Summary: After arriving on Gran Pulse, it became a race to see whose chocobo could find the most treasure the fastest. Companion piece to "The Spoils".

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Author's Notes: I'm back. This is a companion piece, so you don't have to have read "The Spoils" to read this, though it's be nice if you did! :D I'd had this idea in my head pretty much since I finished The Spoils. I figured they'd probably start fighting over whose chocobo could find the most treasure. Are you guys excited for XIII-2? Coz I SURE AM! :D


Lightning blinked as her chocobo jumped up and down, and let out a happy "Kweh!" at the sight of the shiny object it had dug up. The bird picked up the shiny silver stone in its beak and turned to drop it in Lightning's lap. She examined the object more closely, and discovered it was a Mnar Stone.

"Nice," she muttered, pocketing the stone and stroking the chocobo's neck affectionately. The large bird let out another "Kweh!" and they started trotting down the Archylte Steppe again.

"Hey, Light!"

Lightning turned as her youngest companion came riding up beside her on another chocobo, holding two nuggets of Perovskite.

"Did you know these chocobos could dig up treasure?" he asked rather excitedly.

"Yeah, I just found out," Lightning replied, pulling the Mnar Stone out of her pocket.

"Whoa…" Hope's eyes widened at the silvery stone in her hand.

"Hey, Light?"


"I bet I can find more than you!" Hope abruptly turned his chocobo away in a different direction. Lightning watched as his chocobo stopped over a patch of brown dirt and proceeded to dig into the ground.

"Aha!" Hope held up a previously buried Moogle Puppet, and waved at Lightning. He then turned his chocobo towards a different area of the Steppe. Lightning narrowed her eyes. It was ON.

After fighting Barthandelus, and being deposited in the Fifth Ark, she, Fang, and Hope had mostly forgotten about their little unofficial treasure-collecting competition. She kicked her chocobo's sides and they sped off. Her chocobo picked up another scent, and, dodging around a Cactuar, dug up a whole Gold Nugget. She smirked victoriously, and they moved on. She passed by Fang, who was calmly sitting side-saddle on her chocobo, a neat pile of Gold Dust and a Cactuar Doll in her lap. Fang's chocobo started running again, but she called back to Lightning,

"Don't go fallin' behind, now!"

Sazh, Vanille, and Snow watched as their companions stripped the Archylte Steppe of all its buried treasures. Vanille's chocobo was starting to fall asleep, as it had nothing better to do. Sazh sighed for the umpteenth time as another Cactuar danced past them, and Snow was idly tossing a nugget of Millerite up and down in the air. He watched as Lightning, Fang, and Hope headed towards the Eastern Tors, and leaned over to Sazh.

"Think we should tell them that we cleaned out that area already?"

"Nah, let them go. Maybe tangling with a few Adamantoises will teach them not to go running off looking for treasure."

Snow chuckled, pocketing the Millerite.

"Whaddya say we go sell this stuff and get a whole bunch of gil?"

"Sounds good to me." Sazh turned his chocobo towards the nearest floating blue "S". In the distance, Hope got thrown off his chocobo as he had inadvertently steered it too close to an Adamantoise.


end notes: I don't like this one as much as The Spoils, but I just needed to get the idea out. Drop a review on your way out please!