This takes place after the episode Big Time Crib.

Ch1: I've got you under my skin.

Kendall's pov:
Logan and I were heading towards room 2J, both of us were lost in our thoughts. Ever got the sex talk from your mom? Yesterday my mom gave us the 'prohpecy talk'. Before we left Minnesota now almost a week ago we knew that we might run into a demon or two so our parents planned on writing down some useful spells from all four Book of shadows. As it turned out when our parents put their versions of the book together on the table they merged into one great heavy book. Me and my friends didn't think much of it but what my mom decided to tell us yesterday was about an ancient prophecy about when four books merge and become one a great power will be unleashed into four powerful witches. According to my mom those four witches are me and the guys.

Worried, I glanced at Logan who hadn't said much since yesterday. He had never been to happy about being a witch, yeah he was excited about when he was kid but now... Logan always dreamt of becoming a doctor and being a witch with demons coming after you it didn't exactly seem a good combination. Being a normal witch demons won't come after you that often but now my mom thinks we might be the most powerful four witches of this time. Getting a girlfriend is hard enough but getting a girlfriend while also saving the world of evil demons... Piece of cake right?

I had been so lost in my thoughts that I barely noticed it when we reached our apartment that is until Logan poked my side. I shot him an annoyed look before opening the door we walked in to find James sitting on the floor in the center of the living room indian style holding a small card in his hands keeping his eyes closed.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" James replied only opening one eye. "I'm trying to summon a premonition."

I looked at Logan who was looking at James like he said the most ridiculous thing in the world. "Why?" He asked.

End Kendall's pov.

James finally opened his eyes to look at his friends. "Didn't you listen to what mama Knight said last night?" He asked. "If it's true then demons are probably coming after us soon and I seeing none of us have any experience in fighting demons, and I have the weakest power I decided to practice."

"You don't have the weakest power." Kendall quickly objected.

"Yeah right." James replied. "Logan can move things with his mind, you can become all kinds of animals smaller then a dog and Carlos can control fire. I mean how awesome is that he just accidently put a banana on fire. All I can do is see tiny fragments of the past or future and see that Camille has a crush on Logan."

Carlos who had just walked in the living room chewing on an apple pouted. "You were not supposed to tell them about the banana." He said in a whiny voice. "I was aiming for the candle."

"You only missed by a few inches." James tried to cheer him up.

"Camille likes me?" Logan asked before shaking his head. "You shouldn't be practicing your powers in the open like this!" He scolded.

"This is our apartment." Carlos pointed out.

Kendall gave a small nod. "He has a point."

"What if Bitters walked in to see Carlos shoot fire out of his fingers?!" Logan objected.

"Search for a memory wiping spell?" Carlos answer came out sounding more like a question.

"That would probably count as personal gain." Logan pointed out. "And who said that we are the great four charmed witches from the prophecy!" He yelled, suddenly the shelf with action figures behind him fell down for no apparent reason alerting the other three boys that Logan truly was upset by this. "Can't we just pretend to be normal?" He pleaded.

"We're not normal." Carlos replied putting his apple on the table and walking towards the shelf behind Logan to pick up the action figures.

Logan sighed. "I know." He whispered turning around to help Carlos picking up all the fallen action figures.

Kendall walked over to James who was still sitting on the floor. "What were you trying to get a vision of anyway?" The blond teen asked.

"Oh." James said holding up the small card. "A guy named Stefan gave it to me at the pool. He was about to ask me for something when Bitters started to yell at him. So now I'm trying to get a premonition of what the guy was gonna ask me for."

"You could also just read the card." Kendall suggested.

"But then I'd have nothing to practice my powers with." James replied.

"Good point." Kendall chuckled.

Suddenly Kendall's younger sister came rushing in. "You guys are never gonna guess what's happening at the pool." She said grinning. "This Stefan is gi-"

"Don't tell me!" James cried covering his ears.

"This might be interesting for you actually." katie said continued. "That guy's starting a new model agency and is looking for good looking teens."

"He's looking for models here?" Kendall asked. When Katie nodded he glanced at James but to his surprise the spot on the floor was unoccupied.

James was standing at the door about. to leave. "Bye." He said giving a small wave. "I'm going to be a model." He said doing the jazz-hands and modelishly walking out of the apartment.

Kendall looked at the door oddly before shaking his head and getting up to help Carlos and Logan clean up and try to cheer him up.


James walked through the lobby searching for the guy of the model agency. He grinned spotting a tall man in suit talking to the Jenifers. "Hey!" He cried rushing up to them.

The man turned around smiling when he saw James. "Hey... uhm Jess right?"

"James actually." James corrected smiling holding the card up Stefan had given him earlier. "You gave this card and..." James trailed of as Stefan grabbed his chin to inspect his his face. He then lifter James's upper lip to inspect his teeth. Making James strongly feel like a piece of meat.

Stefan smiled a charming smile. "Yeah... You might be exactly what I'm looking for. You should drop by at my studio later this afternoon so we can make some new headshots." He said taking blonde Jennifer's hand in his. "Right now I have an appointment with this lovely lady." He said kissing her hand earning giggles from all three Jeniffers.


James couldn't stop grinning as he made his way back to the apartment. He couldn't wait to chose his outfit for the photo shoot! He didn't even care about having the weakest power anymore.

"Hey guys you're never gonna guess wha-" He stopped mid-sentence noticing the apartment was empty. "Hello?" He called. He spotted a note on the table. He quickly read it. 'Gone out for ice cream to cheer Logan up. Be back soon - Kendall'

James shrugged not really bothered that they had gone out without him.


"I can't believe you ordered that." Logan said looking at Carlos's ice cream in disgust. "Not even pregnant woman would order mustard tasting ice cream."

"You can't say it's gross until you try." Carlos said taking another lick of his ice cream.

Kendall chuckled at his friends but frowned when he heard sniffles coming from behind them. Turning around they noticed an old lady crying on a bench. "Should we ask what's wrong?" He asked his friends who both nodded.

They walked over to the bench. "Excuse me m'am?" Logan asked putting a hand on the woman's shoulder to gain her attention. The Woman slowly glanced up, the moment Carlos saw her face he gasped. "Jennifer?" He asked.

"What?" Kendall and Logan both asked.

Carlos gripped the lady's shoulders. "Do you know who I am?" He asked looking into her eyes.

The woman slowly nodded. "Yeah. You are the new guys at the Palm Woods. Me and the girls helped you to distract Bitters so you could redecorate your apartment." Saying that seemed to have cost her all her strength and she collapsed against Carlos' chest. "Guys." Carlos said glancing at Logan and Kendall over his shoulder. "This is blonde Jennifer."

"We need to call 911!" Kendall quickly instructed already reaching for his phone but was quickly stopped by Logan. "And say what? That she's dieing out of old age at age seventeen?" The brainy one of the group said. "I think something witchy is going on here." He said before sighing. "We beter go home and look in the book of shadows."


James frowned. The address Stefan had given him had been one of an old empty looking warehouse. Maybe he shouldn't have come here alone. He slowly walked to the door and was about to open the door but the moment his hand touched the door knob he was frozen on the spot as black and white images flashed through his now closed eyes. He saw Stefan morphing into hideous looking old man and attacking him. The vision ended with an image of him screaming.

James gasped coming back to his senses. He looked at the door and shook his head deciding he'd better get back to the apartment soon. He was about the leave when someone suddenly garbed him from behind covering his mouth and dragging him inside.


Back at the apartment Kendall and Logan were going through the book of shadows searching for what ever got Jennifer like this while Carlos was trying to find out if Jennifer might know something useful. "Jennifer is there anything you remember of... how you got like this?" The hispanic boy gently asked the old looking seventeen year old.

Jennifer who had only just regained consciousness slowly shook her head. "Only this man... and a photo shoot."

"Guys!" Logan called. "I think I found something." He said as Carlos quickly got up and came looking over his shoulder. The book was open on a page with a picture of an hideous old looking man on it. "The Javna feeds one week out of every year, stealing the life force from the young by invoking the black magic power of the evil eye to gain eternal youth." Logan read out loud.

Carlos frowned. "The last thing Jennifer remembers was a photo shoot."

Kendall nodded. "Yeah there was a guy looking for good looking young people here earlier, he gave James his buisness car-" Kendall cut himself of realising one of his friends could be in serious trouble.

"James!" All three boys gasped.


James slowly woke up finding himself tied up to a weird glowing table. "What happened." He mutered groggily. Looking around he noticed the table he was on was surounded by white candles. "Uhm... Stefan or model agency person? You better let me go right now cause I'm seriously considering going to work for your compition! So who ever you are..."

Het trailed of as the demon from his vision walked into view. "It's Javna." He growled as his eyes suddenly lit up and red beams shot out of them. James could only let out a startled cry as the beams went into his own hazel eyes only leaving him abel in letting out pain filled whimpers.

Suddenly Javna's eyes lost their focuss and the beams coming from his eyes dissapeard. James blinked a couple of times to get the pain out of his eys.

The demon gasped for breath leaning against the table for support. "I- Is it hot in here or is it just me?" He said.

"Actually," A voice coming from behind them said. Javna whirled around to see Kendall, Carlos and Logan standing at the door. Carlos smirked holding out his end controling the temputure in the room. "it's me." He said slightly bending his hand to the right causing the sudden heat in the room to disapear again.

Kendall quickly morphed into a white pigeon and flew over the demon's head to get to James's side. Once he landed he quickly changed back to his normal form. "Note to self," he muttered. "Practice power more and learn how to change into more manly bird."

"Note to you." James hissed from his spot on the table. "Untie me and tell what the hell's going on!"

Kendall nodded and began to untie the roped tying James to the table. "Evil ugly demon that steal the youth of good looking teens." he quickly explained.

Logan noticing Javna was about to atack Kendall and James squinted his eyes at him using his telepathic powers to make the demon fly through the air and land in a pile of boxes. This gave kendall and James the oppertunity to rush to their friends' side.

Carlos held up the post-it with the vanquishing spell written on it. "Come on guys!" He called almost too excited.

"Demon that bends the evil eyes look unto thee,
May they soon be no more,
We banish thou by the power of four!"

The boys read watching as Javna cried out in pain. The demon was aging in front of their eyes. They kept repeating the spell till there was nothing left of the demon except a little bit of dust.

Out of nowhere a breeze swept though the room blowing even that little bit of dust away.

For a moment the boys just stood there before erupting in loud cheers and highviving eachother happily.

"Our first demon!" kendall cried. "Can you believe it?"

Logan was the first to calm himself. "Guys we got to get back to the apartment to see if Jennifer is okay!"


Once back at the Palm Woods they rushed into the lobby and were immdiatly stopped by Bitters. "How manny times do I have to tell you hooligans, no running in my lobby?"

"We don't have time for this Bitters." Kendall objected.

Carlos nodded. "We need to find the Jennefers to..." He trailed of as all three Jennefres walked by in slow motion like ussuall.

Suddenly Kendall's phone beeped. Grabbing it Kendall sighed. "It's a text from Gustavo. He wants us at the studio."

The boys groaned.

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