My eyes opened only to see a huge audience. My head was pounding like a drum with each beat bringing a new wave of pain. My eyes instinctively shut halfway as the bright lights focused on me causing major pain to my eyes and another wave of pain to enter my head, as if an entire rock band was performing.

I tried to move my arms and legs only to find them shackled, with actual shackles that were chaffing and causing my wrists and ankles to be rubbed raw.

"Kyle." I turned to my left only to see a faceless person with a doctor's mask on looking at me, no eyes, no nose, and no mouth from what I could see. "Don't worry." came the voice and that's when a scalpel was pressed against my face.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" came another voice, different from the one from next to me. "We will now demonstrate how you can make you own human centipad! We'd like to thank our three volunteers here for signing themselves away!"

Immediately panic set in and I heard a beeping that steadily increased as the seconds passed.

"Don't worry." The doctor said again, and with that he pressed the blade into my flesh and my eyes squeezed shut.

When I reluctantly opened them I found that I wasn't in front of a huge audience and nobody faceless was next to me. I was in my bed, my comfy bed with a tear soaked pillow. I sat up only to realize it had to be the middle of the night since it was so dark out and my face took on a red blush as I realized something else, wetness near my lower half.

I'd wet the bed, oh god I'd wet the bed.

I felt disgusted with myself and extremely embarrassed as I tried to drag my legs out of the mess only to realize that would bring the pee closer to me. I began to freak out, if you don't know me then you wouldn't know how much I hate pee. It's disgustingly warm, and wet, and it's filled with disgusting… It always made me shudder just thinking about it.

Tears began to trail down my face and I let out a whimper as I tried to climb out of my bad, only to get tangled in my sheets and trip causing me to fall face first on the floor, well it could've been face first if something hadn't been laying on the floor which let out a startled noise when I fell on them.

"No I don't want to die yet!" came the yelp and my eyebrow raised recognizing Kenny's voice, I thought they'd both gone home yesterday when my mom announced I needed rest. I couldn't blame her, Stan did get really distracting at times.

"Kyle?" I blinked snapping out of my thoughts and looked up to see water blue eyes looking at me, Kenny did always have pretty eyes, not as dark and mysterious as Stan's sapphire ones but pretty all the same. I sat up on my knees, immediately regretting the motion as the warmth spread. "Hey what's wrong? Have a bad dream?" Kenny asked and I nodded pathetically. "It's ok Kyle, it was just a…" He froze and moved a bit. "Uhm Kyle why are you all wet?"

I immediately pulled my ushanka over my head to hide my embarrassment as tears streamed down my face.

"Oh fuck." Kenny murmured being able to put two and two together which was impressive since he sucked at math. "Stan." the blonde leaned over and shook something next to him.

In response he got a snort and a sleepy, "Whazzamatter?" Ah Stan was so articulate when he was half asleep.

"Your little boyfriend just peed himself." said Kenny not saying anything bluntly which made me fell even worse. With that Stan sat up rubbing his eyes to try and wake himself up more.


"Kyle wet the bed." said Kenny matter of factly as he stood up and headed over to my bed and began collecting my soiled sheets.

"Oh Kyle." I heard Stan sigh and with that my hand was grabbed and I blinked looking at him. "Come on, let's go get you cleaned up, can you walk all the way?" I nodded confidently, however halfway down the hall I stumbled and fell flat on my face. "You ok?" Stan asked as he bent down and I cried even more, squeezing my eyes shut. His fingers began to wipe away my tears, and then something else began to.

I opened my eyes only to see him sitting next to me, his body leaned towards me and his soft pink tongue gently lapping at the tears that were dripping down my face. I tried to push him away, I didn't want him to kiss me let alone pleasure me when I was like this. He frowned and instead pulled himself closer almost setting me in his lap and I tried to squirm out of it, I didn't want to dirty him with my pee.

"No don't squirm." Stan whispered gently putting his face next to mine and rubbing his nose against mine. "Kyle you don't need to be embarrassed, so what if you wet the bed? Everyone does it now and then. Besides I'll get you all cleaned up with some new pajamas and get you back into bed, that sound good?" I nodded as he led me into the bathroom. I pulled off my pants once again revealing myself to my best friend which I still found myself blushing about.

I waited for a while however it soon got to be a ridiculous amount of time and looked up only to notice Stan staring at me. I turned bright red and tried to cover myself with short stammers spilling from my mouth only to have him blush and look away.

"Sorry dude." he apologized handing me a wet washcloth. "I'll go get you some pants ok?" and with that he had disappeared before I could get another word in.

I knew I should've felt weird and I did, I mean I just caught my best friend checking me out, but then again he was checking me out. Me!

I felt a happy feeling bubble in my chest and a blush, not an embarrassed but more of happy blush come onto my face.

He was looking at my body! He liked my body!

I then remembered I was still dirty and began to clean myself with the washcloth and just as I finished Stan returned, however I hadn't been paying attention so my back was too him as I stood. A few seconds later I got the feeling of being watched and turned only to see Stan staring again.

He seemed to catch himself and stammered when I smirked and whispered softly, "Like the view?"

That made him go deep red and stammer like I had a few minutes earlier and I laughed, man it felt good to laugh. He had to help me with my pants again but now it seemed more needed and less awkward. Soon I was dry and clean but I didn't want to go back to bed.

"Alright Kyle now let's." Stan had started however I cut him off with a kiss on his lips. He seemed surprised but his arms instinctively wrapped around me pulling me closer unintentionally. My own arms wrapped around him as I tried to deepen the kiss like I'd seen that one time Shelly had made us watch one of her girl shows as punishment for being turds. I gently tried to push my tongue into his mouth only to be blocked by his teeth, there had to be some way around that.

We broke for air, but only for a second as I continued my attack, then decided to nip. I bit his lower lip gently which made him gasp and with that I finally gained entrance. My tongue gently slipped into his mouth making his eyes widen in surprise as I gently prodded around his mouth, his tongue was resting dormant on the bottom of his mouth and I gave it the tiniest of pokes with my tongue. With that his grip suddenly tightened and my own tongue was pushed out of his mouth as his dipped into mine and began feeling all around it.

I moaned into the touch of the wet muscle and felt my heart beating frantically. When we parted once again I was panting and Stan had a look of absolute happiness and lust on his face. With that his hands slipped under my shirt making me gasp gently as he began rubbing his hands against my chest and I kissed him again, moaning and mewling as his fingers explored every sensitive spot. With that we separated again with a bit of drool connecting our lips making us both smile stupidly.

"What brought that on?" he asked and I simply pressed my head into his chest and nuzzled contently. He soon picked me up bridal style and walked me back to my room since my legs were feeling like jelly from that last kiss. When we entered my room I was surprised to see the light on and my bed remade. Kenny smirked from his spot on my bed and I noticed both his and Stan's sleeping bags were gone and replaced with a few sheets.

"Had to throw some stuff in the wash." said Kenny with a shrug. "No big deal."

I frowned, my floor was uncomfortable, I didn't want them sleeping on that!

When they got me situated on the bed I patted the open spots next to me.

"Kyle we snuck in here, how happy do you think your mom will be to see you and Stan in the same bed?" I shrugged and patted again, scowling slightly.

"Kyle." Stan said firmly and I shook my head and patted once again.

"I'm in." said Kenny, and with that he pushed me to the side and hopped up on the bed, cuddling me. I smiled at the extra warmth and looked at Stan only to have him pinch his nose and sigh.

"If we get in trouble Kyle." With that he climbed up as well except he went on my other side and snuggled.

I grinned happily and closed my eyes, with those two next to me I was positive I'd have a good nights sleep.