Here you have it folks. The squeal to "The Funds", hope you enjoy. especially fyrephoenix16. This isnt really a chapter, more of a prologue or a notification that I'm making a squeal.

The flames were extinguished and all that was left was burnt wood and rubble. Smoke seeped out from cracks in the mounted bricks. Emergency services surrounded the area. The children and teachers had left, Avril had to be taken away, she had stood in the same place for over two hours. The spies, Frank and Lenny stayed on site and waited for news, the phrase No news is good news didn't apply at all for them. The search party wasn't big and didn't last long, the odds of even finding a body would be near impossible, they looked regardless. After only an hour of searching David was pronounced dead.

There would be much paperwork. David Hughes barely existed. He was only noted on less than a dozen documents and most people he knew didn't even know his real name. No one in the school would really remember him. He only talked to the spies and Avril. All Avril knew was that he was called David Hughes, his parents were dead and that she loved him. The spies didn't know much more than Avril, the only thing they knew that Avril didn't was that he was a killing machine. He didn't have a home that required to be cleared out and his shipping container could only be recognised by David, Oscar and Blane, no one else had ever seen it before completely. At M.I.9 all that was needed to be done was to misplace his file, preferably near a shredder.

After the school's destruction students were allocated to another school. The spies continued to do spy work and save the world but something was different for them. David had only been with them for 2 weeks but his actions had almost became routine for the team, so when people stopped dying they felt odd, like as if they missed David killing people, the merely idea of them taking pleasure in death chilled them all. They reached the end of there GCSE's and headed on to become full time M.I.9 agents, all this was to Stark's dismay.

After they became full time agents they grew apart. They were all assigned to different departments and it was hard for them to stay in touch. Blane and Daisy were still going out but with them both traveling around the world on different missions their relationship was straining. Everyone tried to move on from David's death but as soon as they became full time they found out how famous and respected he was in the spying community, even spies from S.K.U.L admired his work.

It had been 3 years since his death and the team barely saw each other. They were all working 24/7 and were all excelling in their separate departments.