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Ch1 Prologue: The powers.

Sometimes things aren't just as they seem, that would defiantly apply for me and my three friends: James, Carlos and Logan. Barely a month ago we were four hockey players in Minnesota, now we are well on our way to become a famous boy band, Big Time Rush.

Now that is how it seems. The thing you don't see is that we in fact are four powerful witches. No I'm not joking. Three hundred years ago lived Melinda Warren a great and powerful witch who could do great things using her powers... Unfortunately she lived in the time of the witch trials which obviously didn't cause her much good since she died at young age burned at the stake. I'm pretty sure you're wondering what this has got to do with us, right? Melinda Warren is our great great great I could go on with a lot of greats grandmother.

No me and my friends aren't related or at least not by blood in this time line. Maybe if we were born in a different time we might have been brothers. Personally I don't think that things would be much different if we were related seeing we are already as close as we can get and already call each other brother as it is. Anyway, we come from the Warren line, all our parents knew this and are also involved in the magical community yet we didn't know this till we were six years old and my dad died.

Our parents used to know each other back in the day they were close not as close we are now but still. When we were born they decided they wanted us to have an as normal as possible life so they bound our powers before they could even develop the same goes for my younger sister Katie and moved to Minnesota so demons would have a hard time finding us in the small town. My dad was the one to cast the spell that bound our powers so when he died the affect of the spell died to. Needless to say we were all shocked when our parents gathered in my house and told us about our powers.

It's been years since then and our powers are still growing. Let me tell you about what our individual powers are. First there's James, good looking, great hair and unbelievingly determined. Well he gets his looks from his dad... who's a cupid. Cupids aren't allowed to fall in love themselves, so when James's parents secretly got together and had James some time later they got into trouble. Both his dad and his mom who's a witch got their powers taken from them and become mortal. The frustrations that it brought for the both of them drove them to a divorce.

As I was saying James is part cupid and part witch. His cupid side causes him to see when certain people are meant for each other or not and it makes him a great matchmaker nothing really that magical right? His cupid powers develop more slowly then his witch powers so it isn't fair to judge those yet. His witch power? He can get premonitions touching certain objects so he can see fragments of the past or future. It also helps kick demons' ass. I guess my description doesn't make his powers seem like much but just wait till you see him in action.

Then there's always energetic lovable Carlos. Believe it or not but little Carlitos posses the power of pyrokinessis in other words he can control the element of fire. Or he will be able to do so someday for now he settles in just being able to control the temperature in the room and starting small fires. He got it from his dad who had to bound his own powers cause he kept losing control over them cause of his anger issues. You see our powers are connected to our emotions so when one of is extremely mad waves of powers could escape and cause trouble. Pyrokinessis is extremely hard to control, and Carlos had a few mishaps with the power before. I think that he sometimes fears he'll accidently hurt someone her loves with his powers which is why he focuses to gain more control over it.

Probably future doctor Hortense 'Logan' Mitchel got his telekinesis powers from his mom. He can move objects making a hand motion. We don't know if his dad was a witch or a mortal or whatever. His mom is really secretive about it. Logan's the only one of us who most often wishes to be normal. It's cause telekinesis is mostly dependable on emotions and as you all know Logan easily gets stressed out.

Last there's my power I'm a shape shifter I can change into the forms of some animals. At first only small animals but now I'm able to go become a dog and a wolf and maybe when I gain more control I'll even be able to change into a dinosaur. Who knows how my powers will develop. My baby sister Katie also has this power only in it's earlier stage so she can only change into smaller animals.

Not too long ago James got the chance of a life time. James had been dreaming about becoming famous for years! The famous producer Gustavo Rocque was holding auditions in Minnesota and we did our best to get him there on time. Yet somehow Gustavo ended up choosing for me instead... It's a long story. James was crushed that Gustavo picked me over him while he had been working so hard, it really hurt to see him like that. I didn't want to leave my friends behind and betray James by accepting Gustavo's offer. Somehow I managed to convince Gustavo into turning us into a boy band.

So that's how we found about our powers and how we got to LA in a nutshell. There's only one problem. In Minnesota demons couldn't find us cause it was such a small town and we didn't really stand out that much, now we're famous in LA. Does that mean demons will come for us now?

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