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(This story is in Ciel's POV)


"And for breakfast we have Darjeeling tea and a choice of biscuits or scones. Which one would Bocchan prefer?" A beat. "Bocchan?"

"What?" I snapped.

"Is your Queen's case getting to you that badly, young lord?" He smirked.

"Oh shut it, you damn butler. And wipe that smirk off your face before I slap it off!" I threatened. Seeing it quickly change into a frown, I smiled.

"Bocchan," he started. "It wont be that bad…"

"Sebastian, I have to go to a school for…for-"

"Commoners, sir?"

"Yes!" I made a face. "And I have to find a perverted teacher for Her Majesty…are we sure it is not Grell?"

"OH Bocchan, if it makes you feel any better I shall be a teacher, always looking out for you." There goes that damn smirk.

"Young master, biscuits or scones?" He asked again.

"….Scones," I sighed.

"Very good choice sir." He said with his trademark smile.

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