Drowsy crimson eyes fluttered open as Izaya Orihara slowly regained his consciousness.

He looked around the room with blurry eyes not quite knowing what's going on, 'hmm? What's this? This doesn't look like my room…' he thought to himself.

His eyes snapped open, suddenly wide awake as his memories came back to him.

Shizu-chan… Shiki-san… pills… the kiss… PILLS!

'Damn that yukaza! He must have drugged me!'


Izaya tried to call out only to realize he was gagged, 'What the hell?' Izaya went to move his hands to undo the gag. He pulled his wrists down towards his body 'Why were they above his head anyways...?'

"Clink! Clink!"

'Oh… that's why' …they were freaking handcuffed to the headboard! He was going to fucking kill Shiki next time he saw him! Izaya tried to sit up, only to find… he couldn't. He looked down, finally realizing he was stark naked and bound by leather straps criss-crossing his slender frame and successfully immobilizing him, tying him to the bed he presume to be Shiki-san's.

The thoughts of how much trouble is truly in barely registered in his mind before something started vibrating in his ass, causing his eyes to widen his back to arch, moaning into the gag.

'Mmf!.. Mmmn!... Hfmmm!'

All coherent thought left his mind as waves after waves of pleasure hit his body, all concentrating down in his groin, he felt himself getting hard.

Meanwhile, in the next room.

"It's been three hours Shiki-no-donno, I think you overdosed on the amount of sleeping drugs you mixed in with the aphrodisiac."

"Nonsense Ayabayashi, it's simply because that brat has lower tolerance then I expected, with that quirky mouth of his, I would have expected him to have a higher tolerance of drugs" replied Shiki.

Ayabayashi was about to say something to counter him when they heard shuffling noises in the bedroom.

"Ah, it seems our little informant has woken up. Shall we give him a little time to gather his surroundings?"

Just then, a muffled shout came from behind the door.

"Seems like he remembers now." Shiki said with a grin that sent chills down Ayabayashi's spine.

Shiki snapped and instantaneously one of his men passed him a small, plain white remote.

Ayabayashi smirked inwardly, feeling something almost like pity for the kid. The brat had no idea what he is about to go through.

"Ah, which toy might that controller be for?" asked Ayabayashi.

Shiki turned the dial to the number seven on the one to ten scale, then he pressed on. Immediately arousing moans can be heard from the room next to the two men.

"Oh, that toy. I see you plan to play rough with the kid," Ayabayashi showed his smirk now, "but remember, the kid's barely of legal age, you don't want to break such a fascinating toy now do you?"

"Of course not, but what you don't realize is just how tough that brat can be. I might as well wait a while before I go check on him" Shiki smirked.

The moans can be heard getting louder now, Shiki gave out an amused chuckle and went to sit on the couch, relaxing. 'Maybe I really should break him, possessing such an amusing toy would be quite… interesting' an evil smile now creeping onto his face.