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"Ciel, do you know who I am? He is no match for me!" He steps forward, making me step back some more.

"Tch, someone's over confident, don't you think Terrance?" I said, faking amusement. Maybe now would be a good time to call Sebastian. Trap or not, Sebastian could take him.

Raising my hand, I rip off my eye patch, contract glowing. "Stay back, Vince!" I warned to the former math teacher.

"But Ciel, its time." He states, morphing into something. "It's time."


I, Ciel Phantomhive, am not afraid to admit that in the split second of seeing Terrance Vince's transformation had me scared. Especially what he morphed into. Opening my eyes as wide as possible, I gaped at the creature in front of me. For it was none other than my very own Sebastian Michaelis.

However, I was not fully able to dwell on my horror as the wall beside me exploded with a thundering crash, spraying debris over Terrance and I. Reeling back from shock, my eyes fall on another Sebastian.

"S-Sebastian? What the hell?" My mismatched eyes quickly analyzing the scene narrowed in annoyance. Seeing the Sebastian who demolish the wall step forward to the other and growled deep in his throat.

"Bocchan, are you alright? I tried to get here as fast as I could," Glancing at Vince I saw Sebastian's eyebrows furrow. "Well, I can see someone felt insecure on how they look. Hasn't your mother ever told you that it is rude to steal peoples faces?" Snorting at my butlers remark, I cross my arms over my chest in a bored motion.

"Tch, his mother didn't teach him anything! He has no etiquette. A shame of a son." Nodding his head in agreement, Sebastian nudged me behind him as he got his silverware out-well, my silverware out. Taking his battle stance, Sebastian gave his duplicate a sinister smile, and that smile alone portrayed all of the horrors he was going to bestow on this creature.

Unperturbed by the malicious grin, Terrance began to laugh, the noise bouncing off the walls. "You think you can beat me with silverware? Silverware? Maah, maah, Sebastian, you wouldn't hurt me, would you-?" As the eating instruments whizzed past his face, my eyes widened considerably. I didn't even see him throw it! Watching the doppelganger put his hand to the blood that was seeping out of a small cut on his cheek, I felt fear envelope me when I saw his expression.

There was no words to even describe it. Pure hate. Promises of torture. A cold, twisted facial appearance. Looking down at my hands I saw them shaking and realized just how much the room temperature dropped in a matter of seconds. Balling my hands into fists by my sides, I tried not to whimper in fear. I was a Phantomhive, dammit. We don't get scared.

Glancing at Sebastian, I felt ultimate terror. He was scared. My butler, a demon, was scared. He kept his face void of emotions but for that one second I saw true trepidation. My breathing quickened and I took an involuntary step back.

"Ne, ne, Sebastian, you shouldn't have done that, yeah?" A deep anger-filled tone echoed as his cheek healed simultaneously. All humor was out of his voice as his bangs covered his glowering eyes. "If you wanted to start all you had to say was Go." hearing the last word with an edge, I saw my butler stumbling back as he grabbed his shoulder, hissing in pain.

"S-Sebastian!" I shouted catching him before he ran into the instruments. What the hell just happened? Examining his wound, I noticed a pretty deep gash on his appendage. "What the hell did he throw at you, Sebastian?"

Straightening, Sebastian replied, "Hmm, it appears he threw…air? I don't really know. It was too fast for me to see." Doing a flip, he landed in front of the Sebastian look-a-like. I watched, feeling useless, as Sebastian swung a roundhouse punch at Vince's face. Fingernails pressed deeply into my palms so hard I'd probably draw blood as I saw the incubus bend backwards, having the fist swish past his nose.

"Sebastian, watch out-," Not being able to be fast enough, I saw the math teachers fist connect with Sebastian's stomach-making blood pour out of his mouth. Watching in silent horror, my butler crumpled to the ground. It all happened in a blur, I couldn't even process what was happening. In a matter of seconds Sebastian pulled Vince to the ground and they rolled around.

Morbid fascination is a funny thing, if you think about it. You want to look away and act like nothing is even happening. But its just to enthralling to look away. And no matter what you feel yourself dying inside as you watch the one you love fighting a sick monster. That's another thing I realized as I studied the horrifying scene in front of me. Monsters are real. And they walk among us like any other normal human. And we don't even notice. Not until its to late that is.

I will always remember the feeling of dread and panic settling in the depths of my stomach as I realized I had no idea which one was Sebastian. I couldn't even tell my own lover apart from a sick rapist. You will never feel the same again. It's like you don't even want to live. Like you failed them.

"Bocchan!" I snapped my head up as I heard to voices say my name in unison. All I could think of was no, this wasn't happening to me. It's all some weird dream. But it wasn't. And at that crucial moment I realized that Mr. Vince put his plan into action. He knew that I didn't know who was who.

"W-what?" I say, mentally cursing myself for stuttering like a fool. Glancing at both Sebastian's, I did have to give the incubus credit. He mirrored Sebastian perfectly.

"Bocchan, get out of here! I will hold him off!" The first "Sebastian" yelled. Looking warily at the other one, I didn't move.

"Bocchan, don't! He could be tricking you! Hide! I'll defeat him!"

"Don't listen to him! He's telling you lies, get out of here! I'm the real Sebastian! Now go!"

"You bastard! Bocchan, hide! I will protect you. Please." Looking back and forth between them, I started walking backwards until my back met the (still intact) wall. Sliding down until my butt hit the ground, I hugged my knees as tight as possible, mismatched eyes wide with fear.

"No. no. no." repeating this mantra over made me feel a quick sense of relief. Almost like it was protecting me, being in denial. Squeezing my eyes shut I put my hands over my ears. But I could still hear the muffled voices.

"Vince, I will kill you!"

"I'd like to see you try! How does it feel to have your love not recognize you? Hahahaha! You both are pathetic!"

Listening, I could hear weapons clashing. Opening one eye rather slowly, I see a bloody Sebastian trying his best to fight with his hands, for the eating utensils were long gone. Gritting my teeth, I push myself up on unsteady legs. Wobbling, I grab on to a tuba case and lean on it, contract eye glowing. That's when I got a great idea.

"Sebastian," I said in a steady voice, "Defeat Terrance Vince. That is an order." Waiting for the familiar answer, terror filled my veins, freezing everything as I heard to twin voices say the exact same line. "Yes, my Lord."

It took all my willpower then and there to not collapse from dread. I could feel a horrible sensation in the pit of my stomach settling like lead. My sanity in this moment was a very breakable thread. Watching as Sebastian number one-or was it two?- grab the others hair and pound it against the brick wall.

Wincing as he dropped the man, there was an almost sickening thud before the fallen one jumped up to punch the other ones face in. Finally, in the blink of an eye, the battle was over. One of the Sebastian's punched right through the others stomach, leaving a sick hole. Said man looked at his wound, and gasped, falling to his knees.

"I-I'm sorry, Bocchan." Cringing when he said that I got up. Sebastian ran up to me when it was over. "Are you ok, young master?" He questioned, looking me over. Looking into his face I sagged in relief. "Sebastian…" Tensing up I looked at him again. "Sebastian…"

"Bocchan, are you all right? Did you get hurt? Here, let me take you home." He said, advancing towards me. Taking steps back-as many as I cold, that is- I shook my head, mouthing no.

Picking me up, I proceeded to slap his face and yell with all my might. "Let go! Let go! Sebaaaaastian, help!" I wailed.

"Young master? I think you hit your head. We'll check it when we get you to safety. Come now, stop fussing."

"Lemme go! You are not Sebastian!" Pushing on his chest, he let me go and I fell on ground. Glaring heatedly at the imposter, I hurriedly crawled toward my Sebastian.

"Oh, God, no." I breathed, looking over the mess that was my butler. "Wake up, Sebby, come on!" Slapping his face, I thought he'd wake up and yell at me for calling him his hated nickname. No such luck. "Dammit, don't you die on me to, Sebastian!"

Feeling a hand grab the back of my neck and jerk my up, I let out a squeal of protest. "How'd you know it was me, Ciel-Chan? Ne, ne, you look so sad!" Hearing the mockery in his voice I bowed my head. "Stop crying, you orphan. He's dead. You're all alone. Give in." As the seriousness seeped into his voice, I panicked. Gathering him in my arms I tightened my hold on my lover desperately. Looking at his face closely I saw water on his cheeks. Realizing they came from me, I howled even louder than before.

All of a sudden a force sends me flying across the room, making me hit the chalkboard. Groaning, I try to get up only to realize there was a force on my throat. Glancing up, I see him over me. Not giving him the satisfaction of seeing me in pain, I just lie there. Discovering my plan, he kicks me in the ribcage. Feeling them crack like twigs under his foot makes me want to scream out. Even if I wanted to I couldn't though. All I could do was cough up blood and groan.

Bending down so he's right above me, he grabs my chin roughly and forces me to look at him. "You're a disgrace to the human race, runt. Seeing you give up I have lost all interest in anything but killing you. You disgust me." Seeing as I could not escape him I spit in his eye, watching it automatically tear up.

Gritting his teeth, he grabs my small arm. "Your arms are so frail, I bet they could break like a twig." As if proving a point, he shatters my wrist with one crack, earning a blood curdling scream from my already sore throat. What hurt the most was that he still looked like Sebastian. The only thing he was missing was the love on his face.

Breathing heavy, I tried to crawl over to my lovers' dead body. Which, of course, earned me a kick to my skull. Willing the blackness dancing at the edge of my vision to go away, I try to stand up. Never standing a chance, gravity took over, giving me another bruise.

Barely seeing Sebastian walk over-or was that Vince?- and crouch down beside, I wondered why the world was such a dark place. It seems since I was born I have had shadows following me everywhere.

Looking back now, I don't even think I registered the knife going through my stomach.

"Bye, bye Ciel-Chan! It was nice playing with you!"

Well, my love, I cant wait to meet you in Hell.

Sebastian's POV

Pain washed over my whole being as I felt my heavy lidded eyes try to open against their own accord. Hearing a heart-wrenching scream, I could only wonder what was happening. Besides, where was I? And why did my hand hurt? At that terrifying moment everything came back to me. My contract hand… Ciel! I could already feel my stomach stitching back together so I knew I could take that filthy incubus.

Opening my eyes to slits I saw Terrance-technically me- crouching over Ciel. Looking at my young masters appearance gave me all of the energy and then some to get up. Dashing over to them at an alarming speed, I knocked Vince through another wall, making him roll outside.

"Bocchan, are you alright?" No answer. "Young master? …Ciel?" Looking over the boy in my arms I could see a large wound on his stomach, could smell the blood that was over him-as well as the room. Checking for a pulse my world stopped. There was no beat indicating life. None.

Letting out a howl of anguish, I set the boy down to find the culprit who did this. Turning around I see the demon stagger back inside, holding an obviously broken arm. "H-how the hell are you alive, Sebastian?" He screamed.

"You. You…killed him. YOU KILLED MY YOUNG MASTER! I WILL KILL YOU." I roared with all my might, changing into my true form.

I vaguely heard an 'oh, shit' in my transformation. I was so angry. He killed the only thing I loved. My Ciel. As soon I was in my true form I looked down at my prey. His terrified face would have made my day on any other afternoon but now, now I wanted blood to be spilled. And a lot of it. This is me. I am your worst nightmare. I make the bogyman look like a kitten. I am the reason you will suffer.

Running on all fours to the petrified sadist, I hear his final pleas of his pathetic little life. "P-please! Stop-stop! AAAAAAH!" Ripping the skin on his stomach, I could hear the tendons ripping. I could smell that delicious metallic-like plasma. Watching his face twist in pure agony, I still couldn't find closure. His intestines started spilling out with a 'plop'. Picking them up off of the ground, I began to tear them to shreds right in front of his eyes. I could see the life go out of them, but he was far from death and he knew it. Growling as I heard the weak whimpers, I decided to break every bone in his body with a pop. Feeling a sense of fascination as I saw him choking on his blood, I lifted his head so he wouldn't suffocate.

Putting a hand to his back, I twisted as hard as I could until I heard a snap. Hearing his scream I realized I broke his spine.

"Did you enjoy killing him? Hmm? Can you even hear me over your own blubbering? I bet my love didn't even cry like you are. You're disgusting." I said in a deadly calm voice. Ripping out his eye, I laughed when I saw the retinal artery and vein give out with a 'snap'.

"Did you know, my dear friend, that cutting the optic nerve would lead to loss of vision in the affected eye. Damage to either optic tract would lead to loss of half the vision in in either eye due to the crossing over of tracts in the optic chiasm. so you would loose half the visual field in either eye. But don't worry. You don't even have an eye!" I giggled as I squished the organ in my fingers.

Soon I got tired of his gurgled screams so I ripped out his larynx. So, I broke every bone, ripped most of his tendons and ligaments, pulled his eyeball out, and even ripped out his intestines in less than ten minutes. "I'm done with you. You disgust me." Gripping his hair I pull back with the snap of my wrist. I reached in and pulled out his brain from the stem, enjoying watching the light fade from his eye.

Grabbing his body in one of my claws, I threw it behind me. Forming into my 'human' form I saw the mess I made. Feeling the adrenaline rush out of me, I felt tired and old. I stumbled over to the location where Ciel was.

"Ciel, Ciel…you weren't supposed to die, love." I laughed humorlessly. "You were supposed to wait for me. I was going to give you immortality." Scooping the boy up into my arms I couldn't get over the fact of how cold he was. So very, very cold. Holding him closely to me, I kissed his forehead lightly. "Wake up, Bocchan. W-wake up."

Standing up I felt his lifeless legs dangling from my arms. Looking up into the sky I gave a very inhuman howl.

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