweet voice and tugged at the boy's arm rather harshly, "we need to go." As she dragged him over to the punch, she turned her head to look at Videl and winked knowingly.

Videl smiled gratefully after them. She would have to thank her best friend afterwards, but right now, she had a boy to claim.

"Let's go, Gohan," she said and took his hands, relinquishing in the feel of his large calloused hands around her smaller, softer ones.

"Okay." He followed her outside wordlessly, ignoring the curious looks and whispers they got from other students.

Videl made sure to lead Gohan was far away from other students as possible. There had been set up some romantic sceneries for moments like what would soon be happening between her and Gohan, but she knew they were swarmed by other couples so she avoided them. She wanted them to be alone. Completely alone.

Finally, when she found a free bench with no other people in the vicinity, she sat down on it, gently tugging Gohan down with her. She smiled softly when he didn't let go of her hand.

"I'm sorry I dragged you all the way out here," she said though she wasn't sorry at all. And Gohan knew that. "I just wanted to be somewhere where we aren't surrounded by whispers."

He chuckled, and she found that she really liked it when he did that. It made her heart beat a little faster. "I understand," he said, "after that hug from Bulma everyone kept staring at me. And it doesn't help that I am your date tonight."

"Do you regret it?" She was referring to the latter.

"No." He squeezed her hand. "Either I was here with you or I wouldn't be here tonight."

She smiled again, happy that he had chosen to be with her, even on this day when he had lost and she had gained. Confident enough that he wouldn't push her away, she leaned her head on his shoulder. Breathing in deeply, she closed her eyes to take in the chilly, refreshing night air. She wasn't cold; in fact the lower temperature was rather nice compared to the stuffy air inside the school building, yet the warmt he erated was more than welcome.

He smelled nice, she decided. His mom had probably forced him to wear some kind of cologne that made his usually musky smell even stronger. The next time she saw Chi-Chi, she would have to thank her sincerely.

They sat there for a while, just enjoying the each other's company.

Eventually Videl intertwined their fingers. Gohan didn't pull away.

It was time to act!

"Gohan…" she started, her voice low, almost a murmur.


"I'm glad I met you."

"Likewise, Videl." Although she couldn't see his face, she knew that he was smiling.

She loved his smile.

She loved him.

She lifted her head slightly to look at him, to gaze into the dark eyes that right now were overflowing with emotion. She knew her own blue ones were probably telling the same story.

Slowly, slender fingers released calloused ones, hands wrapped around a strong neck. She reached up at the same time he leaned down. Anticipation hung in the air as eyelids closed, two faces neared each other. Lips wanting the meeting that was sure to come. Slowly, awaiting, almost there.

They tensed at the same time, eyes widening as adrenaline pumped through veins.

Vegeta's ki had just spiked.

Vegeta had felt them for a while now; the higher than average kis of what could only be the men Bulma had talked about crept around outside the hall where the school dance was held. With a brief glance and an inclining of his head, Vegeta had alerted his wife of their presence. The woman had merely shrugged it off and kept talking with the school principal about something he hadn't bothered paying attention to, however, the sly smirk that was playing on the blue haired woman's lips told him that so far everything was going according to plan.

They were getting closer now, probably ready to launch an attack soon. He briefly searched for Gohan and Videl and found them outside, pretty far away from any possible threats. He wondered if that was a part of Bulma's plan or if it had been a minor miscalculation. From what he had gathered, it was his wife's plan that it was Videl who took out the assassins/mercenaries/kidnappers, preferably using ki attacks while doing so. After their little argument earlier that evening, the students had kept a certain distance to the couple and it was that distance that had allowed Vegeta to prod his wife for information. His job? Stand still and look afraid… or as afraid as he could be. He had snorted at that and flat out told Bulma that the mighty Saiyan prince looking scared was as big a possibility as Mr. Satan admitting to the public that he was a fraud.

Instead, he had opted to stand close to his wife as he had done the entire evening, arms crossed, and senses high alert just in case.

Thus he was the only one who was not the least bit influenced when all hell broke loose.

Several heavily armed men dressed in black broke through the doors, abseiled down from the large windows in the roof, and entered other openings and places where they had hidden themselves. They started shouting orders like, "everybody get on the floor, put your hands on your heads," and other commands men like them always made in movies.

The response was instantaneous.

Vegeta suppressed the urge to cover his ears as the loud screams of frightened school kids filled the dance hall and the students either tried to run in panic or sat down on the floor as they had been ordered to do. It was chaos. Completely and utter pandemonium. Previously, he had enjoyed screams of fear and cries of desperation, but for some reason, it annoyed him to no end now. Perhaps it was because he was beyond those days of senseless slaughter, or perhaps it was because it wasn't him who was the cause of the terror. In fact, Vegeta was pretty sure he was the only calm person in the vicinity. Admittedly, Bulma was not scared, frightened or event upset, but she surely did act the way. Inwardly, he berated himself for allowing her to go to this stupid school dance. This was too troublesome. And he wasn't even allowed to kill these people even though they were here for his wife. Bulma was so going to make it up to him later.

He closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose as he focused on the ki signatures of Gohan and Videl. They were still relatively low and unalarmed, so to speed things along, he spiked his ki and kept on a higher level than usual. As he had predicted both teenagers were now fully alert. Now he just had to wait for them.

"Vegeta," he heard his wife say in a distressed tone and he opened his black eyes to stare right into the barrel of a pistol. He shifted his eyes to gaze at the fool who had the audacity to point a weapon at the prince of all Saiyans. His glare was menacing and he felt only slightly better when the man actually shivered from what could only be fear. Oh yes, Vegeta still hadn't lost his touch.

Quickly scanning the room before he looked back at his offender, he realized that the only people still standing were him, his wife, and naturally the men who had spoiled the evening for all the students. Everyone else was down on the floor, fear evident in their eyes as they stared at the history teacher and his wife.

"I do not take likely to being threatened," Vegeta said in a low, ice-cold voice which strangely enough still managed to fill the entire room, the echoes bouncing of the walls like tidal waves.

"Vegeta," Bulma hissed in a warning. If the gun was fired, the bullet would bounce back on Vegeta's Saiyan skin and everything she had planned would be ruined.

"You should listen to the lady," the man who had a gun aimed at Vegeta's face said, tightening his fingers around the gun in a silent threat, probably also to assure himself that he was the one in control, the one with the weapon, not Vegeta.

Vegeta snorted. "I never listen to her at home, why should now be any different?"

"The elusive husband of Bulma Briefs I presume then?"

The Saiyan bared his teeth in what could have been a smile, but was closer to the way an animal would threaten an opponent. "Yes."

"And why would the husband of the world's richest woman be a teacher in High School?" He sounded amused. "One would think you have enough money already."

"It isn't about the money," Vegeta stated, completely disregarding the gun that was pointing at his forehead. The intruder might as well have pointed a stick at him.

"Ah yes, teaching is a call, they say." His tone was full of mock and spite.

The Saiyan snorted but didn't correct him. There was no reason to tell him the real reason why he was here.

"Anyway, Mr. Briefs," the man said, "I'm gonna have to ask you to sit down on the floor together with your colleagues and your students while we do business with your wife." He nodded towards their hostages.

Vegeta regarded them silently before he turned his black eyes back to glare at the masked man in front of him. "No."

"No? Are you sure you are in a position where you can say that?"

"He's right Vegeta," Bulma said nervously from beside him, "it's better if you do as he says and let me handle this."

He let out a bark of laughter. "Of course I will not do as he says. Who do you think I am? Did you forget the reason why I am here in the first place?"

She chewed on her bottom lip, suddenly aware of how stupid she was. Had she really thought her proud Saiyan prince would do as anyone ordered him to? The man didn't even take orders from her. And he was stubborn enough to take on this teaching job just to prove her wrong. Damn. She had miscalculated. Now she could only hope he wouldn't do anything stupid… like kill all the intruders.

"Vegeta… please," she tried anxiously, her blue eyes locking on the barrel of the gun that was being pointed at his head.

"No." He was adamant.

"Do as he says!" another masked man ordered, his gun pointed at one of the girls from Gohan's class. Angela was her name if Vegeta remembered correctly. She stared at the gun in true fear, her eyes almost watering as she sent a silent plead for her teacher to save her.

Honestly, the proud prince couldn't care less about any of his students. But he knew that if it came down to it, he would have to do it anyway or else he was sure to find himself filling divorce papers faster than he could devour a piece of meat.

When the husband of Bulma Briefs did not move, the man threatening Angela slowly put his finger on the trigger. "I'm warning you, we are professionals and have killed many times before."

Vegeta shrugged. "I do not doubt that you have killed before. However, your professionalism can be discussed."

"What do you mean?"

"Your question affirms my statement."

The man who had the gun pointed at Vegeta's forehead narrowed his eyes. "You are not just a regular history teacher, are you?"

The grin he received told him everything he needed to know and he felt incredibly stupid for not having seen this one coming. Bulma Briefs would never marry any ordinary man. She had been dating one of the people who used to compete in the World Martial Arts Championship before all that Jazz with Cell happened. Knowing her type of girl, he knew she would never settle for a lesser man, which meant that the fearless predator standing in front of him was incredibly dangerous. He had felt it when he had first been pieced by those dark eyes; Mr. Briefs was a killer, a predator, a hunter, a murder. He should have shot him then. He should have but he didn't. Originally they hadn't wanted to kill anyone, but he knew that if the history teacher was not terminated, he and his comrades would soon be the ones at the receiving end.

Without warning he lifted his gun and fired one simple shot right at the predator's forehead. The echo of the gunshot bounced off the wall like tidal waves, filling the room with a deafening sound.

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