So I've written this sort chapter to help promote my 3rd M. story. I've not really got any feedback on it so I want to get some attention to it. Though I have to admit I think the third is the worst of the series, personally I feel it was quite rushed but I hope you'll give me some feedback. Also this chapter will link to the next story. Enjoy

The sun was high above Blane, its beams beating down on his. He lay in prone upon the edge of the cliff, over looking the long dirt road below that is targets would be soon travelling across. Blane's mission was simple. Go in. Eliminate his targets. Get out. His targets were a bunch of eco-freaks, protesting the oil pipeline The British government were setting up with the Arab country Blane was currently in. They said it would do severe damage to the environment, seeing how they were going to dig up miles of natural habitats to make room for it. Several villages were going to have to be cleared out also it, villages that had been there for over a hundred years, villages that were on sacred land for the people. Blane's mission was off the book, strictly black ops. Almost no one knew about it. It wasn't exactly the type of mission wanted to know about. Blane was sent in to kill them. Kill them and make it look like local militia.

Blane peered through his binocular onto the road as he saw the convoy arrive. The targets were all piled into two jeeps, like barrels full of monkeys. Blane pulled out the detonator from his pocket and readied his thumb above its trigger. The small blacks dots that were the jeeps slowly became clearer and bigger. Blane had built two cheap IED'S, gasoline and homemade dynamite. The cheap design made it look like amateurs made it. They got closer. It was go time.

The first IED was in the middle of the road as the first jeep passed over it Blane triggered it. The jeep exploded instantly, shooting a few feet into the air. The second jeep swerved frantically around it. Blane triggered the second, which was placed by the side of the road. The second explosion hit the car and sent it spinning 360 degrees before flipping upside down, the blast then tossed it down into a ditch at the side of the road. Flames then began to seep out from under its bonnet.

Blane slid away from the ledge and began to leave. A few moments later he heard a hollowing echo from the cars explosion. Blane put his things away into his rucksack when suddenly his satellite phone began to ring. He grabbed it instantly, expecting it to be M.I.9 or the Spy Master but it wasn't. It was Daisy.

"Hey Honey." She said sweetly.

"Hey Daisy." He replied calmly.

"How is the surveillance mission in Tibet?" She didn't know anything about his mission. Blane told her he was on a reconnaissance mission for M.I.9 to help with a humanitarian operation for the UN; a mission of this level would sicken her to the core.

"It was," Blane paused for a moment and glanced over his shoulder to see a thick black billow of smoke rising from afar, "Great. Everything went smoothly." At least he was kind of telling the truth.

"That's good. And also, I've bought some candles so I was thinking maybe we could have a romantic night in a few days when you get back." She finished with a hint of seduction in her voice.

"Umm." A lump gathered in his throat, killing innocent men didn't faze him but Daisy could always get to him. "That sounds nice."

"Ok. Well I've got to go. Love you."

"Love you too." He said before hanging up and continuing to his extraction point. A few minutes he got another call. This time it was headquarters. He answered straight away.

"Gnasher," This was Blane's codename for this mission, "There's been a change in the operation, we've got another objective for you. It appears some of the elders in one of the villages is refusing you give up the land. So we need you to clear house."

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