The Teen Titan's had just sat down at there favorite little pizza place to have lunch, when a red and yellow blur zoomed up next to Robin. Cyborg automatically started yelling at Kid Flash, that no way was he eating with them because the boy had a bottomless pit for a stomach, Kid Flash just laughed and said, "Cool it, I just want to know if Robin's making a bid?"

Starfire frowned and asked, "What is a bid?"

Raven tried to explain gambling to the ignorant Tamerainian, and Robin asked, "Am I making a bid on what?"

Kid Flash did a double take, and asked, "You don't know? It's the biggest news of the century, it's all over the internet."

Beast Boy asked, "What is all over the internet?"

Kid Flash grinned and pulled out his Iphone, a few clicks later and a sight popped up he handed it over to them and said, "Someone's auctioning off Red X"

Beast Boy asked, "That thief's selling the Red X suit?"

Robin frowned and said, "No, Beast Boy, someone's actually selling him. Kid Flash, where did you hear about this? What do you know about it?"

Kid Flash tensed under Robin's angry glare and said, "Not much, someone posted a notice on my facebook, asking if I had heard about the auction, and Once I saw the sight I came straight here, I wanted to know how much you were going to bid?"

Starfire asked, "Is it not wrong to sell a person?"

Raven said, "There are laws against it, but there are still black markets." Raven touched Robin's shoulder and said, "Go ahead and go, we'll bring you back a few slices."

Robin nodded in thanks and tossed Kid Flash back his phone, Cyborg got up to tell a staff member that they would actually need their pizza's to go. When they finally got back to the tower, Robin was in the main room, and when they came in Robin said, "this is really bad."

Beast Boy asked, "What is?"

Robin hit a few keys and a security feed of some museum came up onto the big screen. After a minute, according to the timer on the far corner, Red X appeared on the corner of the screen. He was silent and stealthy as only a thief could be as he kept towards a case displaying some sort of strange necklace. Red X quickly disabled the sensors around the necklace, but as he picked it up and turned to leave and sort of stumbled.

Everyone was a bit surprised at that, and Red X seemed just as surprised, he shook himself a few times and started heading again made a B-line for the exit, he was about halfway there when one of the other display cases exploded. Red X was flung back, and everyone winced when they herd the crack of breaking bones as he hit the wall. Some of the shrapnel from the explosion hit the camera and the feed ended.

There was a moment of silence than Beast Boy asked, "So someone just knocked him out with an explosion? That bights but what does that have to do with us."

Raven sighed and said, "Someone obviously set him up, this whole thing was obviously planned. If someone's grabbing people off the streets and auctioning them off we need to know."

Cyborg frowned and said, "Whoever owns the museum was in on it."

Starfire asked, "Why do you think the Museum was 'in on it'"

Robin hit a few keys and one of the images from when Red X was working on the sensors showed up, Robin said, "The air vents."

They all looked closer at the image and Raven said, "Some sort of gas, it's probably slow acting and in low enough concentration that Red X didn't notice it."

Robin nodded and said, "From Red X's reaction, and the slight sheen coming from the vents I'd have to say it's some new formula of the fear gas, it's got to have some compound masking the fear toxin or ells the suit would have filtered it out."