The sound of something running could be heard echoing through the small tunnel. It was nothing but a tiny brown mouse, panting and jittering nervously. It looked behind itself several times, looking for something.

But all was quiet.

It sighed, letting out a breathe it didn't know it was keeping in. With that, it grinned triumphantly, scampering towards the end of the tunnel. It peeked out, eyes searching for the soft lump of cheese overhead.

It licked it's lips in hunger, a rumbling sounded from it's stomach. It knew, if this went well, it would be first back.

If it didn't...well, It would be okay.



At the piercing crackling sound of timber falling, the tiny mouse knew someone or something had intercepted the shaman and the rest of his fellow mice. Yes, this little mouse was male.

But he wasn't going to stay around to see what was holding up.

He sprang from his hiding place, jumping towards the wall at an alarming speed. Just as his front paws came in contact with the wall, he was bouncing backwards, kicking the second wall, near to the first one. He repeated this several times, doing what they called a "walljump". Finally he reached the top of the structure.

He turned, peering down to see if he could see the rest of the mice.


It was far too quiet for his liking, and his ears were twitching anxiously. He leaped back down from his great height and landed without a sound. Creeping back towards the tunnel, he spied a red liquid. He ran towards it, running through the tunnel, arriving at the other side.

His eyes widened. His jaw dropped.

Blood was splattered across the floor and boards. It was still fresh and rolling down the sides of wood. He gulped, his cheeks blowing up in an attempt to not vomit. Suddenly he heard a crack, a cannon jetted towards him.

He jumped back, losing his 3D glasses. He watched as the ball charged by, crushing his glasses in its wake.

He whimpered quietly, getting back onto his feet, moving backwards towards where he found the cheese.

He turned to leave the tunnel. A look of horror crossed his face, opening his mouth to scream.


But nothing came out. Not a squeak. His body, limp, fell to the floor from the claws that had clutched it.

And all was silent once again.


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