The yukaza are unreliable, deceiving, and to get tangled with them is to guarantee a life in the darkness of the underworld of Japan. All that, was something a certain raven-haired teen knew when he made a deal with Awakusu-kai. But the depth of the yukaza's trickery was something he has yet to learn…


An annoyingly familiar voice sang out as the owner of that voice burst through the door and flung himself onto the man wearing a white suit sitting on the couch.

A cane-wielding man with flaming red hair standing behind the couch raised an brow and coughed.

"Orihara-kun, I believe that this is not the most appropriate time for a visit"

Izaya lifted his head from Shiki's suit, looked around, and seemed to notice for the first time that they were in the company of one of Shiki-san's many clients, except this one was different from others. This was someone Izaya Orihara never expected to see talking to the yukaza.

Izaya's eyes widened in shock.

"Shizu-chan...? what are you doing here?"

A vein popped on Shizuo's head and he heard that annoying nickname once again coming from the flea's mouth.

"Making a deal until you came." Shizuo growled.

And with that, Shizuo turned his head to face the Awakusu-kai executive.

"You never told me the flea worked for you!"

Shiki simply replied,"you never asked."

Shizuo growled, finding it harder to control his anger by the second.

"Deal's off, I'm leaving"

Shizuo stood up abruptly and stalked out the door, slamming it behind him so hard the hinges snapped and the door collapsed on the floor.

As soon as Shizuo was gone, Shiki sighed.

"Orihara-kun, what business do you have with me that's so important you had to barge in on one of my negotiations?"

Izaya snapped out of his shock of seeing Shizuo at Awakusu-kai.

"How cruel Shiki-san~! And I came all the way here from Shinjuku just to see you!" Izaya said with a cheshire grin.

Shiki sighed again.

"Orihara-kun, I was in middle of convincing Heiwajima-san to make a deal with Awakusu-kai, I presume you know the consequences of disrupting that?"

Izaya frowned,

"But Shiki-san!-"

Shiki snapped his fingers and immediately two of his men grabbed Izaya's arms and pinned him to the wall.

"Wha-what are you doing Shiki-san?"

A struggling Izaya stuttered.

"Teaching you a lesson on obedience"

And with that, Shiki took out a small blue bottle from his coat pocket and proceeded to uncap it and pour a few white pills onto his hand.

"Now Izaya," Shiki said, "I would like you to eat these pills, if you refuse, then I would have to use force, and I don't think either of us would want that now would we?"

Izaya's eyes widened for the second time that day as he stared at those pills, his genius brain working fast to figure out his choices. 'Shiki-san wouldn't poison me, that's for sure, after all, I am his best informant… So what could those pills be?' Izaya thought to himself.

Meanwhile, Shiki was getting impatient.

"Orihara-kun, I suggest you make your decision now or else, I will advance to using force"

Izaya decided to take a chance.

"Of course I will eat that Shiki-san, but only as long as you feed it to me... with your mouth"

Izaya said with a saccharine sweet grin painted on his face, thinking that Shiki would never do just that.

Without batting an eye, Shiki popped the pills into his mouth, and walked towards Izaya.

Izaya didn't even have time to react when Shiki put a thumb under his chin to tilt his face up, and kissed him.

Shiki then used his tongue to force those pills down Izaya's throat.

When Shiki finally let go, Izaya was breathless and flushed because of the kiss.


Izaya never got to finish his sentence before he fell limp in the men's grip and slumped, unconscious.

"Strip him of his clothes and tie him to the bed, and don't forget to prepare the toys" Shiki ordered his men.

The men dragged Izaya to the bedroom while Shiki took out a cigarette and lit it.

"How long do you think it will be until he wakes up?" asked Ayabayashi.

"Dunno, probably around an hour" replied Shiki.